Neither Intelligent Nor Wise, But Definitely Dangerous

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The one adjective that best describes the Deep State is “soulless.”

If you stay up with current events and read widely enough, especially non-mainstream media, you can often detect the Deep State and its works. Precise delineation is impossible, but the Deep State is the top ranks of the intelligence agencies, military, Departments of State, Homeland Security, Defense, Treasury, and Justice, the Federal Reserve, a myriad of banks, corporations, law firms, foundations, universities, and powerful behind-the-scenes string-pullers. When SLL talks about the Deep State, it is from the same vantage point as the blindfolded Indians describing the elephant: an admittedly limited and ignorant view of an amorphous entity that does its best to obscure itself to outsiders. Deep Staters often hide what they’re doing even from other Deep Staters.

The Deep State may have had its genesis in the late 1800s, when powerful business, financial, and political figures came together to push passage of the income tax amendment and the Federal Reserve Act, essentials for their desire to dramatically expand the power of the federal government. By the end of the second world war, it had coalesced around two unwavering convictions: the Deep State should run the United States government, and the United States government should run the world. These were not the whispers and murmurs of a super-secret cabal, they were openly discussed by policy makers, the media, and academia in the United States and Great Britain, the junior member of a world-dominating Anglo-American axis.

For over four decades, the Deep State depicted the Soviet Union as an existential threat, justifying their consolidation of power, US government global intervention, and repression at home. It gave itself a moral Get Out of Jail Free card: dastardly Soviet tactics had to be fought with dastardly American tactics. Despite ritualistic expressions of regret: “It’s a damn shame we have to do this, but such is the nature of our enemy,” many in the military and intelligence services relished that aspect of their jobs. Few were called to account for their reprehensible deeds, many of which will remain forever unexposed.

While it was Republican Dwight Eisenhower who warned of the “military-industrial complex” in his farewell address, most of what little public opposition that complex and the intelligence agencies have received since then has come from Democrats. After the Bay of Pigs fiasco, President Kennedy fired CIA chief Allen Dulles, reportedly vowing to shatter the agency into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds. The debate rages as to whether his vow had anything to do with his assassination, but the possibility cannot be dismissed. (Oddly, Dulles was on the Warren Commission and by most accounts stage-managed its investigation.)

Democratic senator Frank Church led a Senate select committee investigation on intelligence in 1975. His investigation gave most Americans their first glimpse into the CIA’s dirty laundry, notably assassinations and attempted assassinations of various foreign leaders. (The practice was supposedly outlawed by an executive order issued by President Gerald Ford, which was replaced by one issued by President Ronald Reagan. That order didn’t prevent US acquiescence to and complicity in the murder of Muammar Gaddafi. “We came, we saw, he died!”) Also revealed was the CIA and FBI’s interception, opening, and photographing of domestic mail. Senator Church publicly expressed grave misgivings about the government’s nascent electronic surveillance capabilities. He must be rolling in his grave over what it does now.

It was also the “Democratic” press, primarily the New York Times and The Washington Post, that took the lead in exposing scandals with intelligence angles and opposing some of America’s military interventions, notably Vietnam. Unfortunately, in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks the Democratic-dominated mainstream media climbed into bed with the Republican administration. The weapons of mass destruction and the Saddam Hussein-al Qaeda stories, based on doctored and phony intelligence, were sold to the American people as the justifications for the regime-change invasion of Iraq. There were almost no editorial objections to that or subsequent regime-change operations, the Patriot Act’s assault on the Bill of Rights, or to the muddled, impossible to define or limit concept of a global, preemptive war on terror. Although that war has been a predictable failure, the mainstream press will not even acknowledge it’s two most obvious consequences: the further spread of terrorism and the refugee flows from Middle Eastern and Northern African war zones.

The problem at the heart of intelligence agencies and their oversight is the information they collect. It invariably includes dirt that can be used against those who might question or oppose them. There is not a person on the planet who doesn’t have some aspect of his or her life they want to remain private. It’s no mystery why a former KGB agent runs Russia, why all the retirement rules were waived so J. Edgar Hoover could stay on as head of the FBI until his death, how a former head of the CIA and then his son acquired the power base that got them both elected president (and they were trying for number three). Threatened or actual blackmail is a powerful weapon, except for that .000000001 percent who lead unblemished, exemplary lives. That weapon renders a secret intelligence function incompatible with civil liberties and popular control of the government.

The recent election was a revolt by the electorate against their incompetent, corrupt rulers. Hillary’s Clinton’s nomination was the exclamation point on the Democratic party’s moral bankruptcy, a final repudiation of the party and its aligned media’s attempts, however incomplete and compromised, to check the Deep State. Given that abdication, its embrace of the intelligence agencies’ perpetration of fake news, support of an increasingly confrontational stance with Russia in hopes of provoking a war, and tacit endorsement of violence during Donald Trump’s inauguration come as no surprise. Grasping for the power they’ve been denied, they’ll try anything.

There has been much talk of a Deep State “coup” during its battle against Donald Trump, but how can those who control the government stage a coup? What they are doing is taking action against an opponent who has ripped away the facade of popular control and may pose a threat to their power and position. Deep State rule has been neither intelligent nor wise. However, it would be unintelligent and unwise to therefore conclude it’s not dangerous. That it would try to deny the duly elected choice of the American people the presidency bespeaks arrogance completely disconnected from morality. That it would try to provoke violence from nuclear-armed Russia and inauguration “demonstrators” in American cities bespeaks a disregard of extreme risks and potentially catastrophic consequences, not just to the citizenry they despise, but to themselves as well.

They must be opposed, stopped, and scattered to the winds (which would, in a perfect world, blow some of them into prison). Donald Trump may be the last, best hope. The intelligent and wise will be on full alert, prepared for the risks and dangers…should he fail or succeed.

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First mofo I see looking like that gets it.

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Another word:  ill-defined.   Amorphous. Hypothetical.    

Escrava Isaura's picture

This writer is so biased (ideologue) that he misses two key components (hidden agenda) of Deep State:

First: Trying to shift all social responsibilities back to the states so it can be defunded.

Second: Dana Priest and William K. Arkin described the scope of the privatized Deep State and the degree to which it has metastasized after the September 11 attacks. There are now 854,000 contract personnel with top-secret clearances — a number greater than that of top-secret-cleared civilian employees of the government.


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Hey buddy I really need some money. Its your social responsibility to gimme it.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

"The one adjective that best describes the Deep State is "soul-less."

I thought soul-less is EXACTLY the type of personality they want 'working' in the intelligence services for the deep state?

espirit's picture


But it does work both ways.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Soulless and Connections = Prerequisite 

Everything else is taught or given to its Members . 

RiverRoad's picture

Soulless in that financial gain is paramount.  The wealthiest wield control over all with disinformation. 

Not unlike the stock market, actually.

Mango327's picture

Makes for friction in the work environment to have a Conscience while devouring Souls. The Satanic rituals function as psychological reinforcement that committing Evil is a prerequisite for Pleasure and Satisfaction. Like the Special Forces killing a puppy before entering 'service'. Killing the Soul, in other words, or at least Burying it under Ego.


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"The problem at the heart of intelligence agencies and their oversight is the information they collect. It invariably includes dirt that can be used against those who might question or oppose them. There is not a person on the planet who doesn’t have some aspect of his or her life they want to remain private."...

No... Actually I beg to differ.

When you see your government doing shit like this (,,1211872,00.html) based on lies like this (

You make a decisions that no matter how bad elements of your past may have been including selling out to the scum that made that rape, murder and torture possible. You make the decision to part company permanently and leave the "dark side" permanently for the "force"!!!

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

While not condoning it, I certainly understand it. It's a psychological process very similar to nose blindness. You walk into a room that stinks. Quickly the brain starts shutting down the nose receptors and much of the smell is quickly blocked from the brain.

The same goes with immoral behavior. Once exposed, if initially tolerated the mind becomes used to such disgusting behavior. Quickly the mind begins to rationalize away that which no morally functioning human would ever consider condoning, let alone participating in.

Mix in blind ideology and a big fat paycheck and it is amazing what some people will do.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

No CD actually that's not telling the complete story AT ALL.

You left out the PTSD'ers that are killing themselves at a rate of 30 a day every day in this Country and hopefully many... many.. more! Because if you can take an order to violate every tenet of the UCMJ and U.S. Constitution to murder based on those kinds of lies abuse and ultimately treason you NEED TO KILL YOURSELF!

The way I see it is that it's the only way. With a conscience!... If you can keep doing Abu Ghraib(s) or Odessa(s) or Srebrenica(s) or train those to do it for you the only options you really have left in life is to rape and murder those that sent you to do those thing in the first place as both redemption to yourself and humanity to ensure it's never done again ...

Or put a hollow point or "double odd" in your mouth as your "last supper" and do humanity and the taxpayer the biggest favor of all by "checking out" for good so that you can never do it again!!!

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

I understand completely what you are saying. But you are applying moral standards to individuals and groups who clearly either have no morals (amoral is the popular term) have extremely twisted morals or don't really care because they are sociopaths.

The average person who does lead a 'moral' life cannot conceive of people doing these types of things because they cannot conceive of themselves doing it. Therefore they deny it goes on or simply push it from their mind as a place they don't wish to visit.

Either way, their doing so creates a moral vacuum or a lack of group conscience, both inside the organization and outside within the people who should be demanding this stop, but don't because they don't wish to deal with it.

You and I understand this behavior goes on. Why is there no uproar from average Jane and Joe that this immediately stop? Ask yourself that question, then follow the bunny down the rabbit hole.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

Then C D you either better hope and pray that these abnormally trained deviants and there psychopath sponsors in Washington D.C. either kill themselves at a rate to the "power of 100" each and every day instead a paltry 20 to 30... Or hope... "collectively" that they all decide to convene the largest ever Rev Jim Jones "Kool-Aid Party" in this Country before Russia and China are forced to do the honors for the rest of US at the appropriate time!

Ms No's picture

I find your complete lack of fear when it comes to saying whatever the hell you want admirable.  I sometimes worry that you will get yourself into trouble but maybe that's the remnants of the obedient sheep in me.  For better or for worse, you speak as a free man and very few do anymore.


Son of Captain Nemo's picture

Not much left "in between" M N

Better to die on your feet at this point serving the only Master that matters. Or. on your "knee pads" sucking off the likes of G.W. and Barack Obama!!!

I don't believe Trump is going to be the one giving us "Hope & Change" through peace either. So your choices are rather limited at this point with the likes of the Russian Federation and China doing the "honors" for you at this point!

Just sayin

VWAndy's picture

 Real accountability changes all this kind of stuff. Best thing that could happen is the civil grand jury thing. A real strong leash is a win win deal for everyone cept the badest actors some might be worth saving? Them other cats ?  Well they are going to play it to the bone.

New World Chaos's picture

The ones who do these things and sleep well at night will be rewarded with well-paid jobs.  Cop, mercenary, contractor, etc.  Those who develop PTSD don't even get a pot to piss in from the VA.  This is a recurring pattern associated with the Deep State.  Sociopaths will be rewarded; anyone with a soul will be marginalized or punished.

Edit:  rtb61 beat me to it.

rtb61's picture

Unrealistic, you force it on normal people and reality is they go nuts. The process is to weed out the normals in order to get the 1% psychopaths for whom all of the rest of us are just furniture to be used or thrown away. Keep in mind many famers do exactly what those special forces are claiming as special, so in reality just empty ritual.

Arrowflinger's picture

Laugh at what they think they have. Google's Schmidt bragged that the data on the mobile devices furnished to Hillary Clinton's campaign goons would tell e erything about any individual voter. What would the bastard have if everybody got together and intentionally scrambled the profile? What if 150 million American men sent him a dick pic in protest and defiance. What if overuse and abuse reduced their impact to ZERO?The beauty of what has happened is that their power ain't squat.





StagStopa's picture

No dick pics, please. 


Birdbob's picture

Among the Deep State elite the adjective "soulless" is seen as a compliment.


DuneCreature's picture

The Deep State Pirate Ship - "The Clinton Satan Foundation" has run a ground off of Haiti shoals loaded with booty.

Day 87 Part 1 =

Day 87 Part 2 =

Day 87 Part 3 =

Live Hard, The Rats Are Leaving On Flotsam, The She Devil Captain Is In The Long Boat Rowing For Qatar And The Crew Is Building A Raft To Try And Sail To California Via The Panama Canal, Die Free

~ DC v4.0

VWAndy's picture

  We should know one way or the other pretty soon.

Ms No's picture

I am still trying to figure out WTH is so different about so many of these Zionists.  I don't judge anybody because they are Jewish, rich, black or whatever.  I give everybody a chance.  I have experienced a .001% Jew and was absolutely blown away by the evil.  He has so much money and delights in robbing others.  This individual terrorizes people and plays tremendously malignant mind games.  This is individual is a walking stereotype to extent that it is just shocking to me.

I have never been a big believer in genetic fate.  I personally tend toward the epigenetic model where your environment and attitudes cause genes to turn on and off based on necessity.  I don't know if their upbringing includes some type of indoctrination or what.  Even then you wouldn't end up with this level of consistent sociopathy.  It blows my mind.  There is something weird going on there.   

The Old Man's picture

In reality we are "knowingless".


For all the commenting and the history, we've done nothing but go about our business. We are fools for the foolish. Understanding nothing of what they really do. There is no real proof. Nothing to take task to. It's all innuendo and hearsay. No court, no quarter. We are the deeper fools. The fodder. What we understand of it is "nothing". They play us like puppets on strings. And we spend our energy acting the part. Fools following the day to day. It's such a joke that it's almost too hard to believe.


But it is real, this society, this reality they bring, which has the meaning to some kind of "absolute" control of us, of our future generations, and our generations into the millenia forward. They figured this out, long, long ago.  If you wake up, you can see.


You can see we are the deeper fools.


There is no such thing as a Free Man.


The Old Man

Ms No's picture

I find it interesting that psychopaths often report that they "don't dream".  This most likely not the case because everybody dreams as a biological necessity.  Of course there are many people who have trouble recalling dreams that aren't psychos.  Some of these people are too regidly left brain thinking at the time or maybe other reasons.  I've always wondered if there is some disconnect or imbalance taking place when people can't consciously remember dreams.  This is usuall a temporary condition but to never remember a dream?

With psychos, maybe they don't have a soul.  Empathy is tied to what we would consider a soul and they don't have any.  Left brain functioning is hugely valuable but to relegate the right brain to junk status isn't a very good idea either.  To not feel, imagine or create isn't human either.

Fourth Horseman's picture

The time of the great national enema has arrived!


Purge these communist bastards and flush that nigger along with his troup of chimplets.


The HNIC is finally EVICTED!!!

missionshk's picture

they are satanists

StagStopa's picture

Lol. No, they're not. I am. Now go get your shinebox..


straightlinelogic's picture

Thanks Zero Hedge for reposting my article.

Ms No's picture

Is that a serious thanks or a sarcastic thanks?  Just curious.  It's almost a prerequisite to be an asshole if your on here so sometimes it's hard to tell.  I was thinking that you were genuinely saying thanks.

straightlinelogic's picture

I was geniunely saying thanks. Zero Hedge expands my audience, and a lot of other websites pick up articles from Zero Hedge, further expanding the audience.

blindman's picture

can you u see the light?
(musical interlude)

onmail1's picture

<-- CIA created Al-Queda
Al-Queda created 9/11 WTC
& the situation created justification
for higher defense spending
HA ha
Who wants to be a Trillionaire?

shining one's picture

Not a single mention of who they actually are. JEWS !

Grandad Grumps's picture

Deep Staters have seemingly never grown up and are acting out adolescent fantasies.

Grow up and take responsibility already!

paint it red call it hell's picture

"The one adjective that best describes the Deep State is “soulless.”

As is a corporation, heartless, soulless, a hydra with many heads that can selfishly exists to the benefit of it's own existence. Seems to fit right in with satanism, hedonism and pedophilia does it not?