Trump Wins The Unions: Teamsters Praise TPP Withdrawal, Labor Chiefs Describe "Incredible" Meeting With Trump

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Shortly after Donald Trump made good on one of his core campaign promises on Monday morning by signing an executive order formally withdrawing the U.S. from the Trans-Pacific Partnership free-trade deal, Trump told labor union leaders that he would renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement "at the appropriate time."

The remarks came at the start of a meeting at the White House with leaders of construction, carpenters, plumbers and sheet metal unions, during which Trump pledged to stop trade deals that harmed American workers. 

According to the White House, participants included North America's Building Trades Unions President Sean McGarvey, Laborers' International Union of North America President Terry O'Sullivan, SMART sheet metal workers' union President Joseph Sellers, United Brotherhood of Carpenters President Doug McCarron and Mark McManus, president of the United Association that represents plumbers, pipefitters, welders and others. The union meeting also included several local union officials and follows a gathering of 12 chief executives of large companies at the White House to discuss revitalizing the U.S. manufacturing economy.

“This is a group that I know well,” Trump said referring to the union bosses, adding “we’re going to put a lot of people back to work” and “stop the ridiculous trade deals.”

When Trump said the administration “just officially terminated TPP,” it prompted applause from the labor chiefs (and this time it certainly wasn't by paid members of the studio audience), who later described their meeting with Trump as "incredible."

Trump also added that he doesn’t blame former President Obama for decades of bad trade deals, which - at least mathematically - makes sense.

But even more notable, was the dramatic pivot by the US labor unions, historically stalwart democrat supporters, who have suddenly emerged as big supporters of Trump policies, and perhaps no one more so than AFL-CIO President Rich Trumka who said TPP withdrawal is "a good first step toward building trade policies that benefit workers."

As a reminder, nearly all major unions endorsed Trump's rival, Hillary Clinton, during the presidential election campaign: they now appear to be shifting their allegiance.

Below is the full statement issued by the Teamsters' Jimmy Hoffa, who said "Withdrawal from TPP the Right Choice for U.S. Trade Policy"

The following is a statement from Teamsters General President James P. Hoffa on President Donald Trump signing an executive order to formally withdraw the United States from the Trans Pacific Partnership. 


“Today, President Trump made good on his campaign promise to withdraw the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership. With this decision, the president has taken the first step toward fixing 30 years of bad trade policies that have cost working Americans millions of good-paying jobs.


“The Teamsters Union has been on the frontline of the fight to stop destructive trade deals like the TPP, China PNTR, CAFTA and NAFTA for decades. Millions of working men and women saw their jobs leave the country as free trade policies undermined our manufacturing industry. We hope that President Trump’s meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto on Jan. 31 opens a real dialogue about fixing the flawed NAFTA.


“We take this development as a positive sign that President Trump will continue to fulfill his campaign promises in regard to trade policy reform and instruct the USTR to negotiate future agreements that protect American workers and industry.”

And with that statement, pundit attention will closely follow the Trump-Trumka relationship which promises to be one of the more interesting in US politics over the next few years. As Axios points out, "Trump and top advisers like Steve Bannon see an opportunity to destroy traditional political alliances. Their theory worked in the election: They peeled white working class voters (and many union households) away from the Democrats. Now, they believe that delivering major items for this constituency — watch also for a confrontation with Big Pharma — could further wreck the Democrats' hold on organized labor."

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Hohum's picture

The union leaders are dumb.  President Trump is after them next.

Looney's picture


Jimmy Hoffa is about to pop up from the ground like a Jack-In-The-Box.  ;-)


Jethro's picture

He couldn't look any less like the Crypt Keeper than Bernie.

Escrava Isaura's picture

Talk is cheap. Let’s wait and see what the President does.

However, "at the appropriate time" I find disturbing.

The appropriate time is NOW.


Occident Mortal's picture

He is gonna get through a lot of pens.

greenskeeper carl's picture

I'd still be careful getting in bed with those people. I'd hate to see him pushing to get rid of right to work laws, etc. these union leaders are still scum in my book. They went along with all this shit, throwing their lot in with Obama and the Clinton's for personal gain, knowing they were fucking the actual workers over.

ACP's picture

Using them for props is fine with me.

Also......I'm waiting for the National Socialist Hate Media to start referring to these union leaders as misogynistic, xenophobic, bigoted, racist, etc, etc, etc...any day now...

NoDecaf's picture

facefuck zuckerberg thinks he stands a chance in 2020?

ACP's picture

Certainly not in Hawaii.

macholatte's picture


Please, somebody, provide links to news or videos showing the labor unions objecting to TPP, marching on DC, running ads in the papers, anything that might redeem the duplicitous, lying hypocrite labor leaders.


Escrava Isaura's picture

Again, you let your right wing biases get the best of you. You ought to know better than that.


starman's picture

listen up you faggot brazilian man ho! because you got a green card by bending over doesnt make you a fckng political or ecomics expert! get the fck off ZH and fckng go the fck back where you came from  you fckng commi male ho!

Shocker's picture

Lets keep the winning going... We are definately seeing good signs

Layoff List:


Scuba Steve's picture

Bending over ...

Hell, he is the original Boy Pizza from Brazil

CrankyCurmudgeon's picture

ZH crashes through again. Loser factor unity.

Tyler still ocasionally  posts a valuable article. But the mouth breating, racist commentariat is over the top. I need to convince myself that this is not the ZH I joined in 2008.


Actuallly convinced. Just looking for a better place to hang out. Or how about returning the arithmetic captcha? If you can't handle 3x7, you don't deserve to post on ZH. I sincerly believe My enjoyment of the comments would go through the roof. Oh yeah... Brains bitchez.


Giant Meteor's picture

I am a short timer here, but came here to read daily, often followed comments many pages deep, for years. There were always some gems, insights, brilliant minds, thought provoking etc. The danger is always, wherever, whenever human beings gather, their is great potential to turn a place in a shithole, or echo chamber ... It's the same with all "organizations", hive mentality and the like.

And yet, I still come, because there are always diamonds, quite often in the rough, pearls, wisdom etc. to be had. Or if you prefer, in spite of very often long odds, it is the thrill of the searching for that next big "gold strike" metaphorically speaking, of course.

Sometimes, It's just about coming here after a long day, and just enjoying pissing on myself with laughter, because some of the comics here have missed their true calling. Good luck to you, in whatever, wherever, your travels take you.

The Gun Is Good's picture

Well said.

Same here. Been a lurker for a long time, although a newb in posting ("young" enough to occasionally be called a troll by other posters, in their exasperated disagreement). I was a Daily Pauler for years (Yes, go ahead and laugh!), but I really cut my teeth years ago as a lone wannabe anarchist, anti-Fed head, and Truther on Comcast user forums (Again, go ahead and laugh!), which were described by many as "a cesspool" before they were ultimately closed down. I was largely surrounded by the political enemy there.

After DP fizzled, I committed to ZH, which Wikipedia or some other establishment site called "bat-shit crazy" (So I obviously belong.)

Sometimes old timers here lament the rise of more conspiracy-based stories, etc., but I would say this: By all means, please do long for the old days of mental sparring, confined mostly to things financial in nature; but do recall that in Fight Club the club evolved from an organization merely sponsoring evening fisticuffs to one educating its members and sponsoring direct, concerted anti-establishment action. Extend the metaphor here. Conspiracy is a reality, of course, and very much so with regard to financial systems (which affect every aspect of our lives). As most people here realize by now, it's all interconnected. So have the Tylers really failed in / strayed from their mission? Or is that mission merely evolving? (As for the grunting, spitting, often inarticulate haters of one stripe or another here... I'm not convinced they bring the place down; Fight Club began in a shithole of a basement anyway, and it takes all kinds....)

felix2's picture

What changed happened about the time Bloomberg decided to 'out' ZH. IMHO this was in preparation for the coming Presidential election.

About the same time, a bunch of staid/pompous conservative media outlets were bought up by a religious media conglomerate no one ever heard of. Both Red State, and HotAir were supposed to be integrated into the grand plan to choreograph the GOP primary. HotAir was switched to Facebook, which effectively eliminated many of the long time commenters


HotAir had a big Trump/anti amnesty fan base that wouldn't shut up. This had to end. Hotair passwords could only be obtained in the rare open seasons, yet somehow new sock puppets would show up at election time to push the narrative towards the globalists


It don't cost much to have some pimple faced unemployed sit at a PC during working hours and flood a site with bogus comments to drive away traffic. Sometimes the ZH comments sound like Bloomberg himself spouting between mouthfuls of greasy pastrami


There isn't a replacement for ZH articles. The gnats circling the pile are inevitable considering the players


During the entire primary/election I was unable to post at ZH. The right column, reply and login fields were missing. Now can post again. Wonder how many others were blocked, while the a holes took over the comments for the election

jeff montanye's picture

beautifully reasoned argument.  and the "fight club" talk!  just chilling.  clink clink (brass balls).

trump is not a "national republican".  the zionists figured it out first, then bush and romney, mccain and graham.

he is what he is and we can try to influence him but right to work laws may or may not make the cut.

he may not want a second term.  freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose.

Offthebeach's picture

Both Dems and GOPe were just boob bait products for dolts. No different then toothpastes, one with red stripes, another blue swirls.
Trump is stressing the underlaying structure. This is an elected revolution....and just starting. Oddly a personally deeply conservative, rigid, uptight and white hetero male, I find myself saying 'down with the system.' I don't even need an end goal, just burn down the present racket/system/ as it is. I think rough burn it down to the ground and start over from the ashes would be better. Don't save the good for the much that is bad.

I'm getting up there but I don't want to dump this thieving, soul killing racket on the admittedly dumb 'yutes, plus the fiat financial debt slavery they had no say in, have not and never will benefit from, and if continued will be a new type of slavery to. Thats pure evil. Financial debt pizza preying on the kids.

I don't know and how could you, if this is the time, the right time, or best time, but what the heck, let's get it on.

Trump is symptom, the system is the disease.

Giant Meteor's picture

Well said, we are in agreement ..

Going Loco's picture

Starman - You rant as if you "own" ZH. You don't. Creep back into your hole and shut up.

starman's picture

listen up you faggot brazilian man ho! because you got a green card by bending over doesnt make you a fckng political or ecomics expert! get the fck off ZH and fckng go the fck back where you came from  you fckng commi male ho!

jeff montanye's picture

oh now i see what you meant.

thanks for clarifying.

macholatte's picture


I asked a question and you answered....... where's the bias in that?

Nevertheless, the labor unions supported Barry & Hitlary generously. That's a fact, not a bias.


Escrava Isaura's picture

Because the way you phrase your question. Also, if you had Goggled your question, you would have found that there would be plenty of evidence that labor would never have been in favor of these trades, as they can’t.



techpriest's picture

While people are trying to make this a right/left issue, I think I see where you are going with this. Ultimately, it's not two parties, or "left and right," but instead many smaller groups with their own interests, who move between parties depending on where the benefits are best. This understanding is how the Democrats took the black vote from the Republicans, along with the 'labor' vote (look at 1950s ads).

I think Trump correctly understands that the typical union worker doesn't give a damn about polar bears or gay marriage, and as such, he can solidify his political position if he can pull some traditionally Democrat groups into his camp. The guy has a huge ego and halfass understanding of economics, but he's doing a surprisingly good job as a politician.

Moon Pie's picture

Techpriest - you are getting warmer.  

Trump is a New Yorker.  A New York developer/builder.  You can't get shit done in New York unless you do business with these guys.  Trump by having this meeting, is in effect, going right over the heads of the assholes who run the unions and talking directly to the workers, many of whom supported him in the election. 

It's a brilliant move.  Expect more of them.  He's not going to union bust.  He's going to union woo.  Can you imagine if he can displace that block from the Democrats?  I believe he will.  

Trump is not an economist, doesn't feign to be one.  He's a doer, get shit fucking done dude.  He has the charm, charisma and balls to do it, too.  A real New Yorker, in the best possible sense of that term.  

I can't wait til he goes after Pharma.  

techpriest's picture

Personally I can't bring myself to drink the Trump kool-aid yet, but without question he is wrecking the status quo in ways no one was expecting. And I favored him over the other options because I expected that he would upset a hell of a lot of apple carts.

I mention the economics because I'm not convinced that every policy will be good in the long run. He can certainly pull some overseas trillions back in, and he's doing it right now, but I'm hoping he doesn't turn around and blow it on "infrastructure" that will fall apart in 20 years, while leaving the country with more debt. He's better than the alternatives, but this is something that's holding me back from full support. We'll see.

The main thing for me is, if he shuts down some agencies, and rolls back presidential powers to spy on or kill enemies, then without question he has my vote in 2020. Between now and then, I am inspired to get my house in order so I can run for a local office. I'm not looking to win a high office, but IMO the cleanup will involve thousands of guys deciding to go MAGA, and cleaning up their local and state offices. About 5 years ago I saw a guy do this as a county commissioner and no joke, he found that a full 25% of the county budget was pure graft.

techpriest's picture

On the union part, I can see a clear path to him winning labor votes and black votes for the GOP, at least MAGA GOP. At that point the Dems will be sunk for a generation - good riddance!

Giant Meteor's picture

"The guy has a huge ego and halfass understanding of economics, but he's doing a surprisingly good job as a politician." This is so simply stated, yet not to be missed for it's profundity. It also paints an accurate picture of the state of politics itself. It's the ole, if you can't dazzle em with brilliance, baffle em with bullshit. He's got a lot of help in there, to get him through it. He also seems to have great managerial skills, and as a negotiator, no doubt knows, when someone is trying to fuck him. The last guy was portrayed as being "an intellectual" when in reality was a vapid yes man, who had no real backbone or principles unto himself. An empy suit of a man, who enriched himself at the expense of a nation. A mounted statue "figurehead," full of sound, no fury, signifying nothing.

I am enjoying the crass, brash, interloper .. but most importantly, his effect on his presumed "better's." Let the greatest reality show on earth continue in earnest and pass the fucking popcorn !

SummerSausage's picture

Guys who have a " halfass understanding of economics" don't build billion dollar companies, almost lose them after political tax code changes and come back to build an even bigger multi-billion dollar international business.


Further, Trump deals in the real world. You don't get a 60 story building to rise out of the dirt and stand in wind, rain, snow and gale conditions AND get people to pay you mega bucks to own a piece without understanding a whole lot more than economics.  He understands leadership and reality.


Leftie academics, professional politicians, lobbyists and pundits who have run the country and ecnomics for decades are the egoists with a  "halfass understanding of economics".  Which group are you in?

techpriest's picture

Believe it or not, you can fail at economics and still do very well in business. It's the difference between being a master mechanic and a master race car driver. Or maybe a better example: business is more like landscaping (turning a small space into something very beautiful), and economics like forestry (how to promote a healthier ecosystem). Needless to say most mainstream "economists" fail at economics, and should have their PhD revoked.

This isn't about "which group are you in." This is more "If I go all in on this guy, and he screws something up later, am I going to look just as foolish as all of those people who thought Obama was going to be the Great Uniter? Or, like all the people who thought that Bush was going to have a humble foreign policy?" Further, it's more about "How do we use the Trump victory to accomplish the much more important task of taking back all of our states, and nullifying federal overreach?"

I liked Trump over all the other options. Hell, I'm even working on a MAGA-themed website so we can organize and start booting CNN out of airports. But half a week is not enough to go all in on anyone, and we need a plan if we are going to get through the upcoming rate hikes + bubbles popping.

froze25's picture

I can only speak for NYC union members, they don't give a rats ass about LGBT "rights" or BLM. The workers are more pissed about the 30% minority forced hiring pratices then anything. The minorities know they have to be their and don't do shit, they don't work because they know they have to be there. Basically the other 66% have to carry their weight. Further increasing cost of union jobs making it harder for them to complete. It would take one undercover investigation reporter to expose this BS.

techpriest's picture

Yes, exactly. Workers, union and not, have this sentiment nearly everywhere. In my case I remember working at a corporation where the department had two SJWs. They were absolute terrors but everyone had to speak about them in hushed tones because HR made them untouchable. Meanwhile, I remember the male SJW cornering a pregnant woman, and screaming how she was a bigot for sending her kids to a private Christian school. I went over and distracted the guy so she could get away, but damn that guy was an asshole. I think he was the source of half the department's turnover, myself included, but again, HR made him untouchable.

That company is still in the tank after laying off half its workforce btw - good riddance.

Like I said in other comments I rarely go all in on any politician, but we do need to put the Trump election to work by fighting back against policies like this one, and encouraging more groups to ditch the SJW Democrats.

Giant Meteor's picture

It is best to use goggles when Googling or risk getting sloshingly Goggled ...

or if your prefer .. 

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers;

A peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked;

If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers,

Where's the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked?

MalteseFalcon's picture

"Please, somebody, provide links to news or videos showing the labor unions objecting to TPP, marching on DC ..."

"Again, you let your right wing biases get the best of you. You ought to know better than that."

Yes.  Labor leaders wrote articles and went on Charlie Rose.

Check out labor leaders from the early twentieth century, if you want to know how it's really done.

Trump has thrown these bozos a life preserver.


Giant Meteor's picture

Upvote. In a word, elitst. In two words, sold out. Nothing but a bunch of fucking hand wringing, self important puff pieces, and circle jerk blowjob experts, on the expense tab of everyone else, but themselves. In a nut shell, what had become, standard operating procedure.

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) NoDecaf Jan 24, 2017 6:40 AM


SomebodySpecial's picture

Isn't Jimmy Hoffa dead already?

Johnny Caine's picture

Do you even know what National Socialism is bro? I'm gonna go with FUCK NO. Read a book or 2 before you start slinging words around that you have no idea what they mean. Also the ridiculous amount of up votes for your stupid ass comment proves the retards are back on the Hedge after taking a few weeks off

Mat Cauthon's picture

I think you miss whats between the lines.

Trump was already going to get rid of NAFTA and TPP... and by brining in the unions while he does it they in essence owe him a favor.

Give the unions some basic victories and then when you need them to back down... like maybe pay for a bigger portion of their own health insurance, then you can call in that chit. 

BarkingCat's picture

You are right. I am also sure that Trump is not a fan of labor unions. It is pretty certain that they have caused him lots of problems in the past.

Being anti labor union does not mean one is anti worker.....just anti bullshit

new game's picture

unions need to be gone from, or at least put on a leash...

Redistribution Of Relevance's picture

Hillary had asked her union allies to go on strike during the Republican National Convention this past sumer to embarrass Trump. And during the Republican convention, there were strikes at 2 Trump Hotels. Convenient.

Friedrich not Salma's picture

Welcome. I enjoyed reading through your blog.

OverTheHedge's picture

"these union leaders are still scum in my book. They went along with all this shit, throwing their lot in with Obama and the Clinton's for personal gain, knowing they were fucking the actual workers over. "

isn't that the definition of a union leader?