Merkel Says She Is Ready To "Fight A Generational Battle" With Trump To Preserve Liberal Democracy And Trade

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Shortly after Germany retaliated to Trump's overnight press attack, when German economy minister Sigmar Gabriel said on Monday morning that Germans would gladly buy US automobiles if only America could "build better cars", and that - responding to Trump's criticism of Germany's "catastrophic" refugee policy - he said there "is a link between America’s flawed interventionist policy, especially the Iraq war, and the [European] refugee crisis", Merkel fired her own shot across the bow of Trump's proposed protectionism, when she told industry leaders late on Monday that she would remain committed to free trade, rebutting Trump's comments about a border taxes on car imports.

Taking advantage of the anti-populist wave stirred by Trump, Merkel, speaking to the German Chamber of Commence and Industry in Cologne, urged industry leaders to remain supportive of the German government in the forthcoming Brexit negotiations between Britain and the European Union. "We can't let anyone divide us," she said quoted by Reuters.

As far as free trade and open markets go, Merkel told the industrialists her government was prepared to fight to preserve them.

"We've got to fight this battle, if for no other reason than principle," Merkel said, referring to Germany's commitment to the free trade, and asking German business to "join her in defending liberal democracy and trade", saying “in every generation one has to fight for one’s ideals.”

"I'm ready for that," Merkel added.

“I have the impression that we are once again at a crossroads,” Merkel tells a business chamber gala in Cologne, hinting at an ideological crusade to rid the world of backward-looking protectionists.

Indeed, she then said that halting protectionism is part of the struggle, and would not give up on free-trade deals with the U.S. “I have a lot of resolve, but the number of doubters is growing,” says she’s “deeply convinced” that “embracing competition rather eliminating it is best for human development and for prosperity in Germany.”

Needless to say, Merkel has never met anyone quite like Trump.

She then appealed to the audience to resist giving up those principles “too hastily for reasons of short-term gain."

Merkel echoed words from her Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble earlier on Monday, who issued a not so thinly veiled warning to Trump over the dangers of protectionist trade policies.

"Whoever wants growth - and I trust this administration will be a growth-friendly one - must be in favor of open markets," Schaeuble told the Wall Street Journal in an interview. "Protectionism can afford short-term advantages but is almost always damaging in the long term."

Of course, Keynes himself said the same thing about Keynesian economics, the bedrock of all modern economic thinking, but that's a different topic.

As for Germany and its preparedness for an "ideological" crusade against Trump and the world's protectionists, be careful what you wish for.

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I hope you die a slow miserable death.

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A fight till the last man is standing...

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Who in their right mind would listen to this old windbag?

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She's a puppit and is being forced to say this. She's literally shitting in her pants right now ever since trump won.

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Hah ha ha ha ha ha ha
That's some funny shit.

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OfAllElaboratePlans (not verified) knukles Jan 16, 2017 9:19 PM

"I'M READY"! ~lol


where have I heard that before?

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Girl you should have fought that man who hit you with the ugly stick instead

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Careful merks it's not the giant mangina in mom jeans any more

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The bitch has no idea how fast she will be flushed if she takes on Trump

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As a Millennial in Germany, I can tell you I want nothing to do free trade and your version of a "liberal democracy", with your censors that want FB to ban anything critical of your refugee policy as "hate speech" while simultaneously allowing a couple Muzzies to burn down a Synagogue as it is considered "freedom of speech and expression in criticising Israel".

My credo is nationalism, isolationism and high domestic birthrates.

You make me physically ill ma'am.  

Buckaroo Banzai's picture


That's the hill this stupid bitch wants to die on, as her nation gets overrun by Muslim filth.

Trump is coming and this evil cunt is gonna get rekt.

wildbad's picture

"we are at a crossroads.."

actually herr Merkel we passed that a few kliks back...

Joe Trader's picture

what comes into play is Trump's comment about NATO being "obsolete" because 1. Europe doesn't pay what they're supposed to & 2. It doesn't address terrorism

Trump may pressure Germany & NATO members into clamping down on islamic immigration. This week he's already pressured Germany with the threats against BMW/Mercedes/VW & by criticizing NATO. I can see Trump using economic threats & threats to stop defending Europe to get his way - which is to save money, keep Europe safer from terror, & eventually get the Saudis to open their 1 million tents to Syrian refugees or create that safe zone. Hopefully Trump's setting the stage for negotiations for the positive changes Europe needs to make..

I could be completely off - but hopefully Trump proves himself to be the "chess master" that America has lacked for a long time...

jeff montanye's picture

yes, i'm with your comments about nato.  also it is being used to threaten russia for no good reason.

similarly with china: don't get caught up in that islands in the south china sea bit unless it is to negotiate a truly fair to china solution and done in good faith.  the philippines does not seem that concerned and they are right next door.

don't end a cold war with russia to start one with china.

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What you inbred Yankee Americunts dont understand is: The EU have a weapon called "Dollar Reserves" and to fight back they just have to stop using the Dollar and the USD will collapse in no time - China and Russia will be happy to lay in the boot also (They are already doing it to some extent).

This is a war the USD cannot win - The USD only lives bcoz of the EU dollar reserves... Wait till Trump sees this and backtracks.. This is why Merkal isn't scared or worried bcoz they have the ultimate Trump card ROFLMAO

The EU could also stop buying Oil in Dollars, especially Germany

Its no wonder you people have the IQ level of a third world country (google it) - All the top IQ Jobs in the USA are filled with foreigners ROFLMAO

Ghordius's picture

your credo fits the current mood in America

meanwhile, if Germany was the way you wish it... would you have been allowed to come to Germany?

"your censors that want FB to ban anything critical of your refugee policy as "hate speech" while simultaneously allowing a couple Muzzies to burn down a Synagogue as it is considered "freedom of speech and expression in criticising Israel""

here, an example to what would have you banned from Germany, if it was even half as you wish it to become

it's a filthy lie. nothing about the real and existing Germany is about allowing anybody to burn down any kind of building

what is really burning... that's hundreds of houses with refugees in them

and you like that, or at least you conveniently forget to mention such things


rondellio's picture

You are being disingenuous Ghordius.  The point, if you are honest-and in tjhis post you are not- is that there is 1 rule for the aborigines of Europe and a different rule for the newcomers.  This is the customary situation with invasions.  What is not customary is that the aborigines themselves engineer the invasion as an act of expiation and unbearable guilt.  This is probably what you suffer from and why you howl so loud.

Vageling's picture

Didn't had your coffee yet? Even for your standards this is some lame MSM line. Downplaying the reality with half truths. Also you calling people a liar is a bit rich.

Hundreds of houses with refugees in it. Going for the drama award? Again pot met kettle. Who's mostly burning them? The immigrants (they're not refugees, but since your so called returning rejected immigrants isn't working either because you fail to grasp reality, lets all call them refugees) themselves for the porpuse of emotional blackmail. 

Why do synagogue's need 24/7 police protection? Mind explaining that to people as well? It's because they have nothing better to do right?

25or6to4's picture

Indeed hundreds of buildings intended to quarter rapefugees have burnt down however, as is SOP with Ghodius, what he fails to mention in that it's the rapefugees themselves that are setting the fires. It seems the local folks piss the little princes off by not serving Halal correct food, poor internet service, not giving them enough spending cash or meeting the hajji's expectation of receiving a house and a BMW upon arrival in their new host country.

waspwench's picture

The little darlings also think they are entitled to a supply of local frauleins to pleasure their sick, diseased, mentally deficient persons.

CNONC's picture

Nationalism, isolationism, and high birth rates hardly describes the credo in America.

What you may percieve as nationalism is actually a reaction to the percieved diminution of the value of citizenship by uncontrolled immigration.  Few people here object to immigration.  But there is a growing sense that immigrants are granted the benefits of citizenship without its obligations.  Illegal immigrants DO vote.  "Motor Voter" laws made it all but impossible to prevent it.  Immigrants, both legal and illegal, DO recieve benefits from social welfare programs and crowd out working class citizens. 

It is not "isolationism" that you are seeing here.  It is a recognition that our government has abused the vast power we have given it and made the world a worse place.  Our interventions in the Middle East, in humanitarian, political, or economic terms, have been disasterous.  The American people are not fools.  We see the evil perpertrated in our names. Warts and all, only Trump promised to at least reexamine the premises of US involvement in the world.  While most Americans are rightfully wary of Russian motivations, few see any reason for the open hostility.  It is not isolationism.  It is a recognition that government has persued policies, whether through corruption or lack of wisdom, that are not in our own long term national interests.

As to higher birth rates, sadly the young folks in the US seem to be higlky enthusiastic about engaging in sex, but seem somewhat reluctant to accept the natural cosequences. They can't afford it. 

dark fiber's picture

Someone is finally waking up in Germany.  NPD won its case in the constitutional court.  Use Google for a link, even they cannot hide this.

waspwench's picture

Vote AfD before Angie bans it.

The woman is a tool of the NWO and a traitor to Germany.

Germany has done enough apologising for WWII. There is a new generation there and the sins of the forefathers have been paid for. Take your country back.

Deathrips's picture

Shes just mad cause trump as a man is a more handsome woman than she is.


Theres your equality you pustard ziofuck.


philipat's picture

Good. If she wants to try to resurrect TTIP that should finish her off completely. Good riddance frankly. These people just don't get it, especially in the echo chamber of Davos where she will be well at home.

wildbad's picture

yeah.. she say "free trade" but she means the opposite. they will grab at any straw now. ironically it was her vice president, Gabriel, who opined on Trump yesterday that was the first to say the TTP is dead.

liberal "democracy is how they self-identify but they are for non-democratic consolidation of power in Brussels and the destruction of national identity.

that is where the battle is and its go to be named

nationalism. not globalism is our credo

Creative_Destruct's picture

47% of Germany GDP is EXPORTS (2015 data). This is a MASSIVE amount of dependence on exports, even MORE than China (26% , 2015 data).They depend on the EURO common currency giving fixed exchange rates in the Eurozone to maintain this export and GDP level and standard of living. Based on the inherent fragility of the EU, combined with Trump's positions on trade that could further restrict their exports outside of the Eurozone, it is no wonder the Germans are shitting their pants in fear.

So it is NOT for some ostensibly "noble" social justice causes Merkel that is getting her panties in a wad; it is about the MONEY.

The entire global economic system is a severely unbalanced MESS created by Central bank and Central Planning meddling that has caught up to all of us. Hopefully, we can SOMEHOW force the Central Planning globalists to relax their idiot grip on this complex dynamic system and allow it to self-organize into a sustainable configuration, without severe hardships that can lead to global war. It's gonna be interesting ( Chinese curse: "May you live in interesting times")

Stuck on Zero's picture

Germany. Free trade?  Joke. It's impossible to send a manufactured item into Germany if it competes with a German manufacturer.

wildbad's picture

you're right that trade here is anything but free but not so right on the second part. in fact almost EVERYTHING here, even those things with German branding are, like in the USA, MADE IN CHINA.

german taxes go from taxpayers to firms like Siemens, BWM etc. to open plants in "developing countries" like China and then get a tax break after they dump worker and incidentally send all fo their technology to china.

developed in german universities and private labs, that is the real "brain drain" that is happening here for at least the last 17 years

sieg heil NOT

philipat's picture

And if, as now seems increasingly likely, the Eurozone (Even the EU) is close to its expiry date, a new DM would go through the roof as other new European currencies (Drachma, Peseta, Lira etc) go in the other direction, that would finally restore the correct balance of economies with Europe and remove Germany's "Outrageous prilvilege" once and for all. Germany does make wonderfully engineered products that people want to buy, but their price advantage would disappear rather quickly and they would need to adjust their model accordingly.

PS I still wouldn't want to buy an American car!!

Creative_Destruct's picture

Absolutly the DM if/when reinstituted after a EU breakup would be highly valued versus other post-breakup European currencies, decimating Germany's European export economy and throwing their entire economy into a severe recession or a depression. So that prospect combined with Trump's talk of tarrifs in the US market, which would FURTHER reduce their export GDP, scares the livin' hell out of the Germans.

This is the price of "fooling mother nature" and not letting the real economic market signals set prices and currency exchange rates. Markets and societies, if left to respond to the natural flow of market information, would adjust to form a sustainable dynamic. But these fucking globalist central planners will keep trying to save a doomed centrally planned economic ship in the well-intentioned (perhaps) cause of European Unity to prevent war and conflict. Paradoxically, their central planning efforts may actually CAUSE the instabilites that lead to conflict and war.

Matteo S.'s picture

And Germany is also obsessed with piling up massive current accounts excedents. Germany's current account excedent is 8% of its GDP.

wildbad's picture

AND germany has a 16 billion euro surplus this year. they are cashing in.

ghostfaceinvestah's picture

Bingo.  The Germans created the Euro so they could pair up with nations like Greece to drag their currency down and spur on exports.  The Germans knew they could never assimilate East Germany without collapsing their economy, so they invented the Euro to give them a leg up on exports.

This grand experiment has lasted far too long already, propped up for the past few years by the ECB.  It won't last much longer.

espirit's picture

Ti rade, ti rade.

You got no trade except for muzzies.

jeff montanye's picture

speaking of the recent arrivals to germany from the mideast, that is one more reason for even the germans to be thankful about trump's victory.  

if he makes good on even some of his campaign promises in this area it will be a brand new ballgame.  defining success as beating isis and bringing the troops home is tactically politically popular and strategically wise, as the u.s. is being bled dry and robbed blind by the likud/mossad faction of israel.

auricle's picture

I hope the German citizens vote this failed POS out of office before she completely destroys their country. 

Son of Loki's picture

Free trade....good! Trump loves free negotiations with no restrictions.

The Art of the Deal he is King of. The nice thing is his goal is not to please bankers, not to please the MIC, not even to please world viewers,.....his goal is "To Put America First."

OMG, that sounds so good for a change. With an IQ at least twice Kerry's and Soweeto's put together, I place my bets on The Trumpmeister.

Bollockinell's picture

Merkel is to Europe what Obama was to the US: (feel free to fill in this space).

The Saint's picture
The Saint (not verified) knukles Jan 16, 2017 9:20 PM

Like Obama, Merkel will just be working the traveling side show after she loses her election.


BeanusCountus's picture

Trump doing exactly what he should. Challenge everything. Pretty soon, rhetoric in Germany will be "Trump did it" instead of "the Russians did it". Fascinating in my book.

J S Bach's picture

Merkel is fighting a "Genocidal Battle" against her own people with the promotion of unbridled 3rd-world immigration.  There are few to match this treasonous detestable crone-bitch-whorebag.

FatTony7915726's picture

You can't grab Merkel by the pussy cause she doesn't have one. She has a leather strapped fake latex penis and so wishes to be a man!

wren's picture

Merkel, you've destroyed your country and society by turning your nation into yet another Middle Eastern nation. I don't think anyone cares what you think. Anyone? Anyone here care what she thinks? Anyone? Nope Merkel, nobody cares.

Merkel, you will be just another name in historical texts with a list of zero accomplishments.

Luc X. Ifer's picture

Typical communist/left fascist ideological warrior - destroy anything around just for the sake of proping a failed by reality principle, so till death for a falacy, ok, good riddance to the ones joining you mutty and pity for the innocents you'll drag into death with you.

Dark Daze's picture
Dark Daze (not verified) Luc X. Ifer Jan 16, 2017 11:10 PM

I have a great big news flash for you bud. The Commies were not 'leftists', they were blood thirsty right wingers who were willing, just like today, to murder anyone who got in their way.

Got The Wrong No's picture

I guess the Clinton's were right wingers in you sad little brainwashed puke of a world. 

Luc X. Ifer's picture

I have some big news for you buddy, you don't know what you talk or you have an agenda. Communism is left's flavour of fascism and in this sense yes, equals the right's flavour of fascism- the laissez faire capitalism.When both left and right emerge into fascist realm practically wise there is no difference, however the official ideological propqganda and naratives differ radically - the left fascism is far more hypocritical and manipulative becausr it uses as core message the supposed well being of the citizen as main reason of its existence. I'm coming from the former Sovit block, raised there, my family lost all to the communists and did the Siberia so, I have direct experience in the field.