WikiLeaks Slams Trump, Urges Hackers To Reveal His Tax Returns

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Perhaps in an attempt to demonstrate its impartiality, on Sunday WikiLeaks tweeted a request to worldwide hackers to release President Donald Trump’s tax returns after counselor Kellyanne Conway told ABC Trump will not be releasing the controversial files after all. The whistleblower site, which was blasted during the US election campaign for only releasing material damaging to the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, tweeted the request with a link to its submission page.

Curiously, in a second tweet, Wikileaks risked further antagonizing the president many have said it was instrumental in helping him get elected in the first place, when it compared the newly inaugurated president’s breach of promise to release his tax returns comparable to Clinton hiding her Goldman Sachs speech transcripts.

During the campaign, Trump repeatedly refused to release his tax information to the public saying they were under audit but pledged to do so after this process was complete. That changed, however, on Sunday when Conway confirmed Sunday in an interview on ABC's This Week, that he has no plans to do this, stating people don’t care. "The White House response is that he’s not going to release his tax returns," she said.

While presidents are not required to disclose their tax returns, all US presidents since Nixon have done so voluntarily. A petition was launched the day of Trump’s inauguration calling for the release of his tax returns. It quickly reached the 100,000 signatures required to get a response from the White House.

WikiLeaks' request has prompted mixed reaction among its followers, with many stating they do not care about Trump’s taxes...

.... while others emphasized the wider public want the files released...

.... yet others accused Wikileaks of doing “too little, too late”, circling back to the left with an empty gesture to get on side with liberals again.

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Has Wikileaks ever tacitly encouraged a criminal act in the past? 

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I thought they were for privacy?

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its not to late but i would not trust the tax returns even if he releases them.

there is not secret about trump being a fraudster.


i think "trumps deep state" will fake his tax return, like they faked obummers birth certificate too.



it also exposing the hypocricy of the trumptards. look at how they went after obummer but when its about trump then its forbidden to question the holy cow of fraudulence



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Assange going after Trump’s tax ??????

Deep State is celebrating this news. And the liberals might have the ammunition to hammer Trump the long it goes.

Unless, of course, Trump comes clean and release it.

Trump will be facing checkmate, if he doesn’t move quick.


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Trump did not write the tax code, and I would be deeply disappointed if he did not play the US tax code like a Stradivarius!
If he did not take advantage of each and every deduction and credit in the damn thing I will be pissed that I voted for an idiot.

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Hey, I gotta say, I'm all for him not releasing his taxes.  I don't think that is a qualifier listed in the Constitution. 

That said, he did commit to releasing them.  And for that, I think he should be called out.

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xythras (not verified) erkme73 Jan 22, 2017 9:34 PM
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Ok, maybe someone can clear this up for me: is the audit over or not?

And further, what is the best case scenario for anti-trumpers that could be revealed from his tax returns? He's already president. You hoping to get fuel for your 2020 campaign?

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FreezeThese (not verified) tmosley Jan 23, 2017 6:25 AM

The "audit" is irrelevant and will go on as long as Trump wants it to. Best case scenario, he's invested in, or has funneled money to, Russian prostitution rings or child trafficking ... he resigns like Nixon, KellyAnne Conway is sent to a mental institution, and we move on

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Tax returns don't reveal much.

Hillary and Bill released their tax returns and look what they got away with their phony pay for play foundation and global initiative. They even took a million dollar tax deduction for a donation to their own foundation.

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he was a private citizen in 2016 and i'll be more interested in returns beginning in 2017.

however, he did say he would release them after the audit was finished. as painful as it might be, he's already elected and tho the MSM may howl like a banshee over any particulars they feel exposes Trump's weakness, he'll have four years to prove his mettle.

i don't care if he earned $1 or $1B and has more deductions than Carter's got pills, he should release them if the audit is complete.

man up, PT. show 'em you've got big brass ones. they're not gonna let this die.

looks like round 1 is underway. keep your fists up and chin down. 

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Didn't Assange say that he will waive extradition if Manning was pardoned?

Where's the waiver?

Because of this and his alienation of Trump, he must really love living in the Ecuador embassy. Anything to get away from the wife perhaps?

nmewn's picture

Just so you know, the years in question he was married so its not just his.

But I'm much more interested in why the most powerful man in the Senate at the time (Harry Reid) never turned a name over to the IRS that KNEW Romney was a tax cheat...otherwise...carry on ;-)

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blah blah blah checkmate blah blah. He is a billionaire and payed a smaller percentage than most. Lobby to change the fucking tax LAW or get over it. Politicians wrote it that way for a reason, they are the bitches of the very people they pretend to hate.

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Trumps tax's will be a non starter .. I mean fuck, it's taxes .. No, I would look no further than the Clinton Grifting Initiative, soon to be defunct. There is your story ..

edit; Almost forgot. That and how Wikileaks and Assange, will now be "handled," will be the other story ...

Interesting no? Just made another batch of popcorn ...

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Fuck off.

Release the returns.

Who gives a shit.

IF Trump did anything illegal, we would all have known.

SOETERO and his asshats were in charge the last 8 years. Hello. McFly.....Hello!


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The only thing Trump wants to hide is that he isn't as rich as he says

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----_- (not verified) piceridu Jan 22, 2017 9:25 PM

he is rich. he obviously has disconnected his money from his name to make it harder to trace.

(((david camoron))) has done the same.

they have their people, they have their mafia, they have their clans.


it goes as far as you can have a 10000$ bank account while being a multi millionaire in reality because all your money is on the bank account of mister-xyz.

turnoffthewater's picture

Tru dat. His goldman sucks cabinet can attest to that

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----_- (not verified) BabaLooey Jan 22, 2017 9:21 PM

"Who gives a shit."



nmewn's picture

Deep State is not looking for O'Barry's college transcripts, they know what they are however, wikileaks does not have Trumps...

WikiLeaks ? @wikileaks

Trump Counselor Kellyanne Conway stated today that Trump will not release his tax returns. Send them to:  so we can.

...they are asking the Deep State (IRS or New York state etc.) to send them.

This could get very interesting on multiple levels ;-)

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Because Obama was never there for his grad school. There have been many of the students attest to that as well as one of the faculty. It was a small class, nobody remembered Barry roaming the halls.

Max Cynical's picture

Absolutely not...releasing his tax returns is like throwing fuel on a fire. No need to fuel the media contempt.

His businesses afford him massive amounts of depreciation and it's quite possible his federal income tax has been minimized for decades.

Whateever he's paid in state/local/federal taxes is of no consequence.

nmewn's picture

I think Julian can be trusted with redacting Marla Maples portion of the return along with Trumps, so whats the problem?

Afraid it will not show a Trump Tower next to the Kremlin? ;-)

ne14truth's picture

who cares what his tax returns say? It has so little to do with anything I cannot even express what a usless piece of info it would be....on 15 mil? 1 mil? 125k? who cares? He is not buying anything, he is the manager of the you care how much your manager actually makes? what a dumb thing to even think about. No matter what he makes it will make no difference....the left will whine about anything....he only make 125k he is a moron.....he made 15 mil he is a corporate sell makes no difference at all.....this entire topic is BS

Squid-puppets a-go-go's picture

Absolute first priority: destroy the Paedostocracy.

I'll give a shit about his tax returns after that.

Fatboy777's picture

I wish I could short the phrase "deep State". I think in 6 months it will be the equivalent of the Get Happy song. Let me tell you guys something- there is no deep State just like there is no god. Not everything needs a great plan and a reason. It's just a giant organism directed by self preservation. You can attribute all the intent you want to- the rascist can call it a Jew thing, or a it's a globalist thing but it's just a system wherein each group and each department is fighting for survival and the individuals therein are doing the same to save their house and their car and to keep up with the Johnsons. There is no man behind the carpet. Well there might be a man but he's as inept as you and I are in when it comes to the complex.

Bubba Rum Das's picture

Sorry to have to inform the Sheeple of this fact; but Wikileaks has been under CIA control since 10/17/ 2016.

Don't fucking argue this w/ out first doing the research like I did; IF you can get off your lazy asses & do it; unlike the author of the above article who should be ashamed of himself for NOT doing so before writing this shit; I mean really; IT'S NOT THAT DIFFICULT!

man of Wool's picture

Not for POTUS.

He's hiding something embarrassing.

Max Cynical's picture

Do you have any concept of what information is included in a tax return? Exactly line number of a tax return would contain "embarassing" information?

hitex's picture

I would have still voted for Trump regardless of what his tax return said...Trump didnt make any of the laws or try to govern until now so he wins

ChinaCatRider's picture

Assange is a POS basking in the glory of whatever salient scraps the MIC throws his way.

ParticularlyStupidHumanoid's picture

>WL is for privacy

Well, only when it's Assange's sex habits. Or the plots of the Communist party.


curbjob's picture

"Has Wikileaks ever tacitly encouraged a criminal act in the past? "


Absofuckinglutely .

They encouraged Bradley Manning to leak those files knowing he was breaking the law and would do time,

Croesus's picture

It's a little odd...besides, who the hell cares? Trump's got more than most, how much, is really his business.

They put his info out there like that, and Soreass(soros) will be paying his shills to harass the employees of, or destroy Trump's ain't right.

But then, why would libtards, or soreass tools be guided by "right and wrong"?

Midas's picture

Rather than Presidents release their tax returns, I wish insider trading would be outlawed for congress critters.

Jeffersonian Liberal's picture

They'll find something in the returns to indicate fraud and to draft the articles of impeachment.

Asange is your friend.

Until he isn't.

Then you realize he has his own agenda that may not necessarily be yours.

(You in the universal sense, here, Croesus.)

heuvosYbacon's picture

Yes, his agenda appears to be the truth.

It is amazing how this man has been treated, and by whom.

You might think that each and every person who has worked to harrass Assange should be subject to a full scale criminal investigation into their past.

Who fights against truth?

SgtShaftoe's picture

People that have something very untoward to hide.

Sunlight is an antiseptic to many things including politicians, bankers, other "leaders", and generally evil of most kinds.

One World Mafia's picture

He VOLUNTARILY said he would release them, now flip flops.  Drain the Swamp --> flip flop.  Special prosecutor for Hillary turned into an inaugural standing ovation flip flop for her and her rapist husband after using Kathleen Willey and Juanita Broderick to help him get elected. 



kernel_panic's picture

I believe they're taking a page from the Trump playbook.

NoWayJose's picture

All the MSM want to do is pick it apart - so why release it?

Joe Sichs Pach's picture

Do you care?



Kirk2NCC1701's picture

<<  No Soros tax returns

<< Yes Soros tax returns 

hitex's picture

Soros not US citizen so Id be very interested in them

man of Wool's picture

Whats he got to hide? Something there. 

yttirum's picture

Yeah, maybe he should just go around and paint targets on all the people he did business with. You know, for the lefties to go attack and at worse kill. Sounds like a good plan, wikileaks...