Trump Versus The CIA

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Authored by Paul Craig Roberts,

When I read Trump’s defenders, such as Daniel Lazare, having to balance their defense with denunciations of Trump, I think the CIA’s propaganda is working. In his article, Lazare asks the rhetorical question, “Is a military coup in the works?” He then goes on to describe the CIA and presstitute coup against Trump unfolding before our eyes. 

Having described the unprecedented frame-up of the president-elect of the United States by the CIA and the Western media, Lazare has to square himself with those doing the frame-up:

“This is not to say that the so-called President-elect’s legitimacy is not open to question. . . . Trump is a rightwing blowhard whose absurd babblings about Saudi Arabia, Iran and Yemen reveal a man who is dangerously ignorant about how the world works.”

Note that Lazare goes beyond the CIA and the presstitutes by elevating Trump from someone not sufficiently suspicious of Vladimir Putin to “dangerously ignorant.” I suppose Lazare means dangerously ignorant like Bill and Hillary Clinton, George W. Bush, and Obama. If this is what Lazare means, why is Trump any less qualified to be president than his three most recent predecessors and his opponent in the election?

Of course, Lazare has no idea what he means. He is simply afraid he will be called a “Trump deplorable,” and he stuck in some denuciatory words to ward off his dismissal as just another Russian agent.

At other times I conclude that the CIA is discrediting itself with its fierce and transparently false attack on the president elect. The attack on Trump from the CIA and its media agents at the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, the network TV channels, the BBC, the Guardian, and every other Western print and TV source with the exception of Fox News, is based on no evidence whatsoever. None of the US 16 intelligence agencies can produce a tiny scrap of evidence. The evidence consists of nothing but constant repetitions of blatant lies fed into the presstitute media by the CIA .

We have witnessed this so many times before: “Tonkin Gulf,” “Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction,” “Iranian nukes,” “Assad’s use of chemical weapons,” “Russian invasion of Ukraine.”

General Smedley Butler, the most decorated Marine in the history of the US military said that he and the US Marines spent their lives defending the interests of the United Fruit Company and some lousy investment of the banks in Latin America. That’s all the attack on Trump is about. Trump is saying that “America first” doesn’t mean a license for America to rape and plunder other countries.

Normalized relations with Russia removes the orchestrated “Russian threat” justification for the $1,000 billion taxpayer dollars taken annually from ordinary Americans and given to the military/security complex via the federal budget.

Trump’s question about the relevance of NATO 25 years after the collapse of NATO’s purpose—the Soviet Union—threatens the power and position not only of the US military/security complex but also of Washington’s European vassals who live high in money and prestige as Washington’s servants. All European governments consist of Washington’s vassals. They are accustomed to supporting Washington’s foreign policy, not having had a policy of their own since World War II.

Trump is taking on a policy world long under the influence of the CIA. Little wonder WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange and a number of other clued-in people say that the CIA will assassinate Trump if he cannot be brought into line with a Western alliance organized for the power and profit of the few.

So what is Trump to do?

There are various alternatives. Trump could fire CIA director John Brennan, have the Attorney General indict him for treason, have the FBI locate all participants in the intelligence agencies and presstitute media who aided and abetted the attempted frame-up of the president-elect of the United States and put them all on trial. This would be the best and surest way for Trump to clean out the snakepit that is Washington, D.C. To call a snakepit a “swamp” is to use an euphemism.

Another alternative is for Trump to make the obvious point that despite the allegations of the CIA and the presstitutes, any hacking that occurred was not the fault of Trump and Russia, but the fault of the US intelligence agencies who were too incompetent to prevent it. Trump’s trump question to the CIA, NSA, FBI is: So, you know the Russians hacked us and you did not prevent it? If you repeat your incompetence, I am going to fire everyone of you incompetents.

The same goes for terror attacks. Trump should ask the intelligence agencies: “How were you so totally incompetent that a handful of Saudi Arabians who could not fly airplanes brought down three WTC skyscrappers and desroyed part of the Pentagon, humiliating the world’s sole super-power in the eyes of the world?”

Trump should make the point that the huge amount of money spent on security does not produce security. The massive security budget cannot prevent hacking of an American election and it cannot prevent humiliating attacks on the SuperPower by a handful of Saudi Arabians operating independently of any intelligence service.

Trump should raise the obvious question: Has the Saudi’s oil trillions purchased the CIA and the presstitutes so that the CIA and the corrupt Western media now serve foreign interests against the United States? The story is being established that the Saudis are responsible or 9/11 and nothing is done about it. Instead the Saudis are supplied with more weapons with which to murder women and children in Yemen.

All of the CIA’s propaganda can be turned against the agency. 9/11 was due to CIA failure, and to nothing else. Putin’s theft of the US presidential election was due to CIA failure, and to nothing else. All the bombings in France, UK, and Germany are due to intelligence failings, and to nothing else, as is the Boston Marathon bombing and every other alleged “terror event.”

I mean, really, the CIA is a sitting duck for Trump. He has every reason to abolish the agency that has traditionally operated in behalf of narrow interests. In his book, The Brothers, Stephen Kinzer documents the use of the CIA and State Department in behalf of the clients of the Dulles brothers’ law firm’s clients. The CIA serves no American purpose, only the private purposes of the ruling elites, who are the real deplorables who have used corrupt Western governments to solidify all income and wealth in a few greedy hands.

There is no reason for Trump to tolerate spurious charges against him by the CIA. At best the CIA is incompetent. At worst the agency is complicit in, or organizer of, terrorist events.

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Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

Intelligence is outside of gubmint's capabilities.

balolalo's picture

all distractions... smoke and mirrors

2017-2021 = oligarchs raping the coffers and trump dick suckers swallow their loads.   GULP

Heavy's picture

it'd be great if it did happen, those fuckers are not on america's side, they're more terroristy than the terrorists, they're anti-democratic money driven sell outs, I see only gains and little risk in starting again from the basement up

StackShinyStuff's picture

Why do I have a feeling that some guy with three names is going to be famous tomorrow?  Not wishing for anything like that but would not put it past these cocksuckers.

J S Bach's picture

If Trump can actually penetratre the CIA and nullify/reset it... HE will go down in history as one of the great American heros of all time.  Of course, this is Huuuuugemongous task... and we know not whether it is a goal of his or not.  Time will tell.

SixIsNinE's picture

nice try...

"HE will go down in history as one of the great American heros of all time"


HE will go down in history as one of the great HUMAN heros of all time" fify

nay one of the GREATEST. seriously - if there was any honor left inside the CIA they would turn themselves in one by one after the inauguration and say... excuse me, Mr. President..." I have done wrong and am here to atone.
I say now What can I do for my country President Trump?"

hey - did any of you catch this morning's Inauguration Review on TeeeVeee? GHWB's was amazing .... the old S&B dog... talking about the cocaine coming in by ship was as bad as a cargo of plague ! quite rich considering he was saying that whilst at the very same time he was establishing and profitteering from the cocaine trade whilst grooming young Billy Clinton & the Hildabeast to assume Cocaine Cartel USA Status through the Mena Arkansas - and the deadly crack epidemic was just beginning to tear through the cities...

MAGA Mr. President Trump - please bring common sense and true justice.

Across our home plane & realm - All races & creeds and the multitudes of genders will forever bless your soul Donald J Trump should you drain the SwampGas C I A - bless you Donald, and thank you for raising a beautiful family - and i say beautiful from the inside.

May Geronimo's Great Spirit blesss you. Forgive those who have done wrong. May we now learn the 4 Noble Truths which give rise to Impeccable Behavior and Nirvana.

Stainless Steel Rat's picture
Stainless Steel Rat (not verified) SixIsNinE Jan 20, 2017 1:33 AM

Dear Trump,
In the last two months, there was a number of reassignments and firings.  Reverse those and put the targets in charge.

You're welcome,

Syrin's picture

The CIA killed JFK, was behind 9/11, shot Reagan, created AL Qaida and ISIS, and is behind most of the drug traffic in the US.  Can anyone name ONE thing they do that doesn't hurt the US?

jeff montanye's picture

clearly evil and war mongering at first.  that its longer term effect of making europe hate u.s. (and israeli) policy in the mideast outweighs this down the road seems unlikely.  

francis scott falseflag's picture


Okay.  The CIA is the most evil operation on the planet.  What support they have comes

from their pitch that what they do protects America and its citizens.  The real threat that

the CIA poses is that it it s run by a secret cabal of long time insiders who work around

the direction of the DCIA and run the show without any checks.

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) J S Bach Jan 20, 2017 5:53 AM

Trump is going to roto rooter the agency.

Human trafficking and organ harvesting in Haiti is about to be exposed, which they have done in every country via bombing or promoting civil war.

LyLo's picture

He does this, and this alone...  Shit, I think I'd break down and cry in joy--probably sob like a baby.  I can't stress how weird a thought that is: to cry because something the US government did made me so happy.

(I've cried once because of the actions of the government: when Obama had an American killed without judicial review and no chance to face his accusers.  Nothing has hit me like that one.  Then we killed his kid, for fuck's sake...)

It would quickly turn it into a goddamn party if we started investigating Haiti; we ALL know exactly who would go down if we looked into that too closely.  And those people really do deserve just one ounce of justice just once...

RiverRoad's picture

CIA et al. you FAILED you're FIRED.  Get those Bush lackeys the hell out of here.

bluez's picture

Some people say Jewish people run everything; others say the billionaire oligarchs run everything.

That's way too obvious. I think some faction of the so-called "CIA" (the real mafia) really does run everything. They are the real mafia, who are really funded by drug money (and they obviously don't care if this destroys the whole country).

I have no idea what's going to happen after the inauguration. Frankly I'm damn scared.

HedgeJunkie's picture

I'm rooting for the, as yet unknown, three name nut who takes out Obama and the Clinton's the moment Obama's no longer president.

balolalo's picture

of course it would be great if the CIA was dismantled. 

BUT, don't be naive or ignorant. 

he would never have gotten this far if he was a real threat. 

smoke and mirrors, tough talk, tough tweets, token gains, while the oligarchs are getting teed up to take even more

one must be a fool to think trump and his Billionaire Cabinet actually give any fucks about the average american.  

9/11 gave Bush and the shadow government behind him the cover and political capital (he was appointed, not elected in 2000) to FUCK over the planet, and give the oligarchs even more of the pie. 

and then the dumbfuck GOP dick suckers gave him 4 more years to keep it up in 2004.   terrorism works.

I wonder/fear what Trump, the Billionaire Cabinet, and the oligarchs behind the scenes are going to get to help them out...




shovelhead's picture

We need another Therapy Puppy STAT.

Better bring crayons too.

balolalo's picture

interesting that the best retort you have is a junior high quality attempt to insult me.  weak. 

what's more interesting is you can't deny what i wrote.  

keep wishing upon that star for trump to save you.   twinkle twinkle.  

DeadFred's picture

Of course he can but why would he bother? I wondered if Trump was a plant and in some ways he was, Hillary's plant that backfired. The blowcack against him is strong evidence that he is real. It means that the deep state is at war within itself. Wikileaks was fed the info by a faction within the intelligence community and now there is war. Much of the CIA is on the losing side right now. My opinion. It will take only a short time to see whether he is real or not but I have been convinced.

Freezing Soros's assets

Gutting up the CIA

Breaking up Google and Facebook

These are the types of thing we should see if he is really going to drain the swamp. I'll concede to you if none of these things happen but they will if he lives. Again my opinion.

balolalo's picture

hahaha!  fantasyland.

trump is nothing but a change in management.

maybe some new oligarchs, but still oligarchs

nothing more, nothing less

jeff montanye's picture

you may be right.  but dead fred has a good point though, they (zionists, wall street, mic, bush, romney, mccain, graham, national r n c, soros, media) really didn't seem like they wanted trump to win.  didn't give him money (or, like with adelson, he didn't take it), called him many mean names, made fun of his looks, ideas, and supporters.

so stick around. you are an informed, able pugilist.  makes everyone stronger and faster.

LyLo's picture

Yes.  And at this point, that's good enough.

Have you never read any history?  Seriously, this is what happens when the elite fuck up too badly or just get old and die: they get shoved to the side by the new elite.  Spare us the argument that it always ends so badly before you even start, as this is quite emphatically the natural course of events and has been throughout human civilization.

Syrin's picture

Trump has his own private security team.   He is so visible that if he dies, there will be a revolution as we will all know who killed him.

balolalo's picture

he's not going anywhere.  why?

especially when he gets idiots to think he and his billionaire cabinet actually care about the "little guy". he talks tough and makes you think your balls get bigger too. 

of course he is going to get some tokens, some "wins". which you are going to hold dearly on to. 

the rest is pillaging as usual

the question is... will you keep begging for more?

begging for crumbs?

strannick's picture

Well, we'll get to find out tomorrow, won't we?

And if he gets shot, you can kiss my ass

The Management's picture

Turn Langley into a Trump Hotel

Arrow4Truth's picture

Coffers? Twenty trillion in debt? The Kenyan is leaving no coffers. He's had his fill of "their loads."

balolalo's picture

the sweat, blood, and tears of previous, present, and future generations are the coffers you dimwit

Snípéir_Ag_Obair's picture

Then there was the time Trump decided to hire his son in law's pal, the son od an AIPAC board member

All the world's a stage...

Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?

SoDamnMad's picture

President Trump

"Let your plans be dark and as impenetratable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt."



Sun Tzu, The Art of War

The Saint's picture

I believe Trump has already said he plans to make some structural changes to the CIA.  And, in case you didn't know, Brenen is gone from the CIA Friday.  It's not a 10 year appointment like the FBI director.


NotBuyingIt's picture

However, if I am not mistaken, Trump can fire that loser Comey and his scumbaggedy ass.

fbazzrea's picture

i'm not sure which side Comey's on yet. would like to know the whole story before making up my mind. don't forget his release of the additional emails a couple weeks before the election was arguably the nails in Hellery's political coffin.

it will be interesting "when," not "if" the investigation gets around to his involvement. for some reason, i think he'll be exonerated when the truth comes out.

SoDamnMad's picture

I'd love to find Comey has been hiding Eric Braverman and they have evidence on who killed Monica Petersen.  That and they have a huge collection of pedofile information they were holding for the new AG.  Lighting flash and thunder CRASH. 

bh2's picture

"“Is a military coup in the works?”

Daniel Lazare is plainly an idiot if he believes the CIA is a military branch.

If there were a coup, it would be fomented by the spooks, not the military.

Grassy knoll and all that.

Syrin's picture

Brennen, the Catholic who converted to Muslim.

ebworthen's picture

C.I.A. = Central Incompetence Agency

They killed J.F.K, and have been a lynch-pin of the shadow government since.

End it!  End the C.I.A.!  Into the dust bin of history!  Drain the swamp!

Creative_Destruct's picture


"C.I.A. = Central Incompetence Agency" = Corrupt (dis-) Information Agency = Coincidence It Ain't = Creative Info Agency = Crony Information Assister = Can't Inform Accurately = Colluders In Anarchy.

It's past time to shovel up this dung pile, remove the neocon and crony biases, and put in some checks and balances to permanently disrupt the Deep State surveillance society before it's too late and our "Brave New World" becomes permanently consolidated.

East Indian's picture

No lawful action is and should be beyond the powers of the elected representatives; binding the hands of elected representatives in the name of "intelligence" or " technical expertise" or "foreign relations"and handing over those areas to intelligence agencies or banksters or IMF or UN is suicidal for the people.

RiverRoad's picture

CIA et al. control(ed) and rule(d) the US through disinformation.  OVER.

Vatican_cameo's picture


Don't confuse "Incompetent" with "Complicit".

Crash Overide's picture

Dismantle the king of lies, the CIA.

HowdyDoody's picture

PCr states:

"Putin’s theft of the US presidential election was due to CIA failure, and to nothing else."

Well, it looks like the CIA propaganda caught him, hook, line and sinker.

Where's the evidence, PCR?


LyLo's picture

I suspect it's more along the lines of the NoDebt's (I really think, could be wrong) argument for accepting the charges:

Fine, crazy people; let's say ALL this is true.  Well, most of this happened between 2015 and the summer of 2016.  Supposedly, they knew all along the Russians were such terrible people.  Where was the US Government?

Obama mocked Romney for calling Russia a threat, now is investigating involvement in that very election?  The CIA says Russia had their nose in everything for months and they have all the proof, why didn't they stop them before it got so systemic?  At what point is it dereliction of duty?  Why are we paying these people?!

Knowing PCR, he's being a bit of a devil's advocate here would be a quick guess.  I'm pretty sure he's highly read in the intel community, so I'd also look at from that perspective: almost a direct insult.

flaminratzazz's picture

kill it kill it kill it kill it

alexcojones's picture

CIA vs Trump is a rigged game.

CIA has so many black ops specs Trump would need the help of a certain man.

His name? You already know it-