Here Is The List Of Donald Trump's "Priority" Infrastructure Projects

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With the topic of infrastructure investing dominating today's newsflow after the NYT report that Democrats would support Trump if he endorsed their propsed list of some $1 trillion in infrastructure projects, which would create as many as 15 million jobs, the Kansas City Star and The News Tribune have compiled a presentation - based on internal White House documents - of about 50 infrastructure projects nationwide which comprise the "priority list" for US infrastructure projects in the coming years.

As McClatchy reports, the documents, circulated within the congressional and business communities, offer a first glimpse at which projects around the country might get funding if Trump follows through on his campaign promise to renew America’s crumbling highways, airports, dams and bridges.

Among the potential projects are a new terminal for the Kansas City airport, upgrades to Interstate 95 in North Carolina and the construction of a high-speed railway from Dallas to Houston. The document obtained by the Star proposes funding the projects as public-private partnerships, with half the money coming from private investment.

The priority list of “Emergency & National Security Projects" was put together by the Trump team, a senior congressional aide told Kansas City Star. It includes cost estimates and job impact numbers. According to the source, it is not clear whether that document is a draft or a final version.

The National Governors Association circulated a similar list as a spreadsheet among state officials in December, requesting further suggestions. All but two projects on both lists are the same. Some projects that governors suggested — in California and Washington state in particular — do not yet appear on either list. The governors’ association has received 43 responses from states and territories so far, said Elena Waskey, a spokeswoman for the association.

“The total number of projects is more than 300,” Waskey said. “We are working to convene information for as many states as possible that we will then forward to the administration.” The White House did not respond to a request for comment.

Among the projects listed is a $10 billion proposal to replace the nation’s radar-based air traffic control system with one called NextGen, based on satellites. The document projects the project could create 2,300 direct jobs.

For those concerned about partisan bias among the proposed projects, here are some stats: in some states, such as Missouri, more than one project is listed, while others states appear to have come up empty. Neither document lists any projects in Kansas, for example. The National Governors Association asked governors’ offices last month for input on a preliminary list of infrastructure projects compiled by the Trump team, said Jaime Smith, a spokeswoman for Washington’s Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee.

“They seek examples of priority infrastructure projects that might be incorporated into a future infrastructure investment program,” said the letter from the governors’ association, dated Dec. 16. “Specifically, the transition team is looking for 3 to 5 project suggestions from each state that they would vet for inclusion in a new program.” The letter said the vetting would be done by a bipartisan infrastructure commission overseeing investments.

“The initial spend on these projects for 2017 is expected to be $150 billion, and the transition team hopes that this type of project will be continued over the next 2 years,” according to the letter. The letter also noted that any contributions governors made would not be binding, and that this was “just an initial information-gathering request.”

Once the Trump administration officially took office, the letter said, “there will be a more formal process for states to submit information. Projects will be chosen through a more formal process as well.” The projects have to meet specific criteria:

  •  A national security or public safety “emergency.”
  • “Shovel-ready,” with at least 30 percent of initial design and engineering work complete.
  • Direct job creator.
  • Project with the potential for increased U.S. manufacturing.

The governors’ association letter included a list of projects already being vetted, with the request that governors use it as a model for submissions.

The summary list of 50 proposed projects is below:

California's Democratic governor Jerry Brown’s office sent nine examples of big shovel-ready projects in California, including the Sacramento River Bank Protection Project and Bay Area Commuter and Freight Projects. That preliminary list appears to be similar to the document obtained by McClatchy’s Star, with two differences: The preliminary list includes the Alaska Pipeline & LNG Project instead of the Texas Central Railway and it lists the Fort Mojave Solar Project instead of the Howard Street Tunnel.

Both the preliminary list and the more detailed document obtained by the Star include a new terminal for Kansas City International Airport. The detailed document says the project would cost $972 million and generate 1,000 jobs.  The Kansas City airport is one of three airport projects on the Trump team’s document. The others are expansions of the Lambert-St. Louis International Airport and the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

“The business case for a new terminal was bolstered after Southwest and the other airlines told the City Council on April 26 that they would finance the nearly $1 billion new terminal, to be built where Terminal A is now,” reads the document’s description for KCI, which lifts word-for-word a passage in a June 24 article in The Star. In North Carolina, the I-95 project would provide urgent improvements to one of the oldest sections of the busiest interstate in the nation, according to the document. The cost is listed at $1.5 billion, and the project would produce an estimated 5,400 jobs, the document says.

The 250-mile high-speed railway in Texas would enable commuters to travel between Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth in less than 90 minutes, according to the document. It is a $12 billion proposal that would create 40,000 direct jobs, the document says.

Other proposals include I-395 reconstruction in Florida and a Cadiz Valley Water Conservation, Recovery and Storage Project designed to conserve billions of gallons of renewable groundwater in California’s Mojave Desert.

The full presentation of 50 proposed projects is below (link)

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Passenger rail is a black hole.  Don't spend a dime on it.

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This infrastructure project will not help the economy at all. Obama worsened the situation severely after 2008.

This will just create more debt and fasten the end of our fiat paradigm.

demi urge's picture

Soooo.... they're just going to continue a bunch of projects that have already started?!  WAY TO GO TRUMP!


Doesn't everyone around here WANT to hasten the end of our fiat paradigm?  


demi urge's picture

#39's already done!!! LMAOOO


demi urge's picture

Aw, snowflake's are down voting?  That shit is DONE.

"The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) for the I-70 express lane project, which has reduced average travel times in the I-70 mountain corridor by 18 percent through the creation of the I-70 Mountain Express Lane - a wide shoulder that, only during peak travel periods, operates as a third travel lane. CDOT's successful implementation of this project led to stakeholder support and the lane opening on schedule.  "

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Wait!  We got some real journalism research and analysis here?
Mrs K says we don't eat gluten anymore because I already got Tourette's from the Chemtrails anyways.

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Article: $1 trillion in infrastructure projects, which would create as many as 15 million jobs

Wrong. Not enough to create 15 million jobs. How can you tell?

Obama’s $831 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) didn’t make up the difference for all the job lost in 2007/08.

Another way to look at it: The average monthly “lie” under Obama was about 161 thousand jobs. So, 8*12= 96 months. 96*161= 15,456 million jobs.

And Obama was a failure.

Trump will need to spend $18.4 trillion dollars (110% of current gdp) in the next 4 years or his Presidency will be a failure as well.

It’s basic math……I know, exponentially.

“Reagan proved that deficits don't matter.” – President Dick Cheney


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xythras (not verified) Escrava Isaura Jan 24, 2017 8:56 PM

STFU. OBAMA pocketed the money and payed muslims in Iran, Palestine not to mention Al-qaeda and ISIS.

"Infrastructure" she said:

Here's what Obama left for US:

American Psycho's picture

anything solar should be crossed off the list.

xythras's picture

We need god damn GOOD ROADS for all those American Cars about to be stamped with Made in USA

TeethVillage88s's picture

Bunch of old guys here love tools and machines. Love it.

They have garages set up just to work on cars, boats, airplanes, tractors... whatever.

But I've owned some great Toyotas never needed to work on them. Never needed to build a garage and buy tools... and learn how to fix them. Granted I have a problem dealing with workmen now. But I've saved $10s of thousands of dollars.

jaxville's picture

  Yeah...That's cause Toyotas never need brake pads or rotors, tires, oil changes, light bulbs, batteries, engine coolant etc.

TeethVillage88s's picture

The Work Ethic is really a deep, deep thing in the culture of much of the USA.

I don't know if you are US Citizen...

If a person is not working... well that is a flag for many men here. I think in UK it is similar. You can take night school classes to improve yourself... but the men really don't like you to go to university as that means you will put on airs of superiority or airs of some kind... perhaps just wanting to lift yourself to the upper class is forbidden.

Hell I don't know if any one will read this late Tuesday Night, now actually old news on Wednesday.

Men really have a kind of unofficial law.

The blue collar man feels they are very smart and have common sense. But they feel the academics and government don't understand either work, life, thinking, cognitive principals/logical idea/cognitive distortions...


well I forgot my points.

People will invest in learning and not see the cost... or maybe they do but the goal is more valuable... the goal is to gain acceptance from fellow man, to be accepted, to gain skills and develop relationships...

All of that stuff.

But maybe money wise... if you can buy cheap quality Japanese Autos... which eliminate the need for maintenance ... then that is cheaper and easier and more common sense.

Lots of Cognitive points here, but also learning the skills to repair many things is invaluable. BTW I can look at technical data and make a little sense of it, including drawings and blue prints.

THE SYSTEM IS SET UP TO Extract our consumption dollars... not to provide quality. BTW maybe I would buy a year of Muscle Car by model and make if I knew which one to focus on. I love to drive and my foreign car is shit now.

new game's picture

i do it myself. toyota= money and time to spend on gardening projects, lawn furnature type stuff as in sun shade 14 x 16 ect. to sip a cool beverage under.

OR frees tyme and money to pursue a one owner business w/o oddles of needless regs.

but, i am alllowed that choice by the individual decisions i make. and one for sure will be to NOT own a pickup, by far the dumbest vehicle i see on the roads (except tradesmen and farmers that actually use them)...

FreezeThese's picture
FreezeThese (not verified) new game Jan 25, 2017 6:21 AM

Canadian Pipelines for all

ReZn8r's picture

You lie out your ass.

There will come a day when you and your kind come after us 'old guys' and much to your surprise we will stomp mudholes in your lying asses and totally exterminate the likes of you and your kind.

EmeraldWI's picture

Just a few favors down on the list I see a water company, CDZI (Cadiz) which jumped in price after election day (on bogus news). Gee whiz, who could have known and bought this stock between the election and now? The good old boys that put the list together and their friends and family to name a few. Cadiz has been printing and manipulating stock, promoting, peddling and prostituting politicians with their water scheme for about three decades and has never sold nearly a drop. In the old days, it was a Jimmy Rogers pump and dump -- usually buying it before he went on the interview circuit to promote it. Okay, let's go down the list a little more....

Secret Weapon's picture

Except for projects that harden the electrical grid against a powerful solar flare or emp. 

TeethVillage88s's picture

You are correct. Obama is nothing more that Deep state Status Quo as they build their Globalist Scheme.

My Data below is 2 years old at least.

Looks like 1981 was the Money Velocity high, note manufacturing plunged 1979. (Top was 2007 Q4 at 10.7, now down to 6.3) (Top was 1997 Q3 at 2.2, now down to 1.5) (Top was 1981 Q1 at 3.5, now down to 1.4) (Top was January 1987 at 3.1, now down to .7) (Employees: Manufacturing 12.3 M Persons)
Mining, Drilling, Logging (Peak was 1981, now .9 Million down from 1.3 Million) All Employees: Mining and logging

Construction: (6 million down from 7.7 Million) All Employees: Construction

Information Services: (2.65 Million down from 3.7 Million) All Employees: Information Services

Professional & Business Services: (Up a million people since 2008 crash at 19.1 Million) All Employees: Professional & Business Services

Education & Health Services (21.4 Million rock steady through 2008, Obama Legacy) All Employees: Education & Health Services

Government: All Employees: Government

Financial Activities: (7.9 Million down from 8.4 Million) All Employees: Financial Activities

Hospitality & Leisure (Obama Legacy): (14.6 Million, nice trend line) All Employees: Leisure & Hospitality

Total US Debt (Not in Labor Force)

TeethVillage88s's picture

I did a quick calculation last week on Defense Jobs in USA.

$1 Trillion Annual Spending can't be more than 1 Million jobs in the civilian sector. So can't cost less than $1 Million USD Job per job.

1000 x 1000 = 1 M
So $1 Trillion divided by 1 Million workers = $1 Million annually per Defense Job. (Max) Could be as much as like $2 Million annually per job.

new game's picture

nucking futs, i say...

i would jack off everyday for that kinda money, but i willl never suck cock, suffice to say i'm not qualified?

ah shit, back to drawing board...opps, i mean surface pro...

Sh3epdog's picture

The government is worse than the market at allocating capital. US infrastructure is pretty bad, and spending on it is better than Obama's gov stimulus plans and the like. 3d printing will destroy manufacturing and remake it even more capable, but largly removing the requirment for people for many things, so the gov thinking it can best allocate capital and invest better than the market there is worisome. 

Escrava Isaura's picture

These were private companies. Government just allocated the money.


TeethVillage88s's picture

Economist have long used the population growth number of 200,000 jobs per month to accommodate Population Growth for Working Aged US Workers.

So forget 161,000.

What is required is at least 200,000 per month on top of the repair in jobs represented by loses both... in 2007-2010, but also deficit of baseline 20 Million good, Full-Time Jobs in the USA. Hinting that this was a kind of Manufacturing base that was lost and added to the population that came of age of workers from 24 years - 54 years (I don't remember, it could be further than 54 years... sorry).

Escrava Isaura's picture

Stop listening to economists. Most economists are ideologues, meaning, delusional and liars.


Mycroft Holmes IV's picture

You should tell the missus she should look into making organite for the chemmies (as she calls them), mine has been scrubbing our skies for over a year now.

Beam Me Up Scotty's picture

How about upgrade and harden our electrical grid so a solar flare (or a NK EMP) doesn't wipe out our ability to provide energy?? That seems pretty "national security" to me.

demi urge's picture

Easy enough. A decentralized generation and distribution system  would get the job done.

Of course there's only one way to easily do that... photovoltaics.

balolalo's picture

what fucking morons would downvote solar panels?!?!?

I guess that's a commie socialist snowflake technology.  hahaha!

have their kid suck on a tailpipe.

sometimes the dumbfucks around here are shocking.

demi urge's picture

Coal miners or something I guess?

They still haven't realized their beef is actually with natural gas and oil for destroying their industry.

I don't know, but I'm used to it around here.

You could post "Obama said the sunset was pretty, and I agree" and get 10 downvotes around here these days, lol

Tall Tom's picture





Are your principles so weak that you require social validation from the socialist crew who have taken over the forum?


I cannot care less about the arrows other than the fact that it does not require the respondent to exert any effort in the fabrication of any counterargument..In fact it is so counterproductive as it turns the forum into the echo chamber which it has become.

TeethVillage88s's picture

Tom, it does seem different.

I wonder if ZH commenters have been hunted down or investigated or something that would deter someone with a wife or child.

Just wonder since content from commenters is kind blah, equal to 4Chan or Reddit.

Billy the Poet's picture

what fucking morons would downvote solar panels?!?!?


I recall some acrimony regarding Leo's Chinese solars back in the day. Really used to piss off akak.

sleigher's picture

"what fucking morons would downvote solar panels?!?!?

I guess that's a commie socialist snowflake technology.  hahaha!"


Solar is a double edged sword.  They want to maintain central production and sell you kilowatt hours.  Current solar tech isn't advanced enough to make it worth while.  Too expensive and the tech is ~20% efficient.  To make it worth while they need to release the shelved DARPA solar tech that is ~90% efficient so as to generate enough energy to handle the demand.

If they do that then the cat is out of the bag and everyone would put solar on their roof defeating the purpose.

So here we sit...


OldTrooper's picture

Maybe the downvotes come from people that want to use their lights, televisions, computers, microwave ovens, electric ranges, hot water heaters and refrigerators...during the night?

kellys_eye's picture

what fucking morons would downvote solar panels?!?!?

Anyone who wants lights on at night - or reliably - or cheaply

americanreality's picture

Its not just here.  Trump winning has somehow "embiggened" lots of highly confident, low ability, individuals.  I'm not anti-trump, wait and see, but his more fervent supporters seem very similar to the Obama sheep.   

AE911Truth's picture

Photovoltaics? ... are you nuts?

Get with the times:

SunCell is fifty times cheaper than solar.


Kirk2NCC1701's picture


Stored in EMP proof buildings.  Often a low tech solution beats a high tech solution.

Make more, employ more. QED.

demi urge's picture

Do you have any idea what it would cost to "EMP-proof" a large scale electrical generation facility?

Obviously not, if you think this is a viable suggestion. 

EnDimoVeritas's picture

The spare parts to replace the large scale facility would be stored in cosmoline, inside a grounded quonset hut.

Otherwise, yeah, duh.


Tall Tom's picture




An upgrade and hardening of our electrical grid needs to be the priority, It is wise, necessary, and prudent.


But you must uderstand that we are writing about the US Government. They have done only that which is foolhardy as they are into boondoggling the expenditures to make the K Street lobbyists wealthy. That is the reason that it is not on the list.


You expect any real change?  Do not hold your breath.


Yeah. Government going into debt is only a good thing when there is an R behind the majority of Senators and Representatives and the President. That is what many RINOs posting here will have you believe.


Of course the very same folks will whine about the debt when there is a majority of Ds.


Ronald Reagan had it right. Government is never the solution. Government IS the PROBLEM.


The office of the Presidency and the US Congress have no constitutional obligation to create jobs. in fact they do not have the authority inder that document.


This is all out SOCiaLIsM. The RINOs, the sOCIALiSTS here, sUpPorT this cRap.


Do not expect solutions from those who create the problem. The solution is to rid yourself from dependency upon the problem. In that way you will be free.

TeethVillage88s's picture

Maybe I, we agree here. I think you are saying that job creation won't come from US Government. I am saying that perhaps the governmetn can get out of the way and stop preventing job creation. I['m thinking that Federal Level, Congress and President, fail to set the Stating Ground for Job Creation.

- Staging
- Regulation
- Worker Rights
- Safety & Environmental
- Simplify, Standardize, and Streamline... remove that which is unjustified expansion of expectations... could be pensions, retirements, and certainly would look at huge health care costs born by businesses

Who creates jobs: Congress, President, or Private stockholder controlled federal reserve. Answer = Congress sets the legislative environment/legal environment it seems.

Tall Tom's picture




And the FED sets the cost of capitol....which can put a damper on garnering the start up capitol and cash flow for a beneficial project.


It'd be a nice and productive world if we rid ourselves of those self imposed chains, eh?

TeethVillage88s's picture

Tom, I'm not dumb. But I have to sober up to actually think about your answer. I think you are much more involved at town, city, county, state, level. Which is good. And which is instructive and valuable.

Let's see... Fed. Cost of Capital. Start up costs. Hm... the costs seem like at world record lows.

Maybe you snooked me.

The Balance: Insurance, Trusts. Pensions, Retirements... vs. Giant Corporations & Giant Banks Getting low interest rates to play in Vegas, Macau, or London.

Self imposed Chains are many and innumerate. Big word for me. Sorry was just 1/2 of a 750 of vodka.

Fixed income and savers join the list above hurt by low interest rate. Perhaps you are reflecting on Trump. In the case of Trump friends... would think they all are doing great with Ben S. Bernanke and Janet (Damn it) Yellen.

For the Nation, for Jobs, for anti-establishment... Fed is not a big player since they suck dick on wall street and have little impact. However, if you are hinting about precious metals... the lose of value of FIAT, USD WRC, yeah... get rid of the private stockholders and secret owners of the Federal reserve and new york federal reserve.

Yeah, the Federal Reserve is a construct to propagate a scheme... remember I am drunk. lol

s2man's picture

Plus 2. 1 for admitting you are drinking. 1 for the Damn it.  I love you!

balolalo's picture


so now deficit spending + subsidies + infrastructure  = GOP support

but when the left tries deficit spending + subsidies + infrastructure = no GOP support



Billy the Poet's picture

The Democrats openly deny employment to white men. You can see how that might make their policies less attractive to some folks.


Robert Reich, Obamas Hand Picked Racist: Jobs Must Not Go To "White Male" Construction Workers



demi urge's picture

That's neat. A vid from a guy who hasn't even been in office for 5 years.

Meanwhile I'm in the field, building real things, with ARRA funds (You know, obama's version of this exact same Trump proposal... well... maybe not, since Trump apparantely just took a bunch of things that were already past the permitting and design phase...) and what do you know, there were white people building things all over my sites!

Go ahead everyone, downvote the white people. I know you want to.