White House Spokesman Slams Media Over "Crowd Size Comparisons" In Bizarre First Briefing

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In a bizarre first briefing, White House press secretary Sean Spicer on Saturday unloaded a blistering attack on the media and accused it of false reporting about the otherwise irrelevant question of why Trump's inauguration crowd was visibly smaller than that of Obama's.

Spicer used up virtually all the time in his first official appearance in the Press Briefing Room to denounce news organizations’ focus on the inaugural crowd size, saying “these attempts to lessen the enthusiasm of the inauguration are shameful and wrong."

We wouldn't necessarily use those words: silly should suffice since if Trump really wanted to "defend" why fewer people attended his inauguration, he can simply say many more of his supporters are employed and had to be at work on Friday, than during either Obama's 2009 or 2013 inauguration events.

However, the press secretary decided that hyperbole is the better part of valor and said "This was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period, both in person and around the world”

Spicer made the allegation despite photographs of the event clearly showed that the Mall was not full in the sections Spicer described, with dwindling-to-nonexistent crowds near the Smithsonian Institution Building and west toward the Washington Monument. There was also sparse attendance along the parade route from the Capitol to the White House. He alleged that some photos of the inauguration were “intentionally framed in a way” that minimized the crowd, without providing examples or evidence.

No official agency provides estimates of the size of gatherings on the Mall. But photos taken from the same vantage point at about the same time of day show that the crowds were far smaller than for President Barack Obama’s first inauguration, which Washington city officials estimated at 1.8 million people.


Ultimately, the whole press briefing episode had a surreal undertone, one in which Trump, via his speaker, appears to continue to troll the press, now in the White House.

As a seemingly perturbed NYU journalism professor Jay Rosen summarized it "Wow. Sean Spicer walked to the podium. Unloaded on the media for bias. Accused reporters of dishonesty. Walked off without taking questions."

The reaction among the rest of the press was similar.

Spicer took no questions from reporters and he did not say specifically how many people the White House believes attended the inauguration. He said three large sections of the Mall that each held at least 200,000 people were “full when the president took the oath of office.”

Earlier on Saturday, in remarks at CIA headquarters in Langley, Trump said that from his vantage point at the podium, “it looked like a million, million and a half people. They showed a field where there were practically nobody standing there, and they said Donald Trump did not draw well.” Trump also said parts of the National Mall “all the way back to the Washington Monument” were "packed."

Quoted by Bloomberg, former White House spokesman Ari Fleischer said on Twitter after Spicer’s remarks that "This is called a statement you’re told to make by the president. And you know the president is watching."

He is indeed, and what he is seeing is that he once again is controlling the media narrative, which is focusing on a very immaterial and arbitrary issue, instead of spending time on investigative work and reporting on far more serious issues relating to Trump's new administration.

Full clip below.

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vortmax's picture

I don't even care who's right or wrong, that was f'n amazing to watch. 

chunga's picture

Not a big deal in the grand scheme, but yeah, set the tone for purveyors of fake newz on day one.

Mikeyy's picture

Your self awareness is nonexistent if you don't realize who the purveyor of fake news was in this instance.  Or more likely you're just lying to yourself.

chunga's picture

What the hell is that supposed to mean?

tmosley's picture

It means "please, big black man, fuck my wife while I jerk off."

Giant Meteor's picture

No shit, same problem here .. 4 years? .. I may laugh myself to death in less than a week !

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) Giant Meteor Jan 21, 2017 7:45 PM

Trump is a super alpha male.

I am studying wolf packs now, same behavior you see in any alpha male exists.

Trump said about attacks during the primary "I have to hit back."

the alpha has to fight, being an alpha is about your ability to control the pack.

That's whats going on, get used to it.

His sons understand, Donald Trump Jr shook his head at the locker room talk and said "My father is a super alpha male, that type of talk is always present with alphas."

He became an alpha because he had special skills and can control his pack.

This is what we wanted, we haven't seen it before. His speech left the omega media breathless, speechless. It was amazing to see, one reporter almost could not get the words out.

Trump The Great!

The sucker has mars in Leo conjunct Regulus and the accendant. With Progressed Sun conjunct it now!! Duh....lol

barliman's picture


Weekends on ZH ... when SJW Tyler gets to pretend he's a journalist by parroting the MSM narrative.

Kind of like stepping in wet dog shit in the dark  - once you know it's happened it's too late to avoid it.

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) barliman Jan 21, 2017 8:29 PM


My dog weights 230 lbs and is an intact male, he ain't fixed because he was never broken.

We had to be alpha, me and my husband or he might have killed us...lol

Nobody comes to our house, the Mormons and Jehovah's freeze in fear when they try.

Creative_Destruct's picture

The fact that both sides of the political isle and the various Deep State interests and the MSM are all SCREAMING about Trump , tells me he's on the right track.

It's LONG past time to disrupt this shitpile.

SoDamnMad's picture

It was threatening rain.

There was threatening violence.

I stayed home and watched him up close on TV rather than as a dot on the horizon.

I could see him, I had beer and a toilet, and could turn off CNN whenever I wanted to.

They said his speech had a pessimistic tone.

I guess they think the economy and America is just rosey.

Trump said it isn't and is going to do something about it.

Nice speech that pissed everyone off. Glad to see Obama fly away but I only hope it is forever.

RiverRoad's picture

It took forever for that damn helicopter to lift off.

DeaconPews's picture

"I guess they think the economy and America is just rosey."

liberal cucks think Everything is Awesome.


roadhazard's picture

You could have avoided all the bullshit by watching C-SPAN.

I can't believe that Trump wanted to rant about the crowd size . Fuck, we ALL saw it, it was not that big. But WHO give a flying fuck besides Trump. That makes him small in my opinion. Grow the fuck up.


swmnguy's picture

We're going to see a lot of this.  Pro Wrestling-style bombast, weirdly peevish nitpicking, bizarre and obviously untrue claims made louder and louder if challenged.  We'll be told the trains all run on time now, the Wall is huge, beautiful and tremendous even if it doesn't appear to actually exist.  We'll be told the economy is fantastic and everybody has a good job.

The question is how the media responds.  If they choose to bicker with these people, they lose.  These people have no intention of winning a legitimate argument.  They know they're making stuff up.  They're just trying to disrupt and shut down any honest conversation.  The them, that's winning the argument; when the other party stops talking, for whatever reason, they claim victory.  

To defeat this kind of vandalism of discourse, their words have to be ignored and only their actions examined and examined with relentless scrutiny.  Don't quote their speeches.  Don't let them set the topic and the agenda.  Make them discuss their actions in specific terms, or don't quote them at all.

I don't think the US has journalists who can do that.  US politicians can't even talk to foreign journalists, who ask real questions and follow up instead of accepting evasions.  Our new administration won't be able to answer the most basic of questions without a tantrum.  If the US corporate media gets tired of being humiliated, this will be fun to watch.

jeff montanye's picture

thank you so much.  at least the jehovah w.'s don't believe in hell.

JRobby's picture

You should move further out into the country where the Mormons & Jehovah's do not go.

Bubba Rum Das's picture

"You should move further out into the country where the Mormons & Jehovah's do not go."

Fuckers are everywhere...

My kid put a propane kit on his '76 Chevy Scottsdale pickup; it's pretty quiet...
so, we're in in town one day, & he see's the mormon missionary's on their bikes (two at a time; for safety reasons, of course); & he speeds up behind them, then shuts off the ignition so they don't hear him creeping up behind them...
When he's about 15 feet behind them, he just lays on that fuckin horn (2 horns actually, out of a 68 Cadillac Fleetwood Limo that was down at the wreckin yard)...

Oh fuck, I thought these guy's were gonna' have seizures...!

So god damn funny, we were laughing so hard & they swerved & almost fell over...

Reminds me of me when I was a kid.

musimann's picture

jackass. I guess the apple did not fall to far from cursed tree.

Beowulf55's picture

I remember assholes like you throwing half empty beer cans at me on my bike and yelling at me that I had no right to be on the road with cars.


Your just a braindead redneck asshole with the IQ of a Negro......and fuck you.......My name is Dave.




Maybe you just should shutup and spend more time in the library and learn something.............44 weeks.....really?

Vageling's picture

Fuck that. I have a bucket of water on the second floor above the entrance door. Free shower bitches. 

What's wrong with these people. Coming to your door, ringing the bell. Looking all high on drugs trying to bring you the rainbow. Always that damn line... "Do you have a moment to talk about God?" Fuck off. It appears God's kind of busy and so am I. Now take your fairytale book and go play in your safe space. I'll deal with God myself. 

Oliver Klozoff's picture


When they'd come to my door I'd tell them I was Roman Catholic but I'd be glad to talk about their religion, they couldn't beat it outta there fast enough. Must be my scary face.

roadhazard's picture

I live far out in the woods and the Jehovah's Witnesses found me. I invited them in and talked to them about the first church of roadhazard. Never saw them again.

sagramore's picture

Doesn't matter, the cultists have ended up on backwoods property where I used to live.  Big dogs and fencing worked.

JW's think that only something like 100,000 people get into heaven.  Why the hell are they recruting then if they have a likelyhood of being "bumped" by someone in their downline? 



BarkingCat's picture

230 lbs??? Holy shit!!

What kind of dog do you have???

Likstane's picture

Must be a Soterowookie hound.

BeansMcGreens's picture

It weighed 250 lbs before Chris shaved off the mane.



Abraxas's picture

It's all fake news media! MSM, AJ, ABC, NBC, CBC, RT and yes, ZH as well. Everyone has an agenda and everyone is after the minds and hearts. The honest journalism never really existed, because if it sporadically appeared here and there it was shut down like the Stuka bomber in 1945.

FreezeThese's picture
FreezeThese (not verified) Abraxas Jan 21, 2017 9:21 PM

Emergency Press Conference: Draft Dodging Donny Sweetheart's feelings were hurt ...

eatthebanksters's picture

Trump is setting the tone.  He is calling out the bullshit from the press and then offering the facts to support his claims.  He will take down the fake press.  CNN and MSNBC and the rest of the lying news are toast.

yogibear's picture

Barry's crowds were larger because they were all welfare leeches. Trump supporters had to work. 

dobermangang's picture
TWEET OF THE DAY!!!  It's a visual tweet.  Click the link below.

techpriest's picture

It's geography. Who is going to drive 200 miles to see the ceremony? How many Trump supporters live in or near DC? Also, who besides Bikers for Trump wants to tangle with Soros thugs?

JRobby's picture

Soros thugs? Those protestors were a bunch of pussies.

Did you watch any of the footage?

RiverRoad's picture

Rain was predicted. Could have easily been a white-out blizzard.  Then how many? 

Crowd Size:  MSM Stupid news - Fake news.  Irrelevant.

Vigilante's picture

DC and Baltimore are niggro towns...in DC most whites are liberals

There's your 2009 crowd..


sleigher's picture

Is it true that Obamas inaugurations didn't have security and ticketing and who knows what else making it difficult to get to the mall grounds like Trumps did?

crazzziecanuck's picture

Remember, Obamabots were proclaiming that we just needed to watch as Obama would unleash miracles.  Trump supporters are doing the same f**king thing in 2017.

Personally, I like how the spokesman just walked away without taking questions.  Not as if the MSM really does ask IMPORTANT questions.  Then again, it would have been nice to see the lame and weak questions they could come up with.

sunnyside's picture

"Look press....a ball and a squirrel"............./Trump & Spicer

runswithscissors's picture

The folks who voted for Trump have jobs and were at work during the inauguration so the picture is meaningless...nice try commie "news" network.

crazzziecanuck's picture

That, or they realized sthat showing up to these spectacles don't mean anything.  We had one hope and change candidate fizzle both in 2009 and 2013.  What's the say?  Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.  Guess a lot of people may have learned that lesson.

barndoor's picture

Trump is such a alph male that he spends an hour on his hair each day and wears makeup.  You know, just like John Wayne uesed to do.

JoeSoMD's picture

The hell he was.


One of my favorite movies of all time.  Have to rewatch it.  Thanks for posting the link.  Posts like yours makes working through these stupid fucking comments worth the time.

balolalo's picture


on day two nonetheless


Lorca's Novena's picture

I for one am at the point where I dont effing care anymore. Everything that made our Nation great has been destroyed over the past several decades. I have witnessed in my short life the slow eradication of Christian beliefs / morals. The raping of the middle class. The freedom to educate your children the way you see fit. The intrusion of government into every crack of our lives. The forced integration, the forced submission, the forced indoctrination via teevee, the forced take it in the ass by immigrants, the forced monetary seizures to pay for people we dont even want in our country. The over taxation, the over policed, the shame of being a white caucasion male, the ignorant masses that are eligible to vote, the pushing aside and genocide of being white. If Trump starts to act like a Dictator on behalf of THE REPUBLIC I dont fucking care. The line has been drawn, either behave like a hard working person or get fucking executed.


Yes I mad bro.