Trump’s Inauguration: A Typical Norwegian Response To A Historical Event

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Submitted by NIck Kamran of Letters From Norway

On Friday, January 20th, 2017, I went straight from work to the Hard Rock Café in Oslo to witness a most historic event: President Trump’s inauguration and I spoke with NRK afterward.

America is Both an Immovable Object and Unstoppable Force:

Watching the events leading up to the speech, I saw a grandfather enjoying the family circus with his wife, children, and grandchildren. Most notable was Barron’s admiration for his father. I got the picture that President Donald Trump, despite all the bling, is a rather simple guy who takes comfort with his family and close friends. He doesn’t drink and lives with purpose. We have to remember that Donald Trump is the oldest person to every take the oath of office, he is already a billionaire, married to a beautiful woman, and raised five kids. At 70, he endured a brutal campaign, winning on half the budget, while the whole world stood against him, including his own political party. He could have walked away with a huge following and start a TV network or another reality show, making much more than being a mere public servant.

President Trump spoke directly to the American people that day with conviction and heart (the full speech). He demonstrated an understanding of our collective (American) pain, caused by unabated globalism. Furthermore, he understands the concept and historical significance of our nation and potential as a united country, working together as one.

We are Americans first and foremost, without any prefixes in front. Everything he said, with force of conviction, was logical, making sense. I was moved and convinced that President Trump, despite his flaws and temperament, is for America. Moreover, I felt proud of my country and thanked my parents for making that journey from India to Minnesota in the mid-1960’s.

Our president, coming from Queens and working in business all is life, may not be as smooth as Obama, but he sure will be more honest and driven to succeed.

After the speech, my Ukrainian fiancé called me to say that she was in tears. Her parents and grandmother realized that Trump was not for Russia or Ukraine but only for America. They understood that all is not well in America and wished that Ukrainian leaders had such strength of conviction and love for their own people. American leaders are supposed to take care of American people first. It is time for America to take a step back and focus on itself, regaining our past glory. We all mutually agreed that when the American family prospers, the world benefits.

Norwegian Reaction:

The Norwegian reaction, like that from the rest of Europe, was disappointing but expected. Instead of being happy for America on our historic day, The Norwegian “America Experts” (Nettavisen in Norwegian) blasted him as fierce and divisive. VG, the leading Norwegian paper referred to the speech as dark. Nowhere, in their analysis, was a counter-thesis, offering the underlying reasons for Trump’s statements. No acknowledgment of our decline over the past generation, despite the technological gain and offshoring.

Here are some examples of American pain:

Moreover, the articles carry a selfish tone that America owes Norway something. They are entitled to our bounty from hard work and risk taking so they can enjoy excessive sick leave, NAV, and very long vacations. Are we supposed to toil more than 2000 hours per year so they can work around 1400? Take note that those of us Americans living in Norway, generally work longer hours while paying tax to both countries (above a certain but not high threshold ca. $100,000 per year).

VG’s and Nettavisen’s one-sided reporting is not journalism but rather propaganda. The media, in an open and honest democracy, evaluates and hears all sides of the story, allowing the reader to decide which side to take. Nevertheless, from the Norwegian perspective, there is good for this kind of tabloid reporting. Norway doesn’t pull its’ weight with NATO while getting over on America with trade: America contributes 3.6% of GDP to NATO whereas Norway only 1.5%, and the US trade deficit to Norway is $391 million per year in 2016.


This was our day as President Trump stated. Yet, most of our “allies” and mainstream media decided to crap on it, showing malice towards American Democracy. They underestimated the will of the American before, and they will do it again. I fail to understand how putting America first is being construed as fascism or populism. Why does a leader of a nation, getting paid by tax revenue from the inhabitants, must serve other countries or global organizations like the UN?

I hope that more Europeans join us on this journey. Recognizing the importance of sovereignty, I hope more elect politicians who see taking care of your own people as their patriotic duty and not populism, racism or nationalism.

To the Americans out there, this fight has just begun. You cannot think that just voting and going back to daily life will solve the problems. We must apply pressure on Congress every day, writing them emails, sending letters and asking for visits. That will send them the message that they are on thin ice and better help the President deliver on his promises!

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Haus-Targaryen's picture

Without reading the article, I am assuming EML lit himself on fire?

Theosebes Goodfellow's picture

I believe that Europe is in for all sorts of rude awakenings. Apart from a nationalistic America, (the least of their worries), they have a very big Muslim problem, a good size currency problem and a completely unaddressed illegal immigration problem, (that is separate from their Muslim problem).

Now, about those Russians at the borders from whom they are buying the natural gas...

philipat's picture

It's quite simple. Europe, especially Scandinavia is dominated by Libtard "progressives" and political correctness. In Scandinavia to the point that their societies have been destroyed by Islamic immigration, most of the problems associated with which are not covered in the MSM and/or are suppressed by the establishment.

But like in the US, Europeans are slowly waking up. Brexit was the start but the genie is now out of the bottle. There are elections this year in The Netherlands, France and Germany which could result in the complete breakup of the EU. But also like in the US, don't expect the MSM to report anything like the truth because it is also controlled by the establishment, which is not going to play dead.

ACP's picture

Since the euro liberals hate Russia and the US so much, let them choke on their own liberal neo-fascist religion.

We in the US will accept the Russian oil and gas and the liberals in Europe can choke on their own "green" policies. Cut them off. Let them enjoy their cold winters without heat. After all, it's just evolution, or the survival of the fittest, right?

Then we'll see how long their neo fascist religion lasts.

Blanco Diablo's picture

Their new friends "The religion of Peace (Muslims)" will guide them or kill them to a new path of darkness.

FreezeThese's picture
FreezeThese (not verified) Blanco Diablo Jan 24, 2017 6:10 AM

The women's marches across the globe were historic ... the inauguration was sad, lonely, and depressing

Self-proclaimed billionaire*

Haus-Targaryen's picture

All women were apparently welcome to take part, unless you were a woman AND pro-Life.  

Nothing says feminism more than dictating what women can and cannot think. 

CheapBastard's picture

The Norwegians need not worry. The Caliphate will guide them to Mecca.

BabaLooey's picture you were there fuckhead.

Go ram yourself in a toilet.


Ghordius's picture

"Since the euro liberals hate Russia and the US so much..."

nope. our socialists loved Obama, yes

our liberals love free trade, and hate anything that looks like an embargo, including on Russia

we have over one hundred political parties, here. your "left/right" duo-poly of political power does not apply, here

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Ghordo, you are highlighting again the bastardization of the American use of the word "Liberal."

You know damn well what he was communicating with the American lexicon he uses to describe these people.  Quit being pedantic. 

Germany does have this duopoly of power you assert it doesn't.  We have the "status quo" "more refugees" "more globalism" "more EU integration" "the EU is the greatest shit ever" "The EURO is good for Germany" "Germany has a special responsibility" "Due to our history" "Because of the gassed Jews" "Israel and Germany have a special relationship" parties such as die Linke, die Grünen, SPD, Union, FDP which require subscribing to all the above. 

If you are a one issue voter on any of the above, congratulations you are either a AfD or NPD voter.  Some almost might throw the DKP in there, but anything associated with Rosa Luxembourg is so backwards and fucked up I have a hard time even believing these people can put their pants on themselves in the morning, much less organizing into a political party. 

Ghordius's picture

"Germany does have this duopoly of power you assert it doesn't"

nope, it does not

go through the last 30 years, in both federal government and federated states, and you see all kinds of coalitions. from conservatives with social democrats to conservatives with liberals to conservative with greens to social democrats with greens, and so on

featuring, potentially, then next federal coalition between CDU, CSU and AfD

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Correct, and these coalitions all agree with the list I posted above. 

It is why I prefaced my response with "if you are a one issue voter ..." 

If you are a one issue voter on any of the above then this is your choice:

Linke -- Status Quo 

Grüne -- Status Quo

SPD -- Status Quo

Union -- Status Quo

FDP -- Status Quo

AfD -- Es muss sich etwas ändern 

Looks like a power duopoly to me. 

SoDamnMad's picture

Amen from an ex-pat living in Europe.  Correcto, Scandanavia is dying from so many immigrants.  I was traveling in a prosperous town at the end of the fiord that goes by Tronheim, Norway and I thought I was at a UN convention.  A gorgeous coal-black African woman, a Sikh, Asians and an Arab all settled, trained and gainfully employed in town in 2007. The same throughout the country.  So how do they add all these ME and African refugees when fish shipments ar ebanned by santions and oil is in the dumps.  I guess they will draw down that huge soverign wealth fund pretty quickly (remember, it was to support the people of Norway when the oil was gone)  

I always wonder where this 2% of GDP came from given the diversity of "wealth" country to country. I read a local story written by a town mayor who was so happy about a large American unit coming to his town, not because we would guard his country BUT because they would spend all their paychecks locally. OMG, as an officer of a combat unit in the Fulda Gap during the Cold War I can see all the problems.

random999's picture

Swedens communist tax finananced TV was having a haterally against trump, not as bad as the hate they spew over our own 'alt right' party, but enough to be considered a big 'fuck you USA' with a way too high insults-per-minute count.

USA made a jackpot with Trump, congratulation! While you'll now start producing again we'll continue to import rapefugees.

Swedish news from yesterday (of course not MSM): 100% of all group rapes in sweden were made by immigrants (, they post a list). 100% Imagine that! ONE HUNDRED PERCENT! We need a strongman ASAP, but first the hipstermanginas need to overcome their fears of reality and pull the MSM plug.

Invinciblehandaxe's picture

Not just there. also in Slovakia MSM are having a field day bashing Trump whenever possible. The neolibtards and welcomers of satanic islam in europe are all puffing, crying and screaming. Their world was torn apart. People are waking up to their fucking lies and bullshit. They are running scared. Whats gonna happened when their host countries and people wont accept them anymore. Where will they go? To the sauds?

Dame Ednas Possum's picture

Here in the UAE also. All the media have fallen into lock-step behind the anti-Trump narrative. 

It's shameful. 

Zoltan's picture

Same in Canada.

Can no longer watch. Pathetic.


Haus-Targaryen's picture

I met with a few Swedish attorneys a couple months ago.  

We were doing a deal there and a material subsidiary (dotterbolag) is in Sweden.

Needless to say this law firm is top 10 world-wide and only employ the very best.  

Topic of Swedish immigration came up and it was an interesting conversation.  One of the older attorneys there said quite frankly: 

"The next Holocaust and Ethnic Cleansing in Europe happens in Sweden first.  It won't happen until the idiocy of the current multicultural experiment reaches its natural conclusion with chaos and complete break down in society.  It will be then that the average voter will be faced with a question: Do you change your politics or do you leave your country?  It will be only then when it becomes apparent that their way of life is going to be extinguished will Swedes change their opinion."

It continued 

"However, when they do change their opinion the only available solutions will be very violent.  It will cause a civil war between the Swedish population and the Muslim population."

All the other Swedes at the table agreed.  

As the conversation progressed, he said it would likely suck Norway, Denmark and maybe even Finland into the fray as they are facing similar issues ... although Sweden is by far the "farthest gone."  At the end of the day -- Norway, Denmark and Finland cannot have an Islamic state on their own borders.  

In the long-term everyone was very optimistic about Sweden's future, but it is going to be a "blood bath" (his words) to get there.  Short and medium term get progressively worse. 

German media is in full Trump melt-down mode.  The good news about all this is for all but the most propagandized and indoctrinated in our society ... it is really pulling the mask off the media in a huge way.  Even "moderates" in German society have lost faith in the mass media.  

Europe is going to go through a rough patch coming up, but then in 20 years or will begin to improve dramatically. 

Dame Ednas Possum's picture


Top shelf!  

I hope you don't mind if I use that term. 

new game's picture

yup, keep digging the hole you will be put in by your desires of compassion...

X- x3's picture

EML hasn't gotten his black coffee & cunt yet.

Or maybe he's gettin' it now.

He's on GMT-time, not like me & you at CET-time.

Cheers X-

Boygoy's picture

Thank you for your words, Haus. That is a comforting assumption in this time of darkness. He is a true paragon of how twisted the Scandinavian mind has become now that it has been uprooted from its traditions for nigh on one hundred years and subjected to wave after wave of anti-white, anti-family, (((anti-Christian))) propaganda. We will build an admonitory statue of EML after the revolution, and once a year schoolchildren will burn his effigy on the Day of the Cuck.

123rainier's picture

Thank you Nick, may America prosper and show the way.

Shue's picture

Yep, even in Oz, the MSM arse wipes are still misreporting Trump on que. 

Zero Point's picture

You consume Australian MSM? Dude, I just use TV here to watch pirated media, and troll the internet. I'd rather drink diarrhea than watch any of the statist leftwing fuckheads that populate Australian TV.

Shue's picture

Of course not friend, however it's inescapable as it's on every form of media. 

quax's picture

They thought the American Carnage speech was dark?  Why would they ever think that? It was all rainbows and unicorns. And then pink pussy hats the next day.  Everybody in America is now happy and gets along, holding hands and singing Kumbaya.

Stupid Norwegians.

krispkritter's picture

Fuck the 'media', no matter what country it is. They are corrupt and vile, intentionally misleading people to believe that everything is 'just fine', that anyone that disagrees with them must be 'right-wingers' and therefore racists, homophobic, islamophobic, etc., and that if you just toe the line you'll have a bright future. Utter bullshit.  These parroting propagandist pimps of the press should be hung with the rest of the vermin; bankers, globalists, politicians, etc. that seek only their own power and wealth at the expense of others. 

new game's picture

im not a fan of parrots. they shit on newspaper and make noise. fuk parrots...

X- x3's picture

"The Norwegian reaction, like that from the rest of Europe, was disappointing but expected. Instead of being happy for America on our historic day, The Norwegian “America Experts” (Nettavisen in Norwegian) blasted him as fierce and divisive. VG, the leading Norwegian paper referred to the speech as dark. Nowhere, in their analysis, was a counter-thesis....VG’s and Nettavisen’s one-sided reporting is not journalism but rather propaganda...".

An American living in Norge...need only remember, Jens Stoltenberg & Norway's own #pizzagate .

Remember folks, pedophilia-NATO as Kay Griggs told us all a long, long time ago:

Nick Kamran's yankee doodle dandy ain't so rehearsed in history I guess.

Additional Sources:



btw, Yepp. "I'm back...".



wildbad's picture

Same-O here in zee Faterland. The Propaganda press is running full time, around the clock, to denounce this return to American sovereinty.

These mis-Leaders are fully aware that their "private opinions" are very different than their public ones and that they are colinear with those of Obama , Clinton, Bush and the global elite reaching back to the '50's at least.

They are now all naked emperors, trying desperately to cover their withered genitals under the harsh brilliance of Trump's light. They feel the masses marching toward their golden palaces. Masses robbed of opportunity for three generations under the malign and hidden goals of their betters.

The AfD, Freedom Party, le Pen, Wilders; they are all coming and stronger leaders than themselves will emerge.

I am proud to Trump and thank god for him.

UnschooledAustrianEconomist's picture

Propaganda running hot in Austria, too. Although not as bad as in Germany (they don't dare here to go full scale retard), it's still annoying.

Fuckers shooting their last bullets.

Oppressed In California's picture

Fuck the Norwegians.  They're the main source of trouble in the world, giving Obama the Peace Prize causing him to go on a bombing rampage.

Solomonpal's picture

Nobel prize=bombing=double plus good. We were never at war with Oceana.

flaminratzazz's picture

when the people tear down their towers, burn their buildings, and execute the owners for treason, then do you think the msm will stfu?

Pirjo's picture

It is exactly as you said, here in Nordic countries people don't understand what's happening in the US, all the hardship. Part of the reason is your own propaganda. It's all hidden, invisible. But it is also a certain dullness of life (and lack of hardship) here in Scandinavia that makes people very receptive of silly ideas and ideals.

It was reported here few days ago that there is "full employment" now in US. What do people think here when they read such things, from mainstream news, in their own language, every day? Well, they assume that there is full employment. In the comments section of that article, people expressed envy. Many here want us to follow your example: how can we too have full employment?? What are you doing so much better? One commentator, only one, pointed out that it matters how you count. From the perspetive of full employment etc, the Trump phenomenon is not understandable at all.

cage123au's picture

Looking at that chart, those countries seem to be the ones allowing all the migrants in and paying for them. Maybe they should get their prioroties right. All I can say to these countries, Trump has you in his crosshairs. Pay up, or fuck off.

Free Man's picture

Let's see now:

- Trump won

- Brexit is around the corner

- Le Pen is surging

- The EU is desintegrating

- The 'Democrats' are at their lowest point since 1928

- Suicidal Norway is in denial

The Left's stages of grief:

DeeZ_nutZ's picture

They are all upset because the trump did not praise homos.  and it is a known fact that half of europe is homosexual and the other half is muslim.

Solomonpal's picture

That should work out nicely. It cracks me up!

Zapporius's picture

Why do you muppets assume that rest of the world should be happy for Trump or Clinton? We do not share your cultural narrative, it is just bizzare spectacle, and the only connection is that you are also militaristic so we have to be wary? I mean do you care about chinese new year? Some ritual aboriginal people in Australia do? Do you care about Hajj? Or some indians bathing in the river, sharing microbes in order to "cleanse" themselves?

It's on the same level, a bizarre spectacle mutant primates do.

Solomonpal's picture

So what spectacle do you engage in? Do I care? Meh!

ManTheMan's picture

It's on the same level, a bizarre spectacle mutant primates do.


Haha, in a way, that's correct, but that is also just a POV. Did it ever occurr to you that perhaps we mutant primates could only achieve these "bizarre" spectacles, given the brain type we have ? If Evolution is a correct frame for the development of species, it may be that the current phase of brain development is only temporary, one of the numerous exploratory paths of Nature that most likely leads to a dead-end, eventually. So if you happen to enjoy the show, keep doing while it lasts :)


captain-nemo's picture

Welcome to the land of the idiots and the MULTITUDE of norwegian globalist scumbags

If you think America is bad, you need to take a closer look at the Norwegian globalist . The are not only insane. They are complete psycopaths and they controls EVERYTHING in this country.

I am a Norwegian myself, and there is about 15-20% of the population left in Norway that still fights the madness. The rest are liberals , immigrants and globalists who have hijacked the country , and uses it as their own personal play ground .

On behalf of these 15-20% Norwegians,  i sincerly apologize their behaviour. We who still fight the globalist tyrrany love Trump and we hope the things that Trump will accomplish eventually will end the days of the globalists in Europe as well.

ps. jens Stoltenberg (the former Norwegian prime minister) is currrently the secretary general of NATO. he is one of the biggest assholes on the face of the earth and a hardcore globalist scumbag. I hope Trump can make him disappear.

ManTheMan's picture

 jens Stoltenberg (the former Norwegian prime minister) is currrently the secretary general of NATO. he is one of the biggest assholes on the face of the earth and a hardcore globalist scumbag. I hope Trump can make him disappear.


I concur.

I forgot to add : what is it with ex Scandinavian PMs and NATO ? First A.F. Rasmussen of Denmark, now Stoltenberg of Norway. I am truly embarrassed (Fogh was an embarrassment from the very start, what with the support  for Bush's war, etc - he never gave any post-justifications after the reasons for the war turned out to be a big pile of lies). Now, we have his butler in charge of DK (another Rasmussen by the way - a real bunch of inbred morons). However, just forthe sake of completion, the SocDem that governed during the interim were as bad as what you can expect from liberal leftists ... 

quadraspleen's picture

"jens Stoltenberg (the former Norwegian prime minister) is currrently the secretary general of NATO. he is one of the biggest assholes on the face of the earth and a hardcore globalist scumbag. I hope Trump can make him disappear."


I suspect he's heavily compromised by a Brownstone op and has sex with kids. No way he'd be so compliant and stupid otherwise

False_Profit's picture

I have and would like to develop it into a drudge-like archive clearinghouse of related articles for people to see and put this shit in the perspective that it needs to be taken...any suggestions?

Cracker Pipes's picture

Are you the father of Zero Hedge commenter "son of captain-nemo"...?