CNN Caught Lying Twice In One Day! Nancy Sinatra and Reddit Put The Brakes On #FakeNews [updated]

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CNN just can't stop lying! The purveyors of #FakeNews have once again been caught, twice, peddling propaganda on Inauguration day.

First, Nancy Sinatra called them out for a bullshit tweet suggesting she wasn't happy with Trump's use of a Frank Sinatra song during the Inauguration:




Second, CNN published a bullshit article suggesting a low turnout compared to Obama, except the picture they used for Trump’s Inauguration appears to be from much earlier in the day:



And the full frame of what CNN claims is Trump's turnout:

Sorry assholes, someone threw this up on Reddit about an hour ago:


Update: Video of crowds which couldn't get in

Update: Video of crowds which couldn't get in



Hey $TWX, can you get your bitch on a leash?



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JailBanksters's picture

It is funny how Saddam, Gaddafi, Assad all walked around the People freely, but US Presidents have to hide behind bulletproof Glass.


adamas's picture

Gaddafi was killed because of his gold dinar project that would have sacked Europe and the USA dry of gold within 18 months just paying for oil imports 

the truth of gaddafi before we murdered him is in this MUST SEE VIDEO

adamas's picture

Gaddafi was killed because of his gold dinar project that would have sacked Europe and the USA dry of gold within 18 months just paying for oil imports 

the truth of gaddafi before we murdered him is in this MUST SEE VIDEO

sTls7's picture

Good for Sinatra!!!    Fuck CNN.

StreetObserver's picture

The OBOYCOTT is still on!

Spend as little as possible until President Trump has his own month of statistics, not shared with Obama, in February.

Watch the "we're in Obama's recovery" and the Krugman's heads blow up when consumer sales suddenly skyrocket starting on Wednesday, February First.

Come on, you can do it, just hold off for a ten more days. Take your unwanted stuff to the Goodwill, use up the last of that shampoo that is still ok, hold off on the oil change and if you're going to buy something big, do another week of research and price comparisons before getting out the credit cards.

kenny500c's picture

Looks like CNN will disappear soon enough. If AT&T wants to take over Time Warner they will have to spinoff CNN which means CNN will have to stand on their own and actually make money. Good luck losers!

naro's picture

Trump supporters are hard working, tax paying Americans, who cannot afford to take a day off from work in order to vist the inauguration.  Obama's turnout were a lot of welfare recepients, and public service workers and students who got paid leave and free transportation paid for by the DNC and Soros and others.

Honest Sam's picture

In 2008 and 2012 they also had brought in several hundred Box cars with full amenities, including Therapists who ministered to browns, blacks, Queers,perverts, pedophiles from NAMBLA, fractionals of every description, and cold and hot Kombucha tea and twinkies served all day for those who came down with the Vapors so overcome with joy at a minority being given the Nobel Pizza Prize for doing less than nothing. 

That was their signal that they too could get thru life without having to earn their way. 

Now they are looking into the Abyss and what do they see?   




Peter41's picture

I would like to start a crowdfunding effort to raise money to have airports in the U.S. rip out the TV monitors in passenger waiting areas that blare out CNN's drivel, and replace them with FOX monitors that provide fair and balanced news coverage instead of CNN's version of the news (fake in many instances). I don't know how CNN stole a march on other news outlets to have these CNN monitors installed in the first place, but it is high time they get ripped out and replaced.

Oboneterm's picture

The CNN propaganda machine is in full lie mode and even worse here in Mexico. There is one cable "news" channel in the hotel and it's fucking cnn.No Fox nuttin...just cnn.

None the less some of the truth gets out to the population thanks to the internet. A lot of folks here get Trump and why voters rejected that lying bitch, H Rotten C. 

Every time I watch cnn I get the runs and want to puke. And here I thought it was the water....

BTW...thought it was great that Trump asked for a standing ovation at the ball for shows he has some he can graciously tell his AG to fully investigate the bitch. If they find any criminal activity turn over the evidence to a special prosecutor and be done with it.

Apparently Husain chose to leave HRC hanging my her fingernails waiting for Trump to make his   No pardon for the bitch....I'd put money on Session pursuing a full blown investigation.   


HamFistedIdiot's picture

Almost every word coming out of NPR is a lie. They said the presence of the (Black) Talladega College Marching Band was surprising given that many (Soros backed) people and organizations criticized the band for its plans to attend. NPR said it was the consensus that few Blacks would attend the inauguration given "Trump's campaign rhetoric." What fucking "rhetoric?" The only racist rhetoric came from Black Lives Matter and CNN's constant hyping of racial division. And no fucking word that it was "racist" Trump supporters who raised the $650K to bring the band to Washington DC. So many omissions and so many lies. I can only listen to the #FakeNews media for 30seconds at a time, then I have to stop and critically analyze all the propaganda that's flooded my ears.

silverer's picture

Thanks for that Tweet, Nancy. Lot's of things like this pointing to the truth will get the US back on track. CNN, take a 10 year hiatus.

Kenny Drebson's picture

i scanned through the comments and didn't see anyone mention the fact that professional protesters chained themselves to the entrance, thereby preventing people from getting in.

the 'fake news' works in tandem w/ 'fake protesters'... and i suspect betsy klein's "scoop" was "written" weeks ago by the CFR.

shimmy's picture

Oh and even if the crowd size was bigger for Obombya, wtf difference does that make? It's obvious that Obombya was a more popular president when he took office and being the first black guy, there was more interest as well. 

I like CNN apparently trying to imply that crowd size equals how well a president will do and that Obombya is automatically better than Trump who at the time of the photo wasn't even officially the president.

I wonder if CNN and the rest of the libtard media are ever going to accept reality and move on now that the finality of Trump becoming president has happened. 

The way these idiots reach for things. Soon they'll be comparing penis size and deciding things on that.  

Bopper09's picture

Or clit size.  This is what happens when you let women make decisions.

crazzziecanuck's picture

The "liberal" media has to pursue this kind of reporting because for them to actually report on what is actually going on, it would undermine "confidence."  If people were told the truth, they'd be really, really, really, really, really upset with the ownership class.  That's why they don't do investigative journalism anymore because any investigation into even the tiniest thing in our lives will lead to massive amounts of corruption.

The rich have essentially bought out journalistic threats be it MSNBC, Fox, PBS, NPR, and so on.  Either directly or by getting governments to cut funding so they can rush in and "help" with their foundations (and the rich create foundations as tax dodges; check out the benefits to Bill and Melinda Gates to their own wealth position).  That help, of course, comes with an understanding that it would be unwise to criticize the person ultimately signing your paycheque.

The ownership class only exists now because people haven't been able to connect the dots.  But slowly and surely, people with more free time brought about by income insecurity eventually start to recognize that the rhetoric is not matching reality.  They start to look around and realize that their positions can't be dismissed as having made bad decisions in the past.  What people are starting to realize that their only mistake was trusting the system and the silver-tongued words of the corporate class.  The system is ruled by people who don't give a sh*t about you and increasingly filled with middling middle class managers who maintain their positions only through dishonesty and/or exploitation.  That's what's needed now to get or keep a "middle class" job now.

Capitalism has degenerated into a system best described as "fuck your neighbor."  It's made whores of us all.  You don't have to be Aristotle to realize this kind of system is unstable.  But then again, what do the elites care?  Each time they fuck up, they use the state to maintain their lofty positions.

shimmy's picture

CNN is so damn pathetic. Anyone who watched the inauguration saw the crowd size was huge. Why even try and feed bullshit like this which anyone can easily see was bullshit?

Oh wait I know...cultists work and run that shit organization so they are clueless of the real world and that their credibility is next to nothing for most.

DirtySanchez's picture

9 out of 10 therapists suggest watching cnn while getting buttfucked or cockswallowing will lead you to believe the fake news.
No shit.
This is not made up.

rocknrollinhoneybadger's picture

CNN is operating now at the credibility level of the National Enquierer. Only matter of days before they start doing stories about bat boy and bulimic Angelina Jolie being 50 lbs.

dizzyfingers's picture

My recollection is that the Enquirer had a lot of stories before most newspapers. Maybe they're not as sharp now, the help being what it is these days?

Ned Zeppelin's picture

Nancy's boots are gonna walk all over CNN.

GGuy's picture
GGuy (not verified) Jan 21, 2017 7:05 AM



"If it's RUN BY JOOS, it's FAKE NEWS"



Truer words have never been typed on ZH.....

buttmint's picture

...lying sacks of shite!!!


Here's the irony---best served up COLD! The new "Truthiness Bill Designed to Stop Fake News" can and WILL be used against the ClintonNews and Thievery Network!

How sweet that will be!

Plus, the SeeIa poisoning Roger Stone will drive djt to disarm those Mafioso lads. The SeeIa picked the wrong fight at the wrong time with someone who knows how to fight!

SeeIA wants to supplant the Pentagon as the BigBoys and this will not fly....



hooligan2009's picture

CNN is attractig only one third the viewers it did 20 years ago and it's dropping faster than ever.

see how I made that up, but it sounds so plausible, it's probably true? someone fact check me please

rosiescenario's picture

CNN is actually a RT operation aimed at undermining the U.S.

To strengthen CNN's credibility, RT often publishes the opposite take on the same news which leads people to think that CNN is actually reporting facts.....

HeadintheGame's picture

The drugs you take:  Are they prescription or is that a street application you are using?  Either way dude, better ditch 'em.  Your mouth is now positioned between your thighs. 


Solomonpal's picture

No where to fact check that is not FAKE news.

BorisTheBlade's picture

The irony is ...

This increased viewership translated directly into ad dollars. SNL Kagan, a media analytics company, predicts ad revenue for cable news networks to reach almost $2 billion in 2016, which is up 15% from 2015 and 25% from 2012, the year of last presidential election. CNN will reportedly see almost $1 billion in gross profit in 2016, which marks a 14% year over year increase. According to SNL Kagan, Fox News will also have a record-breaking year, with gross profit topping $1.67 billion.

... therefore Trump, by his unbelievable media activity already Made Media Great Again. And as much as CNN wants to spin their way of seeing things, they owe Trump their robust figures. Man, he can generate headlines. That truly matters. They also benefit from newly rediscovered victim status as he slaps them publicly.

buttmint's picture

hooligan...I like your style! +100 points

Maybe add "sarc/" next time to catch anyone not aware of your dry wit!

Stan Smith's picture

Apparently, they are trying to out MSNBC, MSNBC.    What a bunch of ass hats.    They've lost their way, and my guess is, its not coming back.

Dormouse's picture

It's clearly earlier in the day! The car fires haven't started yet and welfare recipients don't roll out of bed until at least noon.

farmerbraun's picture

Seems like ZHers should be partying on one of these threads. Which one? I know mnewm is lairing up somewhere.  Anyway here's one for the Donald.


monad's picture

You keep lying when you ought to be truthin
You keep losin when you oughta not bet
What's right is right but you ain't been right yet
These boots are made for walkin and thats just what they'll do
One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you.

mary mary's picture

Go get 'em Nancy.  The original women's lib hit song.  I think the people who own/run CNN think they're invincible and can get away with anything.  But NOBODY gets away with trying to step on Nancy Sinatra.  In fact, I PITY THE FOOL that tries to step on Nancy Sinatra.  And that fool is... the people who own/run CNN.  I hear their hourglass running out....  They'll probably have to sell the whole kit and kaboodle to...  maybe...  Fiat?  Who knows?

chisler's picture

PBS and KCTS9 are as bad as CNN probably worse becasue people expect a higher standard. I just cut my support. Eat that!

vollderlerby's picture

Same here.  Already got an email "DId you forget about us?"  Was thinking of writing these assholes an email, since they're peddling fucking opinions as analysis but why waste my time.

mary mary's picture

President Trump should immediately replace the head of PBS.

HeadintheGame's picture

No heads there.  Only DICKHEADS! And plenty of them

monad's picture

Once PBS was funded by contributions. They started shovelling 1313 Mockingbird Lane MONARCH toons when the foundations took over and funded them with tax slave loot.

Interesting that the scumbags looting Disneyland had the need to change the name of their asylum.

The Demon Box: An Essay. Page >322<

you know they are lying because they are talking's picture

I used to luv PBS, and the ACLU. Was a member for years. I totally supported rights of all people, including, LGBT. BUT, even though I fear a Christian majority, and a Theocracy, I am more appalled people are forced to serve other people they find revolting.

I find this glorification of the LGBT group has gone WAY past just ensuring they are not discriminated against. In fact, they are now infringing on the rights of others. No normal person should be forced to go to the bathroom with perverts walking in. And no Christian should be forced to bake a cake for a faggot.

I resigned from the ACLU this year.


buttmint's picture

RE: know they a....

good take, +muchas puntas....

I have several custom-build artistic apartments that I rent out. NO JOY being a landlord. Before the jokes fly---YOU TRY DEALING with fuckheads that haven't a CLUE how a radiant heating system works. Or explain basic "Rules of the Road" to incoming azzhat tenants. Like where to park and various BASICS.

They were sooooooo offended!

Or explain to a dipshit snowflake that " your fucking windows open and then leaving your apartment for 2-7 days is NOT a good idea in the winter!"

Fucktards. How come the LGBTQR crowd never took shop class? Beneath them?

Mostly, snowflakes flunk Earth Sciences and Basic Thermostat programming 101.

This duo of females with ATTITUDE were viewing my unit. ONE person had presented herself as a SINGLE female in the rental market during our phone "pre-interview." Now---suddenly a 2nd person is calling the shots. I point out a caveat in my ad that the listed price with utilites was for SINGLE occupancy.

They both want my unit bad. but show zero signs of having grey matter in their hollow cavities btween their shoulders. The breadwinner was a hottie and very attractive.

How come hot, attractive lesbo women hook up with a Road Apple? Huh? You rarely spy two hottie women in love and together. One is a serious Bow-Wow. Always.


They went ballistic---demanded I rent the unit to them and claim that I was discriminating against lesbian females. They pressed their case to ask "...have I UNDERGONE LGBTQR training or whatever the fuck it is called......."

I clammed up. I said "...first things first---I need a completed APPLICATION from BOTH of you."

I got rid of them. Strange times. Like they can do whatever the fuck they want?




mary mary's picture

Me too.  Exactly.  As a last insult, PBS spent 2016 trying to influence the election toward one Presidential candidate.  So, not one more penny from me, PBS.  Nor for you, ACLU.

blindfaith's picture


Seems no one remembers that GEORGE SOROS is a major supporter of NPR and PBS.  The Kock Borthers are too.  So the don't need your money to promote their fake news and bias.

So there goes the so called public voice to special interests hell bent on destroying America.

That slime Segal was all smarmy yesterday with tack jabs.  They all have their noses in the air.  Sad.

I listen on and off so I can correct my 'friends' when they quote some ragass from NPR.  That heaven the queen of bias 'Diane Rhem' retired to the swamp.

mary mary's picture

Thanks.  No, I didn't remember.  I didn't even know.

The only things left for me at NPR are the late-night jazz shows, Car Talk, which is funny, and Lake Wobegon, which is funny.  But those don't add up to enough for me to give money to people who work to make my country a slave to their globalist VANITY.

bardot63's picture

JFK put a man on the moon.  Obama put a man in the ladies room.  Reagan went to Berlin and said tear down this wall.  Obama went to Target and said tear down this stall.

napper's picture

Nice rhyme. However, JFK was murdered by the establishment in 1963. The alleged Apollo landings (never) happened in 1969.


The rest of the rhyme is fine.

rosiescenario's picture

Excellent.....who do write for????

helloimjohnnycat's picture

JFK put a man on the moon.  Obama put a man in the ladies room.  Reagan went to Berlin and said tear down this wall.  Obama went to Target and said we'll all share the same stall.

What a piss ant.

The Harlequin's picture

...and it was raining...!