A Look At Trump's First Monday In Office: Executive Orders, Meetings, Cabinet Votes And More

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As Donald Trump himself tweeted on Monday morning...

... the president's first official day on the job will be busy, including a meeting with business executivesm congressional leaders (including a separate meeting with House Speaker Paul Ryan), signing executive orders and getting his cabinet picks voted through.

According to the WSJ, Trump is also expected to sign various executive orders around 10:30am, which as previewed yesterday will include such topics as trade, immigration, government hiring, Obamacare and a lobbying ban.

According to the White House, which released daily guidance for the president on Sunday evening, Trump's Monday will include a “breakfast and listening session with key business leaders” and a similar afternoon session with union leaders and “American Workers.”

Among this week's key meetings, Trump is scheduled to with meet "top executives" at 9 a.m. today to discuss manufacturing, and British PM Theresa May on Friday.

He’ll have lunch with Vice President Mike Pence at noon. At 5 p.m., Trump is scheduled to hold a leadership reception with congressional leaders from both parties, followed by a private meeting with House Speaker Paul Ryan an hour later.

But the media will likely be fascinating by White House press secretary Sean Spicer, who will deliver an on-camera briefing at 1 p.m. that’s sure to be a focus of the day, given the weekend focus on the Trump administrations reaction to media coverage of the crowd sizes at the inauguration.

Also expect a series of cabinet votes: Mike Pompeo, the new head of the CIA, should get a vote today. White House officials expect at least three more Cabinet nominees, Ben Carson, Nikki Haley and Rick Perry, to be voted on by the end of the week, per the WSJ. And while Tillerson may not get a vote this week, Graham and McCain are now on board.

Clearing Mr. Trump’s nominees is a top priority because he is starting his presidency with a much thinner cabinet than his predecessor. On Barack Obama’s first day in office in 2009, the Senate approved six members of his cabinet. A seventh, Defense Secretary Bob Gates, was a holdover from the George W. Bush administration. The Senate that day confirmed an eighth nominee, Peter Orszag, to lead the Office of Management and Budget.

Cited by the WSJ, Trump is optimistic about the beginning of his presidency despite a rocky first weekend that saw mass anti-Trump protests across the nation and world and his representatives’ repeated falsehoods about media reporting of verifiable events.

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TrumpO the AssClown's first Monday, eh!


Welcome to the New World Disorder you Cheeto-head motherfucker!

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Lol ... this thread is now an anti-Trump thread.

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Pfff, snowflakes are seeping into every thread to voice their displeasure. They don't realize how savory it is to read their futile whiney comments. Keep 'em coming snowflakes!!! LOL

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Master of the Universe is just too much of an Ashley Judd & Madonna fan to use his bigger head when making judgments. Trump is at his desk instead of on the golf course. Enough said.

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First Thing Trump did was Replace The Oval Office Curtains to GOLD Color Curtains ~

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THe biggest benefit of having Trump as president is how much it gets under the skin of so many twatwaffles.

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I am eagerly awaiting a list of what he has actually done versus what he plans on doing...  Should be a good entertaining week.

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>Ashley Judd & Madonna

You must be a TV watcher and MSM fake news reader. Am I right?

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Chris Dakota (not verified) UndergroundPost Jan 23, 2017 2:19 PM

Obama's first year was filled with ass fluffing, beer summits for messes he and his social justice Harvard dude created, mirror gazing, speeches about how great he is, texting celebs and makeovers for him and his tranny.

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I'd give you 100 "green" votes if I could


For the record, Ashley Judd is hot in my book!


I'd do her, but NOT Mad-Donna, she's a bitch.

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President Trump practices political Aikido.

Aikido techniques consist of entering and turning movements that redirect the momentum of an opponent's attack, and a throw or joint lock that terminates the attacker.

For every attack on him, Trump turns the opponent's attack against them and throws them to the floor. (Putin does the same).

The Republicans, Democrats, Media, trolls, liberal snowflakes (collectively: scum of the earth) are dumbfounded and march around stompy footing like the children they are.

Little do the scum realize that every attack is energy, turned on them.

We have seen it over and over again.

Let them troll, let them energize the Trump revolution.

And then, when they are exhausted...

...off with their fucking heads, drinks on the house.

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Review entire classified history of the CIA and all of it's unacknowledged offshoots.  


List out all counter-regime actions taken worldwide by the CIA since WWII both foreign and domestic, along with reasons for said actions.


Request a list of all journalists and publications or blogs supported either directly or indirectly by the CIA, both domestic and foreign.


Request that all 'Quid Pro Quo' agreements with foreign intel agencies be put in writing and documented on both sides with heavy consequences for not doing so.  


List out any current "Quid Pro Quo' agreements with foreign intel agencies, governments, or private foreign contractors (cut outs included).


Require the NSA to track all communications of the CIA in order to verify the agencies actions.


List out all private companies either started or supported by the CIA directly or indirectly.  List a history of said entites also.


Request a full briefing of lessons learned from any and all CIA failures. 


Have a panel of independent congressional reviewers (not D.C. moles) review everything (this is admittedly a tough one as they would require security clearences up to very high levels).  Find a way to do this.  Create a working check and balance system, one that reviews all actions taken.  The current system simply does not work.


Establish heavy penalties, both individually and organizationally when above operational rules are not followed.  


Congress is supposed to oversee all of the above but they don't.  It's right up there with oversight of the FED.  it's one big blind eye.


All in the name of plausible deniablility, a fundamentally unconstitutional construct which must end.


It's about time.







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WFT is this shit? Go blog somewhere else and stay off my posts, cow.

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You know you're on the Shill List right?

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This is fun.  What's it like being paid to not think for yourself?

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What time is Paul Ryan's beating?

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Shut up slave - Ryan owns you. It was determined at his birth that he would be a great politician and slave owner.

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FreezeThese (not verified) lil dirtball Jan 23, 2017 9:42 AM

Tweets ... don't forgoet tweets

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It was determined at Obumner''s birth that he was a faggoty monkey born in Kenya destined to marry a man and Fuck up his country of non birth.

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Nothing like starting the day with a guy giving himself his only upvote

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Preperation H, my brother.  We feel your pain.



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Look at you! Making ZeroHedge great again!

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Sometimes, I wish I was twelve again so I could laugh at dirty made-up words. ::sighs::

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...  Which of those words do you think is made up?

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People like you think being a punk asshole on the internet is cool. On the street you would be the first to go down. Must be sad to be a Puke. 

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Did your disabled victim escape? Master of the Universe

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I really love it when you Lib-HATER's show up here.... You lash out throwing up your HATE in your feeble attempt at making yourself feeeeeeeeel better.

Bottom line, Trump is in power and all you can do is HATE

This is a glorious day....!

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Would that be "masterbater" of the universe.

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2 days on the job, hasnt had a chance to warm the seat and this scumbag media led by the perverts at CNN on another all out attack.  Take their licence away, this is not news reporting!

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Yes, all of these folks resort to unintelligent blatherings as such. Sad that even they will be helped and served by this adminstration and the making of our nation GREAT again.

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