Secret Service Taking Extraordinary Measures To Protect Against "Unprecedented" Inauguration Threats

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Just yesterday we noted the latest undercover video from Project Veritas which revealed anarchist groups plotting to disrupt the Trump inauguration by dumping butyric acid into the heating and ventilation systems of buildings expected to be used for this weekend's festivities.  Add to that, the fact that ~750,000 protesters are expected to descend upon Washington D.C. with a stated intent to "paralyze the city" and Obama's "extremely unusual" move to fire the D.C. National Guard Chief just days before the inauguration ceremonies and you have a recipe for disaster.

Describing the situation to Washington Top News, Secret Service Director Joseph Clancy acknowledged that the threat level at this ingratiation is "different" from previous ones saying that, after a contentious 2016 campaign cycle, people "are willing to do things they may not have been willing to do in the past."

“I think people today are willing to do things they may not have been willing to do in the past,” Clancy said.


He cited several episodes that took place during the campaign, “where people jumped over those bike racks or security zones into our buffer. In the past, it was very rare for somebody to do that. Today, in this past campaign, people were willing to do it.”


Maness says, however, “From what we have seen the security measures and first-responder preparations have been excellent for the event.”

In addition to D.C. being a perpetual high-profile target for terrorist attacks, Clancy notes that, as confirmed by the latest Project Veritas video, the bigger threat is likely coming from anarchist groups who will stop at nothing to disrupt the inauguration ceremonies in some way. 

“We know that this (Washington region) is a high-profile [terror] target. It’s been attacked in the past, historically,” said Paul Abbate, the FBI’s executive assistant director for the Criminal, Cyber, Response and Services Branch.


"The bigger threat is probably coming from anti-government/anarchist
groups who are likely to try and disrupt the inauguration, and may engage in violence to do so,
” said Mike Maness, director of Trapwire.


Other FBI officials have confirmed that Washington is mentioned on a daily basis as a potential target in intercepted terrorist chatter and communications. “We, from the FBI standpoint, are ready to counter terrorist attacks and are working with our partners in building out the intelligence picture,” Abbate said.


On Friday, Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson spoke to reporters about preparations for the inauguration.


“We know of no specific credible threat directed toward the inauguration,” he said.  But in the same statement, he acknowledged, “that is only part of the story.”


Other parts of that story include the unknown, according to Clancy, and that is causing him to lose sleep.


“Every night I wake up and I wonder do we have some issue covered,” Clancy said.

Trump Security


Of course, extraordinary threats call for extraordinary preparations and countermeasures as this year's inauguration will include large perimeters that will be heavily fortified with "trucks, dumpsters, buses and the like" to defend against terrorist attacks similar to those that struck Nice, France and Berlin, Germany in 2016 as rogue trucks plowed through masses of people.

Soft perimeters will permit access to only those vehicles belonging to people who live or work in the area. Hard vehicle perimeters will be off limits to all but official vehicles.


This year in particular, Johnson said, “The hard vehicle perimeter will be heavily fortified by trucks, dumpsters, buses and the like, given the current threat environment.”


That environment he spoke of is created by terror groups’ constant online prodding of sympathizers to conduct not just spectacular attacks like those in Paris, Brussels, Turkey, Germany and Orlando in the past year, but single-casualty attacks as well.


Another key part of Secret Service attack prevention planning started months ago, and is designed to cover large and small incidents.

And, if all else fails, we're sure the "Bikers For Trump" will be available on short order to form a "wall of meat" to protect the President-elect.

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InjectTheVenom's picture

i've got a way to save the taxpayers a shitload of money...just fly a helicopter above the leftist-marxist crybaby protesters and drop several hundred pre-approved job 'em scatter !!!


BullyBearish's picture

Who is going to protect him against the protectors?

flaminratzazz's picture

looks like they are getting him in a cross fire to me.

CH1's picture

Again, these people are leftist thugs, and NOT anarchists.

They aren't trying to get away from government, they're trying to own it.

peddling-fiction's picture

Active Denial Systems, or you did not do your job and have a place in FEMA camps.

LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD's picture
LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) peddling-fiction Jan 17, 2017 2:34 PM

They are special snowflakes and Hillary(!)/The Bern supporters.  Do what they DEMAND or violence will occur.  Of course they prefer it when they are in power so can unleash government violence upon you for disagreeing.

NoDebt's picture

"The hard vehicle perimeter will be heavily fortified by trucks, dumpsters, buses and the like..."

Would tanks qualify as "and the like"?

When are these people going to wise up and go arrest the people who SEND the protesters (rioters)?  Go slap the cuffs of George Soros and half this shit goes away overnight.


mtl4's picture

"The bigger threat is probably coming from anti-government/anarchist groups who are likely to try and disrupt the inauguration, and may engage in violence to do so"


Totally wrong, the biggest threat are from groups that claim to be peaceful but are actually extremely violent (name your local Soros NGO).

BennyBoy's picture


After the Bikers For Trump leave DC they could become a temporary Wall of Meat on the Southern border.

The Saint's picture
The Saint (not verified) xythras Jan 17, 2017 3:50 PM

Liberal protestors can make a living protesting:

"The job offers a monthly retainer of $2,500 plus “our standard per-event pay of $50/hr, as long as you participate in at least 6 events a year,” as well as health, vision and dental insurance for full-time operatives."

ReZn8r's picture

If I had the money and was 45 years younger I would go to SF and ratfuck those bastards until they left town and sto9pped doing business. The Nixon crew pales to the shit I wold come up with.

TheMeatTrapper's picture

The Border Keepers of Alabama have been doing that for quite some time now.

CuttingEdge's picture

Guantanamo the terrorists - plenty of room there now Obumfuck is shipping the inmates en masse back to the ME.

HowdyDoody's picture

There will be unidentified snipers firing at the police and the innocent (i.e duped) protestors. The firing will be blamed on Trump and his supporters.

BennyBoy's picture


How does the Secret Service have time to take Extraordinary Measures to protect Trump?

Are the brothels and strip clubs closed?

bobbbny's picture

Does anyone out there remember the exact date we became a banana republic?

detached.amusement's picture

that kinda assumes we kept following the rule of law and sheer incompetence led us here.  so no, it just doesnt really apply.

TheMeatTrapper's picture

"Does anyone out there remember the exact date we became a banana republic?"

Yes, the day Obama was inaugurated.

ReZn8r's picture

Actually it was the day that the FBI basically said Clinton was a crook and violated the law with the email server but they were NOT going to prosecute the bitch.

Trogdor's picture

They won't arrest them.  They won't raid them.  They're SUPPORTING them through their wiggle-words and apathy.  Jeh Johnson is an ADMITTED Communist - a total piece of filth. If it was a bunch of Patriots doing this kind of talking (during the Halfrican's inauguration), they'd have been SWAT-ed fifty ways from Sunday already - a lot of them would be dead.  I just hope Trump is smart enough to put his own security/snipers in critical positions and pair his guys with the Secret Service douches to keep a very close eye on them.  All of the assassinations in the US have pretty much been pulled off with complete SS cooperation.

new game's picture

exactly, tv the black opps raids of these organizers. but nooooooooo, compliant with there cause. deck is soooo stacked.

greenskeeper carl's picture

Something tells me those bikers might be the most reliable of his security options.... They may not be a gentle as the protestors are accustomed too though. Should make for good TV

El Vaquero's picture

I actually hope that if the protesters get violent, it is the bikers who beat the everliving fuck out of them.  These little shits want to listen to made up shit in the MSM, Facefuck, etc... without verifying what is actually going on and then get into a rumble, they deserve to get their asses kicked.

flaminratzazz's picture

if i was djt, snipers on every roof top would not be something i would be comfortable with.. in the least.

I would televise the inaug from my fortified bunker buried in the mountains of Sumfvkistan..

Trogdor's picture

Certainly not if those are Secret Service snipers - can't trust those dirtbags one bit.  But if tradition holds, it will be someone in close proximity who takes the shot - that's the way the CIA does things....

1980XLS's picture

exterminate Soros, and you have instantly eliminated 1/2 the risk

ReZn8r's picture

add the 3 clintons to that list as well.

DonGenaro's picture

Well said, sir. They're "anarchists" about as much as the Libertarian Party is "libertarian".

Joe Davola's picture

Give the bikers 5 Grant's worth of Rolling Rock, and hire some Maysles wanna-be's to film the outcome.  Since he's outta work, maybe Obamma can play Meredith Hunter. (fan-fiction, not an actual incitement to violence)

FireBrander's picture

"looks like they are getting him in a cross fire to me."

Yep, I'd send an empty limo. If somehow the DEMOCRATS stop the limo, trump still appears right on time for the think they have him trapped in the sweet if he outsmarts them like that...fuck...allow the that pig Rosie to sit on the hood and personally "stop" the Donald ....HA!

chunga's picture

Shirley you're not suggesting an agency of USSA would be...politicized? GASP!

Trump, have your own security or don't go.

garcam123's picture

If I were him, I'd WANT that wall of meat BETWEEN me and THEM! ALL OF THE MURDEROUS MOTHERFUCKERS!  First executive order is mass firing of ALL department heads down to mid-level and security lockdown and individual security transport off the premises with surrender of ALL Clearances!  Lock up the ones who resist. Sudden and effective. Declare a National Emergency and lock down the country for 72 hours......I think most people would think that would be prudent under the circumstances.  It would also afford ethical investigators to look at and determine the financial games played by the CONgress and All piece of shit politicians right down to the city level you Chicago piece of shit.

If you want to Live Sir, past Friday, I'd advise you to consider this at least in Armed government services.


Good Luck, Those Bikers are heros, every fat drunk one of em GOD BLESS EM ALL!

Enerybody is tense and of a mind that some shit is going to happen, please be out in front of it.



ReZn8r's picture

exactly right on that firing business but you forgot one important layer. The sneaky son of a bitches at the lowest level. In that group I guarantee you that there are about 75% punk assed liberal progressives who think they are the last line of patriots. Interview them physically to see if the are who we think and fire as well. A purge is a purge.

chubbar's picture

The FBI has had 2 months to infiltrate these organizations and arrest the participants. 4 days ago Project Veritas handed the FBI and SS tapes of individuals planning FELONY terrorist attacks on the deploraball. Have ANY arrests been made by any of these organizations? I say these fuckers are sitting on their hands, by direction, to subvert the inauguration. Those fuckers on the PV tape should have been frog marched into jail the fucking DAY that the FBI got the tape, nothing but crickets, to include the fucking main stream media which should be all over this story.

I don't trust that any of these law enforcement organizations are doing their jobs.

cat-foodcafe's picture

just drop a few bales of $1 dolla bills....those SJW turds will go crazy running to the nearest S-bux. HAHAHAHA

Zoomorph's picture

Or just shoot a couple dead and watch the rest pee their pants and scatter.

markpower49's picture

Hopefully, we'll get a Left vs. Right civil war out of this.

FreshOutaSumfinForNufin's picture

These protesters have an extreme vitamin PB deficiency.  The SS & DC cops should "give them some!". It's the only known cure for unreasonable snowflake syndrome.  As soon as these protesters get some vitamin PB through their brains, the Nation will begin to heal.  

wildbad's picture


most people hear "anarchy" and think "chaos".

anarchy just means, "leaderless" and in that sense, i'm all for it as an ideology. as a practicality it leaves much to be desired.

the crybabies who scream "democracy" while attempting to subvert it need to be taught a lesson in civics while serving their short hard prison terms.

back in the '70s while i was happy to go to anti nuke rallies to pick up chicks there were specific goals and consequences.

i didn't like tear gas much but believed in the cause and got some in the kisser. i have the impression that these pussies are all about "just being against anything" which promotes their narcissism. there is no reason.

Unreliable Narrator's picture

The article gets everything backwards.  The wall of meat is the FIRST line of defense, and it isn't manned by bikers but by protesters.  They'll provide the cushion to protect the dump trucks from serious damage in the event of a ramming attempt.

cowdiddly's picture

LOL GOOD LUCK snowflakes

Here is a picture of just the Florida portion of the Wall of Meat  getting ready to depart from FL


BarkingCat's picture

I see a bunch of posers and not real bikers.

cowdiddly's picture

yea, well I'll let you go tell them that.

BarkingCat's picture

No fucking problem. Real bikers don't ride on rice burners and yuppie designer cruisers.

I see a bunch of fat accountants and the like.

How many Outlaws or Hell's Angels or Crazy 8s in that bunch??? I am betting there is a big fat zero.

Bill of Rights's picture

More lip flapping you should be on your way there not defending your Bull shit speak. Go fucken tell them tough guy. By the way I know of a few Accountants who would squish you like a zit.

BarkingCat's picture

You are an idiot.

You have no idea who I am or what my abilities are. Thus you have no way of knowing how your accountants would do against me.

You fail logic 101.

Tallest Skil's picture

>durr you know nothing about me so you can't comment thereon

>but I can comment on the bikers because i totally know things about them durr

Fuck off, son. Adults are talking.