Trump Says "Illegal" Voters Cost Him Popular Vote

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Sparking his latest confrontation with the media, mostly the NYT, CNN and WaPo, overnight president Trump told members of Congress on Monday in a private reception that he lost the popular vote in the election because millions of undocumented immigrants cast votes for his opponent.

Trump's claim, which much of the mainstream press has determined to be "fake news" despite reported evidence to the contrary, was first made by Trump before his election, and drew widespread criticism by the press overnight.

According to a Bloomberg report, Trump told Republican and Democratic congressional leaders at the White House reception that he would have won the popular vote had three to five million undocumented immigrants not cast ballots for Democrat Hillary Clinton, three people familiar with the remark said. Two of the people said Trump used the term “illegals” to describe the alleged immigrant voters. As a reminder, Hillary Clinton won the national popular vote by about 2.9 million ballots.

A White House spokesman, Marc Short, told Bloomberg that the administration would not comment because the reception was off the record. The White House press secretary, Sean Spicer, later said that he would "look into" the report.

Naturally, it is illegal for anyone but citizens to vote in most U.S. elections. Various reports during and after the election, especially during the infamous Jill Stein recount, found irregularities in voting which suggested that illegal voters were indeed allowed to cast votes, however not to the extent claimed by Trump, who suggested that at least 3 million undocumented immigrants voted in the 2016 election. There were sporadic reports of people voting illegally, as there are in nearly all elections, but federal and state officials of both parties said that the election’s integrity was overwhelmingly secure.

Trump first asserted that illegal ballots had tilted the popular vote in Clinton’s favor in a Nov. 27 tweet. "In addition to winning the Electoral College in a landslide, I won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally," he said. He provided no evidence for the claim. Elections officials in California, New Hampshire and Virginia said it was baseless. 

Subsequently Trump said he would have won the popular vote had he campaigned for the most votes in the election, rather than focusing on an Electoral College victory.

For now, however, the media has found a new Trump "scandal" over which to obssess, as the president continues to dominate the newsflow with secondary and otherwise irrelevant stories, which preoccupy the US press, while the important stuff remains largely uncovered and leads to increased "uncertainty" in markets about the future about Trump's policies.

Meanwhile, the NYT's text and headline, speak for themselves :

President Trump used his first official meeting with congressional leaders on Monday to falsely claim that millions of unauthorized immigrants had robbed him of a popular vote majority, a return to his obsession with the election’s results even as he seeks support for his legislative agenda.

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J S Bach's picture

One again, the truth drives the left insane.

petar's picture

I'd give him a year at most... then his entire joke team would be out of power

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xythras (not verified) petar Jan 24, 2017 8:32 AM

Mad Dog Mattis had his first day at the buttons.

Happy as a pig in shit

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GGuy (not verified) xythras Jan 24, 2017 8:40 AM

We will never know who wins the popular vote, because the j00s have set up the system. The 'NAZI JOO run media says Voter ID Disenfranchises kneegrows.....but they are ok in STATES LIKE DELAWARE Which has TWICE THE KNEEGROW POPULATION THAN THE NATIONAL AVERAGE....


In fact, voter ID laws are only bad in the "SWING STATES" that your FED JEW MASTERS MUST MANIPULATE.

FreezeThese's picture
FreezeThese (not verified) GGuy Jan 24, 2017 8:48 AM

Lordy ... get over it already sweetheart

WordSmith2013's picture

All accurate poll data showed a Trump landslide.


Trump Landslide Victory Predicted: Clinton Can Only Win By Stealing the Election
tmosley's picture

Well, I wish he would investigate. I'd stand to win more than $5000 if he shifted the popular vote by less than a million. And, of course, then there is the further disassembly of the DNC that would happen if they were found to be systematically corrupting the election, something high ranking operatives have admitted to doing "for 50 years" on camera.

Fathead Slim's picture
Fathead Slim (not verified) tmosley Jan 24, 2017 12:16 PM

Probably, anybody who would make that bet with you would be likely to welsh on it. That's how they are.

cheka's picture

the genius of the electoral college revealed.  makes elections much MUCH harder to steal.

fleur de lis's picture

Jake Tapper throwing yet another hissy fit for the MSM hissy fit collection.

Why doesn't he stomp his foot like a petulant schoolgirl while he's at it.

AllTimeWhys's picture

he's making the press look like idiots, i don't care if it's intentional or unintentional. They keep reporting all this shit we don't care about and doesn't matter, trying desperately to make him sound stupid while missing all the important things he's already done. 


RIP mainstream Press

Kefeer's picture

Antisemitism is part of the Cultural Marxist agenda; quit playing the fool unless you are a commie.  That is like saying it is the American people bombing the crap out of the middle-east and causing the refugee crisis in Europe.  No it is the globalists and their ethnicity doesn't matter; it is the nature of the people...all of us are sinners.

847328_3527's picture

Hillary lost because of Hillary:


Man Who Filmed Hillery's Collapse Hailed as "Hero"

Friday night's DeploraBall - hosted by Gays for Trump in celebration of his election - promised several special guests, one of whom was introduced as a "hero" and "the man who turned the election around."

That man was Zdenek Gazda, the guy who filmed and tweeted the video of Hillary Clinton stumbling at the 9/11 memorial on September 11, 2016. Though Clinton's doctor soon after announced she'd been treated for pneumonia, Gazda's video fueled rumors she was hiding a more serious illness, and, he believes, tanked her chances at being elected in the process.

He did not hesitate to post what he'd shot. "I put it on Twitter immediately," Zdenek, who says he was always an avid Trump supporter, said. "I don't like [Hillary] because she lied. She's sick ... I was scared too because so many people like her. But I closed the door on her for the White House. A lot of people say with a 20-second video, I changed the history of the United States."





John McCloy's picture

  I am not a God Fearing Man but for this to have happened on 9/11 of all my hometown...after having my best friends father lost in those attacks and seeing what that witch permitted on 9/11 in Benghazi...I am starting think these amazing times we are living in my not just be pure luck & circumstance.

The Wizard's picture

Before you use the term "anti-Semite" again you should look up the meaning of the term Semite. If you take time to research it, you will discover the use of the term is a misnomer.

Jeffersonian Liberal's picture

Indeed. Arthur Koestler's The 13th Tribe and Shlomo Sand's The Invention of the Jewish People.

Most of the "Jews" on the planet today have no more inherited bloodline to the "Jews" of the Bible than Sammy Davis, Jr. had.

Fathead Slim's picture
Fathead Slim (not verified) Jeffersonian Liberal Jan 24, 2017 12:14 PM

Here's a Sammy joke:

A golfer asked Sammy "What's your handicap?",

Sammy answered, " I'm a one-eyed tap dancing black jew, what else do you want to know?"

Jeffersonian Liberal's picture

One of the most naive comments I've read on ZH.

What you're saying is that the goal of the Jews in implementing Cultural Marxism was to manipulate people -- to hate them.

You need to read MacDonald's Culture of Critique.

The Jews (not every one, but those with the money and/or power and the agenda to do so) set up Cultural Marxism in order to subvert gentile culture, collapse it from within, and to create a vacuum in which they could plant a new world order...and to do so in such a way that they could not be directly blamed.

A large part of that was demonizing anyone who criticized what they were doing...demonizing by labeling them as anti-Semitic.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

I remember the day way back when ZH first started where anyone with less than 3 months on ZH was slapped around by the veteran commenters and told to shut up and wait in the corner.

peddling-fiction's picture

Maff is hard for common Bolsheviks

LyLo's picture

Why did this stop?  Shit, go for a year. 

Fuck those bitches that can't handle reading ZH for one measly year--barely enough to scratch the surface--before injecting themselves in a running conversation of which they have no part.

peddling-fiction's picture

I read ZH (especially the comments) for over 5 years before opening my trap.

Fathead Slim's picture
Fathead Slim (not verified) peddling-fiction Jan 24, 2017 12:11 PM

I did the same for two years before even registering.



I was much more impressed with the commentary 5 years ago.

BabaLooey's picture

I read ZH for 3 months in 2010 before jumping onboard.

3 monikers later.....still here....accumulated time 5 years.

francis scott falseflag's picture


After I started reading ZH 5 years ago, i realized that it was a gold mine.

I soon started commenting that my sister made $12,000 a month sitting on

her arse.


As smart and funny as most of the commenters are, they're just like everyone

else and suckers for $12,000 a month.  

SoDamnMad's picture

But in the early days there was much more comment at finance and less on politics and hardly any hate shit.  Some really smart people had good ideas and could have made you a little money. Many famous names diasappeared years ago. Sadly

SoDamnMad's picture

.  Verifiable paper ballots with ID and proof of citizenship would be RACIST, therefore we will never get them as long as Democrats have any power.  Never mind that Guyana requires ID + proof of citizenship + an address check.  Guyanans can't be racist because they aren't white.

Last of the Middle Class's picture

Bomb them back to caves so they can fornicate with their camels and hopefully come up with a DNA mix closer to civilized nations when they re emerge.

GGuy's picture
GGuy (not verified) petar Jan 24, 2017 8:32 AM

There is no evidence that a racist homosexual muslim knigger told illegal aliens to vote and that they would not be punished for it...RIGHT 'NAZI J00 MEDIA LIARS?

CheapBastard's picture

Woof Shitzer's jaw is going to move faster then Jerry Borwn's Hi Speed rail from the mexcian border to LA.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

Lutefisk-addled Norwegian hackers were paid by Saudi Arabia to hack the voting in NY and California to favor Hillary.

In Ze No's picture

They called NY for Hillary after only 2 NYC counties reporting.  Why should the rest of us in the state even fucking bother?

Chupacabra-322's picture

According to a recent report by the Pew Center the American voter registration system is in dire need of an upgrade.
** Approximately 24 million—one of every eight—voter registrations in the United States are no longer valid or are significantly inaccurate.
** More than 1.8 million deceased individuals are listed as voters.
** Approximately 2.75 million people have registrations in more than one state.

BabaLooey's picture

My new moniker for Gooobenor Brown is now.......


Bill of Rights's picture

Jr go back to grade school asshole its a four year term no matter what your low IQ tells you, Sick and tired of you losers clamoring on every fucken day , if Trump was a dictator asshole YOU WOULD BE IN PRISON RIGHT NOW!

Shemp 4 Victory's picture


I'd give him a year at most... then his entire joke team would be out of power

Why are you bringing up Poroshenko?

Kefeer's picture

We have quite a few of you "Useful Idiots" of the state; most of you do not even realize you have been indoctrinated into Cultural Marxism - comrade.

BabaLooey's picture

Keep ..............sucking on those pussy hats, hoping for some stupid twat juice fuckley.

Trump's right.

More than 2 MILLION ILLEGAL ALIENS have driver's licenses in Taxifornia alone.

(allowing vote)

Think they voted for Trump?



FUCK the MSM and the complicit Hollyhack cunts. 

Trump is right.

HamFistedIdiot's picture

Yes. I like your language. The PC crowd, and the text of this article, refer to Illegal Aliens as "undocumented immigrants." They are breaking the law by being here. End of story. Can't have an honest conversation if we don't have a truthful definition of terms.

divide_by_zero's picture

And automatically registered to vote.

Jim in MN's picture

Here's an oldie (1994) but goodie from Philly:

Vote-Fraud Ruling Shifts Pennsylvania Senate By MICHAEL deCOURCY HINDS, Published: February 19, 1994

PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 18— Saying Philadelphia's election system had collapsed under "a massive scheme" by Democrats to steal a State Senate election in November, a Federal judge today took the rare step of invalidating the vote and ordered the seat filled by the Republican candidate.

"Substantial evidence was presented establishing massive absentee ballot fraud, deception, intimidation, harassment and forgery," Judge Newcomer wrote in a decision made public today

BabaLooey's picture

Nice catch Jim.

Now, if this were anything to do with TRUMP.....HO....LI......FUK...we're never hear the end of it. Eva!

But THAT'S was the RUSSIAN MIND CONTROLLERS...."Ordering" millions to go out for Trump rallies NATIONWIDE....



IridiumRebel's picture

Y'all are gonna need to troll harder.
This is the thing with a Trump. He'll say this to enrage the left and then use it to his advantage via linking them somehow. He likes twisting their nuts.

Fred C Dobbs's picture

I think so too.  Jack Tapper is now saying there should be an investigation of voter fraud where Hillary won.  Perhaps Trump will agree with him and do it. 

IridiumRebel's picture

Trump is trying to end the political chicanery of the democrats. They fucking cheat and it's widely known. The Dems have an incestuous relationship with the media and all of this is being taken on by trump. He baits the media and then exposes the facts. Could be dangerous or pay off well.

NoPension's picture

Go for it Jake. Do a big investigation, and prove Trump wrong.

While you're at it, stop by and see Joe Arpio...and get his investigative reports on Ozero's faked birth certificate. Oh yeah, now that he's out of office, I'd like to see O's college records.

BandGap's picture

Well they can't start the investigation in Detroit where they freely admitted they couldn't tell how many votes people were casting (estimated to be up to 6 per person) due to machine glitches. Essentially they pushed the buttons over and over becasue they couldn't "tell" if the votes were registering.

Teknowledgy is hard.