CIAs role in financial markets EXPOSED by documents release

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The CIA is under pressure from a lot of individuals and groups that question the agency's relevance in today's world, even Jack Ma dropped the comment at Davos that $14 Trillion was 'wasted' on wars over the years.  As we explain in Splitting Pennies - Understanding Forex - The CIA has been a currency manipulator and agency-employee for the banks, since inception.  Now, we have the evidence.  Due to overwhelming public pressure, the CIA released 13 Million files online which are more than 25 years old, you can search this treasure trove here:  Access CIA Crest archive by clicking here.  

Bear in mind that, this is a view 'back in time' in an age before computers, we can only surmise based on facts and evidence how the agency is involved in FX operations today.  Notably, they were the hand twisting the Swiss arm in 2011 that led to the final destruction of the world's only 'real' currency that had any value intrinsically; the Swiss Franc.  Now let's go back to 1957 to examine our first case example:

This entire document can be seen here in PDF.  Although the operation here seems benign, the controlling of a client-state assets can be key in acheiving whatever goals set out, whether intelligence goals or economic ones.  In the case of Egypt, part of the 'non-aligned' movement during the post WW2 and Cold War period, in question was mostly their dealings with the Sino-Soviet Bloc, not their internal problems per se.  This is interesting as it follows a theme relevant today, that of blocking Russia's economic success in order to gain a global advantage politically.

As explained in this groundbreaking book exposing the CIAs banking operations, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, the CIA has a simple plan to control the wealth of a nation, first sending in the 'economists' offering loans and various economic incentives - if that doesn't work they send in the 'jackals' or CIA hitsquad and finally, when all else fails, they bomb the country into oblivion.

In this example, the CIA is 'concerned' that Egypt will 'settle debts' with 'discounted goods' purchased from western countries.  Sounds like a reasonable deal - but the CIA doesn't play fair.  It's the 'do as I say, not as I do' approach, it's OK for the CIA to topple foreign leaders and seize the assets of foreign countries, but if another country does it, they are accused of 'aggression.'  This double standard has been an old CIA trick since the days of spying and confidence tricks began.  It also was the beginning of the CIAs 'banks not tanks' approach to foreign policy which was used for the greater part of the last 70 years since WW2.  For example, if the CIA could control the assets of a foreign country and thus crippling them, it was akin to invading their most critical city successfully.  Although this is a no-brainer (so it seems today) in previous times such methods were not feasible to implement.  But the CIA grew and evolved in a time of modern communications leading to where we are today, in a flat world based on instant electronic communication around the world.

For a more modern example, here's the smoking gun regarding Iraq:

A bizarre political statement by Saddam Hussein has earned Iraq a windfall of hundreds of million of euros. In October 2000 Iraq insisted on dumping the US dollar - 'the currency of the enemy' - for the more multilateral euro.  The changeover was announced on almost exactly the same day that the euro reached its lowest ebb, buying just $0.82, and the G7 Finance Ministers were forced to bail out the currency. On Friday the euro had reached $1.08, up 30 per cent from that time.  Almost all of Iraq's oil exports under the United Nations oil-for-food programme have been paid in euros since 2001. Around 26 billion euros (£17.4bn) has been paid for 3.3 billion barrels of oil into an escrow account in New York.  The Iraqi account, held at BNP Paribas, has also been earning a higher rate of interest in euros than it would have in dollars.

So now that the CIA has released 13 Million files and will continue to release more every year on the Crest archive, it will provide investors, historians, authors, academics, bankers, and others the evidence they need to research and confirm what we already knew:  The CIA is an agency-employee that works for international banks first, and US Citizens second.

To get an education about how this works and more, including how to trade the FX market, checkout FC Trading Academy.  For a pocket guide to make you a FX Genius checkout Splitting Pennies - Understanding Forex book.

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Nobody remembers PROMIS software?

It got better. And went on holiday to all of the major financial institutions of the world. Of course the CIA fuck with financial markets! It's one of their main jobs

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America's foreign policy has always had the word hypocrisy tattooed on its arm

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Wasn't Obamas father an "economist"?

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I wish I was surprised - my reaction thus far is: "Is this all? There is surely a lot more."

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Practically it will take any organization a long time to go through the archives, there's a lot of documents.  No, it's nothing new.  We all knew it.  What's different this time, we have the proof.  We never had access to so many documents online.  and they were scrubbed, so you can bet any evidence about JFK plot or something was deleted before release.

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Great catch, colossal find!  And yet, many of us already knew of this from trickles of information which leaked over the years.

And hopefully, many more of us know the following:


Dallas 1963:  Wired for Murder


Ruth Hyde Paine


Ruth Paine rented living space to Oswald's wife and children (and would testify against his memory to the Warren Commission).  Ruth's cousin just happened to have been married to John Foster Dulles, brother of fired CIA director, Allen Dulles.


Ruth's sister was career CIA, while her brother-in-law was either a CIA agent or asset and worked through AID (later to be renamed USAID).


According to the files from the HSCA, Ruth's father, William Avery Hyde, knew George de Mohrenschildt.


Ruth's husband, Michael Paine, worked for ex-Nazi general, Walter Dornberger, brought to America by fired CIA director, Allen Dulles (Operation Paper Clip).


Michael Paine was related to both the Cabot and Forbes families --- and was related to ambassador to Vietnam, Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr., about to be fired by President Kennedy for ignoring his peace directives.


Michael's mother's best friend, and Michael's unofficial aunt, was Allen Dulles' mistress.  (Mary Bancroft)


Dallas Secret Service/Special-Agent-in-Charge Forrest Sorrels


Agent Sorrels, in charge of the Dallas Secret Service office, was close friends with the special assistant to General Edwin Walker, who would make a false claim about Lee Oswald.  Gen. Walker would later plead guilty several times to frequenting men's restrooms and propositioning underaged males.


Sorrels found Abraham Zapruder and took him on a long convoluted journey to get the film developed. He also acquired the Nix film, the Moorman Polaroid and the Phil Willis photos for the Secret Service


Dallas CIA/Chief of Domestic Contacts Division J. Walton Moore


J. Walton Moore was the CIA man on site in Dallas who handled cutout and handler for Lee Oswald, George de Mohrenschildt.  Moore was previously with the FBI from April/1940 to 1945 and worked with William Harvey and J. Gordon Shanklin.   (Harvey, the CIA station chief in Italy, worked at the FBI from April/1940 to 1947.)


Moore would later go by the name, James Moore, and after retirement from the CIA obtain a position at the National Archives, as director of their Audio-Visual Division, responsible for sending out any requested clips from the Zapruder film.  Shortly after taking that position, a fire would break out at the National Archives, destroying millions of feet of archived film.


Dallas FBI/Special-Agent-in-Charge J. Gordon Shanklin


Shanklin joined the FBI in 1942, and worked out of the same office as J. Walton Moore and William Harvey.  Shanklin directed an FBI agent to destroy evidence (a letter) pertaining to Lee Oswald, claiming it was no longer important.


FBI Administrator, Cartha DeLoach  (would be appointed FBI Assistant Director in 1965)


DeLoach began working at the FBI in 1942 (unable to ascertain if he knew Shanklin, Moore or Harvey).  DeLoach’s cousin was a doctor at Parkland Hospital (Dr. DeLoach), who would commit George de Mohrenschildt to electroshock treatments and “therapy” shortly before his “suicide” --- which occurred shortly before de Mohrenschildt was due to testify before the House Select Committee on Assassinations  --- similar to how Pfc. Dinkin had been committed to Walter Reed Army Medical Center for violent electroshock treatments and schizophrenia-inducing drugs.


Texas School Book Depository


Owned by oilman, D.H. Byrd, member of the Dallas Petroleum Club (other members included:  CIA's David Atlee Phillips, George de Mohrenschildt, Oswald's handler --- de Mohrenschildt also worked for Nelson Rockefeller during WWII and de Mohrenschildt’s uncle was the CEO of Nobel Enterprises (Nobel family oil corporation), while his aunt was the daughter of the first chairman of the Federal Reserve). 


Byrd would greatly increase his fortune during the Vietnam War as part owner of the military contracting giant, LTV.


An aside on George DeMohrenschildt:


George de Mohrenschildt’s wife stated that a doctor had appeared in Dallas for a brief period and administered injections to him. Following those injections, she said, George suffered a nervous breakdown, at which point she decided to have him hospitalized. The doctor, she claimed, vanished into thin air. She signed the commitment papers on November 9, 1976. De Mohrenschildt was subjected to nine electroshock treatments at Parkland Hospital under orders given by Dr. DeLoach, first cousin of FBI Assistant Director Cartha DeLoach. De Mohrenschildt’s doctor of record, Dr. Mendoza, ordered administration of intravenous drugs on de Mohrenschildt being committed to Parkland Hospital for mental problems but, it was Dr. DeLoach that ordered electroshock therapy. This occurred when George Bush was Director of Central Intelligence and, within weeks of de Mohrenschildt having written his manuscript, I Am A Patsy! I Am A Patsy!


Dal-Tex Building


Owned by Morris Jaffe, also the attorney who represented George de Mohrenschildt (Wynne, Jaffe, Tinsley), number one donor to LBJ's political campaigns --- purchased all assets of LBJ crony, Billy Sol Estes, when he declared bankruptcy.  Jaffe's father-in-law was pivotal in keeping the trial of Jack Ruby within Dallas when Melvin Belli tried to have it moved.


Jaffe’s law firm (Wynne, Jaffe, Tinsley) represented the military contracting giant, LTV, and one of their attorneys resigned to specifically represent Oswald’s widow, Marina Oswald, when she was being questioned during the Warren Commission.  (More to contain, control and oversee Mrs. Oswald’s actions.)


In 1977 an air-conditioning repairman found a rusted shell casing on the roof of the Dal-Tex Building.


Mayor Earle Cabell


Brother to fired CIA deputy director, Gen. Charles Cabell, Mayor Cabell's wife would present red roses to Jackie Kennedy in Dallas, while she would gift all the other women with yellow roses (red roses show up much better on a rifle scope while being held in a moving vehicle).


And below the recap, please note an enlarged photo of several of those three so-called “tramps” escorted by the two Dallas PD from the boxcar by the grassy knoll.  Notice the walkie-talkie strapped to the leg of Lazlo the Hungarian?  The fellow with the turned up collar was CIA contract killer, Mozes Maschkivitzan, a Belgian criminal wanted in that country for forgery and bank robbery.  (Maschkivitzan --- codenamed QJ/WIN --- was previously involved in the assassination of Patrice Lumumba during the Eisenhower Administration.)




CIA contacts Jean Souetre some months prior to 11/22/63, in Lisbon, Portugal.  (From declassified CIA document)


About a month prior to 11/22, Pfc. Dinkin intercepts cables between CIA station in Italy (William Harvey) and the OAS, detailing assassination dates and is promptly shipped to Walter Reed.


Three weeks prior to 11/22, Allen Dulles (fired CIA director) and William Harvey (CIA station chief in Italy) arrive in Dallas.


Larry LaBorde ferries Mozes Maschkivitzan (Belgian criminal and CIA contract killer) into the country aboard a yacht LaBorde is sailing.


On 11/22, Gen. Lansdale and Lucien Conein (both CIA) are photographed in Dallas, along with Mozes Maschkivitzan and Lazlo (two of the three grassy knoll tramps).


On 11/22 – 11/23, Virgil Bailey of the INS picks up Jean Souetre in Dallas for deportation (thereby requisitioning a military aircraft to fly him, and any others, back to Europe).


So on 11/22/63, the FBI SAC, J. Gordon Shanklin, the CIA man stationed in Dallas, J. Walton Moore, are old FBI associates with William Harvey, CIA station chief in Italy who is deeply involved in the assassination of the president, while the Secret Service liaison, Elmer Moore, is also a deeply connected thuggish type, while the FBI’s Cartha DeLoach will later be involved in the 1970s by way of his cousin, Dr. DeLoach, at Parkland Hospital.  Also, the Secret Service Deputy Chief Paul J. Paterni served in the OSS in Italy during World War II, with James Jesus Angleton (later CIA), and both of them were commanded by Clifton Carter, chief advisor to VP Lyndon Johnson, whose brother was CIA Deputy Director Gen. Marshall Carter.


Meanwhile, the acting Secretary of the Treasury, General Counsel Gaspard D’Andelot Belin, is the brother-in-law to McGeorge Bundy and close friends with Allen Dulles, and related by marriage to the DuPont family of Delaware.


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Can you tell me how much my 1967 Kennedy half dollar is worth?

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Identify your enemy. If you're looking anywhere else other than bankers, you're being distracted.

Fiat money, debt, and electronic control thereof is the tactic. Everything else flows down from there. 


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What kind of a world would we hav today if the CYEH never existed?

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I know! Really! If the CYEH color space never existed printing as we know it would be obtuse!

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A wonderful world where technology worked for us and we would live in peaceful times.

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Just because everything in the universe exists in a vibrational state, The resonator says so, so it is! Your always such a spoil sport! Buzz off. j/k

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For a more modern example, here's the smoking gun regarding Iraq:

A bizarre political statement by Saddam Hussein has earned Iraq a windfall of hundreds of million of euros. In October 2000 Iraq insisted on dumping the US dollar - 'the currency of the enemy' - for the more multilateral euro



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And here is the entire truth of all of it in great detail. A must read for every citizen of USA and planet earth !

very indepth with names, places, dates and all agencies involved. All in a clear historical perspective.  Many players you have never heard of from our shadow government in this thorough expose'

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The dollar was and is King.

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Ya talking Uncle Scam Clown Bucks, Numbnuts?

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i believe s/he is.  

hint: silver and gold.

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One-Eyed-Thong (not verified) Jan 19, 2017 4:39 PM

who killed kennedy ?

Nameshavebeenchangedtoprotecttheinnocent's picture

If you're serious about this question, the issue was solved a while back;

James Files fired the final head shot that blew a big chunk of JFK's head away. He did it from the grassy knoll. (corroborating many witnesses who claimed that at least one shot came from the knoll.) 

He used a special Remington XP100 high powered pistol grip short rifle, which was specially designed for CIA use. 

There were other shooters in the Daltex building, as well as elsewhere.

There's a 2hr long video on Youtube of his interviews. It leaves little doubt that he participated.

There's also a bunch more info here at


jeff montanye's picture

i still like the young, ambitious mafioso from the storm drain in front of the cadillac.  the paving over of that drain the next year so reminds me of the concrete pad in shanksville, pa.: the memorial to not looking any further.

Nameshavebeenchangedtoprotecttheinnocent's picture

Its possible there might have been someone in the storm drain. There were no less than 3 teams of shooters & possibly 4 or 5 teams. However, based on James Files' testimony and a number of other things, it's quite doubtful that the final fatal shot came from there.

One of problems with the storm drain is that the angles and trajectories don't work. Also, there are a number of logistical issues that make it less probable, as far as a shooter getting in there, as well as escaping.

The drain itself wasn't actually paved over.

James' testimony is very detailed and explains a lot of things that could only be known by a shooter that was there, and fired the shot.

His testimony is also backed up by the fact that the (very likely) bullet casing was found a number of years later by someone doing landscaping work. James was not aware of that fact when he gave his testimony & what he did with the casing after the shot.

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The same ones that killed Kenny!

jeff montanye's picture

maybe: likud/mossad zionists, allen dulles and his faction at the cia, big oil, the mic, the mafia?


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King Tut (not verified) jeff montanye Jan 19, 2017 11:25 PM

The USofA died that Nov day in '63.

Jubal Early's picture

Nope. The USA died when Lincoln refused to turn Ft. Sumpter back to So. Carolina deliberately provoking the War of Yankee Agression.  Its funny how we see these same chosenite tactics at play today in Syria and Ukraine, 150 years later.

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Who isn't rigging the Market ?


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The 7 billion people who ain't in 'em!

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angry_dad (not verified) Jan 19, 2017 3:52 PM

"In this example, the CIA is 'concerned' that Egypt will 'settle debts' with 'discounted goods' purchased from western countries."


The plan here is to use us soldiers as bill collectors to protect the wall street bank's loans to oligarchs, phony royalty, and dictators, and block defaults due to internal  civil unrest.

Any wonder why the military suicide rate is soaring once these poor basterds realize how they were used?

jeff montanye's picture

truer words were never written.  that it comes from one of the bravest people to ever wear the uniform is just more.