The End Of The Obama World Order

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Submitted by Michael Snyder via The Economic Collapse blog,

For the past eight years, Barack Obama has been using the power of the U.S. presidency to impose his vision of a progressive world order on the entire globe.  As a result, much of the planet will greatly celebrate once the Obama era officially ends on Friday.  The Obama years brought us the Arab Spring, Benghazi, ISIS, civil war in Syria, civil war in Ukraine and the Iran nuclear deal.  On the home front, we have had to deal with Obamacare, “Fast and Furious”, IRS targeting of conservative groups, Solyndra, the VA scandal, NSA spying and the worst “economic recovery” since the end of World War II.  And right at the end of his presidency, Barack Obama has committed the greatest betrayal of Israel in U.S. history and has brought us dangerously close to war with Russia.

So is the end of the Obama world order worth celebrating?

You better believe it is.

Of course Obama and his minions are in a great deal of distress that much of their hard work over the past eight years is about to be undone by Donald Trump.  On Wednesday, Vice President Joe Biden warned the elitists gathered at the World Economic Forum in Davos that their “liberal world order” is in danger of collapsing

Vice President Joe Biden delivered an epic final speech Wednesday to the elites at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.


The gist of his speech was simple: At a time of “uncertainty” we must double down on the values that made Western democracies great, and not allow the “liberal world order” to be torn apart by destructive forces.

And without a doubt, we definitely want it to collapse.

During his time in the White House, Barack Obama has used the full diplomatic power of the government to promote “abortion rights”, “gay rights” and other “liberal values” to the farthest corners of the globe.  Here at home, the appointment of two new Supreme Court justices under Obama paved the way for the Supreme Court decision that forced all 50 states to recognize gay marriage.  During his final press conference on Wednesday, Barack Obama told the media that he was particularly proud of this

Obama said he’s particularly proud of the “transformation” on gay rights during his presidency, which saw monumental Supreme Court decisions on gays in the military and same-sex marriage. Obama said his role was mostly to deliver “a good block downfield to help the movement advance.”

He said gay and lesbian activists deserve most of the credit, and singled out talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres, to whom he awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom last year.

And the final press conference of his presidency also afforded Obama the opportunity to talk about UN Security Council Resolution 2334.  Sadly, Obama still does not have any regrets for betraying Israel so dramatically…

“It was important for us to send a signal, a wake-up call, that this moment may be passing, and Israeli voters and Palestinians need to understand that this moment may be passing,” he said.

As far as many of us are concerned, January 20th cannot get here soon enough.

Somehow we have survived as a nation for the last eight years, but without a doubt a massive amount of damage has been done.

Many are hoping that Donald Trump will be able to start repairing that damage and will work hard to set this nation on a positive course once again.

It still doesn’t seem quite real to me that Donald Trump will soon be residing in the White House.  Perhaps after I watch him being inaugurated on Friday I will feel differently.  And I certainly am not expecting any miracles under Trump, but it sure will be nice to have a new face in the Oval Office.

Right at this moment, moving trucks are in the front of the White House and those that worked for Obama are packing up and leaving.  This is a somber moment for them, but a joyous one for tens of millions of patriotic Americans.  Many of us have been waiting for this for eight long years, and by Friday morning the current White House staff will all be gone

In between closing out final projects and typing up reports on the work they’ve done, White House staffers are packing away their knickknacks, coffeemakers and photos. The boxes stack up in offices already vacated by staffers who have departed over the past few weeks.


By Thursday night, all must be gone to make way for Trump’s team.


Before they leave the building for the final time, they’ll go through a checklist that completes their formal separation from the White House: cell phones handed in, computers locked and papers properly filed to be archived. The last step, aides said, is the hardest: handing in the badge that provides access to the complex day or night.

But just because the left lost the election does not mean that they are ready to roll over and give up.

On the contrary, emotions are running extremely high on the left, and many of them are preparing to make the inauguration of Donald Trump as chaotic as possible.

For instance, on Tuesday night a man actually set himself on fire in front of the Trump International Hotel in Washington…

A protester set himself on fire outside Trump International Hotel in Washington DC on Tuesday.


The 45-year-old man, who has not yet been identified, said the act was in protest of the President-elect’s looming inauguration.


Witnesses described how he yelled ‘Trump’ several times as ‘flames ran up his back’ before lying down in the street.

And it is being reported that radical leftists plan to blockade major roads and metro lines throughout the D.C. region on Friday in an attempt to prevent people from getting to the inauguration of Trump.

So let us rejoice that the Obama world order is ending, but let us also understand that the battle is not over.

In fact, the truth is that the war for America is just beginning.

The election of Donald Trump has energized the left like never before, and they are going to hit his administration with everything that they have got.

Donald Trump is going to need our support, our voices and our prayers if he is going to have any chance to succeed.

And all Americans should want him to succeed, because our nation is at a crossroads, and if we go off on the wrong path we may never find our way back.

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Mike Masr's picture

Obama, the worst president in US history.

Fuck this moron and good riddance!


OfAllElaboratePlans's picture
OfAllElaboratePlans (not verified) 1980XLS Jan 19, 2017 8:22 AM

Can he at least wait until after I go to bed to launch the nukes at Russia. I'd prefer to die in my sleep.

FreezeThese's picture
FreezeThese (not verified) StackShinyStuff Jan 19, 2017 8:28 AM

Introducing America's last President: Donald J. Trump

two hoots's picture


We, the US, lost 8 years of progress, influence, and wealth to a president that spent his time and our money on his earthly idealistic views.   The US was the tool and resources used/wasted to push his agenda.  I celebrate the last full day of the “I” president.    The seeds of rancor he planted are like an evasive plant that will take years to uproot.


1980XLS's picture

Plenty of the "Chosen" got quite wealthy, I can assure you.

TeamDepends's picture

All you Obamanauts are worthless and week. Now drop and give me twenty!

jackstraw001's picture

Zach Galifianakis had it right when he interviewed Obummer a few years ago and asked him "What is it like to be the last black president?"

VinceFostersGhost's picture



Yes we can.....but actually.....we didn't.

Bilderberg Member's picture

When ringers like the RNC put up Mccain and Romney as their candidate what did you expect...Then they tried to put another Bush in....DOWN WITH THE RNC and DNC machines!

Save_America1st's picture

"For the past eight years, Barack Obama has been using the power of the U.S. presidency to impose his vision of a progressive world order on the entire globe. "

"his vision"??? bullshit.  that fuck-tard has no original "vision" of anything.  He's a fucking puppet who has been steered his whole life by Marxists, Marxism, and that tired old Marxist/Globalist bullshit.

he's a stuttering, unoriginal teleprompter reader and nothing more than that other than a serious fucking traitor to this nation and to all of humanity.

WordSmith2013's picture


The Donald Cannot Make A Wrong Move, The Trump Movement Will Not Be Thwarted
The Saint's picture
The Saint (not verified) WordSmith2013 Jan 19, 2017 10:59 AM

Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes!!  Thank you God.

fbazzrea's picture

couldn't have said it better... +10T, one for each dollar that b*stard allowed the Deep State to enslave America.

Gonzogal's picture

Agreed, however he is much more dangerous and this is why:

Nobodys Home's picture

"Yes we Can" = old communist slogan. They couldn't either!....although nowadays they are creeping closer.

Crash Overide's picture

In hindsight I am glad he golfed 306 rounds, he could of spent that time in the office dropping bombs, murdering civilians, destroying countries and pissing on the Constitution.

Oh wait... he did that too. Fuck this guy sucks! Literally!


y3maxx's picture

2017....War between CIA and Trump

Only good thing CIA alowed Obama puppet president,

Gay rights.

CIA otherwise had Obama/Clinton wrapped around their fingers.

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) y3maxx Jan 19, 2017 10:30 AM

Both of them are CIA, they are called NOC's. Deep cover operatives who they would disavow.

The Clinton Foundation is a CIA cutout, she NEVER could have gone this far on her own.

The money is used for covert ops.

Raffie's picture

The CIAs code name for Obama was Renegade and Chief. Forgot what his boyfriend Michael was called.

Nobodys Home's picture

^^ ...pulls $20 out of wallet...drops trou.....Aims Moon at DC

New_Meat's picture

They are week, we'll see how they are in a fortnight.

Took Red Pill's picture

” In fact, the truth is that the war for America is just beginning.”

No kidding! Just check out this video from Storm Clouds Gathering;

chiquita's picture

The seeds of rancor he planted are like an evasive plant that will take years to uproot.


Farewell President Kudzu--don't let the door hit you on the ass!


oldmanofthesee's picture

Now that he will no longer wield the threat of the FBI and the IRS, will we learn where he was really born, and will we get to see his college records?

Scuba Steve's picture

There'd better be all kinds of Patriots all over this ...

There has to be a Truth and reckoning on this Kenyan so the country/world can see what we are up against.

We can not let this go quietly into the night !!


Cruel Joke's picture

"a man actually set himself on fire"

awwww.. he was just making his contribution to 'man made global warming.'

I think more progressives should follow his guidance.

Urahara's picture

More like America's Last Puppet President for the Jews: The Welsh Donald J. Trump.

jeff montanye's picture

the post above counts among the negatives of obama the iran deal.  it is not.  it is better than sanctions which never work and it may lead to more peace and less war.  we, with israel, have fucked over that country enough, overthrew its democratically elected government in '54, armed iraq and instigated the iran-iraq war which killed many over years, assassinated its scientists, again with israel.

also not vetoing the un resolution against israel's settlements is hardly a betrayal of israel.  it is a late and weak recognition that israel is an outlaw nation, regularly breaking the rules of war established after ww2 at nuremberg. not only that but the blighters attacked us on 9-11 and killed 3,000 citizens.  this latter is one of the "truths" on the outside of the big ring fence around the tasty rewards offered by the elites to the toadies.

TuPhat's picture

I agree about Iran but then you get very confused about who did 9-11.  Israel enjoyed it that's true but they were not the bad actors.  We have the Bushes for that.  Anyone who does not understand the NWO does not have a good picture of what is happening.  Zionists and the NWO, yes there is a strong connection but Israel as a nation has many good people living there.  The People who are meeting at Davos right now are the ones to blame and they are not necessarily Iraelis.  If you can't see who your enemies really are but use tired old inaccurate labels then you can't win.

MrBoompi's picture

I would still like an explanation for 1) why there were Israeli spys filming the "planes" flying into the WTC (the dancing Israelis) and 2) why our government allows people with dual citizenship to hold any position of foreign policy or military influence.  I suppose since I am engaged in wishful thinking, I might as well as for a detailed explanation of how Israel acquired nuclear weapons and why they are not forced to declare them.  

Snípéir_Ag_Obair's picture

you are ansolutely wrong. I will assume you are motivated by a desire to keep people from blaming 'all' Israelis or all Jews - and that is fair enough.

But viewing 9/11 as the crime that it was the evidence implicating Israel and a network of Jewish Zionist sayanim is substantial.

Chuck Walla's picture

If sanctions don't work, why is there always more bitching than laughing?

Snípéir_Ag_Obair's picture

when a guy who lied about Iraq working on nukes, and who was involved in a nuclear smuggling ring that stole from the US (and the FBI did jack shit because joooooos) and has put nukes on subs while building longer and longer range missiles... who demands that Iran not be able to develop DEFENSIVE anti-aircraft missiles...

and who claimed Iran was 'months away' for 20 years...

You have to be a fucking idiot not to suspect the nukes issue is a pretext. Israel wants Uncle Sugar to regime change Iran because they support the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah (which literally protected Christians fleeing Israeli backed jihadis) and the Likudnik Zio Jews, who have zero claim to Lebanon, nevertheless want to be able to take Lebanon to the Litani.

By the way, Trumps son in law is a Likudnik Zio Jew and likely Mossad asset.

Top Hat's picture

The first "participation trophy" President.  The result was a petulant child in a man's body who was an absolute disaster.  Totally stupid but confident; a bad combination in a leader. 

BabaLooey's picture

"The election of Donald Trump has energized the left like never before, and they are going to hit his administration with everything that they have got."

Let 'em.

What they've "got" are lies, shit and more shit.

The crytard leftists "plan" is to destroy America by "saving" Soetero and his "legacy".

How fucked up is that?

Soetero leaves office young. His "legacy" is a lie. 

The ONLY good thing is that he will live long enough - like Bubba - to see it torn down.

Get to work Mr. Trump. Millions of us have your back, and will take on these leftie cunts tooth and nail.

chiquita's picture

Anybody see that liberal whackjob from the Huffington Post that Tucker Carlson interviewed last night?  He's claiming the Trump secretly went to Russia on many Russian financed trips over the years, which is patently ridiculous.  Someone as high profile as Trump whose schedule and whereabouts are easily verified for decades can't be accused of something like clandestine trips to Russia that would not have been known about before now.  This guy was hard to watch--typical liberal that can't back up his accusations--attacking back and his eyes were rolling everywhere like a total liar.

Carlson also interviewed Dwight Evans, PA congressional rep.  That's a classic too.  Your lifer black Dem politician who has done nothing for his constituents in one of the poorest districts in Philly now boycotting Trump's inauguration.  He clearly doesn't even know why he's boycotting Trump.  Said he didn't even read Trump's proposal for helping the inner cities.  DUH--time for these blacks to wake up and really look at who is representing their interests...


BabaLooey's picture

I have strict ban on cable Teevus - therefore, didn't watch it.

HOWEVER - it's high time that the MSM ITSELF is reported on.

Tucker Carlson is great - but he is an atoll in an ocean of liars - most all backed by their NWO masters.

It will be interesting to see if these cunts get called out. The asshat from HuffPoo should be. It amazes me daily how that shit-site can stay in business.

Chuck Walla's picture

His legacy is President Donald J. Trump.

groaner's picture

He gave a billion $ to the UN to push their Marxist Global Warming crap without congress approval.  Trump,, get it back and then some!

ACP's picture

The Bushes in the hospital, a 17-story high rise in Iran collapses killing 75...all these good things happening and Trump hasn't even been sworn in yet!

Shemp 4 Victory's picture


a 17-story high rise in Iran collapses killing 75...all these good things happening

You delight in the deaths of innocents? Must be a US citizen.

curbjob's picture

Indeed ... it's part of that exceptionalism we hear so often about.

ACP's picture

You sure taught me.

I'm crying in my coffee now as I eat my 1000 calorie American breakfast.