Pizzagate Is Back: CBS Reality Check with Ben Swann Airs Honest Segment On Comet Ping Pong

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With the Inauguration just days away, "PizzaGate" has been thrust back into the spotlight for the first time since the election thanks to reporter Ben Swann of CBS46 in Atlanta - only this time, it's not a puff piece labeling it a conspiracy theory, or another New York Times article going out of it's way to defend Comet Ping Pong. Swann lays out the players, including Comet Ping Pong owner James Alefantis (who was in a relationship with CTR-mastermind David Brock), as well as pedophile terminology, logos, and some of the pedo-friendly musical acts featured at the restaurant. Swann even mentions John Podesta's close relationship with convicted pedophile Dennis Hastert, as well as the creepy Podesta art.

Take a look :


Within hours of it's airing, Wikileaks tweeted a link to the broadcast, along with the FBI's 2007 "pedphile symbols" guide.


While the CBS segment doesn't show any Pizzagate evidence due to the sensitive nature of the case, you can take a look at the massive ongoing repository of #Pizzagate material compiled by a user - obviously NSFW (4.4gb zip file from megaupload, has been downloaded and checked for viruses per this post)

Is this the opening salvo in the next phase of #PizzaGate from emboldened journalists who no longer fear John Podesta's wrath? The answer is anyone's guess, however, even if Ben Swann isn't taken out with a Polonium pellet - he will forever be encumbered by his gigantic balls.

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roadhazard's picture

" while no evidence is shown"....


laughing my ass off.


fake news.

Bendromeda Strain's picture

Does Brock pay you with money, or "in kind"?

roadhazard's picture

I think you all like to look at pedo pictures is what I think.

goober's picture

I think you suck donkey is what I think !

This story is very real and far worse than has been revealed so far. The investigation has never stopped, just set aside for political bullshit reasons.

Tell ya what I will do here publicly ? I challenge you to a wrestilng match with MMA rules. I am likely older than you but don't let that stop your sorry ass. I am in eastern Oregon , where are you at ? Please post a photo and I will as well in the link below, if you are man enough to accept my challenge and we can maybe sell tickets to a public event or perhaps even get some air time ? a sort of reality show, called "reality vs the control freaks",  a beat down ! or some such thing. We will likely both get rich and you will have a long while in the hospital that will eat up your share, if you survive the beating you will get. Are you game or just more ass talk ?

Can you tell I am well past sick of ass hats like you and BHO himself ?

Totally_Disillusioned's picture

CFR/globalist control needs leverage...pedophilic activities documented will keep any world leader in line, not to mention local police. Pizzagate is the tip of the iceberg, far greater in scope than the Westminster Paedophile Scandal that's been surfacing in Britain over the past decades.

Beyond perverse, I believe this is all about control that may even been the Xfactor in false flags...

General Titus's picture

Imagine what the Mossad must have on Fairy Lindsey Graham...........................

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Most of what Swann covers, I posted on ZH in Oct., but got no traction (because I piss off too many with blistering truth, that they want only directed at others).

No matter. Let's see if it gets more traction after this newsman's story. Doubt it. Pederastery can only be discussed in the MSM, if it brings down the Church and forces a conservative (anti-GayBLT+) German Pope to retire.

BTW, why do you think that the Obamas visited that Pope?  Simple: to lobby him to support the GayBLT+ freak agenda. When he declined, they decided that the Pope had to Go. The liberal MSM was then used to achieve that goal.

Bendromeda Strain's picture

Nice slapdown. These Alinskyite assholes only know one thing - "get him/her fired". The Scientologists got nothing on butthurt progs when it comes to retaliation.

besnook's picture

and they haven't even touched the pedo zionazis in hollywood.

Joe Mama 3's picture

In the Godfather Puzo describes the movie director that Tom Hagen makes the offer to, as being a pedo, but that part was left out of the movie

highwaytoserfdom's picture


Where is eric braverman Day 87


Dulles brownstone email operation leaks.     Sum Ting Wong  at the laundry.   Purple Revelouton comming to a neighborhood near you..  Not DNC/RNC issue  it is the MIC   CFR  they hate us for out freedom gang.      

Wash rinse and repeat

The Opium Wars were two are wars in the mid-19th century involving Anglo-Chinese disputes over British trade in China and China's   any dam country CFR wants to destroy sovereignty. The disputes included the First Opium War (1839–1842) and the Second Opium War (1856–1860) oil land, suffering, religious, privacy invasion, murder and mayhem, black male, military/police/legal/theft profiteering,      . The wars and events between them weakened the Qing dynasty and forced China to trade with the rest of the world.

WASH RINSE REPEAT  and remember Military as Jack Ma said wasted 14T on wars much more than that.  Count the 20% medical, 7T lost pentagon, ect ect.

THE F#CK HEAD THAT SAID THIS IS A RNC/DNC  sight  if there is a lock up for brainwashing mental illness your on top of list.....


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Assange wasn't joking when he said that he had material from the DNC leaks that could bring down the establishment last year. I'm with George Webb when it comes to the #pizzagate revelations - that it is just too big and dangerous for one man or even one agency to handle. Of the 17 or so law enforcement agencies, there is enough evidence to believe that they are either protecting paedophiles or actively engaged in the crimes. The reaction of the JTTF to any whistleblowers certainly confirm it. The crux of the existence of these sick fucks has not only got the deep state corporate blackmail attached to it, but the intelligence community involved too, in the form of recruiting key foreign nationals in their "Brownstone Operations".

What I fear the most is the puppeteers giving up a small fry or two dozen to escape prosecution and deflect the investigation. Nobody should be given immunity and every civil servant/politician/oligarch should be rounded up without special consideration to their status. Who has the balls to do that to the Clinton Foundation, DynCorp, Embassy personnel and the CIA to name a few? We're talking hundreds of people in key positions. It's even possible that we'll see a lot of empty seats in Congress before this is over.

It's a step in the right direction and hopefully their arrogance and hubris will be their undoing, just as we saw in the elections.

Ben Swann and Tucker Carlson have long been my faves so it's nice to see them get the airing they deserve here.

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

zeropoint, thanks - can you give any info on your backround (here 8 weeks)??

The_Real_Fly's picture

Zero came over here with me from iBankcoin. Tyler and I go back awhile on these internets,

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

If you ever had a news story, where the "seriousness of the charge" demands an you go.

fly keep it up , like to read your stuff..much like GW..

denny hasert # 3 in line to president for years..named a serial child molester in court, gives this story some ,"gravitas".

still it is hard for a strait male to think: at the highest levels this is going on..

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I've been reading ZH since 2009 and started blogging over at ibankcoin during the election.

The Denny Hastert connection has been swept under the rug entirely too well, but things don't stay hidden forever. We know Hastert and Podesta were buddies...

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

now you know why Trump appointed all these generals..he means to go to war ..with the domestic evil enemy. - THEY LIVE

the hysteria of pols long in DC - the idiotic polls of no body voted for TRUMP it was russia - media 24/7 trying to weaken him..lends me hope.

.(i hope but like most here, we wait and watch)

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A great video surfaced yesterday. This kid had identified the precise location Comet Piza owner Alefantis had hashtagged as #killroom; he posted a youtube video about it then contacted Alefantis to ask for an interview. When Alefantis saw the video he lost his fucking mind, called the kid, threatened to kill him, then (foolishly) got into a lengthy text-message conversation.
The kid has made a new video posting the Alefantis message threats. 

Totally_Disillusioned's picture

What's with Alefantis and the Pegasus Museum...saw a pic yesterday of person on parapit of Pegasus with kids in the playground below. What is the purpose of Pegasus Museum, why is it hidden between rows of buildings on a small alley between streets and what's with all the construction permits that suddently are withdrawn?

ZeroPointNow's picture

Interesting, but I have no idea who this guy is or what his level of credibility, so I can't know if this is real or not. One nitpick which doesn't sit right is that I don't see any proof that's actually Alefantis texting him - so I'm going to keep an open mind but take under submission. 

Whatever the deal, as the guy featured in the video says at the end; please do NOT go out and fuck with anyone mentioned in these videos. It has the potential for a ton of legal and personal safety issues, and there are innocent people connected to all involved. When it comes to moving beyond evidence gathering and discussion:

"This isn't our battle, leave it to law enforcement agencies"

It appears Voat is suspicious:

And the guy "throwawaa" who brought it up doesn't strike me as a shill:

detached.amusement's picture

Regardless of whether or not Alefantis' threats to this kid were real or not, the investigation done and the web of ties put together is certainly something that  would constitute enough for an actual police investigation.

ZeroPointNow's picture

100% agreed, this issue needs to be fully flushed out, but I would hate to see a situation where the entire effort to investigate pizzagate is overshadowed or set back by someone harassing an innocent member of Alefantis' family (for example), or worse.

We have to avoid giving the MSM fodder to discredit investigative efforts. Remember how they reacted to and spotlighted the guy who went into CPP with the rifle?

gregga777's picture

"Why has there been no public investigation conducted by either the Washington, D. C., police force or the FBi (Feral Bureau of iWeasels ) Secret Police?"

The answer is obvious. Law Enforcement [sic] is protecting the pedophile ring members because the pedophiles are very rich and/or very politically powerful scumbags. The FBi (Feral Bureau of iWeasels ) Secret Police exists solely to protect the status quo rulers from the American People. The Washington Police Force exists solely to oppress the very large black population of Washington, D. C., and to keep them away from the rich and powerful.

youarelost's picture

There was but you insist in believing in BS created to keep you occupied on something other than what really matters. Perfect example of sheep

Kina's picture

This guy is Brave

Kina's picture


Don't download anything that contains illegal images, else you can be prosecuted.

blindman's picture


orangegeek's picture

Ben Swann's timing is good - just before wiki-leaks releases the rest of comet-ping-podesta emails.


It's coming folks  - Trump's people are going to blow the lid off this - will make wild bill of the 1990s look like a choir boy.

Eddielaidler's picture

I will be very honest. This topic puts me into a state of cognitive dissonance. I never thought I would describe myself that way. To believe it I would first become horrified and then incredibly angry. To just take the blue pill and look away would leave me terribly ashamed of myself. 

thebigunit's picture


MSNBC "reporters" will discover a pizza parlor in Washington, D.C. where Trump campaign staffers once purchased a pizza.

The restaurant will be named the "Lucky Kluck".

MSNBC will point out that it is no accident that the name has three "K's".

JohninMK's picture

And owned by a Russian oligarch 'close to Putin'

Theremustbeanotherway's picture

and it will have a basement stuffed full of surveillance electronics that are manufactured in Ukraine cough sorry I slipped there I meant Russia!  

the artist's picture

I tell all of my friends and family...There is only one story for the rest of our lives and that is Pizzagate. 

Pizzagate and how it relates to (fill in the blank). 

I think we are going to look back and realize that the signs were all pretty obvious: Mark Foley, Denny Hastert, Boystown/Lawrence King, Clinton/Epstein, Sandusky and his political friends/boys charity, Jimmy Saville etc. All of these scandals have something in common. They were all debunked. 

Hollywood, I believe is also trying to get it out in their subtle ways with comments by Elija Woods and Corey Feldman. Films like 'Girl with the dragon tattoo' and even a recent Black Mirror episode eludes to the great reveal where the pedo's are exposed. 

I am glad to see this getting some attention. I agree with 'Yes We Can', There is something big afoot. 

Bendromeda Strain's picture

The dominos on pasta king is none other than Wachovia destroying pick-a-pay mortgage weasel Herb Sandler, billionaire patron of Pedesto's Center for American Progress. That is why the flying monkeys are dispatched to every article.

Clashfan's picture


let's add--McMartin Preschool, Finders Case, Little Rascals Preschool, Jersey Island Case, Gosch is Gannon, Cisco Wheeler, Cathy O'Brien, Presidio Daycare.

WillyGroper's picture

Gannon is not Gosch.

watch his mother's vids. 

according to det. retired james rothstein, she's the only parent to call out the coverup by throwing hot coffee in a stonewalling detective's face.

detached.amusement's picture

and the sandy hook mining operation

Overdrawn's picture

The Clinton Foundation is involved in Child Trafficking from Haiti.  It is used to blackmail important people.  They throw parties, and the girls get younger and younger, and it is all on video.  Parties are thrown after big international meetings, or when important people are in town. 


Dyncorp involved

are we there yet's picture

Partial past US parties:

Jackson Republicans
National Republicans
Democratic Republicans
Old Whigs
Green party
constitution party
libertarian party

If the Democrats have another bad election cycle, historically such parties undergo a major change or are rebranded with a new image and identity.

FrankDrakman's picture

You forgot the "Know Nothing" party.

Oh, wait, you do have the Democrats listed.

Never mind. 

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

When interviewed by the NYT in December, Donald Trump stated that when Obama hosted him at the White House in Nov. 2 weeks after the election, Obama informed Trump about 'a major problem for the country'.  Trump was said to have seemed a bit shocked after the meeting with Obama.  Neither Trump or Obama would elaborate on the 'major problem'.

Perhaps, if Pizzagate is real and widespread and involving a lot of big names and govt. officials, this is what Obama was referring to?... Perhaps some related materials/images/emails on Weiner's laptop?

There's something big afoot.....

JailBanksters's picture

If CBS was doing there job as a news presenter, they wouldn't be asking questions about why somebody else is not doing their job.

There's prently of leads CBS can follow up, without it being a Criminal Investigation.

This story and it's implications are BIG really BIG, and nobody wants to cover it for fear of being labeled Fake News.

But like all the other news presenters, they still aren't out looking for news, they are waiting for the news to come to them.



rtb61's picture

The news story, more than what it seems, softening up the case to make it easier to investigate, likely not occuring without some off the record (with promises for an inside line) input from one particular investigatory agency. There seems to be a building desire to clean house due to a push from lower ranks.

J. Peasemold Gruntfuttock's picture

It is possibleto read into things that which you wish to see, or confirmation bias.

But in checking the Frank Giustra & Clinton associations I came across this and I hope you will assess with an open mind and a sense of bold curiosity.

In an interview with Brian Hutchinson (Canada, May 6, 2015 11:45 AM ET) 

Philanthropy is another pursuit he’ll discuss happily. Same goes for his songwriting, another borderline obsession. Giustra has his own commercial recording studio and music company. Little known fact: He wrote the lyrics to a children’s lullaby called Little B, which Sarah McLachlan put to music and recorded on her last album.


For your discussion and critical thinking.

I ask for your comments on these lyrics and respond with reasoned opinion and sound logic.




"Little B"

Time for bed little bee
Little bee
I will always love you more
Than you love me
I will treasure these years
Of our borrowed time
As much as I want it
I know you’re not mine

Good night moon
Giving trees
Love you forever
Pirate seas
Remember these moments
As you grow
A few more cuddles
Before I let you go

Heart of the jungle and dragon’s lair
Just remember someday how much your daddy cared
Into your dreams I will watch you drift
Your memories of this will be my greatest gift

Good night moon
Giving trees
Love you forever
Pirate seas
Remember these moments
As you grow
A few more cuddles
Before I let you go


TheReplacement's picture

As a father, I see nothing nefarious in those lyrics, just well expressed feelings of a father to his child.

J. Peasemold Gruntfuttock's picture

Thank you sincerely for your comments and your refreshing and heartfelt outlook.

The four upvotes and no negatives gives me some measure of comfort that there are very decent contributors and readers on ZH.

It made Buttercup (Mrs. G) very happy to hear your sentiments and she would bake you a lovely round of scones if you were in the area.




stant's picture

If this gets leggs won't be nothing left of the Democratic Party but a greasy spot. And take down the . Gov to boot. What ever comes back to fill the vacume won't be able to even use the name. They have already lost thier big$ donors. Who are pissed at thier 1.2 billion up in smoke. And it's hurting the rnc too. Trump winning changed that game. Of course none of this will mean nothing in a economic collapse . Be tears in the rain