Artist's Impression Of Trump's First Week

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"All clear?"



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That is so Dead On Accurate!!!

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At the rate Trump's going, he'll accomplish more in 1 year, than our last 5 Presidents + ALL of the career politicians in those years, combined.

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Did you guys know we had a black president named Obama?

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It's been such a great week, I forgot. 

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@ Mr. President:

I remember Obama quite well, but it seems to me that he spent his time golfing.

Please keep up the good work!

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We would have been better off if Obama golfed 100% of the time.

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It's striking exactly how much repression on our citizenry has been fomented by the liberals over the decades until someone like Trump comes along to expose it all.  He could literally continue this process daily for an entire year eliminating unecessary regulations, laws and other edicts intended solely to protect and benefit the ruling class.  Amazing.

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but mr. trump might consider adopting the headgear of the man in the obama shelter.  full metal jacket and kevlar jumpsuit come to mind.

and not for the failed imperial project that brought them there but for the attitude with which they took adversity:

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If the elites or Left take Trumpp out, their blood will flow in the gutters. And Trump knows it. It would be a bloody cleansing of all things Left/Progressive.

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you should be glad a homosexual with a fake birth certificate is out.



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Can you imagine the opportunity cost of our FORMER establishment idles?

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stop your fucking spamming dickhead.

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Did you guys know we had a foreign-born half-black muslim president named Obama? (FIFY)

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or a white dunce named Shrub?

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Bush wasn't a dunce.  He and Obama had about the same intellect and for sure the same puppet master pulled their strings.  Bush just didn't talk as smoothly because he obviously has some sort of ADHD or dyslexia.  Who cares what it is he was a tool of the globalists.

I said through most of Obama's terms that he was the 3rd and 4th terms of W. Bush for all the difference there was between them.  So you can stop your reflexive Obama defense. There is nothing to defend.  He was a disaster.

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both of them are coked out - Bush more so. Take away the teleprompter from O and you find out...

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Sure, but you spelled coke wrong.

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Half black, half white and all shit stain.

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Takeaction2 (not verified) Donald J. Trump Jan 25, 2017 6:52 PM

Y U so Raysiss?



Just watched Ron Paul say "I like what he is doing..."  WOW.

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Hoping it snowballs myself,

When you get the most powerful man in the world starting to put the world to fucking rights you either help or you are part of the problem.

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That's the kind of linear thinking that got the shrub in trouble.

Trump isn't stupid enough to follow that logic, even if some of his followers are.

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If I recall correctly he was just as much white as he was black. White folks may not want to claim him, but it's true.

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We didn't put him in the white house, why should we be held responsible?

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I remember a halfrican named Obama but I don't recall him ever acting presidential or doing anything for the American people... I had a brain fart the other day and for the life of me I couldn't remember President Ford... I forsee there being a time when Obama is ONLY remembered for his childish impetuous anti-American diktates and as being the target of well deserved jokes.  

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Do you know why? It's because he's not burdened by commitments to donors and special interest groups. He is accountable, and only accountable, to the people who voted him into office (and ultimately God). But yes, it's a huge win to see him taking the actions that are going to be in the best interest of the people of the nation for which he was elected... No other president has born such a light load in this regard.

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It just goes to show how much hot air and bullshit has become the norm in politics.

Obuttfuck is the sorriest example of absolute incompetence.

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Obama is a very successful professional agitator
And treasonist
And a devoted Mud-slime

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You are witnessing a coup right now as Donald deposed the Democrat hold on the U.S. blue collar worker. Brilliant!

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Absolutely agree..... this is the BEST MOVE he could have done to ensure himself another 4 year term..... 



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You just might see his daughter after his first term.

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I've been saying this for a while, ivanka will be the first woman president.

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I think Kellyanne Conway would be the ideal choice as our first woman president.

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One union guy said he represented 3 million people (AFL/CIO?). Either way, labor is gone from the Democratic party for a generation.

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Like what happened in the UK, the party so called representing the working people stabbed them in the back.

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Hey now, I worked twice as hard over the last 8 years....for half as much

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The last 8 years has been survival

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Hey! Guess what? I just remembered where all my gold & guns are!

Its like I was triggered or sumpin! ;-)

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Let me guess, in a safe space?  ;-)

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Lake Safespace! How did you-hey wait a minute....

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In the coming holocaust long scuba gear for gold and guns in safe space lakes.

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Boohoo.  The African-Americans that you oppressed and the Jews you white people BRUTALLY GASSED with delousing agents in the 1960s (I think) during THE HOLYHOAX get theirs first.  Quit being a racist nazi bastard and pay your fair share!

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Mmmm, so jews were brutally gassed but it's a hoax at the same time.


Man you really are an imbecile.

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Plus the 60s for the gassing. We are being trolled.

One of these is not like the others..'s picture

Since when did fight club have to have no sense of humour?

Someone who calls themselves "compassionate conservative" and then writes what he does is clearly having a laugh.

The mistake he is making is that the race that calls itself "American" seems on the face of it, to not be equipped with an irony gene.

Race? Did he say Race?? Yes I did, for the "race deniers" out there.. Yep, we now have a new phrase to balance the ever present cry of "raycisss" when you point out that black* isn't in fact the same as white in every fucking little aspect.

* (or brown, red or yellow) Perhaps I should include blue and not be "smurfist"?

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He must be kidding, no one's that stoopit.

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Hey Tylers, time to empty the trash. Ban hammer please.