"Rogue National Park" Deletes Tweets After Defying Trump

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The Badlands National Park, in an apparent effort to stay true to it's name, sent out a series of tweets earlier today about climate change which were most likely intended specifically to ruffle the feathers of the new Trump administration.  The tweets have since been deleted but not before being retweeted thousands of times.

“Today, the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is higher than at any time in the last 650,000 years. #climate”


“Flipside of the atmosphere; ocean acidity has increased 30% since the Industrial  Revolution. ‘Ocean Acidification" #climate #carboncycle’”


"Burning one gallon of gasoline puts nearly 20lbs of carbon dioxide into our atmosphere. #climate"


According to The Hill, the now-deleted tweets came just as the Trump administration was taking steps to crack down on rogue agencies tweeting out messages that run afoul of their stated policies.

The tweets came — and were deleted — amid a Trump administration crackdown on social media activities from several key agencies, including the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


The Interior Department itself drew fire from Trump officials on his first day in office, when the agency was banned from tweeting after retweeting messages about the size of Trump’s inauguration ceremony crowd.


On Tuesday, Trump’s team banned the EPA from sending social media updates or talking to reporters, the Associated Press reported.


That followed news of a Department of Agriculture gag order on the distribution of scientific research and communications with the press.

While the following Trump tweet from 2012 probably shouldn't be taken literally, it is nonetheless an indication that he probably isn't 100% in-sync with America's progressive climate change scientists and/or the Park Rangers at the Badlands National Park.


Finally, we would just note that while we don't have an official position on climate change, if the climate is indeed broken we're almost certain that the Russians are to blame.

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No idea who sponsored those tweets, but that person may have made a significant career decision.

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King Tut (not verified) bh2 Jan 24, 2017 9:07 PM

Time to turn in your goofy hat, Ranger Smith.

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Oh yeah, that big ass climate change conference paid for by us...errr, ummm, "the CDC"?

Won't be happening.


Leftist womyn bitching about bloody bedsheets while wearing Pussyhats hurt the most.


TahoeBilly2012's picture

Like I tell my Libtard friends - climate change may be true, but it's not major fear. My major fear is economic breakdown from currency/debt collapse and secondly war with Russia or China. Somewhere down below that I worry about rivers drying up.

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You're another smart person who sees the way things are...we have our priorities listed in the exact same order.

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As the gasoline is burned, the carbon in it (for the sake of simplicity lets just say 2,2,4-trimethylhexane or iso-octane) breaks the bonds between the carbons in the molecule with the hydrogens attached to the carbon atoms and other carbons in the molecule, replacing them all with bonds between carbon and oxygen in the process known as combustion.  Breaking all these bonds releases energy (heat) making your engine go.  The resulting oxidized carbon (known as the climate bad guy carbon dioxide) is thus released out the tailpipe to go forth to cause teh ice caps to melt and kill polar bears.  


As these polar bears can no longer find food, they will migrate south in search of food.  Thus it becomes necessary for our teachers to carry firearms.  Because bears.


Because carbon dioxide weighs more than just carbon burning the amount realeased is more in wight than the weight of what was burned.

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We have a melted Polar Bear, we call him Rug.

Save_America1st's picture

there are probably several devious reasons the scumbags invented global warming and the whole carbon bullshit lie. 

I think in particular first and foremost they created it in order to create the myth of a global "crisis".  If they could create a so-called global crisis, then they could eventually move the world towards a "global government" without borders in order to centralize power, and impose a global digital currency system that the centralized global government controls.


Jubal Early's picture

You say that

"there are probably several devious reasons the scumbags invented global warming and the whole carbon bullshit lie. "

well Trump says:

 "The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive."

I say it is just one more attempt to deceive, divide and impoverish the goyim.  It is clear that is what they are up to with agenda 2030, wars across the ME, the goyim youth being brainwashed into ignorance, sexual degeneracy and tattoos.

Trump is not playing stupid, he is deflecting criticism from his tribe.  He will do his best within limits imposed by his lord Rothschild.

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The EPA needs to stop tweeting b.s.

Somebody in Trumps cabinet need to address these facts with the public:


wildbad's picture

a gallon of gasoline weighs about six pounds but this twat somehow manages to squeeze 20 pounds of CO2 out of it.

That is exactly the kind of statistic and mathematic expertise which makes me a climate skeptic

wulf's picture

Actually, you need carbon and energy to produce gasoline, hence the 20 pounds....

RAT005's picture

1 gallon of gasoline weighs around 5 lbs.  Some of that is oygen and hydrogen.  So the amount of Carbon released is less than 5 lbs.  It's combination from a weight perspective with existing ambient molecules is kind of meaningless.

wildbad's picture

sorry RAT, didn't mean to steal your thunder..great minds...

yes, true.

an never mind that we NEED more CO2

this whole argument is a straw man canard and the sooner we remove it from the discussion the better

GTC's picture

You're a fucking asshat. 

fix's picture

Thanks science side of ZH

olenumbersix's picture

When I was in high school we learned that an ice age was upon us, and that millions of human lives were at stake. So, all I can say is thank God we invented global warming, and were able to avert that disaster. Also I'm an a/c contractor, so there's that too. Same amount of carbon on the planet now as there has been for billions of years, just the form it takes that has changed. Science funding motto: MORE STUDY IS NEEDED.

SoDamnMad's picture

But Ashley Judd told all the women at the Women's March that tampons are taxed while Viagra isn't.  So obviously men and women have different priorities.  I wonder if Ashley will propose sticking 2 tampons up her nose to block the radiation when the nuclear war occurs.  That or a recipe to eat them when there is no food after a nuclear winter.

A Nanny Moose's picture

She can stick her used tampons wherever the fuck she likes. She should start with her tinfoil hat.

general ambivalent's picture

Because if the rivers dry up then at least you can still bring that money to a rolling boil...

Raffie's picture

So 8.36lbs of gas makes 20lb carbon... HILARIOUS.....

Planet Unicorn sure does have weird physics.


Tijuana Donkey Show's picture

When people use that number, they are estimating the entire supply chain to get you that gallon of gas. That's why I only drive nuclear powered cars. 

Son of Loki's picture

I know alot of people fired from the energy sector under the Soweeto Bama 8 years of destruction and they would love to have those jobs. They supported Trump and would be gald to replace any of these shit wads in any department, parks, EPA, DHS, etc Even the Secret Service since that SS traitor in refuses to honor her promise to keep the president safe.

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A gallon of gasoline weighs 6.1 lbs. Even though it is not quite accurate, it is a decent assumption for this discussion to say gasoline is octane (C8H18). Carbon has a molecular weight of 12 and Hydrogen is 1. The weight ratio in gasoline of carbon:hydrogen is approximately 5:1. Or, said another way, about 5 lbs of that gallon of gas is carbon. CO2 is 1 carbon and 2 oxygens. Oxygen's atomic number is 8. So, that 1 gallon of gasoline should generate about 6.7 lbs of CO2.

So...now you know why trees are so fucking heavy. 

Byte Me's picture

You err.

Conflating atomic number (O = 8, and you were quite correct there) with atomic mass only "works" for 1H ('Protium')

Oxygen has an AM around 16.

Stuck on Zero's picture

A gallon of gasoline, as burned, represents about 40 lbs of Carbon Dioxide. There is a lot of fuel expended in obtaining the gallon of gasoline" refining, transport, drilling, pumping, etc. Most of the mass is in the O2.

Calmyourself's picture

Just tell me how many trees and food producing plants that 02 feeds... Because seriously I am tired of pumping it into my greenhouse its getting expensive...


Its almost like plants that evolved during a time of higher 02 concentration still need higher 02 concentrations  in order to flourish but of course the idiotic tweeter doesn't believe in Darwin right...

Frito's picture

It does actually work out to about that. You just need to add in about 13lb of Oxygen to get to the 20lb. There would also be a fiar bit of water vapour too.


2 C8H18 + 25 O2 = 18 H2O + 16 CO2


(the above would be much clearer if sub-script worked).

ghengis86's picture

Chemistry FTW.
But it's a little deceptive to the non-chemical peeps.

See! We were right!
Well, as far as a balanced reaction, sure. But, I could also say, I can take one gallon of oil and turn it into an ethoxylated alcohol and increase the reactant mass 100x over the mass of the starting product hydrocarbon.


decon's picture

You should understand chemistry before you comment on it.

Svendblaaskaeg's picture

"So 8.36lbs of gas makes 20lb carbon... HILARIOUS.....

Planet Unicorn sure does have weird physics."

Yes I know it sounds weird but nothing wrong with the physics, one part C from the fuel + 2 part O from the air

Did not downvote you, read and learn, I did (great fact based anti-warmistas site)




Ms. Erable's picture

First chance for POTUS to say You're Fired!

07564111's picture

I want a vid showing the look on the face snowflake who tweeted this when it's fired.

booboo's picture

I'm pretty sure Ranger Rick drove to work but will be limping home.

A Nanny Moose's picture

Boo Boo: but Yogi, what will the Ranger think?

Yogi: Fuck the Ranger, Boo Boo!

Cardinal Fang's picture


"Bob, I know you are happy here at Badlands, but orders came in for you.

You're being transferred to the History of Petroleum museum in Houston."

philipat's picture

The Bear came over the Mountain?

Keyser's picture

Nah, send the tweeter to Goose Bay Labarador... They will never be heard from again, ever... 

So It Goes's picture

Whoa, whoa, whoa:

"Burning one gallon of gasoline puts nearly 20lbs of carbon dioxide into our atmosphere. #climate"

One gallon of gasoline weighs 6.183 lbs.  

My mind bends.  So I burn 6.2 lbs with oxygen and I create 3 X as much weight?  I'm no chemist, but where did all the energy and mass go?

Raffie's picture

gallon weighs 8.36 lbs....

just saying..

cbxer55's picture

Maybe a gallon of diesel weighs 8.36 pounds. Gasoline is lighter than diesel. Think it's lighter than water. I believe the 6.183 over the 8.36 myself. Water weighs right around 7 pounds. Gasoline, like oil, floats on top of water. Therefore it has to be lighter.

Anyways, yeah, how does 6 (or 8) pounds of a liquid make 20 pounds of a gas? Hilarious. These crackpots will spew anything to try and make a point.

ghengis86's picture

You might want to take a chemistry class and pay particular attention to stoichiometry and reactions.
Just sayin'

NoPension's picture

I think I got this....
A pound of diesel weighs more than a pound of gas.

Raffie's picture

I googled how much does a gallon weigh, not how much a gallon of gas weighs.

Your mistake and your fault. Do not let it happen again.

So It Goes's picture

Sorry, I just started laughing.

Our difference is 25%, and it does not even matter because the original statement of 20lbs makes no sense either way.  What a crock o' shit.


Apofigei's picture

Actually numbers are reasonable. One gallon of gas weighs 8 pounds, it is mostly carbon and hydrogen, so mostly carbon. Carbon atom weighs 12g divided by avogadro's number 6.02x10^23. Carbon dioxide is a molecule combined from one carbon with two oxygens, oxygen atom weighs 16grams divided by avogadro's number. So the burning of carbon creates a molecule, which is heavier then carbon, with the weight of 1C plus 2O, 12+16+16=44g divided by avogadro's number. So 44/12=3.6, meaning the amount of carbon dioxide will weigh 3.6 times the amount of gas, roughly. Too lazy to find exact numbers for how much 1 galllon of gazoline weighs, which fraction of gazoline will be pure carbon and so on.

What is unreasonable is the hysteria associated with it, so 20-30 pounds is produced, so what? Carbpn dioxide is spewed in atmosphere by earth volcanoes in the amounts dwarfing anything humans can produce. Then it is absorbed by the vegetation and ocean's algae. And human factor is likely a non-factor.

ghengis86's picture

Another person with some chemistry. Stoichiometry is where it's at. Like I said upthread, I can take the carbons from 1 pound of oil/gas, and make it 100x heavier by just adding on something like ethylene oxide.
Oxygen has mass. All gasses have mass. All elements have mass.