US Manufacturing Output Stagnates For 14th Straight Month (Despite Surging Surveys)

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US Manufacturing output stagnated for the 14th month in a row in December with a mere 0.2% rise year-over-year (amid downward revisions), notably less than the expected 0.4% rise. While industrial production rose year-over-year for the first time since August 2015 (thanks to a surge in vehicle production). Natural gas utility output also soared 12.0% MoM providing some impetus to the headline print's 0.8% MoM gain.



It appears the soft survey data is once again entirely decoupled from the hard reality data...


And just in case that's too hard to read...

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another word that will go the way of the dodo, much like "collateral", or "RISK" or "WORK"

fuedalism 2.0 motherfuckers!

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Welcome to the machine....."The best way to get rich is to inherit" -Old Yeller.

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Janet is busy manufaturing. Her catch @ 9:36 was amazing. God Speed Janet

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WHY such a "trend" continues . . . DUH.

The once "properous" PRODUCTIVE working segment of the Nation has been systematically decimated and is now "tapped out".

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I know ours has stagnated. Sales have been shit for the last four months. I haven't bid a job in four weeks. Building custom furniture, it seems my only options left are going GAY and offering to finance our projects. Don't think I can pull off either.

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Well, the only way to truly rob a bank is to become a bank...

I have seen more than one business person do this.