CIA Releases 13 Million Pages Of Declassified Documents: Include Psychic Experiments, UFO Research

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The Central Intelligence Agency has published nearly 13 million pages of declassified files online, documents which previously were physically accessible only from four computer terminals at the National Archives in College Park, Maryland.

The record include info on Nazi war crimes, the Cuban Missile Crisis, UFO sightings, human telepathy ("Project Stargate") and much more. The release has been a long time coming: Bill Clinton first ordered all documents at least 25 years old with "historical value" to be declassified in 1995. The agency complied, however anyone who wanted access had to trek all the way to the US National Archives in Washington DC to get a peak.

In 2014, a nonprofit journalism organization called MuckRock filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit pressing the CIA to post all of its documents online, but the agency said it would take up to six years to scan everything according to engadget. At the same time, journalist Mike Best crowd-funded more than $15,000 to visit the archives to print out and then publicly upload the records, one by one, to apply pressure to the CIA. "By printing out and scanning the documents at CIA expense, I was able to begin making them freely available to the public and to give the agency a financial incentive to simply put the database online," Best wrote in a blog post.

"Access to this historically significant collection is no longer limited by geography," said Joseph Lambert, the CIA's information management director in a press release. The agency was aiming to publish the documents by the end of 2017, but finished the work ahead of schedule.

“We’ve been working on this for a very long time and this is one of the things I wanted to make sure got done before I left. Now you can access it from the comfort of your own home,” said outgoing CIA director of information Lambert. The agency continues to review documents for declassification, so the treasure trove has not been unearthed in full, and there’s definitely more to follow.

* * *

The online records, shed light on the agency's activities throughout the Vietnam, Korean and Cold War conflicts; they also includes documents relating to UFO sightings and psychic experiments from the Stargate program, which has long been of interest to conspiracy theorists. The archives also cover events from the 1940s the 1990s (each year, a new batch are declassified) and include details about the flight of war criminals from Nazi Germany, the quarter-mile Berlin tunnel built to tap Soviet telephone lines, internal intelligence bulletins and memos from former CIA directors, UFO reports and more. 

The released trove also includes the papers of Henry Kissinger, who served as secretary of state under presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, as well as several hundred thousand pages of intelligence analysis and science research and development.

Among the more unusual records are documents from the Stargate Project, which dealt with psychic powers and extrasensory perception. Those include records of testing on celebrity psychic Uri Geller in 1973, when he was already a well-established performer.

Memos detail how Mr Geller was able to partly replicate pictures drawn in another room with varying - but sometimes precise - accuracy, leading the researchers to write that he "demonstrated his paranormal perceptual ability in a convincing and unambiguous manner" the BBC reported.


One set of documents details results of psychic tests on Uri Geller, where he attempted

to copy drawings made by researchers from within a sealed room.

One of the tests involved drawings. A word was selected at random from a dictionary. The first word selected was “fuse”. A firecracker was then drawn by someone outside the locked room. The picture was then taped to the wall outside Geller’s cell and he was told via intercom the drawing was finished. The CIA documents say: “His almost immediate response was that he saw a ‘cylinder with noise coming out of it’. “His drawing to correspond with it was a drum, along with a number of cylindrical-looking objects.”

The second word chosen was “bunch” and a scientist drew a bunch of grapes. The document states: “Geller’s immediate response was that he saw ‘drops of water coming out of the picture’. “He then talked about ‘purple circles’. “Finally, he said that he was quite sure that he had the picture. His drawing was indeed a bunch of grapes.”

The researchers concluded Uri “demonstrated his paranormal perceptual ability in a convincing and unambiguous manner”.

* * *

Other unusual records include a collection of reports on flying saucers, and the recipes for invisible ink.

"None of this is cherry-picked," said CIA spokesperson Heather Fritz Horniak, cited by CNN. "It's the full history. It's good and bads."

Nothing in the archive is newly declassified. Although the documents are declassified, redactions do exist throughout the millions of pages. The redactions, which Horniak describes as light, were done to protect sources and methods that could potentially harm national security, she explained.

The archive is massive, and new developments on the CIA's activities throughout its storied history are likely to come out as the millions of pages are reviewed.

So is the online database likely to reveal anything particularly juicy? It is not likely, especially since the documents have likely been extensively scrubbed in advance even though CIA Director of Information Management Joseph Lambert said the agency did one last check through the collection before releasing it, and did not reclassify any more documents.

However, the documents will surely provide hours of inquiry for historians, war buffs, UFO enthusiasts and others. The archives cover events from the 1940s the 1990s. It can be accessed as the following link.

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nuubee's picture

It's a shame they didn't perfect their telepathy before 9/11.

Arnold's picture

They would have known to release to WikiLeaks for wide distribution.

Crash Overide's picture

The CIA causes nothing but trouble for this planet, flush it...

CuttingEdge's picture

The Kennedy assassination would be of significant "historical value".

They must have forgotten that one.

ThreeRs's picture

Lot of shredding going on.


I wish I had the wherewithal to see how many paper shredders have been sold in DC alone, since November 8.


And whether the revenues for the paper shredding companies have gone through the roof since then.


I'm so full of useless information, I could win on Jeopardy.


FatTony7915726's picture

The truth is out there!  But the See eye eh is lying!

CuttingEdge's picture

CIA tries to compete with Wikileaks.

And fails miserably.

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Where are the MK Ultra files?  Oh yeah, they were all 'burned' by Richard Helms back in the early 70s....

SmittyinLA's picture

Only if you exclude revenues

Sudden Debt's picture

So the murder of Kennedy is also declassified??

WordSmith2013's picture

Where it concernes the CIA, we don't know what we don't know ... it's that BAD!


The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency Must Be Shut Down
BennyBoy's picture


13 Million pages of crap.

How about declassifying everything ever. Redact names only. All illegal activity, which is 99% of it.

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

"The agency was aiming to publish the documents by the end of 2017, but finished the work ahead of schedule."

Well. If you assume that the CIA is a leftist political organization (a reasonable assumption based on their actions during the last six months) then you have to find the timing of this massive data dump very interesting.

OceanX's picture

Too little, too late, tic tock...

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Main_Sequence's picture
Main_Sequence (not verified) CuttingEdge Jan 18, 2017 8:38 PM

Bush Sr. -- who's in the hospital now should spill the beans in his dying words to repent his sins.

DeadFred's picture

I wonder how many of the 'good' documents squeaked through the filters.

"Release five of the UFOs that we debunked and one that is still a mystery but bury the one where five of our agents were vaporized by some sort of death ray". But this is .GOV so they ALWAYS screw up and let something good get out.

The Wizard's picture

"None of this is cherry-picked," said CIA spokesperson Heather Fritz Horniak, cited by CNN. "It's the full history. It's good and bads."

Yeah, right !

Bavarian's picture

The FULL history, huh?  Assange, you listening?  Liars to the bitter end, which I hope is approaching.

Canadian Dirtlump's picture

Now all the guys who follow remote viewing / Ingo Swann / Ed Dames have raging boners ( which they foresaw last night ).

Bastiat's picture

Weird coincidence:  I bought a book on Project Stargate yesterday!

Joe Sichs Pach's picture

Raging boner prompt the purchase?

Canadian Dirtlump's picture

Absolutely. I remote viewed it myself. It led him straight to the book store. With a slight bend to the right.

Bastiat's picture

"With a slight bend to the right."

Whoa!  Impressive . . . now cut it out, you pervert!

thatthingcanfly's picture

"The agency complied, however anyone who wanted access had to trek all the way to the US National Archives in Washington DC to get a peak."


I'm going to Washington DC to get a peak in my pants looking at chicks on the capitol mall.

I am a Man I am Forty's picture

The James Randi documentary on Netflix of Uri is great.


DeadFred's picture

Read what it says. It says here that Geller let the CIA put him in a cell... willingly... without a to-the-death struggle. What a moron!

L Bean's picture

Typical Zio faux-martyr.

CuttingEdge's picture

Uri Geller has (or had) a big house on the Thames at Sonning (near where that cunt Clooney bought and built a pile at Sonning Eye) opposite side to my old angling club's waters. Must be worth +£20m in today's market. His 50ft cabin cruiser parked on the river was called "Paranormal". Not the part of the stretch to draw in a match, though - fucker probably scared the fish away with his psychic ability.


This one here with the tennis court:,-0.9070731,597a,20y,180h/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en

Amazing how wealthy bullshit can make you. Mind you, Clooney's is to the left on the island - floods every year, the twat.

L Bean's picture

Proves evolution is truly a long game. We're still in the cave, ooo-ing and ahh-ing at the shadows cast during the puppet show.


No need to fret because I perfected mine ahead of their planning stage, and witnessed their skullduggery completely.

DavidC's picture

Presumably it includes everything the CIA knew about JFK?


groaner's picture
groaner (not verified) nuubee Jan 18, 2017 7:37 PM

Let's see the pages that matter

OverTheHedge's picture

I did wonder what they are hiding by releasing this, 48 hours before the mayhem on Friday (it's Wednesday evening where I am, not sure if that 48 hour thing is strictly accurate) .

LawsofPhysics's picture

Power and control of real resources (what the CIA has always been about) is never given up WILLINGLY!

Good economic times ahead for spooks and mercenaries!

hedge accordingly.

A. Boaty's picture

Any professional stage magician can duplicate anything Geller can do. He has no special powers.

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

I am sure that if a person makes a demonic pact they could duplicate anything professional stage magicians do, as well.

A. Boaty's picture

If psychic powers work, then why don't casinos go broke?

IndyPat's picture

Geller's loaded.
Just sayin'.

Guy was way beyond statistical chance when tested.

One of these is not like the others..'s picture

Because they watch out for them and quietly deal with them when they show up?

Not hard to spot, they would be the ones who are winning!

insanelysane's picture

Is there anything about the "liberal international order" that Joe Biden seeks to protect?

ThreeRs's picture

What is this? Another CIA Look! Squirrel! attempt at distraction?


Gee. I hope they're not planning anything.


This time we'll all know whodunnit, especially if they fail spectacularly. Unlike 1963.



Herd Redirection Committee's picture

I've thought about it and I just don't see how they could repeat 1963.  Back then there was the Zapruder tape.  Now there would be 40k+ different smart phones that would record different parts of the crime scene.  Unless you were able to confiscate them all, or pull them all off the net after they were uploaded...

In Ze No's picture

We all watched those buildings fall straight down even one that didn't get hit. Repeat a spectacular lie enough times and people don't believe their own eyes anymore.

YHC-FTSE's picture

That headline should read, "CIA dumps worthless trash to divert attention away from their crimes".

Peak Finance's picture

Ok, so, what is this meant to distract us from? 

The Saint's picture
The Saint (not verified) Peak Finance Jan 18, 2017 11:29 AM

It's to help distract from Obama's last minute changes to government and the traps he is setting for President Trump.