Oil Slides After Rig Count Spikes Most Since April 2013

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While a desperate Saudi Arabia jawbones how well OPEC production cuts are going, the road ahead looks like a surge in US Shale supply is coming. Following a brief dip in the previous week, US oil rig counts soared 29 to 551 last week - the biggest weekly rise sicne April 2013 - to the highest since Nov 2015.



Which signals to OPEC that more production is coming...


And WTI prcied are leaking lower...

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xythras (not verified) Jan 20, 2017 1:12 PM

Forget about Oil. POPCORN is the king this year

CNN Claims its Credibility is Higher Than Ever and Piles on to Clinton Losing Election During Inauguration Broadcast



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GGuy (not verified) xythras Jan 20, 2017 1:21 PM

Day One: J00 Media (CNN)blames Trump for"Session  Stock Market Slump"

silverer's picture

CNN. What a waste of TV space. I'd rather watch a Somalian cooking show.

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You're not wrong, there's a green banana Somali dish to die for.

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Surge in production AND a surge in negative free cash flow!

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We're literally storing oil on ships still sitting in the water because we dont have a place to put it on land.    How in the hell is oil at the price it is now to begin with?  

It strikes me that a correction is due, the question is how much.

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And when?  How long does it take for crude build, gasoline build, and rig build realities to sink in and be reflective in a price drop.  The price just seems to ignore all of this.

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Approximately 1 billion barrels in storage. That has to draw down irrespective of what OPEC does.

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Yeah, just to give your 'wun-bill-yen' some actual context: that's like, what? ten whole days of global consumption? Or ~40 days of US consumption alone (w/SPR actually maxing out at ~700million barrels, admittedly considerably less than your 'wun-bill-yun')! Why, the stuff should be free for the next month and a half, no? Hell, the producers ought to pay US to use it (like Canada does:WCS), amirite?

OTOH, as a percentage of annual consumption which is 'building' faster, the yoy increase in worldwide use, or storage volumes?

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USO up almost 2% today

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No no no, US oil is desperate because of loads of debt and high production costs. Right now they're only trying to make quick buck before the price plunges again.