Trump Signs First Executive Order To "Ease The Burden Of Obamacare"

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Wasting precious little time, Trump returned from the evening's inaugural ceremonies and got straight to work in the Oval Office signing his first executive order to roll back portions of Obamacare.  While details are scarce, per CNN, press secretary Sean Spicer told reporters the action was meant "to ease the burden of Obamacare as we transition from repeal and replace."


Meanwhile, Trump's Chief of Staff, Reince Priebus, has also sent a memo to all federal agencies to initiate an immediate freeze on all new regulations.


As Bloomberg notes, The Congressional Budget Office said in a Jan. 17 report that as many as 32 million Americans would lose their insurance coverage over 10 years if the health law is repealed without an alternative policy in place.

Trump told the Washington Post that a replacement plan will provide "insurance for verybody," and he said in a Jan. 11 news conference that he wanted repeal and a replacement policy to be passed "essentially simultaneously."


Changes to the structure of health plans under the law, such as what benefits insurers are required to offer or how much they can charge, could be made through administrative actions at the Department of Health and Human Services or by rewriting regulations.

And here is the brief statement from Sean Spicer:


*  *  *

As someone once told Republicans: "There are consequences to elections."

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Our King!

Yes doubters this time it's different  

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Well? WTH does it say?

Useless click-bait article, Tyler.

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Outlaw "balance billing" or this is a waste of time.

Croesus's picture

Outlawing the penalty for not having it, would also help.

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And for a news station that's been pretty well discredited by both Trump (and ZH), they sure do seem to get a lot of access to him.

I am Chumbawamba.

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Among all this:

Trump needs to get the WH fumigated. Get the phone system de-monkeyed. Have his crews in their working their asses off, just like he will.

Notice the desk was bare bones.

He needs to have his staff get him settled in. Trump's a hotelier. He knows what's needed to be done.

Get to work Team Trump. Get that man comfy. He's got a lot of work to do.....dammit.


Croesus's picture

I heard he's brought the Housekeeping crew from Trump Tower down to DC, just to help scrub the monkey shit off of the ceiling.

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Soweeto has divided the country so badly Trump wil have to work hard to heal the bleeding sores Obama and the wookie left.


Creating millions of jobs as he has been doing is agood start. While Soweto handed millions of jobs to China and Bangladesh, Trump in his first 62 days created more good jobs then Obama did in 8 years.

xythras's picture

The country might be a bit divided, but only the snowflakes are melting.

And some fancy cars in downtown DC:

More than 200 Arrested, Windows Shattered, Cars Burned at Inauguration Day protests

monad's picture

Oh my. 750,000 rioting spics turned out to be maybe 150 fat rih beaner spawn.

How's Bradley doing? He needs a whole lot of vet assistance. Most tortured surviving POW ever.

Thank you, congress of stupid liars representing stupid liars.

If I light this match...

monad's picture

Justice will be served.

jbvtme's picture

nice to have a right hander on the mound...

gatorengineer's picture

and a mound instead of a strap on sausage... or whatever wookies have down there.

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"The zionism is stong in this one...trump"  How long after trump goes after the guns will trumpsters continue to support him?  Cash and guns are the last things standing between total zionist domination of America and what's left of our freedom...the zionists want BOTH...

roadhazard's picture

Obama left and I still have my guns so I am hoping Trump is not the one.

Consuelo's picture



Fucking Bat-Boy...


Do you know I remember when that thing hit the stands for the first time...?   If not mistaken, either late 80's or early 90's it was.   I bought it and still have it stashed somewhere.    An absolute CLASSIC...!!!

fleur de lis's picture


Hollyweirdos melting down and their counterparts across the pond trying to de-Brexit.

After all the incalculable heaps of money he rakes in, Branson is just another control freak meddling in other people's lives.

He is starting to look and act like a British version of Schwarz/Soros.

Same ugly, wrinkled up mug and obsession with social control at any cost.



New_Meat's picture

plus that damned dog that shits all over the place and bites little girls.

nmewn's picture

CNN didn't say anything about the dog biting the little girl IN THE FACE or it shitting all over OUR HOUSE, so obviously, just another Fake Nuuuz report ;-)

CaptainObvious's picture

So fucking what?  It's better than Soros paying protestors to destroy other people's shit.

Oh, and upvoting your own post smacks of the worst kind of desperation.  So I'll balance your upvote out with a big ole red.

balolalo's picture

HYPOCRITICAL world view + cognitive dissonance = trumpism

LibertarianMenace's picture

Only a hyprocrite suffering from the cognitively dissonant (i.e., proggies) would conclude Trump's also one of them.

balolalo's picture

keeping wishing upon that star that the billionaire cabinet will save you.

twinkle twinkle dipshit

swallow the trump-gop-oligarch load


The Jaguar's picture

In all years I have been reading this sites is only when liberals are truly so buttsore that they glow....that they will come on here pouting.

A glorious victory indeed :)~~~~~~~~

Dalcan5's picture

Oh yeah, you morons think liberals are pushovers, big mistake...look at this headline from yesterday's demonstrations .....

"White nationalist Richard Spencer got punched in the face during the protests at Trump's inauguration"

Who's up next for a good beating hahaha?

LibertarianMenace's picture

That's all your philosophy's got left? Violence? Really, when all its claptrap is distilled, the statist belief system can be described by its only essential tenet: force.


Exhibit C: Yet, once again, the (proggie)subject's use of the derogative term "moron(s)" betrays the classic presumption of superiority to, and the typical disdain for, the object perceived as inferior.

Now, original intellect that possesses genuinely superior ideas has no need to use violence as a tool of persuasion.

But, as we can see from yesterday's events(and celebrated above), inferior intellect reaches for it often and slops it on quite liberally.

So, what we have here, more frequently than not, is the following unfortunate syllogism:

"liberals(really, proggies)" are intrinsically violent. Unprovoked violence is moronic.

Ergo IF liberal/proggie THEN MORON.

Tis a wee unfortunate that the relation is rapidly deteriorating into a statement of equivalence.

Of course, it's up to you and yours, but do you people really want to be responsible for seizing the day when one is a MORON if and only if one's also a liberal/proggie?

SixIsNinE's picture

and who is paying you to dish out this tripe?   why are you hanging around here to post such garbage?


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Welcome to your wake up call snowflake... 92 protestors arrested... Federal property means a Federal crime...

As amended on September 13, 1994, if the damage exceeds $100, the defendant is subject to a fine of up to $250,000, ten years imprisonment, or both.

When property damage does not exceed $100, the offense is a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of up to $100,000, one year imprisonment, or both.

Standard Disclaimer: And to think, someone (Soros?) was only paying these "peaceful" protestors $2,500. Useful idiots, much like yourself, every last one of them.

SixIsNinE's picture

Soros is having a good belly laugh at these dupes !  pay them a few fiatskis to make some trouble & do dumbshit actions ! 

he's laughing all the way as they have their lives come tumbling down & do hard time for selling their soul to the WhoRe of SoReASS


Obadiah's picture

i think "as a Whore of Satans' King Minon Sorass"

yogibear's picture

Daddy going to have to pay snowflake bail, court and attorney fees.

Maybe Soros-duped snowflake will end up spending their life the parent's basement. 

Ballin D's picture

Also, they will be felons and ineligible to vote

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Fathead Slim (not verified) balolalo Jan 20, 2017 10:52 PM

Great reliable source there, booboo. The Hill, my ass.

balolalo's picture

hahaha!    I guess you can't fix stupid

"According to a report from The Hill this morning, President-elect Trump's transition team is already working with career staff at the White House on plans to slash federal spending.  The Hill reports that significant cuts are expected to the budgets of the Department of Commerce, Energy, Transportation, Justice and State, among others, and would total $10.5 trillion over 10 years."



Chuck Walla's picture

I guess you can't fix stupid.

Obviously, you persist.

balolalo's picture


you mistake my intentions.  

it's about poking you dumb retards in the eye and kicking ya'll in the nuts with a smile

: )

in other words, banging on morons like you everyday for the next four years

JRobby's picture

Must be great to live a fulfilled life.

Oh, right, you get paid to post here. 

balolalo's picture

i was waiting for it.    it is usually the most common, and lame response, on zh if anyone has a skeptical or critical view of orange jesus . 

anyone who disagrees or has an alternate view has to be paid.  


this is how you know when the trumpsters live in a bubble echo chamber.  

your orange jesus knows what tunes to sing to get desperate and naive people to think he is the savior.


he's an oligarch, a front man for the oligarchy, a billionaire cabinet, and they are set to plunder.  and you think they care about you. 

that's is trumps master stroke, his skill set offered to the powers that be.  if he was any real threat he would never have made it this far.  


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Hillary left the WH already.

Norwegianfish's picture

Most of you stupid americans dont realize that this means more socialism like we enjoy in norway.


Fathead Slim's picture
Fathead Slim (not verified) Norwegianfish Jan 20, 2017 10:50 PM

Nevermind, fishie. This is none of your fucking business.

Billy the Poet's picture

Is that the same Norway that can't defend itself and needs US troops to do the job for you?

yogibear's picture

Norwegian woman will be pounded by Islamic extremist invaders.

The men are too scared to react. Norway is going down just like Sweden.