China Deploys ICBM System "In Response To Trump's Provocative Remarks"

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China is wasting no time to project power in a world in which it believes Donald Trump's "America First" doctrine has created a "superpower vacuum."

One day after a senior Chinese diplomat said on Monday that Beijing is prepared to "assume a role of world leadership if others step back from that position" after U.S. President Donald Trump pledged in his first speech to put “America first”, Beijing has reportedly deployed an advanced Dongfeng-41 ICBM system in Heilongjiang Province, which borders with Russia.

According to China's nationalist Global Times tabloid, "the Chinese military intentionally revealed the Dongfeng-41 and connected it with the inauguration of US President Donald Trump. They think this is Beijing's response to Trump's provocative remarks on China."

The Global Times added that “pictures of China's Dongfeng-41 ballistic missile were exposed on Chinese mainland websites,” citing reports in “some Hong Kong and Taiwan media.” One of the reports was identified as the Apple Daily, another tabloid-style resource based ot of Hong Kong, according to RT. “It was revealed that the pictures were taken in Heilongjiang Province. Military analysts believe that this is perhaps the second Dongfeng-41 strategic missile brigade and it should be deployed in northeastern China,” the report in the Chinese newspaper notes.

The Dongfeng-41 is a nuclear solid-fuel road-mobile intercontinental ballistic missile. With a range of 15,000 kilometers and a payload of 10-12 nuclear warheads, it can target anywhere in the world and is widely considered one of the most advanced intercontinental ballistic missiles. China has yet to reveal the ICBM to the general public during a military parade or any similar event. Most information of the advanced weapon remains highly classified.

There has been speculation that China plans to deploy at least three brigades of DF-41s throughout the country. According to the Global Times, the image was purposefully leaked to coincide with Trump’s inauguration, in light of the US president's confrontational stance towards China.  Earlier today, China's foreign ministry responded to comments by White House speaker Sean Spicer, urging the US to "act and speak cautiously" when it comes to the disputed South China Seas to "avoid harming the peace and stability" in the region.

China routinely uses demonstration of its military prowess to send signals to challengers like the US. For instance, it tested a railcar-launched version of the DF-41 in December 2016 just as then-Defense Secretary Ashton Carter visited the aircraft carrier ‘USS John C. Stennis’ deployed in the South China Sea.

Meanwhile, Russia has welcomed the placement of China's ICBM next to its border, saying it is not an indication of threat toward China's northern neighbor.

The alleged deployment of the DF-41 near Russia’s border should not be read as a threat to Russia, military analyst Konstantin Sivkov told RIA Novosti.


“DF-41 missiles placed near Russia’s border are a smaller threat than if they were placed deeper in the Chinese territory. Such missiles usually have a very large ‘dead zone’ [area within minimal range that cannot be attacked by a weapon],” he said, adding that the ICBMs would not be able to target Russia’s Far East and most of Eastern Siberia from the Heilongjiang Province.

The Kremlin agreed with the assessment, saying that China is Russia’s “strategic partner in political and economic senses.”

“Certainly, the actions of the Chinese military, if the reports prove correct, the military build-up in China is not perceived as a threat to our country,” said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

It is, however, perceived as a threat to the US, and nowhere was that made more clear than in China's own wording.

As the Global Times added, "the US has the world's most powerful military strength, including the most advanced and powerful nuclear arsenal. But Trump has called for a nuclear arms build-up many times. Even Washington feels that its naval forces and nuclear strength are lacking, so how can China be content with its current nuclear strength when it is viewed by the US as its biggest potential opponent?"

The Global Times then notes that "China's nuclear capability should be so strong that no country would dare launch a military showdown with China under any circumstance, and such that China can strike back against those militarily provoking it. A military clash with the US is the last thing China wants, but China's nuclear arsenal must be able to deter the US."

The dangerous tone continued throughout the article:

The US has not paid enough respect to China's military. Senior US officials of the Asia-Pacific command frequently show their intention to flex their muscles with arrogance. The Trump team also took a flippant attitude toward China's core interests after Trump's election win. Enhancing communication and mutual understanding is not enough. China must procure a level of strategic military strength that will force the US to respect it.


A China with or without the Dongfeng-41 is different to the outside world. That is the significance of the Dongfeng-41. We hope this strategic edge will be revealed officially soon. It will not bring the China Threat theory, but will only add authority to the People's Liberation Army.

While Trump has had a busy morning, dismantling Obama's (and Warren Buffett's) anti- Keystone pipeline legacy, and has hardly caught up with the latest news out of China, we are curious how the US president will react - either on Twitter or otherwise - to the knowledge that what until now was a diplomatic "war of words", has not so quietly spilled over into what appears to be another nuclear build up arms race.

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Bryan's picture

Sabre rattling. 

Jim Sampson's picture

Funny... I guess... we're going to War no matter who's in the White House.

So Close's picture

I am going to deploy a weapon system that if I use will ensure my own destruction.  Makes sense to me.

Stainless Steel Rat's picture
Stainless Steel Rat (not verified) So Close Jan 24, 2017 12:04 PM

"Made in China"?  Fuck you.  If I see one item in your offering with that label, fuck your brand.  #NotMadeInChina

evoila's picture

where exactly are they going to fire this missile off to? The west coast, where all their assets are tied up. yup, makes sense.

AllTimeWhys's picture



Face it china, you're not getting away with your shit anymore. Knowing the quality of your products, my bets are on that missile flying three feet before falling apart.

nuubee's picture

All this bluster in the face of tweets/words shows the Chinese, for all their tradition of military strategy, are just as easily trolled as the next person.

Joe Davola's picture

Beijing has reportedly deployed an advanced Dong


mtl4's picture

Trump will kick China in the Yuan not the Dong.

peddling-fiction's picture

Fear mongering.

No fear.


El Vaquero's picture

Dongfeng, is that a dick with teeth?

Ghost of Porky's picture


balolalo's picture

gee what a great excuse for the oligarchy around the world to increase military spending.

including orange jesus.

war is on the horizon

NumNutt's picture

"The Dongfeng-41 is a nuclear solid-fuel road-mobile intercontinental ballistic missile. With a range of 15,000 kilometers and a payload of 10-12 nuclear warheads, it can target anywhere in the world and is widely considered one of the most advanced intercontinental ballistic missiles."


Shouldn't that then be called a "long dong"?

The Saint's picture
The Saint (not verified) NumNutt Jan 24, 2017 12:43 PM

Operated by a bunch of Ding Dongs!  LOL


Muh Raf's picture

At least it's not 30+ year old 'random target' Trident. Does the UK nuking of 8 US cities simultaneously count as 'friendly fire'?

SWRichmond's picture

Isn't this the weapon system the Chinese told us could reach California?  How is Jerry going to deal with this after the secession?  Total kapitulation, set up of a communist state in North America, that's how.

Mike in GA's picture've seen them launch ships, too, huh?! LOL


(BTW, Teddy, is that you?  I had no idea you spoke with China accent! :) )

konputa's picture

Looks like a debt bomb to me.

NugginFuts's picture

Pointed at a ghost city and fueled by ZIRP. 

Let'r rip, boys! We enjoy a good fireworks shows. 

johngaltfla's picture

Total bunk. The ChiComs announced that when the systems were ready that they would deploy them this winter. That announcement was made before Trump was even the nominee in the People's Daily (Chinese version). This is more bluster because their banking system is moving at warp speed from "problamatic" to shitter.

konputa's picture

Up next, China threatens to sell off USTs. Of course the Fed will step in and buy them just as the bulk of their agency holdings are retiring in 2017, resulting essentially in no net change to their balance sheet. And the game continues...

JonNadler's picture

Yellen has zee duumsday machine

Oldwood's picture

People who start wars never think they are the ones who will suffer or DIE!

Uzda Farce's picture
Uzda Farce (not verified) Oldwood Jan 24, 2017 1:40 PM

Here's an analysis of the China situation from the neocon "Center for Security Policy":

Lordflin's picture

Current strategic thinking has declared a nuclear war to be winnable. What this means is anyone's guess. To me it is beyond comprehension. But don't think it won't happen. It is perfectly possible given today's military mine set. On the other hand Russia is our natural ally as we have little to really separate us and both have a great deal to gain. The chinese are a traditionally empirialist nation, and while I agree that it makes very little logical sense on the surface, I would still take them seriously. If nothing else nuclear weapons can be used against military assets.

herbivore's picture

The sole person with the decision-making power to launch a nuclear attack can do so without fear of being killed himself. The deep underground bunkers- and they're lavishly appointed bunkers, I'm certain- assure the decision-maker he will survive the attack. That is, in my estimation, the principle flaw with MAD. MAD assures the destruction of everyone and everything OTHER THAN the sole individual who decides to unleash it. 

Nunya Bidness Gogl's picture

Add to that the fact that most political leaders are socio/psychopaths to begin with (that is after all, why they sought out office in the first place, to have "power" over other human beings) and it doesn't exactly reassure me.

Pitchforks and lampposts when?

When are more people going to realize that governments themselves are the problem. What gives one group of people the right to claim "ownership" over other human beings who happen to be located in a particular geographic area? The very concept baffles me, and yet most people accept it as a given. I have become an anarchist because I believe that, on balance, "goverrnments" have created more problems then they have solved.

I realize that's bit of an extreme position. So I'm willing to come back and compromise at minarchist, or in other words, what the founding fathers intended. With power distributed as much as possible down to the local level. States and even smaller local governments. Anything short of that is just fucking around, IMO, and I'm still not sure we don't end up back where we are today, eventually, as those were the ideals the country was founded on after all, and well, look where we are today.

Han Cholo's picture

Well, they do have a bit of a population problem so to them, might seem like a feasible option.

Verlorenes Geld's picture

That has to be the largest Chinese Dong the world has ever seen before.

drendebe10's picture

 They are just using Trump as an excuse. They had rvery intention to deploy. They just needed a political opportunity. Fukem 

Oldwood's picture

So now they are going to nuke us because we don't want to buy their crap? I guess it's only a or otherwise, if we fight back? All we have to do to "keep the peace" is keep bending over and taking it up the ass, but complain of the pain, don't keep that wanton smile on our face, and it's WAR!

Yes please, might I have another???

Miffed Microbiologist's picture

Yes, but when the snowflakes here about this be prepared for a collective panty wetting and chubby arm wagging.


thatthingcanfly's picture

Boy, I'd like to deploy my Dongfeng to HER superpower vacuum, if ya know what I mean.

BullyDog's picture

At least they didn't put them in Cuba like NATO has it's crap all around China.    

Google  John Pilger,  The comming war on China.

flaunt's picture

On behalf of the globalists.  Soon Putin will have to decide if he trusts Trump and the stability of his administration in the US enough to ally against the Chicom/globalist NWO.

Takeaction2's picture
Takeaction2 (not verified) Bryan Jan 24, 2017 12:17 PM

It is named "Dong"....Say no more...

Miffed Microbiologist's picture

Hmmm, so it was just me thinking this had to do with penis size.


UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

Should have named it "Bong." Take a hit or two.

Raffie's picture

These nuclear children having a fit that President Trump will not tolerate them stealing from America any longer.

NidStyles's picture

Then people say we should be friends with the Chinks...


Their idea of a response to words is to roll out nuclear weapons..

falak pema's picture

Learn to count : USA has 2500 nukes operational at least.

China : 200-300 with a few Dongfengs!

Who plays catchup according to you when the US has a 1 trillion USD war chest for MIC deployed and 250+ bases all over the globe.

The Duck is the guy who ups the ante; thats why he tore up the TPP!

"My way is the Nuke way"... is the writing in small print on that option. Shock n Awe with Mad dog M  is now a true option.

FreeShitter's picture

A couple of nukes on our reactors = millions dead. 

falak pema's picture

Tell that to Spicer and tell him that he has no right to create alternative facts about dat !

The duck is hard of hearing; always trying to sell a real estate deal in Ramallah to Nettyahou!

JonNadler's picture

yes but one dong properly placed  can do a lot of damage

Uzda Farce's picture
Uzda Farce (not verified) JonNadler Jan 24, 2017 1:26 PM

"The nuclear EMP threat is not merely theoretical, it is a clear and present danger. Nuclear EMP attack is the perfect asymmetric weapon... Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran have already incorporated EMP attack into their military doctrines, and openly describe making EMP attacks against the United States"

UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

Hopefully pinpointing the District of Criminals.