500,000 Women Swamp Washington For Anti-Trump Protest March - Live Feed

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Hundreds of thousands crowds of women, many wearing bright pink knit hats and carrying Starbucks lattes, swamped into downtown Washington, arriving by bus, train and car on Saturday for a march in opposition to U.S. President Donald Trump one day after the Republican took office.

Cited by AP, a city official in Washington said the turnout estimate for the Women's March on the National Mall now stands at 500,000 people, more than double the initial predictions. Kevin Donahue is Washington's deputy mayor for public safety and justice. He says on Twitter that organizers of the march are increasing the turnout estimate to half a million.

The Washington event is expected to be the largest of a series of marches planned across the world in cities including Sydney, London, Tokyo and New York to criticize Trump's "often angry, populist rhetoric."

Today's Women's March on Washington, which will feature speakers, celebrity appearances and a protest walk along the National Mall, is the brainchild of Hawaiian grandmother Teresa Shook and is intended as an outlet for women and their male supporters to vent their frustration and anxiety over Trump's victory. According to organizers, several hundred thousand people are expected to attend.

Many participants wore knitted pink cat-eared "pussy" hats, a reference to Trump's claim in the 2005 video that was made public weeks before the election that he grabbed women by the genitals. The march spotlights the fierce opposition Trump faces as he takes office, a period that is typically more of a honeymoon for a new president. The women said they hoped to send a unity message to Trump.

Among the prominent democrats praising the rally were Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. The former secretary of state thanked attendees on Twitter for "standing, speaking and marching for our values." She says it's as "important as ever." Clinton is also reviving her campaign slogan and says in the tweet she believes "we're always Stronger Together."

Actress America Ferrera said "every single one of us" is under attack by President Donald Trump. Ferrera was speaking at the start of a rally that is opening the Women's March on Washington. She says people are gathered in the capital and across the country to say to Trump, "We refuse." The "Ugly Betty" star says the marchers reject demonization of Muslims. She says they also refuse to give up their "right to safe and legal abortions." Ferrera says the U.S. won't ask LGBT Americans to go backward and won't go from a nation of immigrants to "a nation of ignorance."

At the same time, thousands of women took to the streets of European capitals to join "sister marches" in Asia against Trump ahead pf the Washington rally. Waving banners with slogans like "Special relationship, just say no" and "Nasty women unite," the demonstrators gathered outside the American embassy in Grosvenor Square before heading to a rally in central Trafalgar Square.

Worldwide some 670 marches were planned, according to the organizers' website which says more than two million marchers are expected to protest against Trump, who was sworn in as the 45th U.S. president on Friday.

As Reuters notes, Trump has "angered many liberal Americans with comments seen as demeaning to women, Mexicans and Muslims, and worried some abroad with his inaugural vow on Friday to put "America First" in his decision making." The protests come a day after the nation's capital was rocked by violent protests against the new president, with black-clad anti-establishment activists smashing windows, setting vehicles on fire and fighting with riot police who responded with stun grenades.

The protests illustrated the depth of the anger in a deeply divided country that is still recovering from the scarring 2016 campaign season. Trump defeated Democrat Hillary Clinton, the first woman nominated for president by a major U.S. party.

"It's important that our rights be respected. People have fought hard for our rights and President Trump has made it clear that he does not respect of them," said Lexi Milani, a 41-year-old restaurant owner from Baltimore, who had ridden down in a bus with 28 friends.


"I just want people to feel empowered and go home and be active. Call your Congressman, run for office," Milani said. "I don't want people to feel defeated."

Washington subway trains and platforms were packed with people. The Metro sent a service alert warning of "system-wide delays due to extremely large crowds." At least one station was closed to new passengers because of the crowds backed up on the platform.

A disparate lineup of organizations including reproductive health provider Planned Parenthood, gun-control group Moms Demand Action and Emily's List, which promotes female candidates for office, sent large contingents to the event.

As Reuters adds, some Republicans have criticized feminist, gay-rights and other activist groups critical of Trump as resorting to a divisive style of "identity politics." Democratic U.S. Representative Jim Himes of Connecticut, a supporter of the marchers, rejected that assertion.

"It is Donald Trump who singled out Muslims for a Muslim registry. It was Donald Trump who made disparaging comments about women. It was Donald Trump who criticized a judge of Mexican heritage. That's identity politics. We're sending the message that we're all Americans.”

The women have given various reasons for marching, ranging from inspiring other women to run for office to protesting Trump's plans to repeal the 2010 Affordable Care Act, which among other things requires health insurers to cover birth control. Jesse Carlock, 68, a psychologist from Dayton, Ohio was attending her first protest in decades. "Once Mr. Trump was elected, I decided I needed to get active again, and I hadn't been since the 60s and 70s," Carlock said. "I've got to stand up and be counted as against a lot of what President Trump is saying...about healthcare, immigration, reproductive rights, you name it."

Celebrities such as the musicians Janelle Monae and Katy Perry - both of whom supported Clinton in the election - are expected to take part in Saturday's march. The march organizers said they had extensive security plans in place, and would have both visible and hard-to-spot security workers along the route.

Trump's team did not respond to a request for comment about the march.

Live Feed from DC:

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Lesbian bars will be busy tonight.

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as long as they make me a sammich first...and the luandry is done, they can get a few hours outside.

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Half a million women with synchronized periods? There ain’t enough tampons in DC!   ;-)


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eric holder is a coward

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To support the establishment as these freaks do is to support pedophilia. I've always said the left wing do not have an issue with raping and sodomizing children and they constantly prove it. 

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GGuy (not verified) Folkvar Jan 21, 2017 12:25 PM

I  want to GRAB HER PUSSY!

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Women, for the most part, are the ones most easily convinced of any sort of nonsense. This is why they shouldn't be able to vote.

TeamDepends's picture

A day late and a dollar short, "ladies". Here is your participation trophy, now take some time to contemplate why you lost so bigly and make yourselves useful. Seriously.

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Its OK.. most of them look like they could use the exercise anyway..

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Women should understand that the 2nd Amendment is their best friend...

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Psssst... hey. 'ladies'... if you're going to protest, find something to protest against that's based in reality, and have a unified message. Otherwise, all y'all look like a bunch of whining idiots wearing silly hats.

jeff montanye's picture

kind of my thoughts exactly.  it's so much talk, advertising, public relations, vibe, culture, smoke and mirrors.  

actions are what count, ask simone de beauvoir.  talk is cheap and nearly meaningless at the margin.

barack obama and hillary clinton killed upwards of a million people, many of them women and children, many wholly innocent.  

where was the outcry then?

UselessEater's picture

they are marching for Madeleine Jana Korbel Albright, half a million kids slaughtered is not enough

they won the right to vote after the FRB http://www.jekyllislandhistory.com/federalreserve.shtml

so there are many useful idiots of both sexes.... just some are becoming more useful and others are becoming more beholden


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OfAllElaboratePlans (not verified) UselessEater Jan 21, 2017 2:22 PM

TWAT the hell is goin' on around here?

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Look 500,000 women I never want to meet.

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soul less
merely life support system for a pussy

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500,000 pink hatted women = how many electorial votes?


Scoreboard, bitches.

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Are they going to protest Hillary's alleged involvement with child trafficking?

What about the fact that she went to Jeff Epstein's pedophile island retreat 6x and Bill went there 20x?



Day 90 - Braverman , Haiti, and Me, Part 1. Who Killed Monica Petersen?


jeff montanye's picture

you bring up a number of good points, and not for the first time.

trump said something like looking forward and not looking back.  part of me said, ok.  just really change what the u.s. does.  and then i said no, the people won't believe it.   it must be something that more nearly resembles a war.

of social mood, of Weltanschauung,  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_view

and https://feministtalk.wordpress.com/2012/03/22/simone-de-beauvoir-existen...



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D.C. Mayor, chamber of commerence, resturants, taxi drivers, hotels, bars, porta pot companies, support any mass demonstrations, all are welcome.  All money that enters D.C. stays in D.C. 

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"Oh look, that traitor Soros stiring up trouble again:"

Of course he is.

Who else would plant the idea of the "Pussy hat" to make the misogynists here have a circle jerk?

It actually 3 trolls and 100 profiles to try and create a "consensus"

Face it, 30% is out of work. Soros pays $2,500 a month.

The rest of the idiots are clueless.

But seriously trolls, have you ever kissed a girl?

Or is there that many woman-hating Fags here?

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George Soros and the Mainstream Media manipulate the women of the whole world
Motasaurus's picture

We should be celebrating this great achievement. Trump got more fat women out walking in 1 day than Michelle Obama managed in her entire 8 years.

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Since most fags are leftists, and this is a thinly-veiled leftist endeavor, one can assume that fags are in favor of this nonsense.

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Yes I also heard the "looking forward" quote, and I know what that usually means.  But for me and millions of other Americans, we feel the same way about her as we did about OJ after he was acquitted.  I will always believe she deserves life in prison, at a minimum.  It's hard to Make America Great Again when the most horrible criminals are never prosecuted.  

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simple question for the mods:


there was a (typically) idiotic post from Eiric Magnus Larssen that just disappeared. i enjoy popping his red downie and serving his shit back, but the entire thread is gone.



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Try to explain the MANY men there with them? Do men spending too much time in certain environments b/c or THINK they have b/c women of poor intellect? My wife and I both wonder about this. 

Majestic12's picture

" My wife and I both wonder about this. "

It's simple.

No work, Soros pays $2,500 a month.

No shit, its advertised across the country.

It's kind of the American way, to make an idiot of yourself for money.


I have lived too long.

Majestic12's picture

"merely life support system for a pussy"

Ok, you hate women and your a Fag, right?

I don't think there are too many here on ZH that support you.

Dancing Disraeli's picture

This old Simpson's clip shows how to nip this bullshit in the bud.


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You don't want to see these women in bikinis.

fleur de lis's picture

The only thing these dumb broads really want is free birth control and abortion.

But they do not really support other women.

Their issues are limited to women with a lot of extra time and money, and who live in a highly sophisticated Western society. 

Which is only a sliver of the world.

They have never spoken a word of concern for all the Chinese women who were subjected to forced abortions for the crime of being pregnant for the second time.

Nor for all the Asian, Southeast Asian, African, and Middle Eastern unborn girls who get aborted on a regular basis for the fatal mistake of being girls because their cultures value boys more.

As soon as the sonogram equipment shows up at the clinic or hospital the unborn girls get whacked.

Nor for all the Syrian women and girls who were taken as sex slaves by Obama's ISIS employees during the DC orchestrated war.

Nor for the Libyan women who went from living in the best society in Africa to petrified targets living in a wasteland of carnage thanks to more CIA psychopaths.

Nor for any of the Ukrainian women who were bombed and killed where they stood at home or out shopping because Obama and his psycho CIA friends are so hell bent on sticking it to the Ruskies.

Nor for any of the impoverished, illiterate Yemeni women who are getting killed in more DC sponsored attacks from rich Saudis, leaving orphaned children behind with no parents, family, social services, and of course not a single Women's Health (read birth control) Center for thousands of miles.

For all the energy they put into this vulgar show wouldn't it be better spent trying to assist women undergoing crisis pregnancies, or the offspring who are in need of homes, or the distant women and children who are suddenly homeless, hungry, frightened, and desperate thanks to the DC psychopaths?

After all, none of these atrocities could happen without our abused tax money.

Not that the dingbat Wymynz Lybberz care.

These loud, obnoxious women have far too much time and money and are nothing but skanks on parade.

Damn the estrogen overloaded men who support them and allow this absolute waste of police and civil tax money at a time when we are all trying to make ends meet.

As long as they can promote coarse sexual behavior and abort on the taxpayer's dime, other women do not matter to them.

Give them what they wish for.

It is better for us all that they never have children.

Their lines should end with them.




Ms. Erable's picture

That, and expecting 2 to 2.5 million women worldwide out of some 3.7 billion women in the world means this little gimmick doesn't add up to dried chickenshit - plus about a million cuckold beta males.

jeff montanye's picture

but look on the brighter side, that's the opposition.  and, really, i believe the peace argument, convincingly demonstrated, will bring around most women.  

Snípéir_Ag_Obair's picture

The morality of the Regressive Left is so demonstrated: apart from the hatred of free speech and democracy, we see that despite 8 years of illegal brutal wars under Obama, fought using takfiri psycho mercenaries, which killed hundreds of thousands of men, women, children =


But saying 'they LET YOU grab em by the pussy' and suggesting 15 - 29 million illegal immigrants who disregarded our laws is enough - they mass millions of protesters.

This morality is the Potemkin morality of hypocrites and imbeciles.



It's time for Conservatives and Libertarians and sensible Moderates to push back against the hypocritical, statist neo-Bolsheviks.

Credit where due - I do respect that these are peaceful large protests. That *is* why free speech exists.

pity the Left is increasingly against basic individual rights.

general ambivalent's picture

Women have no problem with violence. They just want to be exempt from it, and never have to see it. In many ways I think the Left acts just like women and the Right like men.

RAT005's picture

I really don't get it.....the Trump pussy/bus recording was basically a compliment that two guys were a little intimidated by the beauty of the host they would be meeting but Trump mentioned that as his success has increased he is finding it easier to approach that caliber of woman and in fact some of them make themselve available enough that he can "grab them by the pussy."  There was nothing insulting aimed at any women, and no suggestion of hurting any woman.  In fact they admitted to be a little intimidated by the beauty of their host....that is a compliment.

UselessEater's picture

You have to understand cultural marxism. It is important to take leave of your senses. Pretend to be a hopeless victumn and the only way your (not very shitty) life can improve is by bringing a defined sex/race/gender down. Yes you must be racist and sexist and not produce anything, just demand your share of what someone else produced. This makes you feel excited and feeds your hate, decent productive people are too busy to be bothered with hate and despise classing themselves as victums, productive people want to get ahead off their own back.

Cultural Marxism selects the weakest of our gene pools and glorifies them, validates them, lets them feel special and encourages them to do unproductive actions to be productively useful in destroying the very societies that have granted them the greatest freedoms. Send the women and the men in their lives to any country that spouts marxist crap and they'll wet their pants.

Miffed Microbiologist's picture

You ascribe too much thoughtful analysis to this.

When my kids were little they used to throw themselves on the ground and thrash about wailing they didn't want to go to school. I'd watch them as they burned them selves out and the frothing ended with them panting in a heap on the floor. Then I pull them up by the scruff of the next and shove them in the car. They snuffled a bit and soon were fine. Eventually they figured out they couldn't manipulate me to get their way and the tantrums ceased.

The key to this method is ignoring the drama because any attention, good or bad will just be gasoline on a flame. These "women" are essentially toddlers and should be treated as such. Just ignore and inwardly laugh your head off.


STP's picture

The ZH crew can always count on you!  A common sense woman's view, will always ring, ever true!

general ambivalent's picture

There's no such thing as cultural marxism. And the critical theory developed by the Frankfurt School would actually be very critical of this new liberalism. See the theories of repressive desublimation (basically the same idea as Huxley's tyranny of enjoyment) or proportional response in free speech (essentially that the ignored idea which has fallen out of favour must be given more attention).

If anyone is influenced by Critical Theory today it would be the Alt-Right with their critiques of mass media (culture industry), focus on identity which has been suppressed by the elites (cultural hegemony/alienation), reaction to pop culture and illuminati (false consciousness), the end of the working class (the end of capitalist conflict).

In reality, the Franfkfurt School set out to understand where Marxism failed, and there is a great irony that many of its ideas were taken from German conservatism and traditionalism. It is only appropriate, then, that the New Right would in turn look to these ideas as inspiration:


Majestic12's picture

"You have to understand cultural marxism"

Do tell. What "Marx" have you read?

It's simple Capitalist economics.

People are out of work, and Soros (also a misogynist like yourself) pays $2,500 a month to these women to humiliate themselves.

So what's your beef?

That corporations won't pay more than Soros, or that men can eat shit for money, but women can't?

Again where is "Marx" in all of this Oligarch exploitation?

chubbar's picture

Quit talking logic, these women hear what they want to hear. I'm completely shocked that they were able to 1). Organize a march with any semblance of attendance and 2) They were able to find DC, which shows you the power of GPS over maps.

SomebodySpecial's picture

I think I have to piss...oh wait!