Trump Team Responds: May Move White House Briefings To Accommodate More Than Just "Media Elite"

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The overnight report by Esquire magazine that the incoming Trump administration is "seriously considering" a plan to evict the press corps from the White House prompted a frenzied response by the White House Correspondents Association, and led to a scramble among Washington's press elite to demand if this report was accurate. As it turns out, Trump's intentions may be just the opposite of what was reported, because according statements by Priebus, Pence and Spicer, the incoming Trump administration is actually considering expanding the number of journalists who have access to Trump, not limiting it.

As a result, the Trump admin is now considering moving White House press briefings out of the West Wing to accommodate more than the “Washington media elite,” incoming White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus said on Sunday, cited by Bloomberg.

VP-elect Mike Pence said any change would be made for logistical reasons, in response to heavy demand from media organizations. “There’s such a tremendous amount of interest in this incoming administration that they’re giving some consideration to finding a larger venue on the 18 acres in the White House complex, to accommodate that extraordinary interest,” Pence said on CBS News’ “Face the Nation.” 

“The interest of the team is to make sure that we accommodate the broadest number of people who are interested and media from around the country and around the world,” Pence said. For a president who has made Twitter into his preferred mode of communication with the outside world, this would appear sensible.

Speaking on ABC's "This Week", Priebus said the team discussed moving news conferences out of the small West Wing briefing room to the Old Executive Office, which is part of the White House complex.

“The one thing that we discussed was whether or not we want to move the initial press conferences into the Executive Office Building,” Priebus said, adding, “you can fit four times the amount of people.” He added that no decision had been made.

"I know that some of the folks in the press are uptight about this, and I understand," Priebus said. "The only thing that's been discussed is whether or not the initial press conferences are going to be in that small press ... the press room that people see on TV is very, very tiny." Priebus added that demand for conference credentials far exceeds the “49 people” who can fit into the current briefing room.

After “500 or 600” people attended Trump’s press conference in New York on Jan. 11, the president-elect’s first since the election, “we started thinking, man alive, if we have more people involved instead of less people involved, wouldn’t that be a good thing,” Priebus said.

"So no one is moving out of the White House. That is the White House, where you can fit four times the number of people in the press conference, allowing more press, more coverage from all over the country ... That's what we're talking about."

“This is about greater accessibility, more people in the process,” Trump's press secretary Sean Spicer added Sunday on Fox News Channel’s “Media Buzz.” Involving more people, including bloggers and others who aren’t from the mainstream media, “should be seen as a welcome change,” he said. Indeed, it will be... by the alternative press; the "media elite", however, will be quite disappointed that their exclusive access rights to the president will be stripped away if only for the next four years, commoditizing their "value added" to the level of your lowly. neighrborhood blogger.

Meanwhile, the White House Correspondents' Association objected in a statement to "any move that would shield the president and his advisers from the scrutiny of an on-site White House press corps," and said that it would fight to keep the briefing room and access to senior administration officials open. Jeff Mason, a Reuters White House correspondent, is president of the WHCA.

According to Reuters, the existing briefing room was built in 1970 by Richard Nixon over an old swimming pool installed by Franklin Roosevelt that was used regularly by John F. Kennedy but underutilized by later administrations. But the presence of reporters at the White House dates back even farther. In addition to theater-style seats where the White House press secretary conducts daily briefings, the press area of the White House includes workspace for television, radio, print and online news organizations that cover the administration on a daily basis.

And soon, it will include bloggers.

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 Pick me. I promise to piss everyone off bigtime.

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>>>>   FAKE Tapper

>>>>   JAKE  Tapper

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OfAllElaboratePlans (not verified) InjectTheVenom Jan 15, 2017 3:56 PM

Build a press room igloo habitat in Antarctica


(sorry penguins ~ to have to fuck up your lives that way)

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I suggest Madison Square Garden where everyone can listen to our Fearless Leader! Broadcast it worldwide, LIVE so our friends will feel our warmth and our enemies feel our strength.


Go Trump!

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let vince McMahon's announcer open each event

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Ah, we'll finally get to see Tyler(s) out in public

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Translation:  With more mouths asking questions and eyes and ears on the administration, the MSM will have to revert to honest reporting, or die.  They're going to lose their shit over this, and I'm going to have a gigantic schadenboner.  

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be sure to consult a doctor if it lasts more than 4 hours

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The current Press Room is small for a reason.  To limit it to those who can be selected by the MSM controllers.  If it were enlarged, it would be much more difficult to control.  There's a reason the news is called the first draft of history.  Control the news, you control the narrative. 


Where did Kennedy hold his pressers?  They were in a much larger venue.  Not sure where though and a brief search didn't come up with it. 

Anyone know?

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The WH press corps must be the biggest pack of nasty popular girls outside a Hollyweird movie.

Trump is actually smacking down their massive, twisted egos:

You see?

It's all about them.

Not us.

Not America.

Not even the President whose home they trash.

It's all about them.



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Sorry, but their exclusive club is just gonna have to put up with a lot of boorish, gate-crashers!

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Brillant move by Trump as usual.

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Seating should be on a 1st come 1st served basis.

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Llllllllleeettttttttssssss Getttttttttttttt RRRRReeaaaaaddddddyyyyy to RRUUMMMBBBBLLLEEEE

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Smart move by Trump, which he has a habit of doing most of his campaign.

If one's a revolutionary one needs allies - in this case, the independent media.

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Agreed.  He would need to invite the independent media in though, I would think.  This will be fun to watch.

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Just imagine...Alex Jones bookend by Peter Alexander and Jim Acosta..


Please, please, please.

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And put Cenk Uyger right in front of Alex Jones so Alex can "have his ear".

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Why would that be so hard to imagine, Jones works for Time Warner.

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Excellent comment NOR. This is a critically important move.

In 2004, Richard Poe, in Velvet Revolution, USA, outlined the seven-step strategy used by Soros to topple Milosevic. This strategy, Poe writes, is the same “blueprint” used repeatedly by Soros in other countries: Form a Shadow Government, Control the Airwaves, Bleed the State Dry, Sow Unrest, Provoke an Election Crisis, Take the Streets, and above all, Outlast your Opponent.

Stay vigilant. We Are at War. They are within the gates.

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Minds dot com.  There is already a suspect Trump account there.   ;)

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cool, give the newbies the front row seats, and move the irrelevant msm to the back.

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One hand griping the back if the shirt and the other by the back seat of the pants and toss out the door.


Drain the swamp Trumpi! All of it!

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 Wolf Blitzer? I got some news for him.

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May I suggest a Battle Royale type of approach? Last reporter standing, gets the scoop. It'd get America more interested in politics again...

"Here's George Stephanopolous, getting suplexed by Wolf Blitzer...Uh-oh, NBC's Hulk Hogan, out of retirement, slams Blitzer's head into the turnbuckle....what in the Wide World of Sports is this?....".

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Tyler, I officially request to be the ZH Reporter.

Place contact me at my email on file. Thank you. 

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 Both of us would be a hoot.

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OK, I'll be modest. Tylers I request to be your official cab driver. I need to hear some unspoken ones.

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@ Tylers, Kirk:

I'd like to apply for cameraman! Got lots of experience!

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Would love to work with you, Croesus.

Drop me an email, as I seem you have lost yours. hush mail dot me

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 Think ya could work with me?

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I'll volunteer to be security.

Plus, I can hip-check like a pissed off NHL lineman.

PLUS, I can yell like a hillybilly in a holler!


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HRH Feant (not verified) Jan 15, 2017 3:54 PM

Good! Throw the bumms out of the White House. Nothing but presstitutes anyhow.

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Mr. PResident, in your opinion, is there a high likelihood that a skyscraper will collapse to the ground in a matter of seconds because a jetliner hit it?




Be honest, now...

OfAllElaboratePlans's picture
OfAllElaboratePlans (not verified) A rope leash Jan 15, 2017 3:59 PM

Yes ~ because Larry Silverstein had a 'double payout' insurance policy on the building(s) taken out only weeks before (paid out by AIG & their re-insurers)... & we all know that jews never lie about anything...

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Not to piss golden shower on your parade but.....while Silverstein did attempt to receive a double payout on his insurance policy, claiming it was two planes, thus two attacks and not one, that brought the twin towers down, the courts ruled against him and the insurance policy was not double paid.

OfAllElaboratePlans's picture
OfAllElaboratePlans (not verified) Cognitive Dissonance Jan 15, 2017 5:14 PM

I said he HAD a double insurance policy on it... So go ahead and feel free to shower your piss elsewhere on whatever you think is meritoriously appropriate based upon the circumcisedstances in your never ending quest for truth.


ALWAYS REMEMBER PEOPLE (vis-a-vis 'other news' comparison)... The fact, which is NOT DENIED, that Podesta & DNC e-mails were chock full of correspondence that implicate them in a pedophilia circus... THATS NOT THE POINT...




It was EVIL RUSSIAN HACKERS that were responsible for all this (which, naturally exhonorates the 'perps' ~ in some weird world)... So naturally, here, Silverstein and the entire 9/11 narrative is exhonorated on a technicality...


&, of course, if the 'Russian Hackers' story turned out to be 'FAKE NEWS', well then, just bury it all down the memory hole and continue on in your





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Trump just destroyed the main stream media with this one, once you lose your exclusivity you lose your value, the man is brilliant

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That's why I suggest Madison Square Garden. Pimps like acosta, Tapper the Fapper, woof shitzer, Rachel Bore, etc will just be one of thousands hearing our Leader speak the Truth and His Generous Words of Wisdom.

Seat Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, Drudge, RT, etc in the fornt since they are some of the few who still show respect.

bh2's picture

Scarcity value of the "press corps" would basically decline to its true market value: zero.

silverer's picture

RT has been doing a better job than US mainstream. Of course, RT has it's own flavor of propaganda, but they're still better than the US shills.

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new york times have not been that bad...try reading it once in awhile .. it's really not difficult ... it helps to actually care about the events that occur in other countries and not just filter all information through your jews are out to take my guns lenses. but that would involve critical thought, which no one on this site, seems to be capable of. it's sick how much you "men" enjoy the feels no of trumps limp dick in your mouth and putins little sword in your ass.

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That's either projection or speculation; either way, you're wrong (the former would make you more wrong).

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Ma-me, it is freakish how your soros' excessive amount of medicine works. Testosterone to women, pheromones to men. It won't grow you Da Pair. TRUST ME!!  Just circus beard.

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"new york times have not been that bad...try reading it once in awhile"

I did once. Had a subscription but was moving around a lot and decided to go online and read it. They wanted me to fucking pay for access even while I was viewing their stinking adds.

Since then I have been reading very subtle pro jwish themes in many articles and a lot of stories lack credible arguments.

Ever since the MSM went full retard on Trump, I new they were the face of the Deep-State and DJT was the real deal.

The MSM have set fire to their own house and it will burn to the ground because the average joe in "Flyover Country" is wake to subterfuge.