Watch: Bigoted Turtleneck-Wearing Liberal Gets Tossed Off Plane For Harassing Trump Supporter! [updated]

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File this under Justice Porn...

A miserable seething bitch and her browbeaten husband are the stars of a new video making it's way around the internet after the woman, a horrible human being, decided to berate a Trump supporter on an airplane. First, here's what happened from the guy it happened to:



The first flight attendant to deal with his bigot isn't having any of her shit:

Attendant #1: "Is there going to be a problem?"

Woman: "There will be, I would like for him to change seats with somebody who did not put us all in harm's way"

Attendant #1: "Well, you don't have that right!"

[mic drop, goes to get other flight attendant]

When the second flight attendant breaks the news of her impending ejection, this ivory tower liberal starts throwing her dead mother in law out to try and gain some sympathy:

Woman: "I'm going home now. My mother in law, his mother, died. And we had to be here. I'm going home now, there is no way I'm getting off this plane."

Attendant #2: "I'm terribly sorry for that, but that does not give you the right to treat people the way you've been treating them.

[indignancy intensifies]

Husband: "What if we trade seats and she quiets down? How would that be?"

Attendant #2: "Unfortunately the captain has already made the call..."


Enjoy the show: 


Update to potato quality video - Someone sent Milo a perfect view of the carnage. That husband really gave the overhead bin latch what for...


Note the applause...


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DemandSider's picture

A tranquilizer dart would have been real handy.

lakecity55's picture

That young man would have suffered from Jet Hag had she stayed on the 6-hour flight!

Wait! A new Snowflake Term!

Jet Hag!

konadog's picture

PRICELESS. A hundred bucks says that libtard twat was lying about the dead relative. Whenever these cretins are confronted with consequences for their intolerance you can bet your bottom dollar they'll roll with a victimization routine. I'm not responsible for being a mass murderer because I had a crappy childhood.  Good riddance. Hope she and her cuck husband had to sleep on the airport sidewalk waiting for another flight.

natty light's picture

Imagine being bitchfaced daily like the guy.

Anybody's picture

She looks Canadian.

fel.temp.reparatio's picture

Snakes on a Plane... 

Yellow Zookaninnie's picture

No doubt, she's a loyal Daily Koscucker devotee who missed her daily Koscucker anti-freedom hate rant so much that she started her own. She's also so pissed that her trusted personal physician cut off her tits so she could never pretend to be a woman again.

hoopsiouzip's picture

Impersonating an old lesbian from Vermont.


The Wizard's picture

She found a wussy to marry and take her daily handout of bullshit. The world need to get rid of these men that have turned into women.

This is a perfect example of why the founders establshed a democratic republic whereby only freemen were qualified to vote.

Freemen = land owners who are male head of household.

How many down votes will this bring?

Dildocks's picture

Anyone who's ever had the misfortune to interact with a left-wing person knows this woman well: Ignorant, delusional, bigoted, intolerant, tyranical, elitist. A direct DNA descendant of the democrat party's KKK.  And the central casting husband! A pathetically cucked and dickless piece of democrat manhood. Welcome to a new era, Cunts, where we win and you lose. I advise rigorous off-label presciption use combined with excessive alchohol consumption. Props to our brother-in-arms who gamed this perfectly. Look and learn. Record their insanity and post it. Their mental illness makes us stronger.

ZeroPointNow's picture

Well put. They'll eventually #Spiritcook themselves.

Dildocks's picture

Great! Wonder if the art director at Comet Pizza might be interested in acquiring this to brighten up those drab basement walls they claim they don't have.

iamrefreshed's picture

Notice how she calls for the man to be moved to another seat then states she paid for her seat and will stay in it? Like he didn't pay for his. CUNT!

lakecity55's picture

Man I bet her pussy stinks.

"Hey! Is it Tuna for lunch?"
"No, just an old hag!"

The New Feudalism's picture

Puddles the Husband obediently gets up and leaves with She Who Must Be Obeyed. Cucked old fool passed up a good chance to get the jump, run home and change the locks. Probably would have had time to get a restraining order and even transfer a bunch of money, too.

georgekaplan's picture

I'm not surprised they look like grown-up 60s hippy twins. Emasculated husband by feminist, braless, flat-chested wife.  Wife doesn't respect her husband enough to STFU; he just lost his mom.

francis scott falseflag's picture

Mom.  Dad.  

Get off of that plane.  

All the passengers are aliens from Pluto.



Fathead Slim's picture
Fathead Slim (not verified) Jan 23, 2017 6:42 PM

Yo, Homes. That bitch got ISSUES, ese.

blindman's picture

sure, i'm late.
Airplane! (6/10) Movie CLIP - Get a Hold of Yourself! (1980) HD
life imitating art?

DemandSider's picture

Looks like she picked the wrong week to give up Thorazine.

Stu Elsample's picture

That was nice...but i sure would like to have seen her eat some nightstck held in the hands of the female Officer.

Barrock's picture

You have just witnessed one of the scum sucking white females educated from the 1960 hippy generation.  Jane Fonda and Cher are other examples.  They idolize marxism and would like absolute control over all aspects of our lives.  The sooner they die the better for us all.

orangegeek's picture

Another angry fucking cunt - should have tossed it in the baggage hold instead and then taken off - would have saved time.

Yen Cross's picture

    Is that crazy bitch related to Elizabeth Holmes?  Her husband is the biggest pussy I've seen in a long time. He should have pimp slapped her early on, and they wouldn't have been ejected from the flight.

francissba's picture

Looks like Triggly Puff went on the South Bitch Diet.  

I love a happy ending.  The very  patient and much-maligned  passenger got 3 seat wide. Better than first class.  So was he. 

JailBanksters's picture

Jews on a Plane ! Jews on a Plane !

DirtySanchez's picture

Nothing better than to see an intolerant fucking ahole get treated the way they wish to treat each and every person they do not get along with.

Had that drunken, pill popping, horrific authoritarian , Hillary Clinton, won, this crazy psycho bitch on the airplane would be the norm.

God bless America!


EcoJoker's picture

You can't fuck with airplanes for any reason.   

mijev's picture

That video warmed my heart and made my day quite a lot better. But that woman also cured my morning boner in less than a millisecond

Johnny Quest's picture


After about 5 minutes of laughing, I finally composed myself! Great comment! Hysterical! Thank you for making my day!! Can't remember when I laughed so hard!

I'm still laughing when I read it...

GPW's picture

what's the probable "rest of the story"?


Oh, yeah, the airline puts her on the next flight and bumps her and her husband to First Class.

ZeroPointNow's picture

He would complain about the wine selection. 

Can you imagine the dramatic scene at their house when Steve Jobs died? 

Or when Trump said "Because you'd be in JAIL"

Or when Trump was elected? 

It would get old fast, but maybe a 20 second clip of shocked hyperventilation would hit the spot. 

KingTut's picture

There is a distinct possibiity she has dementia.  Her reaction to being asked to step to the front of the plane should have been: I'm so sorry!  You're right, I'll be leave this poor gentleman alone for the rest of the flight.  Instead, she starts a poorly reasoned argument with the attendant.  Her husband has that "Oh shit, there she goes again." look on his face.

BTW: I'm not saying ALL democrats are demented.

ZeroPointNow's picture

Faux aristocratic entitlement among aging liberal baby boomers is easily mistaken for dementia. Why spend a lifetime working on dignity and humility when you can coast along in your arrognt bubble of judgement, thinking you can smite poor Trump supporters on an airplane on your way back to your vacuous lives in the Pacific NW. 

Lack of Vitamin D turns you into a morlock. 


Emergency Ward's picture

What indicates that she had her wits about her and is probably a sociopath is that she defiantly flips off or hand gestures off the passenger section on her way out.  Her feelings are the only thing that count.

Two Theives and a Liar's picture

+1 That husband definitely had the look of "O sh*t there she goes again." . I think he knew early on how it was going to play out.

"Buy the ticket, take the ride"

- Hunter S Thompson

how_this_stuff_works's picture

You know, I can't even begin to imagine, and really wouldn't want to, what it must be like to wake up every morning and actually BE this woman, knowing there'd be no way to get away from myself.

She is just an absolute miserable human being.

RightLineBacker's picture


Typical Liberal being a typical Liberal.

AKA, Human Waste Product.

Winston Smith 2009's picture

"Unfortunately the captain has already made the call..."

Excellent! I'll bet that call is because the pilot, many of them coming from the military, isn't an intolerant left wing moron. 

ZeroPointNow's picture

My thoughts exactly. You could tell the captain got Flight Attendant #1 all fired up. She knew cap had her back. 

CalifornianSeven's picture

And the crowd goes wild!

lakecity55's picture

Yes! + 10.

We need a name so we can add her to the "list of the Schlonged!"

Go Trump!!

I bet the old bitch didn't get her Pizza fix!


MrBoompi's picture

They got what they deserved.  Her for being a big-mouth who you can tell bosses everyone else around.  And him for being the little cuck he is, who wasn't even man enough to tell his stupid wife to shut the fuck up.  I got a big kick out of her telling the airline employee she wasn't moving because she paid for that seat, after telling them she wanted the guy sitting next to her to move, even though he paid for that seat.  Stupid. Bitch.  

FrankDrakman's picture

If I'd been the Trump supporter, I would have been biting my tongue in half, 'cause I would have loved to ask the 'husband' "Where does she keep your balls? In a nightstand drawer, or up on the mantel?".

But I might have settled for "Sympathy, bro." No one deserves to live with someone like that.

WTFUD's picture

His mum just died! Yes and she'll still be dead when you get on the next plane!

I've never given a woman a black-eye . . . who didn't deserve it. No Siree i'm not one of those sexists , it's equal treatment for everyone.

alien-IQ's picture

Your mother must be very proud...or did you give her a black eye also?

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

not one of our leftist trolls even had the balls to post on this thread..funny they know when they have been shown for what they all are,  and want no part of this liberal couple's cup of shit. sorry but you all smell of this liberal shit hypocricy

Fathead Slim's picture

You spoke too soon. One of the original leftard trolls just did.