French Socialist Primary Winner Proposes Tax On Robots, Universal Income, Right Of Foreigners To Vote

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France24 reports Benoît Hamon and Manuel Valls take top spots in first round of left-wing primary in a field of seven candidates.

Let’s take a look at other reports, then we will look at Hamon’s amazing platform.

Bloomberg notes Valls, Hamon Qualify for French Socialist Primary Run-Off.

In the first round of voting Sunday night, Hamon was first with 35.2 percent with Valls on 31.6 percent, with about one-third of voting stations reporting, the primary authority said. Former Industry Minister Arnaud Montebourg, who was third with 18.7 percent, endorsed Hamon saying that the primary shows that Socialist voters want more leftist policies.


The voters “have massively and seriously condemned” the government’s policies, Montebourg said. They “want the left to return to the path of the left.”


Benoît Hamon’s Platform

Benoît Hamon is a 49-year-old former education minister. Here is his platform.

  1. Universal basic income.
  2. Tax on robots.
  3. Progressive taxation of wealth.
  4. Reduction of tax loopholes.
  5. 32-hour working week.
  6. Legalization of marijuana.
  7. National conference on “environmental democracy”.
  8. 50% renewable energy by 2025.
  9. Differentiated VAT for the “most virtuous products”.
  10. Ban on pesticides.
  11. Better repayments for dental care.
  12. A “Sixth Republic”.
  13. Transformation of the Senate into “college of territories”.
  14. The right of foreigners to vote in local elections.
  15. “Humanitarian visa”  and redo of France a land of asylum.
  16. Consideration of the white vote. If the white vote is a majority vote, the election must be postponed.
  17. Media antitrust law.
  18. Labor law repeal to provide additional protection to employees.
  19. Help facilitate the takeover of SCOP companies by employees.
  20. Recognize burn-out as an occupational disease.

That reads like it came from The Onion. However, it’s translated from Benoît Hamon, favorite of the primary: his very left program.

According to the Financial Times, “Mr Hamon’s proposals have been criticized as unrealistic and costly by rivals including Arnaud Montebourg”.

Now, Montebourg backs Hamon because voters “want the left to return to the path of the left.”

Amazing Twitter Performance

In a field of seven candidates, that platform got Hamon 35% of the vote. Amazing.

How did he get there? The new-fashioned way. Hamon has a huge following on Twitter.

Looking Ahead

Don’t rule out le Pen.

Should Hamon square off against Marine le Pen, I believe le Pen would win. Le Pen might also win in the widely-expected final match-up against François Fillon, the Republican winner and former Prime Minister of France.

Recent political events are such that anything could happen.

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Soul Glow's picture

Let's just have the French give up on life already.  It's been a long time coming.

NidStyles's picture

#8 really makes one question how delusional they are. France runs on nuclear power. They went hog wild with adopting it.


These socialists seriously want everyone to live a pseudo life through the internet and VR instead of in the real world.

wildbad's picture

I'm foreign..I Vote Le Pen!

Manthong's picture

Congrats to the socialist clown.

It’s kind of hard to F up France more than it is now.

It might take a Marine to fix it.


Manthong's picture

Maybe the Fries need heavy armor and street sweepers to fix the “No-Go” zones.  

Dead Canary's picture

How about: "Tax all foreigners living abroad"

Hey, it worked for the Romans.

eforce's picture

I think the left in the continent will end up having to be removed physically if Le Pen, AfD etc. fail to break through in elections.

Luc X. Ifer's picture

'Rigth of foreigners to vote' is democracy wise the equivalent to giving the paradoxical legal right to a stranger to rape your wife or girlfriend without fear of legal or direct repercussions. 

American Psycho's picture

Jesus Christ, what could go wrong with these suggestions?  Viva Le Pen!

lucitanian's picture

What a load of rubbish you right and think. The right to vote in local elections for non nationals is already a fact in many European counties, and has been for many years. I'm a Brit living in Portugal and I can vote here in all municipal and European Parliamentary elections for regional representatives. And why not indeed. I pay the national and local taxes. Remember, "no taxation without representation". Not only that but we as, permanent residents can run for local office, and in fact there is one village in the north that has a Dutch mayor. On national elections I have to vote by postal ballot in the UK.

What in hell's name has it got to do with rape, and the laws which are applied. Sometimes I wonder where you people get your hair brained ideas, not to mention your prejudices, which have nothing to do with the way we run our communities here. Portugal has a large foreign community including Venezuelans, Africans from ex-colonial countries like Mozambique, Angola, Guinea-Bissau, San Tome and Principe, as well As Brazil, Morocco, South Africa, as well as migrants from the Ukraine and China, and of course, a large number from other EU countries like myself. There is no racism or xenophobia.    

It's marvelous that you have opinions about Europe as we do about USns but before you spout off about what Europeans should do, perhaps you should first study a bit and find out what they are doing!

css1971's picture

How about: "Tax all foreigners living abroad"


Only America has that privilege. It does it through the US Dollar.

reader2010's picture

"Tax all foreigners living abroad"


Isn't that the job of the Federal Reserve System?

DownWithYogaPants's picture

But I don't want to be abroad.

piliage's picture

For a real laugh riot (literally) check out #16

"Consideration of the white vote. If the white vote is a majority vote, the election must be postponed."

What could possibly go wrong?

HermanVanCuckold's picture

That's an example of when ZH is aggravating. "vote blanc" refers to abstention votes on a particular issue, not votes from people with white skin.

pathosattrition's picture

That's a key distinction. Thanks, Herman.

cahadjis's picture

Come on man, check your own prejudices that led you to think that meant skin colour! Jeess it's obviously the blank vote.

BarkingCat's picture


No, it reads like a racial thing. Considering these are socialists and how screwed up France is, it seems like an idiotic policy they would try to advance.

The fault is not with the reader but obviously a bad translation.

Vilfredo Pareto's picture

Look, crazy leftists have said far crazier things than counting the Caucasian vote less than others.   You should spend some time at the moderate crazy sites, Daily Kos, Huffpo, and Salon, even ignoring the super crazy left,  the moderate crazies call me and my ilk privileged and selfish and racist and oppressive, and a few other things.


  It was totally normal to assume the lefties were talking about disempowering the vote of evil whitey to "equalize" the playing field.   It fits in quite well with all the other things lefties say on race.

DownWithYogaPants's picture

And in your defense "blanc" does not mean blank.  It means white.  As in white space where nothing is written.  But it does bend around to blank and is th origin of our word blank.  But they're just having fun with you saying "check your privilege"  ROFLMAO bunch of ZH Pepes!

prmths2's picture

Considering the recent problems with reactor component quallity control that have been uncovered, it might not be as delusional as some of the others.

crazzziecanuck's picture

The grid itself and it's reliance upon remote single point sources for power generation (result of NIMBY) is getting harder and harder to maintain proper power factors.

I just hope France does a better job at implementation of "green energy" than Germany, where Germany ended up shutting down their nukes and building coal-fired plants faster than China for a while.

zipit's picture

THe new French flag should be solid white.

Mr 9x19's picture

to be exact,  from 8 am to 5pm, only 400.000 ppl went to vote. media had a bad trip about it,  at 7 pm, they said + 900.000 voters.  to get a total arroud 1.900.000 and 2.000.000 voters.

republican made double of that score.

another information,  primary election everybody can vote, but every body pay 2€

isn't  funny, liberte egalite fraternite but yyou have to pay to vote ?

this country is on the list of those who are in total free fall.


mr. 9x19

sunshineguerilla's picture

i hope this guy gets in, its as if million dollar bonus was running for office

Shadow1275's picture

Wave Aurevoir to France honey

Exalt's picture

Hahaha... this guy is a laugh a minute.

idontcare's picture

If the French elect this guy, they deserve the ensuing carnage which will befall them.  In a year, the few French remaining will be sex slaves for the Muslims who overrun the country.

ebworthen's picture

Notre Dame a mosque within 50 years.

Juvenile narcissism collides with mass delusion; a 21st Century mental disorder.

What next?  "Strange men can rape my daughters to satisfy their carnal needs"

nationstates's picture
  1. Consideration of the white vote. If the white vote is a majority vote, the election must be postponed.


SERIOUSLY ? quelle horreur ! 

nationstates's picture

I just realized  at the moment the true French are still the majority, so as White are the majority, there will never be elections in France ever again.

As of 2004, French conservative think-tank Institut Montaigne estimated that there were 60 million (85%) white people of European origin, 6 million (10%) North African people, 2 million (3.5%) Black people and 1 million (1.5%) people of Asian origin in Metropolitan France, including all generations of immigrant descendants.[26]

War Machine's picture

Interesting he uses 'white' rather than, you know... FRENCH.

Again we see the masochistic faux morality of the Far Left - France belongs to immigrants more then the native French... and this isn't about protecting minority rights but about denying any rights to the majority, ie denying democracy itself to give a political heckler's veto to the minority because they are NOT French.

Recently watched on youtube a video called 'Sweden is dying don't let this happen to your country' which is a very good, and I think moderate (its not racist or racialist - it's intelligent and thoughtful - and it basically made me realize that the Multiculturalist Left has become psychologically masochistic.

Swedes would rather their country and culture and yes, ethnic nation be destroyed - than be thought of as 'racist' - So they will even tolerate Barbara Specter in their midst, and literally pay for her to help destroy their country, even though Specter is, as a Jewish Supremacist and Zionist... quite obviously racist and full of hate for whites.

We need to stop thinking if it as a political viewpoint because it is irrational and self destructive... they think that retaining their own culture and nationhood and thinking of themselves as a 'people' who have a homeland is 'hate'... but ONLY because they're white

While the Jews and Muslims in their midst are somehow not racist for supporting sharia, or a jewish ethnostate etc.

Its psychopathy. Its like a teenager cutting herself.

its the mindset of someone in a lifeboat who will keep demanding more people be let on board, even as the boat begins to take on water, and everyone begins to sink together into the abyss.

Core112's picture

"White vote" does NOT mean the vote of white people.

From Wikipedia (
A protest vote (also known as a blank vote or white vote) is a vote cast in an election to demonstrate the voter's dissatisfaction with the choice of candidates or refusal of the current political system.

cahadjis's picture

Ok i'm as stupid as the next ZH guy, but seriously? You can't see past your own prejudices to realise that this refers to the blank vote? And no i don't speak french. But it's obvious to me, come on.

BarkingCat's picture


No, it reads like a racial thing. Considering these are socialists and how screwed up France is, it seems like an idiotic policy they would try to advance.

The fault is not with the reader but obviously a bad translation.

crazzziecanuck's picture

No, you read into it what you wanted.  You needed what was listed to reaffirm your already pre-existing bias.  That's why we had constant streams or right-wingers pretendeing Obama was some far-left foreign manchurian candidate and now anti-Trump people obsessing over how he's a Russian puppet.  It works the other way too.  Obamabots desperately needed to believe he was a "progressive" when he wasn't even a Democrat and just a corporatist stooge doing whatever he was asked to do.  Not because it's true, but because they desperately need it to be true.  Adjusting a belief system is paintful but just disregarding reality is far easier so, like electricity, the flow follows the path of least resistance.

And the MSM and think tanks knows this really, really, really well.

I remember back during the Crimean annexation, a left-wing friend of mine took this one comment from a Crimean municipal leader calling for people being removed as an indication that Crimean was going to be the new Yugoslavia.  He was freaking out because he's a Russophobe.  Turns out, like I predicted, that it was about illegal squatters on public property.

Remember what your mother said to you: if it's too good to be true, it probably is.

War Machine's picture

With respect - *you* are reading in what you wanted as well; talk about assuming facts not in evidence- 'white vote' is going to be taken to mean 'ethnic' in American English by the vast majority of people.

It is a bad translation because the reader will understandably presume ethnic white is meant, particularly from a Leftist party.

'Blank vote' would have led to no confusion.

I was 'primed' I'll admit by having recently watched the 'sweden is dying' vid.

But I would have assume white was an ethnic thing absent some explication anyway.

Vilfredo Pareto's picture

White and blank may be the same word in French but it is not in English.    Do you ever listen to lefties talk about race?   It is totally normal to assume the new left, driven by identity politics and chronic grievances would espouse a policy to make elections "fairer" and "more inclusive" lol

Hobbleknee's picture

Of course robots will pay income tax. That's why they're talking about giving robots human rights.

tenpanhandle's picture

Does that mean my sex robot can say she has a headache?

Mr 9x19's picture

wait until the robot refuse to pay the tax because the new gen of implants and augs cost more that his salary.



crazzziecanuck's picture

I'm willing to bet this is a proposed tax on OWNERS of robots.  If we wish to maintain a tax on labour and income, then parity must be between the robotic kind and the meatsack kind.  Otherwise, failure to tax would essentially be a tax cut for the rich.

gnjus's picture

No Sharia Law for all Franch citizens ? I am disappointed.

By the way... I think now I know why Gerard Depardieu went to Russia. He was smart enough to see "wealth redistribution" is coming to France.
Also, 50% green energy ??? What ??? That would increase electrical bill by 1000%.

nationstates's picture

When White people are unable to vote, then there is no method to stop Sharia law from becoming the only law allowed to be enforced