New ABC / WaPo Poll Uses "Oversamples" To Goal Seek Strong Obama Approval Rating

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Just one day after the bitter mainstreamers at ABC/WaPo and CNN used their "oversamples" of Democrats to rig polls showing an unprecedented unfavorable rating of the incoming President-elect (see "New ABC / WaPo Poll Shows Drop In Trump Favorability Courtesy Of Aggressive 'Oversamples'"), those same outlets have used those same methodologies to engineer stellar approval ratings for Obama...shocking. 

Just like yesterday's polls, both ABC / Wapo and CNN used an aggressive, 8-point "oversample" of Democrats to lavish praise on their chose party and candidate. 

Apparently, ABC / WaPo believes that only 23% of registered voters are Republican...


...while CNN stretched to 24% Republicans but still maintained their 8-point Democrat oversample by just adding more dems to the pool. 

A total of 1,000 adults were interviewed by telephone nationwide by live interviewers calling both landline and cell phones. Among the entire sample, 32% described themselves as Democrats, 24% described themselves as Republicans, and 44% described themselves as independents or members of another party


And, of course, when you load up a poll with an "oversampling" of Democrats, you predictably get high approval ratings for Democratic candidates...surprise, surprise.  Here are the ABC / WaPo results...

Obama Poll


...and CNN.

Obama Poll


Meanwhile, ABC / WaPo provided the following convenient chart which perfectly illustrates why "oversamples" are so important.  By our math, using the actual split of registered voters based on actual data (i.e. 33% Dem, 29% Rep and 38% Independent/Other) and a normalized approval rating among Independents would result in an Obama approval rating of ~52%.  But, with a 90% approval rating among his own party and a suspicious surge in approval among "Independents" (which is more likely attributable to samples more Independents in Democrat-leaning precincts), it's very easy to see how even just small "oversamples" can result in massive swings in the overall results.  

Obama Approval


Meanwhile, despite having one of the highest approval ratings of any exiting President in modern history, ABC / WaPo found that, even with their oversamples, 63% of Americans still see the country as being on the wrong track...figure that one out.

Obama Poll


In any event, this tweet still sums up the continued mainstream media polling farce the best:

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brushhog's picture

I dont give their polls any credibility anymore. Its just another propaganda device.

FreezeThese's picture
FreezeThese (not verified) brushhog Jan 18, 2017 9:51 AM

Lower approval rating than Bush post Katrina ... this oughta be fun

aliens is here's picture

Yes, this time Alec Baldwin will be impersonating Trump saying bad stuff on TV and Buzzcrap and C crap will rush to report it.

VinceFostersGhost's picture



Hey dumbasses......WE KNOW ABOUT THIS!!!


Day by just look more stupid!

froze25's picture

And the MSM wonders why people despise them.

BennyBoy's picture


Once again Fake Polls from Fake News outlets.

GGuy's picture
GGuy (not verified) BennyBoy Jan 18, 2017 10:13 AM

No, Once Again...."RUN BY, JEWS? THEN IT'S FAKE NEWS!"

NoDebt's picture

Ignore all polls.  They're all bullshit designed to TELL you what to think, not ASK you what you think.


bobbbny's picture

Clinton favored to win election by 98%.

Raffie's picture

Ya the fake news in full swing for sure. They showed President Trump's approval rating of %40. lol.....

One station instead of saying BREAKING NEWS says REAL NEWS now... LOL

Hope people flash mob the MSM fake news buildings and burn them to the ground.

chiquita's picture

After trying to figure out how to cover Trump, now they come out with ridiculous polls like this.  You'd think they learned their lesson after the election about the poll shit.  These polls are meaningless to begin with, but are pure bullshit when they orchestrate them to reflect what they want the results to be.  How can anyone extrapolate what ALL Americans believe based on a sampling of 1000 responses that have a skewed pool of respondents?  And on top of that where were these respondents located?  If they were all on the East Coast or West Coast, then of course the answers will be different than if it was a random sample taken in the middle of the country.  Give me a poll taken of 100,000 respondents equally weighted and not skewed as to location and I might believe the results, but only if administered by a totally non-partisan entity.   ABC and WAPO can kiss my ass.

FireBrander's picture

Lets all give Obama a round of applause for relentless persuit of peace:

~24,000 bombs dropped in Syria.

~500,000 dead in Syria.

~Only 21 civilian casualties.

Bravo sir!

Stuck on Zero's picture

Just as the Democratic party has "superdelegates" we now have "super-pollers." There are four of these individuals and they represent everyone else in polling.  They are, of course, ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN. No need to ask anyone else about their opinions.

Latina Lover's picture

More Fake News. These are the same idiots/liars who gave Hitlery a 90% plus chance of winning. We all know how THAT worked out, LOL.

wren's picture

Polls are for stupid people who need others to tell them what to think...

TeamDepends's picture

Who cares? Only two more days and the nightmare is over!

Kayman's picture

They are stuck to the fly paper of their own creation. Talking to themselves, breathing their own exhaust.

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) froze25 Jan 18, 2017 1:12 PM

I believe that has been going on the whole Presidency. I could NEVER believe his approval was that high.

I started to look into who owns these polls and its Jews, Gallup loaded with them.

MisterMousePotato's picture

"I could NEVER believe his approval was that high."

That's sweet. You are, obviously, a very nice person.

But, the fact is that, whatever the numbers really are, a significant percentage of Americans (perhaps as much as about 50%) are either seethingly evil and immoral or stone cold stupid and/or ignorant.

RiverRoad's picture

And day by day the American people become more clued-in to what scum the Dems are.

Arrowflinger's picture

One line on that poll thats  understated is that 37% are Independents. I voted for every  GOP president from  Nixon to Trump but there is no way in hell I am a Republican.

chunga's picture

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JRobby's picture

Too bad for the idiot sheep who still watch and read that shit.


Ask the average sheep to speak 4 or 5 sentences concerning what they know about George Orwell.

Overdrawn's picture

Lets guess what could it be this time???  Obviously it will involve Russians, hacking and prostitutes didn't work, how about drugs?  

Maybe the CIA have a dossier, obtained from a reliable source which proves that Russians supplied Trump with drugs

.A reliable source produced the till receipt proving Trump bought asprin in Moscow. The pharmacist who supplied these class Z drugs, made a statement which stated 'Trump said he needed the drug because he had a headache'.


Kickaha's picture

 "Putin Gave Trump Drugs in Moscow".  

Ex-Oligarch's picture

"While evidence has not yet emerged that Trump bought drugs in Moscow, these are very serious charges that threaten the foundations of our democracy.  Experts in the intelligence community agree that the allegations of illicit manipulation of Trump's brain chemistry by a foreign power must be thoroughly investigated."

ich1baN's picture

This could potentially happen but I'm of the view that if they had this tape now, they likely had the tape 2 months ago and they would have released this already prior to Nov. 8th in order to help their favorite witch Satanist involvedin the sick elitist Pedophilia ring known as PizzaGate.... Hildabeast wore purple the day after the election true to witch fashion. You can't make this sh1t up.... Google the cult witchcaft group known as Wiccan, their official color is purple:

Purple is also a throwback and homage to her Freemason rulers. Purple is the official color of Phoenicia which literally means purple b/c they were made famous for their purple dyes in antiquity. Hiram Abiff (a Phoenician) was supposeduly hired by Solomon to create the temple. Hiram Abiff is the MOST celebrated Freemason b/c he kept his secret knowledge hidden even upon receiving threats of death and actually being murdered. 

MFL5591's picture

No one is surprised.  In fact, if the poll was accurate we would be very surprised.  All part of the Deep State!

JimJinNJ's picture

how convenient that his heart gave out now.

SoDamnMad's picture

Who certified he died from a heart attack at 56 as opposed to was "offed" by the deep state. 

VD's picture

glad that majority approve of 8 years of illegal wars, mass incarcerations, out of control health insurance costs, stagnating wages, a tripling of S&P500, zirp, qe, national debt doubling, 95+ million out of jobs, student debt exponential, black wage inequality way up, & fuck, we could go on about the successes, but let's end it on the playful note of 300+ games of golf.....

aardvarkk's picture

He did commute Manning's sentence and completely pardoned several Turkeys thereby saving their lives.  So I guess there is that.

VD's picture

yes, one legit achievement re: manning, across 8 years of utter Fail.


we have not had a prez here in Amerika for very long time, with Obama being the latest & most egregious deep state CIA plant yet..

RiverRoad's picture

I wonder what Manning has on him?

GUS100CORRINA's picture

Apparently EVIL is here to stay. 

Does "ABC/WAPO" really have any credibility left? NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe, just maybe SATAN is grooming Obama to be the FALSE PROPHET for the coming ANTICHRIST!!!!

MisterMousePotato's picture

You forgot about something as essential as simple housing increasing to prices that no honest man could pay.

BabaLooey's picture

By now, anyone that believes ANY poll is a FUCKING STUPID ASSHOLE

VD's picture

they dont call it fake fake news for nothing...

junction's picture

No more polls until Obummer is back on the golf course without the nuclear football in the golf cart.

Everybodys All American's picture

Better get used to it. This mainstream media propaganda machine is going to do this for the rest of Trumps presidency. I don't think I have ever seen such lunacy anywhere in the world more evil than what goes on in these news rooms now.

LetThemEatRand's picture

A new take on the old "bad luck" expression -- if it weren't for fake news, the MSM would have no news at all.

roadhazard's picture

Morning Joe had Trumps approval rating at 38% this morning. I guess they didn't poll ZH.

Bavarian's picture

What a bunch of clowns.  Based on WHAT criteria?  He hasn't been sworn in yet. 

Thanks DJT for calling them out and reminding the public about the manipulated polls that were ALL wrong leading up to the election. 

Kayman's picture

And the "reliable" pollsters had Trump losing the election. 90% probability the pollsters are lying with every poll. Sick fucks.

two hoots's picture

Republican President, Senate, House, 'nuff said.