Brazil Supreme Court Justice Presiding Over Carwash Corruption Scandal Dies In Plane Crash

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Update: as feared, the Supreme Court Justice has died. Reuters with the update:

Brazilian Supreme Court Justice Teori Zavascki was killed in a plane crash on Thursday, his son said, raising doubt over who will take over his blockbuster graft investigation into dozens of politicians.


Rescuers found three bodies in the wreckage of the small, twin-prop plane that crashed off the coast of Rio de Janeiro state amid heavy rains, according to firefighters. "Dear friends, we have just received confirmation that our dad died! Thank you all for your thoughts," his son, Francisco Prehn Zavascki, said on his Facebook page.


A judicial source earlier told Reuters that Zavascki was on board the aircraft.


Zavascki had been reviewing explosive testimony from dozens of executives at engineering group Odebrecht that has been expected to implicate hundreds of politicians in the biggest corruption case in Brazil's history.


The dual propeller Hawker Beechcraft C90GT carrying Zavascki left a Sao Paulo airport around 1 p.m. local time (1500 GMT) and crashed into the sea about 80 minutes later near the town of Paraty,  which was the plane's destination, according to air force and civil aviation authorities.


The plane belonged to luxury hotel group Emiliano, according to civil aviation authority ANAC. There was no information provided on the identity of the two other bodies retrieved.


The investigation led by Zavascki, involving at least 6.4 billion reais ($2.0 billion) in bribes for contracts with state-run enterprises, has led to the jailing of dozens of senior executives and threatens to batter the ruling coalition of President Michel Temer.


Under Supreme Court rules, Zavascki's case load would normally fall to the justice named by Temer to replace him, but an exception can be made for urgent matters, according to a court representative.

Accident or political murder?

* * *

Has Brazil devolved to political assassinations? Perhaps, for now there is little information aside from the news which hit Bloomberg moments ago that a Brazilian Supreme Court Justice, Teori Zavascki, who has presided over Operation Carwash, a massive corruption probe, is on the list of passengers of the crashed jet..

As Reuters reports, a plane carrying Brazilian Supreme Court Justice Teori Zavascki, who is overseeing a blockbuster graft investigation into dozens of politicians, crashed into the sea off the coast of Rio de Janeiro state on Thursday, his son said. The small plane left Sao Paulo and crashed near the tourist town of Paraty, air force and civil aviation sources said.

A press representative for the Supreme Court had earlier said Zavascki was on the passenger list for the flight, but could not confirm he was onboard.

His son, Francisco Prehn Zavascki, confirmed on his Facebook page that the judge was on the plane, and called for prayers for a miracle that he may have survived. A judicial source had earlier told Reuters that Zavascki was onboard the aircraft. Rescuers found three dead bodies in the wreckage of the plane crash, according to a spokesman for firefighters. Brazil's civil aviation authority ANAC said the Hawker Beechcraft twin-prop plane, model C90GT, had a capacity for a maximum of seven passengers.

Zavascki has been reviewing highly anticipated testimony from dozens of executives at engineering group Odebrecht, which is expected to implicate hundreds of politicians in the biggest corruption case in Brazil's history.

The sprawling investigation, involving at least 6.4 billion reais ($2.0 billion) in bribes for contracts with state-run enterprises, has charged 200 people and convicted more than 80 executives and politicians.

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The captain has turned on the gun free Zone light. Feel free to move about the atmosphere.

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 Tptb play this way. Still thinking you want to play? This is what we are up against.

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ZH covered how the a rival presidential candidate to Dilma Rouseff died in a small plane crash:


Kinda like how this guy died:

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 The thing is they get away with it pretty much every time. Getting past this kind of trick is going to take a new approach.

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What chapter is this covered in Rules for Radicals?

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A few rules for those investigating political or financial fraud/corruption.

1. No light aircraft

2. No tall buildings - especially the balconies thereof

3. No hot tubs

4. Never enter a weight room

5. Travel in vehicles with carburettor(s) and distributor

6. Get rid of all home improvement tools.

I don't think this list covers everything, but it's a start.


StreetObserver's picture

7. Make multiple backup copies of all evidence and store these in different locations with some to be mailed to the press should anything happen to you.

DownWithYogaPants's picture

 Look to Hitler for the expert on avoiding aircrash.  He would change the aircraft to be used at the last moment and avoided assassination by aircraft in this manner.


BlindMonkey's picture

7. Jogging

8. Driving flaming Mercedes cars.

logicalman's picture

I think your #8 was covered in my #5


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Need to go tit for tat. 

It's the only thing they will understand.

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Have Hillary and Bill been to Brazil recently?

FX223's picture

This is 2017 not 1917...your dirty laundry will be exposed and we the people aren't buying the bullshit storyline any more!

Anon please flood the Internet with the proof #pizzagate NO WAY TO HIDE ANY MORE!

buttmint's picture about the CIA hit on Total President in a plane trying to take off from Moscow?

Ran into a snow plow? in the autumn?

eatthebanksters's picture

One will get you ten that the Clinton Foundation was involved...

wulf's picture

Brazil's "new president" used to be US intel informant who has provided Washington with insider information about the Brazilian government on multiple occasions (according to a Wikileaks report).

It seems some people want to keep him as president.

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Haven't you heard? Turning Latin America into the new Middle East is going to be wonderful for the safety of the the average American.

The CIA does not see a distinction between an ocean and a land bridge.

HenryKissingerChurchill's picture

USA not meddling with other countries politics...

FlKeysFisherman's picture

We Scalia'd some folks.

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I believe it's called "Wet Work"

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Beechcraft model C90GT twin-prop plane...


Hmmm... seems to me this is a plane to avoid.


CRM114's picture

That aircraft type is very reliable.

Flying with people investigating corruption is probably what you want to avoid.

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WTF? How stupid was this guy? Getting on a small plane! Like, hello, why don't you sleep with a spike gun, you know, in case the headboard comes lose.

Losen a cable here, a rudder bolt, water for gasoline, mess with the oxygen presserization.

Does the name Omar Torrios mean anything?

Well, scrub one investigation.

( wonder if he was holding out for more money?)

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Brazil: biggest shithole on the planet.

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I guess they will need to change the acronym to RICS soon.

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Have you ever been? I've just spent a year traveling around Brazil having so far spent time in every mainland Latin American country except Honduras,  Venezuela and Mexico (next).

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----_- (not verified) Jan 19, 2017 3:42 PM

if you investigate corruption and especially (((corruption))) you better not fly. dont use taxis, dont trust and dont talk to anyone. make sure you leave your home in a burka.

if friendly men ask you for the route you polietly tell them your parents told you not to talk to strangers.

in case a friendly man asks you to get in his car you loudly says "NO SIR!" and instantly call the police or your parents.

if one of this man gets argessive ans starts to touch your body kick him in the balls and bite him.

while investigating the most (((corrupt criminals))) you will may notice stange man to appear next to you and following you around. a good method to keep them aways is autistic screeching. whenever one of them comes closer than 10 meters just start screaming like a retard.


if the supreme court judge would have followed the advice of self protection safety guidelines for dummies, he would have been alive today.

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Reports I have is that the aircraft crashed about a mile and a half from landing on a nice day.

Brazilian public apparently very suspicious, as he is the second public official to die in 18 months.

Latest local news report here (in Portuguese)


Appears to have crashed in shallow water. Wreckage should be easy and quick to salvage and establish the cause.


The Beech King Air is highly reliable, and just about the most popular light twin worldwide. It was even used as Air Force One for a while to ferry LBJ short distances.

Beans's picture

No surprises really, the current crop of highly placed lowlifes who're running the show are a real classy bunch of scumbags, that's for sure. Sad the Brazilians didn't stand up for Rousseff and themselves when those hyenas stole control.

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Farinha do mesmo saco....

Parafuso's picture

Zavascki got shitgumed......

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Plane crash.

That basic tool in the arsenal of deep state (both US and Brazil) jackals.

Co-operate or... ooops, plane crash!


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Another CIA Hit using the old Plane Crash Ploy. Standard Operating Procedure. The Jackels got to him.

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the way he is wearing the coat over the suit in the photo gives it away.. If I was mafia I would kill this asshole as well 

Omega_Man's picture

always better to fuck a plane up over the ocean... good luck proving anything... look at jfk jr

AriusArmenian's picture

Convenient, isn't it?

Another CIA operation?

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Well looks like the poor guy relied on information gotten from CNN/FOX/BBC to shape his "Perception of Reality"..

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He was probably just Well stoned

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"permanent solution" by preferred methods, suicided, plane  crash, 'heart  attack', remote controlled car i missing any?

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<-- CIA owns Brazil now

Scalia effect

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Squidbilly (not verified) Jan 20, 2017 7:13 AM