Summing Up 8 Years Of Barack Obama

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It’s hard to argue with Barack Obama’s jump shot. I can’t imagine Rutherford B. Hayes having that kind of game.

Or his swagger. Comedic timing. Even charisma.

And there have been plenty of times over the last eight years when, in all seriousness, those qualities have truly mattered.

I can’t imagine anyone not getting goose bumps when President Obama sang Amazing Grace during the eulogy of Reverend Clementa Pinckney in 2015 after the horrific church shooting in Charleston.

During his presidency he had thrust upon him the impossible task of consoling an entire nation over and over again. Personality truly mattered.

But tangible, productive results are an entirely different story, and that’s what I want to examine today.

I’ve read a number of articles this week which glowingly praise President Obama’s accomplishments. Others offer scathing critiques.

Most tend to focus on the Affordable Care Act (ACA), i.e. Obamacare, suggesting that reforming healthcare is one of his most important legacies.

Maybe so.

There are undoubtedly millions of people who now have medical insurance that never had insurance before.

And that is certainly a noble accomplishment.

The problem is that focusing on this single metric is a terrible premise.

Millions of people are no longer uninsured. Check. But that’s where their thinking stops.

What’s the overall quality in the system? What’s the cost?

Those metrics are conveniently overlooked.

Not even two months ago, the Obama administration was forced to publicly acknowledge that healthcare premiums will rise by an average of 25% in just a single year under Obamacare.

Plus, many consumers will only have a single option to choose from as a number of major insurance companies scale back insurance policies they offer.

The administration also admitted last year that overall healthcare spending continues to rise, surpassing $10,000 per person for the first time ever.

Then there’s a question of quality and efficiency.

In 2016, a Johns Hopkins study concluded that the number of preventable medical errors has soared in recent years and is now the third leading cause of death in the United States.

Obviously no one can blame Barack Obama for this trend.

But that’s precisely the point: it’s impossible for any program to be successful when the way you define success is so fundamentally flawed.

Obamacare focuses on one thing: coverage. Are more people insured? Yes. And in their mind, that makes it successful.

But anyone who looks at the big picture will reach an entirely different conclusion.

Premiums rose. Overall spending increased. Quality didn’t improve. Americans aren’t getting healthier.

(Not to mention the matter of that $2 billion website…)

However noble the intentions, it’s hard to consider these results a major success worthy of an enduring legacy.

Then there’s the issue of jobs. President Obama has been credited with ‘creating’ more than 11.3 million jobs.

This entire premise, of course, is total nonsense.

It’s not like the President starts businesses and hires people. The only jobs the President creates are in government.

It’s the private sector that create jobs.

And for a guy who once told entrepreneurs, “you didn’t build that,” (referring to their businesses), he sure is quick to take credit for 11.3 million jobs created.

But OK, let’s play along and give him credit: creating 11.3 million jobs is a very noble accomplishment.

Once again, however, this metric for success is flawed.

What’s the quality of those jobs? At what cost?

Total “goods-producing” jobs, i.e. workers who make stuff, actually declined under the Obama presidency.

Manufacturing jobs, construction jobs… even utilities and media jobs… all fell over the last eight years.

Bear in mind that the US was already at the peak of recession when President Obama took office, with unemployment surging.

Yet today, goods-producing jobs are even below those dismal figures from 2009.

So what jobs were created?

A good chunk of them are in healthcare, which sort of highlights the earlier point that Americans aren’t getting healthier since they need even more workers to care for them.

Additionally there were a lot of jobs created in the federal government.

Plus a full 2 million of those new jobs have been waiters and bartenders.

I’m serious.

At the beginning of the Obama presidency in 2009, there were 9.5 million waiters and bartenders in the United States.

Today there’s 11.5 million waiters and bartenders.

So it’s not like all these millions of workers who supposedly owe their jobs to President Obama are out there discovering the cure for cancer.

Then you have to look at cost.

Despite these 11.3 million new jobs, the number of food stamp recipients in the Land of the Free Lunch increased by 13.9 million during the Obama administration.

Plus, during his 8-years in office, the Obama administration spent a record $28.7 TRILLION and registered a $10 trillion increase in the national debt.

This means that every job President Obama supposedly created cost the American taxpayer $885,000 in debt. Per job.

This is a pretty pitiful return on investment.

And that’s really the bottom line. Debt lasts.

One day his Supreme Court justices will retire. Obamacare may be repealed. History will forget about his charisma and charm.

Edward Snowden may eventually return home. The 500,000+ pages of regulations his administration issued will be replaced.

And even the families of all the innocent victims who were accidentally killed in his drone strikes may move on with their lives.

But the debt will still be there.

Consider this: in the last two weeks alone, the Treasury Department has auctioned off tens of billions of dollars worth of debt in the form of 30-year bonds.

This means that a child who won’t even be born until 2030 will have some high school summer job in late 2046, and an increasing chunk of his income will be taxed to pay off the debt that Treasury Department borrowed a few days ago.

That’s a legacy which outlasts everything else.

Do you have a Plan B?

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8 years summed up in one word; 


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Did you just come out of a coma 20 minutes ago?

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Remember, sociaopaths are typicaly very charismatic and popular, they don't work well with others mainly because of their grandiose view of themselves, and they rarely accomplish much.  Basically they are popular bullshitters who get nothing done but love to live in the spotlight of their adoring minions...

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Barack Hussein Obama: A Manchurian Candidate Destined to Be the Worst President in U.S. History


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Excuse me, but what "charisma and charm"?  When he spoke he had the charisma of a mailbox with the charm of a high school freshman.

Nigger please.

I am Chumbawamba.

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LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) chumbawamba Jan 20, 2017 6:15 PM

Heaping, Steaming, Pile of Wet Dog Shit Forced on the American People.

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" I can’t imagine anyone not getting goose bumps when President Obama sang Amazing Grace during the eulogy of Reverend Clementa Pinckney in 2015"

Goose bumps....Uuuuummm....mine were missing.

Strong lack of imagination here.

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I think he means Hemorrhoids.   ?

Twee Surgeon's picture

Charisma and Charm are reported in the article, I completely missed all that, probably because after a few months of listening to his sonic bile I developed an actual physical response of complete and utter Nausea at the sight and sound of him, I'm not trying to be funny either, The zerO makes me sick. If he has any superpowers it is the ability to make sane people ill. We just turned him off, he only got in our earshot by accident after a while. Adios Barry, enjoy the golf, write a book.

Enjoy a very Private life, hermiting is all the rage, try it, or as the Polish say  Fuckovski !

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Actually he is a clinical narccisist... here is the proof in this interview made in 2010...listen and compare to Obombers actions while president!


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The Saint (not verified) Gonzogal Jan 20, 2017 8:09 PM

Did you see the looks on Barack's and Michelle's faces today when they weren't forcing a smile?  You would have thought they were at a funeral for a close relative.  Same with Bill and Hillary.  I hope they can all get over it and die in peace - soon.

I Feel a little Qeasy's picture

...'There are undoubtedly millions of people who now have medical insurance that never had insurance before.'

Not a yank myself, but it seems to me that though someone may 'technically' speaking, now have health insurance (because they paid an exhorbitant premium) in reality they don't simply because they don't have the cash to pay the part of the cost before insurers kick in. At least that's what I understand, may of course be wrong.

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Horse fukn shit.

One word:  SH*T!

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You must be a Bankster, and he bailed your sorry ass out. Am I right?

toady's picture

It's wonderful because it's over. 

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I take it you are a transgender something or other. 

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Go suck Reggie Love's cock Oboner. No one gives a shit about your faggot ass. Drop dead you piece of dog shit.

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Greenspan in drag...?

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Don't worry, everyone's 401k's will be sacrificed to make up for it

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"Sacrificed" is such a harsh word. "Accessed" is much better.

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Couldn't get past the first few sentences.  Simon's been smoking crack again...

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Obama was a good boy to his Masters. He was installed to weaken the U.S. while doing the bidding of Globalist Banksters.

Dormouse's picture

Did you just call him "boy"?

Normalcy Bias's picture

Not necessarily. Individual interpretation may vary.

The 'Master' reference may also be coincidental.

Ace006's picture

Fits all the data points.

He did tell that postman he was going to be president that day outside the house of Bill Ayers's father. And wasn't there some gal at a dinner party in Moscow during the days of the Soviet Union who said they had already selected a black man to be president?

Raw Intel, it's true, but there you go. Maybe the gal had John Lewis in mind.

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And that’s really the bottom line. Debt lasts.

We are from the Govt, to solve this, address this problem... we need more debt. Don't worry about the Usury that is all going to come out in the wash in 8 YEARS!

- Cuts to Transportation, Debt of Energy, Commerce... sounds like small cuts to me and to Agencies which have low budgets. Even Education is only $100 Billion a year and that dwarfs Energy Dept.
- Agriculture is big since SNAP, Food Stamps, WIC, EBT comes out of that along with farm subsidies
- Job Cuts and Budget Cuts are going to have to look like Austerity, except if you are a social worker/teacher and go into Defense Contracting or Infrastructure Labor for Bridges, Highways, Railways, Waterways, Port building
- Expect Austerity
- Expect 2 million to have to find new careers or full time jobs, on top of 20 Million that need them now
- If Flat Tax or Fair Tax in 100 Days, then Accountants and Tax guys will also seek employment to something that produces value or maybe rent seeking in FIREs

Total—Department of Transportation Outlays 2014 = $76.85 Billion
Total—Department of Transportation Outlays 2013 = $76.9 Billion
Total—Department of Transportation Outlays 2000 = $46.5 Billion
Total—Department of Transportation Outlays 1998 = $40 Billion

Total—Department of Housing and Urban Development Outlays 2014 = $42.04 Billion
Total—Department of Housing and Urban Development Outlays 2013 = $59 Billion
Total—Department of Housing and Urban Development Outlays 2000 = $42.5 Billion
Total—Department of Housing and Urban Development Outlays 1998 = $51.7 Billion

Total--Department of Labor Outlays 2014 = $62.98 Billion
Total--Department of Labor Outlays 2013 = $88.5 Billion (What?)
Total--Department of Labor Outlays 2000 = $33.8 Billion
Total--Department of Labor Outlays 1998 = 32.3 Billion

Total--Department of Education Outlays 2014 = $99.31 Billion
Total--Department of Education Outlays 2013 = $89.5 Billion
Total--Department of Education Outlays 2000 = $33.4 Billion
Total--Department of Education Outlays 1998 = $30.6 Billion

Total--Department of Energy Outlays 2014 = $29.14 Billion
Total--Department of Energy Outlays 2013 = $31 Billion
Total--Department of Energy Outlays 2000 = $18.8 Billion
Total--Department of Energy Outlays 1998 = 17 Billion

lolmao500's picture


Total--Department of Education Outlays 2014 = $99.31 Billion
Total--Department of Education Outlays 2013 = $89.5 Billion
Total--Department of Education Outlays 2000 = $33.4 Billion
Total--Department of Education Outlays 1998 = $30.6 Billion

LOL. Is education in the US now better than in 98? I doubt it very much

TeethVillage88s's picture

I think this was a Jobs program and take over by federal funds provided to states K-12, and special needs funding.

They just never called it a Federal Control or Jobs program.

- New jobs Part Time, Social Services, Education, and Obama Care

Raffie's picture

A turd in a punch bowl would sum it up better I think.

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This means that every job President Obama supposedly created cost the American taxpayer $885,000 in debt. Per job.

Should have given them a check instead... 100 000$ per year per person, would even have saved money.

lasvegaspersona's picture

I believe I paid the highest price of any individual American.

When Nevada Health Co=Op went BK I lost $30,000 which I had paid to buy IV drugs (expensive IV drugs) for their patients.

No Congressman or bankruptcy judge helped me out. They just let the Co-Op slither into obscurity and screwed all the people who helped their patients. The government of Obama never even said thanks...fraudsters all.

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Is this guy talking about the same affirmative action chimp that left office today? The one who EVERYONE HATES? Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but this guy sounds like a drug addled crack whore with a mouth full of dick...

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Flag on the play!! Unnecessary roughness!

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Breaking news : President Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton are no longer in power or in Washington DC. Forget about it. Let's hold Drumpf accountable as of today.

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no.  that is not how we have been taught these last 8 years.

it's obama's fault.

get used to it.

Skiprrrdog's picture

Oh, and I disagree about the debt. Twenty trillion dollars is a figure most people cannot even wrap their brains around. The rest of the world is in similar straits. The ONLY thing I see happening is a global reset/debt jubilee... that money will NEVER be repaid...

Putrid's picture

Perhaps you should ask me that question.

riot-police's picture

I have been trying to figure this dept thing out. For example, if you borrow money from some bad dudes and you do not pay it back they will come and break your knee caps. I have wondered who is going to come and break the US's knee caps? Who do they actually owe money to. Who is the top dog that the money is owed to? I really wonder if this dept repayment thingis real. They simply make up the needed money out of thin air. There is a difference between loosing confidence in a currency and inflation. But this is not the same as repaying a dept.

I Feel a little Qeasy's picture

Get it into your head, it's not supposed to be repaid. The debt was created out of nothing, and the banksters now get the interest, i.e.YOUR LABOUR for nothing.

BouncingCat's picture

Wait a minute.  I saw Barack play basketball before he was a US Senator and his jump shot wasn't spectacular.  He was a ball-hogging gunner with a shot-arc like a clothesline and he couldn't work off a pick if his life depended on it.  He played little to no defense.

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Don't forget the two for 22 free throws in front of the "press" as pResident.

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

Simon, where you saw charisma is saw learned cover for malignant narcissism, jocularity to mask anger.

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Soetero sucked at EVERYTHING

Guelf? 330+ rounds, and the fuck couldn't (supposedly) get by 13 as a handicap.

TARDS could beat that shit. My mother could beat him - and she's dead.

African Air Soccer? I heard he fucking sucked. 

Other than dressing up, and the ability to read shit off a Teleprompter, I STILL cannot see what skills this asshole had...

Other than being 1/4 black, goofy looking and .....that's about it. A bullshitter.

Bye Bye you Manchurian fuck. Here's to the ensuing years of your shit-legacy being torched, the people that backed looking kike the jackasses they are, and even more crying from the likes of them. 


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Not to mention the wobbly bike riding in the mom jeans.

Zip_the_Zap's picture

I am Black and I can articulate, therefore I am great.

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More like: I am half black, and can read a teleprompter.