Does Michael Moore Matter Anymore? An Open Letter From One Filmmaker To Another

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Authored by Douglass Herman via,

“This is the true joy in life – being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one: being thoroughly worn out before you are thrown on the scrap heap; being a force of nature instead of a feverish, selfish little clod of ailments and grievances complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy.” ~ George Bernard Shaw

Mike: I’m a fellow Michigander, a fellow filmmaker like yourself, raised with small town Midwestern values like the ones you claim to have. I’ve mostly applauded and admired your efforts in the past. Indeed, long before I became a filmmaker, I championed your documentary film, Fahrenheit 9/11. While working as an Alaska commercial fisherman, I lobbied the local theater owner, Rusty, to show the film there in Kodiak, Alaska in 2004. He said he despised you but I told him the Orpheum would be packed for several showings and he’d make a nice fat profit. And he did.

Speaking of nice fat profits, how’s your weight, buddy? You really should contact my friend Gillian Michael and get on a weight loss program. Maybe you could make a documentary while you do it. Call it High Fructose Snowflakes or Fast Food Fat Folks or something really fun and creative. Like that guy who made Supersize Me.

Sadly, in recent years, you’ve seemed to become almost a parody of yourself. Like a cartoon character or one of those loopy Saturday Night Live sketches that are more embarrassing than funny. Where, I wonder, is the old Mike Moore? The guy who tilted at windmills, who stood up to the powerful with homespun humor and a shaky camera? Indeed, the very same things you said to the auto industry in Roger and Me, years ago, are the very same things Donald Trump is saying to the auto industry today. Or so it seems to me.

To your credit, you sounded prescient when you said, LOUD AND CLEAR, that this presidential election would be the Biggest Fuck You to those in power. Bravo; you were right. To Wall Street, Big Business, The Media and Washington DC, the average working class Deplorable spoke out on election day. But you forgot to add Yourself, Mike. Seems to me that America said fuck you to people like YOU. Lots of folks in the “flyover” states said fuck you to Hollywood and highly-paid celebs like yourself. I mean, you were worth an estimated $50 million and the proud owner of nine homes according to divorce court records a couple years ago. Trump supporters backed a rich fellow like yourself. But they wished and hoped and prayed that ALL of you rich hypocrites would move somewhere else, anywhere else – as many claimed they would - and help us make America great again. But those were idle threats from the affluent idle, sad to see.

Like yourself, I’m disgusted with what our country has become, and like yourself and millions of others, I want to do something about it. But a Two Million Snowflake March on Washington DC will be more counterproductive than anything, I believe. How about Love Trumps Hate? You do remember that slogan, right? Act locally and think globally, and maybe just a little Kindness Generates Kindness.

Since you’re going to DC, suppose you suggest to Black Lives Matter they get a life, not take a life. Stop harassing folks, stop kidnapping kids, and do what you and I did when we were young. Work for a living. Maybe you could suggest to all of your millions of Facebook and Twitter followers that they take a tip from fellow playwright G.B. Shaw about “Being a force of nature instead of a feverish, selfish little clod of ailments and grievances complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy.”

The election, that you and so many others claimed was hacked by Russians, was a huge FU to fat hypocrites like yourself. We said FU to people who called themselves progressive but were no more progressive than the biggest Bushco Neocons. We said fuck you to Hollywood. We said go-to-hell to the shitty music and television industry and spoiled celebs like yourself, sanctimonious folks who backed the corrupt Clinton Machine. We saw through it, and for better or worse, we rejected it.

So now, Mike, you want all the sore losers like yourself, many of them struggling from payday to payday, to get on over to Washington DC to protest? Why not offer to pay their tickets, both travel tickets and disorderly conduct tickets? I mean, put up or shut up, Mike.

Put Up or Shut Up Protest

Let me ask you this, Mike. Did you ever protest, actually protest, anything Obama or Clinton or Holder did in the past eight years? Did you protest Fast & Furious gun running to Mexican drug gangs? Did you, Mike? Or droning wedding parties? Or did you protest the vicious destruction of small countries like Iraq, Syria or Libya, independent nations that never attacked America?

Did you ever protest the wholly undeserved Nobel Peace Prize given to Barack Obama? Did you? Because most of the folks I know would have thanked the committee and said no thanks to that prize. What kind of narcissist accepts a prize they haven’t earned? But that’s what Obama did, and most so-called Liberals support him and consider he’s done a great job. Why is that? You get all angry about Trump, and claim he didn’t earn the presidency. And yet you seem to be okay with a guy who bombed more folks than ALL of the dictators we toppled. And got a peace prize for doing it! Seems to me that Liberalism is a disease of denial or hypocrisy.

Can I just give you a suggestion, Mike? Your devotion to justice and activism is laudable. But you cannot support human rights at the higher cost of human wrongs. You soon become morally bankrupt. Even for a guy as wealthy as you.

Suppose instead you threw your considerable weight behind worldwide causes of truth and justice. Like the freedom flotilla to Gaza, like Colonel Ann Wright supported and lots of the veterans did, too. Or how about trying to stop wars BEFORE they start? Before the shadow state and the swamp creatures in DC rubber stamp some immoral war? Make a documentary about that, Mike.

Now about your considerable weight: How about a Reality TV show called Celebrity Biggest Loser? Seems like a sure winner to me.

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He doesn't even matter enough for people to read this article... I didn't.

bamawatson's picture

did not read article

did not read your comment

GGuy's picture

EUTHANIZE the racist hoemoe

chumbawamba's picture

I read it.  It's a fine rant.  I give it extra props for the double entendre and cleverly placed innuendo.

Michael Moore debating Milton Friedman in the 1970s:

I am Chumbawamba.

Stuck on Zero's picture

Trump needs to break up all the media companies and end favorable tax treatment and subsidies for Hollywood.

City_Of_Champyinz's picture

How the fuck does someone that skinny end up such a fat slob??

Hopeless for Change's picture

It happens, but that's not Michael Moore Pie Please


Svendblaaskaeg's picture

"How the fuck does someone that skinny end up such a fat slob??"

Moore's law - "..doubles approximately every two years.."

HalinCA's picture

Wow ... this explains a lot ... MMoore never got over this drubbing.  


Still has the same haircut, too.


Sad ...

A Nanny Moose's picture

Michele Moore is too fucking stupid to even realize he received the drubbing of his life. Like any true Communist, he continually moves the goal posts when Milt smacks down his non-points.

Fuck this Commie fuck.

fencejumper's picture

As it plainly says on YouTube version: (not the real Michael Moore).

A Nanny Moose's picture

Odd how the same names keep popping up over the years. A who's who of where's Waldo.

Croesus's picture

He's like Lena Dunham:

An irrelevant fat bigmouth, and nobody's quite sure of the gender.

Escrava Isaura's picture

The right wing nuts hate Moore. Moore had such a following of haters that in the first year of the Iraq war, a security expert specializing in assassination prevention told him: “there is no one in America other than President Bush who is in more danger than you”.

Even Wolf Blitzer got his ears full.


xythras's picture
xythras (not verified) Escrava Isaura Jan 19, 2017 7:11 PM

Someone tell me again

Who the hell is Michael Moore? Is he Kardashian grandma ? If NOT, I'd rather watch Cat Selfies

Syrin's picture

I hope the fat fuck chokes to death on his Crispy Kreme in Cuba

acetinker's picture

OK, so 'splain to me why dipshits like Moore, Dunham and Blitzer deserve to breathe the same air as me.  I'm gonna just say right offhand that they don't, and challenge the great Isaura to enlighten me.

I'm all ears.

ISEEIT's picture

It not hate.

People who think...Find him irrelevant. Superfluous. Kinda like tump...

But a loser.


peddling-fiction's picture

Did not want to even see his fat fugly face.

Arrest him for sedition.

And then forget him.

The Merovingian's picture

I would LOVE to see Project Veritas expose this guy for the fraud and hypocrite he really is.

Cruel Joke's picture

The Guantanamo that Obama was going to close on his first day in office? It is still open on his last day in office. Promises, promises ...

sgt_doom's picture

Obviously, Moore supported the Clintons' Extraordinary Rendition Program, established in 1995 to kidnap pro-democracy Muslim activists back to Egypt and Libya for torture and death.

And speaking of Joe Biden, who was just awarded the Freedom Medal for doing zilch the last eight years, or maybe it was because Joey bin Biden proclaimed that Mubarak wasn't an Egyptian dictator, while Julian Assange was an international terrorist?!?!?!?

And it was the Obama Administration which sent career-CIA guy, Frank Wisner, Jr., to Egypt where Wisner proclaimed that Mubarak should remain as dictator. 

I wonder who it was who sent Wisner (and John Negroponte) to France to rig the first Sarkozy election?  (FYI:  Wisner is the stepfather to Sarkozy)

RICKYBIRD's picture

It was because he proposed Obama for the PMoF and then draped it over him. A perfect quid pro quo. They didn't even care that they were transparent about it (for the first time in eight years).

Blankone's picture

Every single award is now used for a political agenda and now their is no value in any of them.

Nobel Peace Prize, Nobel Prize for poetry or whatever, Sports award for courage for cross dressing, the highest awards for civilian heroics or actions, the olympics is now a political weapon, all of your music and entertainment awards etc..

U4 eee aaa's picture

You should read the article. It is like poetry

PT's picture

It was a very good article.  The only problem with it is that it is preaching to the converted.  It would be nice if this article appeared somewhere where it could do some work, but how do you get an audience to read something when they have their eyes closed, their fingers in their ears and are shouting out "LALALAICAN'THEARYOUALLINEEDISHILLARYHILLARYHILLARY"?

Jeronimo's picture

Fitting, deserved and very, very demeaning.  All rightfully so.  Thank you for saying what we all are thinking.

Anybody's picture

"Thank you for saying what we all are thinking."


Swamp Yankee's picture

Stop talking about him and I promise he will go away.


His kind feeds on attention.


Stand on his air hose and ignore him.

SidSays's picture

I stopped reading at "Does Michael Moore Matter Anymore?" just to ask, did he ever?

LetThemEatRand's picture

You are missing a very good article that goes far beyond criticism of Moore, and that raises questions every Hillary/Obama supporter should be asking themselves.   Very well done piece.

Anybody's picture

Exactly. An excellent article.

Giant Meteor's picture

Yes, agreed. Lot's of gems in that brief essay ..  Like this ..

"But you cannot support human rights at the higher cost of human wrongs. You soon become morally bankrupt."

 That is another reason why the old "labels" are fairly much meaningless. In the same way the  "ant- war" effort evaporated the moment "democrats" got their 8 year messiah. Yes, bankrupt.


carbon's picture


alfbell's picture

Ignore Moore. He is an irrelevant, ignorant, hypocritical, evil, fat-ass loser. 

4 wheel drift's picture

FAT SLOB calls others losers ?


i hope this pig and others of his ilk will soon die of the mental illnes they suffer

Jethro's picture

Michael Moore is a communist food blister. 

two hoots's picture

Makes me think of:

Good Morning Vietnam

"You're in more dire need of a ___ job than any white man in history!":

Stu Elsample's picture

The buffet line bandit is as important and relevant as a piece of dried bird shit on a sidewalk

ronaldwilsonreagan's picture

Sounds to me as though you are suggesting that he once did matter. Puzzling why would you do that. Matter to whoom or what? Does zerohedge matter? 

Cruel Joke's picture

Just in:

Mexico extradites notorious drug lord ElChapo to US. 

Hah! I'm pretty sure this is the guy who "donated" $15 million to the Clinton Foundation. Wonder what he expected in return for that?

Ms No's picture

Are we sure that he isn't just another Jihadi John?  Does this guy even exist?  All those guys are working for the US so something isn't right.  Maybe he went rougue or something.  If he knows too much about the Clintons you would think that they would just kill his ass like they do with everybody else who crosses them. 

Cruel Joke's picture

What do I know. Apparently he was in a prison in Mexico and has now been flown to the U.S. 

“The Justice Department extends its gratitude to the Government of Mexico for their extensive cooperation and assistance in securing the extradition of Guzman Loera to the United States,”

.. just in time to get a pardon from Obama?

chosen's picture
Does Michael Moore Matter Anymore? Sure he does.  Fast food stocks would fall without him.
Omen IV's picture

he made some money with his movie and gadfly nonsense


time to leave the stage

Ms No's picture

Eating five buckets of fried chicken in a sitting while espousing Marxism does not constitute Midwestern values you jackass!  Somebody give him some of the new GMO apples covered high fructose caramel or some vaccines or something.

mosfet's picture

Michael Moore, a card carrying member of the Affluent Effluent we all aspire to flush away.