China Orders Local Weather Bureaus To Stop Issuing Smog Alerts

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Nearly three years into a "war on pollution", in which large swathes of northern China are periodically engulfed in thick, toxic smog, with dangerous air quality readings in major cities like Beijing, Tianjin and Xian forcing many people to stay in doors and shutting down industries, causing ship traffic jams in local ports, and even adversely impacting the local economy, China has realizing that it needs to take more "innovative" measure to make sure it does not lose this particular war. Which explains why local media reported on Tuesday that China is suspending local meteorological bureaus from issuing smog alerts, raising suspicions the government is attempting to suppress information about the country’s air pollution as public anger over the issue grows.

China’s Meteorological Administration notified local bureaus Tuesday to “immediately stop issuing smog alerts”, according to a photo of a notice posted on China’s Twitter-like social media platform Weibo, AFP reports. Instead, of smog, local departments can issue alerts for “fog” when visibility is less than 10 km, according to the notice.

The notice was issued because local “meterological bureaus and the environmental protection administration often disagree when they issue smog-related information,” a representative from the China Meteorological Administration told the Chinese website The Paper. “A joint alerting mechanism will be formulated to consult how to and who should issue alerts for smog,” the representative said.

Centralizing the government's supervision over a topic that has lead to rising popular anger over the government's inability to takle the toxic problem, one single department will now be responsible for issuing smog alerts, The Paper reported.

Upon learing the news, online commentators who have long doubted the credibility of official data on air pollution, and any other official Chinese data for that matter, slammed the reports with stinging criticism.

“Before, they cheated us separately, and now, they are going to cheat us together,” one person said on Weibo.

“Even though they are working on a unified alert standard, they should not stop the existing alert system,” another replied.

The feud even spread to various semi-public institutions: "The meteorological administration fought the environmental protection ministry and lost," the Nanjing Meteorological Institute said on its official Weibo account. "Thus, early warnings about smog, a kind of meteorological calamity, cannot be issued by the meteorological administration," it said.

The Chinese government has a color-coded system of smog alerts, topping out at red when severe pollution is likely to last more than 72 hours. The notice sets off a series of emergency measures, ranging from taking cars off the road to closing heavily polluting factories.

And like with everything else in China, there is a conflict of interest that sets off the people versus some economic goal. In this case, local authorities have long hesitated to issue the notices over fears that they will harm economic performance, even when pollution levels are literally off the charts. In late 2015, China issued its first ever red alert in response to public anger over the government’s reluctance to take action after a wave of suffocating smog hit the country’s northeast.

Prior instances of smog led to transitory forced shut downs of local industries, and the paralysis of domestic infrastructure and transportation, which in turn had a depressing impact on Chinese manufacturing production, and eventually, GDP. However, with 2017 a banner year for Xi

In the past, local and national authorities have issued contradictory, confusing alerts, one ordering factories and schools to be closed and one not.

Bad air is a source of enduring public anger in China, which has seen fast economic growth in recent decades but at the cost of widespread environmental problems. In recent weeks, AFP adds, parents in particular have expressed outrage over the miasma that regularly affect hundreds of millions and has led to high levels of lung cancer, demanding that schools be equipped with air purifiers.

Earlier this month, many took to social media to express their anger about the thick smog that choked Beijing for over a week around the New Year but found their articles quickly deleted, a move that only increased their frustration.

“When people are gagged, the sky will be blue,” said one sarcasm-laced Weibo comment. Of course, as long the people don't rise up against their government, however, Beijing could care less.

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China Orders Local Weather Bureaus To Stop Issuing Smog Alerts

Coming soon to America………………..Or maybe not

The highest world reduction in coal production recorded in 2015. The world is running out of coal.



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Only running low on supply if prices increases. Otherwise it's reduced demand.

Escrava Isaura's picture

Demand is reducing because it’s becoming expensive and harder to extract.


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Overreaching EPA and manufacturing slowdown

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That’s not reality. It’s folk science.

Let me show you reality:

Professor Al Bartlett: I got a report recently (1991) from these giants (surface mining and deep underground mining) coal fields of Kentucky, West Virginia, and Virginia and they estimated that we have another 30 years (2021) before it becomes uneconomically to mine there.“#t=30m22s



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No doubt, Algore and the AGW crowd will cheer this "demanding" of how the populace should think to enforce their AGW agenda. Can you say mind control? Especially YOUNG mind control.

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Uneconomical based on existing technology, no Capital investments, No new miles/exploration, draconian EPA regulations, and a Federal Tax structure designed to destroy them...

Change any of those assumptions, and your model results will change dramatically...


Your pushing a political agenda masking as science...  you might find it more effective to push it on a web site frequented by retards...


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By the way, China's problem here is not so much that they are burning coal, it's that the are not scrubbing the emissions from the coal plant (particulates, sulfer aerosols).  Technology exists to do that (We do it in the West), it's just "not free" and the insiders running the power plants in China don't want to spend money on things they don't have to, and are well connected enough that nobody is forcing them to. 

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What they don't know can't hurt em'.  Wait....

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Like Kanada and their radiation detectors after fukushima.

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Keep China beautiful (they do look kind of similar):

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Yes, and bear in mind, while Al Gore is whining about the climate and the need to control the US's usage of fossil fuels, Absolutely none of what we do matters while India, China, South America *mexico*, and Africa procreate at their current rates. Prime Minister Singh (India) has stated that he can't wait until Americans live in the streets as they do in India. And with Obomao's flooding of the US with third world immigRats, we are almost there (Plus they bring tuberculosis...a school in Renton, Washington State is now testing all students and faculty for tuberculosis, leprosy, scabies, bed bugs, and numerous other diseases not seen in the US for decades).

Today went to the post office. Four people behind the counter and not one spoke native English. Two of them had indecipherable English(looked like 3 asians, 1 mexican). Meanwhile, your American adult children can't find jobs, but are wooed to spend on "legal" marijuana so they won't think about what their "elders" have done to them. Send Every Single Mexican home to Their Country. As they did in the, been done before for those who say it can't be done (kinda like we couldn't win WWII, and no mexicans fought for the US in that war!).

Trump needs to be stoic about sending all these foreigners out and Stop All Immigration. White boys can't get into college but the liberals in the high schools break their butts for the foreigners and then pat each other on the back for the nobless oblige. See: Medical schools where foreigners are taking the place of the top male white students; Your bad medicine is their "diversity." And who said it was any good to be diverse? 

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HRH Feant (not verified) Jan 18, 2017 9:31 PM

Great, in other words: just lie.

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The Stawk market ordered not to sell off while Xi eats $40 hot dogs in Davos.....

The weather, ordered not to be so smoggy....

Boy - China has got things under control.....




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I've got to wonder how well this is going to go in reality. More and more Chinese parents are sending their kids out of there - I guess they're going to have to slam the doors shut because every educated kid in that country is going to leave if they keep this up.

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Government dictating to the media what they can and cannot report on; hmm where have we seen this recently?

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Ahh China...if you can't make it, fake it !

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So the Chi-coms can start poisoning and killing their own.

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Good Point, If the Jewry Controlled Media stopped Mentioning Global Warming every 10 minutes,

would the public realize there was Global Warming.

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Well, at least China wasn't hiding the fact that they're well, suppresing information.

If this is done by U.S. government, we'll straight away hearing nothing but words like "national security" and "economy recovery".

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Right outta Orwell!

Fake Smog Alerts.


SweetDoug's picture

Right outta Orwell!

Fake Smog Alerts.