Austin Becomes Ground Zero For Sanctuary City Battle As Texas Governor Vows To Cut State Funding

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Late last week, according to the Austin American- Statesman, the newly elected sheriff of Travis County, Texas, Sally Hernandez, vowed to limit cooperation with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials saying that she would only honor immigration holds for suspects booked into the Travis County Jail on charges of capital murder, aggravated sexual assault and "continuous smuggling of persons".

Traditionally, the county has honored nearly all requests by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to hold a suspect booked into jail when agents have wanted to investigate their status further.


However, effective Feb. 1, sheriff's officials will honor so-called immigration holds or "detainers" placed by federal authorities only when a suspect is booked into the Travis County Jail on charges of capital murder, aggravated sexual assault and "continuous smuggling of persons."


Otherwise, federal agents must have a court order or arrest warrant signed by a judge for the jail to continue housing a person whose immigration status is in question, according to Hernandez's policy, which she released Friday.


"The public must be confident that local law enforcement is focused on local public safety, not on federal immigration enforcement. Our jail cannot be perceived as a holding tank for ICE or that Travis County deputies are ICE officers," Hernandez said in a video announcement.


Of course, the declaration from Hernandez drew an immediate reaction from Texas Governor Greg Abbott who promptly promised to cut state funding for the rogue Travis County and take steps to enact "stiffer penalties" as well.


According to Vocativ, the Travis County Police Department receives $1.8 million in annual grants from the state of Texas.  That said, at roughly 1% of their overall police budget, we suspect the the funding shortfall won't be a sufficient deterrent for Travis County's defiant new Sheriff.

Abbott, a Republican, has threatened to withhold nearly $1.8 million in state law-enforcement grants following Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez’s decision to buck state law and no longer honor all jail detainers sought by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. A detainer is a request to state and local jails to notify federal agents when they are about to release an undocumented immigrant from custody.


“This is not a pronouncement of sound public policy; it is a dangerous game of political Russian roulette — with the lives of Texans at stake,” Abbott wrote in a letter to Hernandez on Monday. “Unless you reverse your policy… your unilateral decision will cost the people of Travis County money that was meant to be used to protect them.”

Of course, Trump also repeatedly vowed during his campaign to cut federal funding for sanctuary cities, a move that he is expected to officially confirm later today, along with a series of other national security initiatives, during a visit to the Department of Homeland Security.


With that, it seems the time has come for many of America's liberal cities to: (a) get used to policing their streets with smaller budgets or (b) actually start enforcing laws.

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nuubee's picture

Fuck sanctuary cities, they are traitors.

WakeUpPeeeeeople's picture

Welcome to the Peoples Republic of Austin, Taxurass. The most liberal bunch outside of CA

UndergroundPost's picture

Travis county elected their Libtard sheriff, now let them enjoy the consequences of no money, illegals overrunning the county and crime soaring. Welcome to Paradise of the Left

NotApplicable's picture

Funny how the larger the university in a town, the greater the amount of derp that exists.

Especially when it's a state U which sucks all of the tax dollars in from around the remainder of the state.

wildbad's picture

we hear from Alex Jones that Austin has been completely Californicated.

They did this to Colorado back in the day.

They ca$h out in Cali, run from the taxes and wherever they land they disrespect the local culture and start pissing in the pool again to remake it into their own image.

Then they move on again when its ruined.

drendebe10's picture

That's what cancers do when they metastasize.

CuttingEdge's picture

"Mr Trump? Austin are asking for new roads and bridges under your promised infrastructure spending plans."

"Tell them to go fuck themselves."


Stuck on Zero's picture

Truthfully, the Federal Government is asking cities to pay to hold people without compensation. If the Feds would pay $100/day to hold illegal aliens then the jails would be crowded.

TwoHoot's picture

That isn't true. In Texas, the sheriff is responsible for county jail operation. Any agency that books in a prisoner has to pay, no matter whether thay are federal, state or local.

FireBrander's picture

Instead of taking action against Austin, just annouce that ICE considers Austin a "No Go" zone and illegals living there will not be deported...population of Austin will double in 6'em.

Stainless Steel Rat's picture
Stainless Steel Rat (not verified) MANvsMACHINE Jan 25, 2017 2:44 PM

Austin is another case of "we're liberal because we don't have to live around anyone but white people".  Oh sure, we have two ghettos in which we keep all the minorities.  Austin a sanctuary city?  Good luck affording living here.  It is as absurd as San Francisco being a sanctuary city.

Déjà view's picture

Gladly pay her for a few scuba lessons in notorious Jacobs Well...

cheka's picture

someone needs to do an expose' on the criminal network of mayors that have been installed by nyc.dc in large cities across the US

jimsoong25's picture

Long term, getting (illegal alien) criminals off your local streets and out of the country saves money.

If the Justice Dept can take over a local police dept for alleged discrimination (Ferguson, MO) can it take over one for failure to obey Federal law?

If the Federal government would enforce the law, illegals would not be in local jails for very long.  My county works with immigration to hold illegals.  I'm pretty sure they get paid to do so.  Under Obama, immigration stopped picking up the illegals and criminals and they had to be cut loose. 

CheapBastard's picture

Crime in Austin is really bad. Nightly fights, assaults, shootings very commonplace, dindus out of control ... thanks to these "liberal" sheriffs and the police chief who just left for ... Houston. He had to be one of the worst.

A couple of years ago all those LA condo owners downtown actaully had a street protest begging for more police protection in the downtown Austin area it was so bad. Let me tell, you, when someone from LA tells you Austin crime is almost as bad as LA, THAT's something!

Austin was wonderful in the 80's and 90's and went downhill real fast after Katrina and hasn't stopped.

Son of Loki's picture

The Libtard policies of the Austin police and the new UT president show promising results:


Teen who could have been Obama's son charged with murder in death of University of Texas at Austin student; bond set at $1M


Beaten, raped and strangled to death and dumped in the creek ....


The libtard UT policies allowed this killed to walk freely all over campus. I wonder if the parents sued UT? It won't bring her child back but sends a message to the Libtards, maybe.



I lived in Austin from 1982 till 2006. It was once a great sleepy place with a wondeful lake and nightlife.

The Locust libtards invaded and turned it to shit.


Rapada's picture

Yep, I have lived in Austin and watched it go down the liberal toilet for 50 years now. Very embarrassing as a Texan. I did call and leave Sheriff Hernandez a loving message of encouragement to do the right thing - I even managed to avoid using profanity.

Cruel Aid's picture

Well said, dead on! FUC... oh and lmao, pissing in the pool

Trogdor's picture

They did it to Oregon as well (Seattle especially) as well as parts of Utah. 

They don't seem to re"get" that the thing they're running from looks them in the mirror every morning....

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) wildbad Jan 25, 2017 5:50 PM

They were never orginally from California. They were sick people who came here and brought their crazy, then brought it some other nice place.

Dovda Wimar's picture

+1 for use of the term "derp". I use it on my Great Pyrenees dog every day. Actually started calling him Derp, rather than by his actual name.

I love your wife's picture

Looks like Abbott's blow is only going to be a whopping 1 percent.  They won't even have to cut back on the wheat grass.

Carl Spackler's picture

Come on, Madison, Wisconsin, is more leftist whacko than Austin.

Austin is a Johnny-come-lately. Madison' s been pulling these same kinds of "defiant" stunts since before the Vietnam war.

Either way, the Universities and their Socialist ilk are the magnets for these low lifes.

post turtle saver's picture

to be fair, we had to import CA derp to get to this level of derp... it doesn't help that Austin is the seat for state and county govt, not to mention home of several universities... oh well, at least I can walk down the sidewalk and get six job offers in hand before I reach the curb, really the only good thing to say about it... most of the money will go to property taxes but it beats being unemployed...

Elmo Blatch's picture

Yep, the favorite Mexican resturant in Austin is closing this Saturday after 60 years. The owner said he cannot go on since his local tax bill is now $100 grand a year. He has been working for the city it turns out. 


Which one is this?  Hopefully not El Arryo?

robertsgt40's picture

Way to go Abbott.  I live 80mi south of Austin. We are being overrun by illegals. I hope Sally finds a new line of work.  She has yet to figure out why Trump was elected. I'm sure there's a position for her somewhere on the left coast. 

Gert_B_Frobe's picture

$1.8 mill is $1.8 mill. I'm sure it can be put to good use, elsewhere.

NotApplicable's picture

Not as long as it's in the hands of the politicos.

3.7.77's picture

Should be enough to build a few feet of the wall.

SuperRay's picture

Yeah, like sending it back to the taxpayers

azusgm's picture

The Texas legislature did send money back to the taxpayers the last two years. They handed some back by sucking up the (local) school taxes on $25,000 market value of our homesteaded property. It was a political move by our Republican state government, but it saved me over $1,000.

Cruel Aid's picture

lucky you, my tax amt went up 20%, not sure how you pulled that off

post turtle saver's picture

anyone in Texas who doesn't protest their property tax assessment, every year _religiously_, is going to get nailed like that...

CheapBastard's picture

Some newer areas there have a prop tax rate over 3.5%. That's a big hickey on those $750k + houses.

Shift For Brains's picture

It gets better in least for over 65 and disabled. Since about 1979, every primary home in Texas owned by an over 65 or disabled person can completely defer all property taxes including school, MUD etc for the life of the owner while living there. Once you no longer are resident there, you have 181 days to pay back taxes which accumulate at 8% simple interest per anum.

As long as you don't have a burning desire to pass your home along unencumbered, you can live property tax free for decades in Texas after 65, no one is thrown out to pay property tax. They can't even enforce a tax lien on the property once you've filed.

To qualify: a simple one page declaration form found on every county tax assessor collector website in the state. Easy peasy.

It may be your estate's problem to pay the tax, but you get to keep the money to live on while you wander here among us.'s a great way to vote with your wallet if you don't like what you politicians are doing with your money.

I recommend all over 65s in Travis Co. take the pledge and deprive the county of their property taxes. Let's see if that helps the cause.

HRH Feant's picture
HRH Feant (not verified) Shift For Brains Jan 25, 2017 1:32 PM

Many states waive property taxes for disabled veteran's primary residence. They should check with the county assessor and fill out required forms. Rules vary from state-to-state on amount of disability and amount of tax that is waived. Any veteran that is 100% disabled probably qualifies to be exempt from property taxes, and in some states for a primary vehicle as well.

BarkingCat's picture

it will not.

They will issue bonds to cover that loss of tax stream and use the deferral as collateral. 

Buck Johnson's picture

There are other stuff they can do also.  Have a federal investigation of the sheriff and cops to see if they are dirty (most likely yes).  Cut state funding of welfare for any illegal, There is alot they can do to bring a crazy local govt. to heel.


post turtle saver's picture

is this the thread where everyone shoots their mouth off about how Texas immigration law works? great, I'll grab the popcorn...

in the meantime...

as usual, Greg Abbot is a fucking moron and is simply paying lip service to his slope headed, knuckle dragging constituency...

the fact of the matter is, if the TCSO sheriff and deputies aren't sworn in at the federal level as ICE officers, not only are they not obligated to perform these duties but it may actually be _illegal_ for them to do so... Texas has been pushing this grey area of the law for a loooong time now because it's a funding football that none of the politicians (county, state or federal) want to touch... all the current sheriff is doing is bringing that fact of life into the cold light of day and, as you can see, all the cockroaches are scurrying about as a result...

don't get me wrong, I'm not for illegal immigration because it is ILLEGAL... but what really chaps my hide is when politicians are all hat and no cattle... you want to curb illegal immigration and push ICE enforcement down to the county level? then pass the laws that Arizona did and fund the program, otherwise sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up...

There's picture

Finally. Someone who thinks and expains reality instead of knee jerking 

post turtle saver's picture

thanks, but you watch I'll get nailed for it... sorry folks, the law's the law... Trump ran on a law and order platform, part of wanting rule of law is that the laws have to be obeyed... as of right now, the immigration laws and enforcement of same in Texas are squishy as warm dogshit... Texas politicians want it that way too, in spite of whatever lip service they pay to the problem...

gonetogalt's picture

So for years we've said that using funding cuts from on high (State or Fed) to bring local jurisdictions to heel is fundamentally wrong. When some Sheriffs in Az refused to comply with aspects of Clinton's gun bills, Fed witholding of funds was threatened. The local Sheriffs are the last bulwark against the Borg. So if Austin is overrun with whatever lind of leftwing puke goes there, and the Sheriff, backed by the locals, decides the course...Se La Vie...

Orly's picture

Don't see you getting nailed.  It's the law.

What people forget is that there is an appropriate venue and there's not. There is expense and risk involved holding anyone for any amount of time. Get them in, get them out.  That's how the jail works.

I am not here to babysit a red light runner because he is from Nueva Laredo with no papers.

Situational appropriateness.  Yeah.  That's the ticket.


Sturm und Drang's picture

..."It's the law". How convenient. There's far more expense and risk involved with allowing illegal aliens free rein. See Sweden or Germany. Ask about depressed wages, unlawful transfer of tax dollars to non-citizens and the untenable load on and subsequent deterioration of public services.

"I am not here to babysit a red light runner because he is from Nueva Laredo with no papers." No problem, we'll just talk up how the emails came to be leaked/hacked and not the content.


GoingBig's picture

EXACTLY, Immigration is a federal issue. Cities can't afford to use their Law Enforcement to enact federal laws.  Get it straight people. The whole problem with this administration and the supporters is they are running on emotion only. There are always 2 sides to all issues. Think them through, come up with a plan, and execute. Unfortunately the new CINC is all about execution without a real plan!

gatorengineer's picture

Lot of genius here.  They are asking to hold a prisoner for ICE pickup..... Not make or enforce immigration laws....  There is no enacting.  There is enforcing....

post turtle saver's picture

... and that's the grey area... TCSO is not obligated in any way shape or form to do that... I'll say it again, these Sheriffs are _not_ obligated or allowed to _enforce_ federal law and, in fact, may find themselves on the wrong end of the law if they attempt to do so... they also aren't obligated as an elected county official to use _my_ property tax money to help the federal govt. do something that it should be doing themselves... namely, incarceration and transportation...

we've had years of attempts under DHS etc. to try to bring this all under a single umbrella and it's failed miserably... Texas politicians (like all politicians) want to have their cake and eat it, too... nothing new under the sun here and until states enact immigration law along the Arizona model you'll see more articles like this and not just about Texas...