Elites Eying The Exits Signals America's Crisis

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The Institute for New Economic Thinking's President Rob Johnson was interviewed by the New Yorker on hedge-fund managers and the market for air strips in New Zealand...

Interviewed as part of an extraordinary New Yorker investigation into growing anxiety among America’s corporate elite over the potential for anarchic social collapse, Institute President Robert Johnson saw his peers’ talk of bolt-holes in New Zealand as reflecting a deeper crisis.

Johnson told writer Evan Osnos of the mounting anxiety he had encountered among hedge-fund managers and other wealthy Americans he knew.

“More and more were saying, ‘You’ve got to have a private plane,” Johnson said. “You have to assure that the pilot’s family will be taken care of, too. They have to be on the plane.’ ”

Osnos writes:

“By January, 2015, Johnson was sounding the alarm: the tensions produced by acute income inequality were becoming so pronounced that some of the world’s wealthiest people were taking steps to protect themselves. At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Johnson told the audience, ‘I know hedge-fund managers all over the world who are buying airstrips and farms in places like New Zealand because they think they need a getaway.’ ”

Johnson bemoaned the lack of a “spirit of stewardship” and openness to more aggressively redistributive tax policy among the wealthy.

“Twenty-five hedge-fund managers make more money than all of the kindergarten teachers in America combined,” he told the New Yorker.


“Being one of those twenty-five doesn’t feel good. I think they’ve developed a heightened sensitivity.”

If anything, Osnos wrote, inequality is widening, noting recent statistics from the National Bureau of Economic Research that showed that while incomes for the top 1 percent of Americans have nearly tripled, half of the population was earning at the same level they did in 1980, comparing America’s wealth gap to that seen in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

 “If we had a more equal distribution of income, and much more money and energy going into public school systems, parks and recreation, the arts, and health care, it could take an awful lot of sting out of society,” Johnson said. “We’ve largely dismantled those things.”

He saw elite anxiety as an indicator America’s social crisis.  

“Why do people who are envied for being so powerful appear to be so afraid?” Johnson said.


“What does that really tell us about our system? It’s a very odd thing. You’re basically seeing that the people who’ve been the best at reading the tea leaves—the ones with the most resources, because that’s how they made their money—are now the ones most preparing to pull the rip cord and jump out of the plane.”

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Dg4884's picture

What a bunch of bolt-holes. 

froze25's picture

New Zealand, hmmm, very close to Antarctica where John Kerry was on Election Day. Whats going on in Antarctica?

Dg4884's picture

They got space ships man.

-- Woody Harrelson, 2012

Truther's picture

Bunkers ehhh? A man made earthquake will turn those filthy bunkers to graves, guaranteed.

Ramesees's picture

The most hilarious thing is that these supposedly "smart" people clearly haven't thought the process of societal collapse/TSHTF through correctly.  The way they're portraying it in the New Yorker is ridiculous.  It's not going to be some Roland Emmerich apocalypse thriller.  

Jesus tapdancing Christ. 

A Nanny Moose's picture

Rich people who go around promoting wealth redistribution, are feeling the guilt of having earned nothing.

weburke's picture

many have done quite illegal things assuming clinton safety net. 

Timmay's picture

It's all part of a natural cycle, this is redistribution of wealth from rich, scared people to angry, less than rich people. 


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Chris Dakota (not verified) Timmay Jan 25, 2017 5:27 PM

Peter Thiel is a citizen of New Zealand. He bought it buy investing and has a huge property, and another home there.

Bought it all in 2011.

Save_America1st's picture

Why are the elitists bugging out?


that's why.  I'd bet most of these elitist scumbags know the game is over and the rest of the world is gonna make 'em pay.  Hope Mr. T. can help out with that.  Gotta put these animals down like the rabid filth that they are.

I hear the Brazilian prison system would be perfect for the #PizzaGaters

Start w/ that Epstein fuck, and the Planet Pizza scumbags.  They're probably in the middle of the pyramid of pedos, so from there we can work up and down the pyramid rounding all these fuckers up, locking them up, and throwing away the keys. 

The Saint's picture
The Saint (not verified) Save_America1st Jan 25, 2017 5:49 PM

"...it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the Kingdom of God."

They have to go somewhere else.  Might as well be underground.

jeff montanye's picture

and i'd bet that a number of them are implicated in 9-11, especially after the fact.  

and even those that are not probably wonder how busting this israeli led plot might change the way it feels to hang out in the states.

ditto on pizzagate 

and super ditto on the banksters that ran and run the greatest control fraud perpetrated in history aka the great financial crises of 2008, 2017, . . . .

because with the banksters no one much disputes that crimes were committed, just that they are immune because it's too dangerous to break up a big bank.

let's get someone like william k. black and find out.

jeff montanye's picture

actually he's on his way back to being worth $25 billion instead of $75 billion in real dollars.

no tree grows to the sky.

WordSmith2013's picture

SOROS will be the first one out the exit!





Soros: Evil Economic Warlord, God Wannabe, Or Both?
Zero Point's picture

If the shit really DOES hit the fan, the Maoris will welcome new air deliveries of long pork with open arms.

New World Chaos's picture

Don't count on them.  There are few of them in the South Island, they don't live in the bush and they don't have their shit together enough to mount an expedition.  They're mostly dole bludgers now.

The Maori who are most likely to eat the elites live in Northland and the Urewera Mountains.  No billionaire is stupid enough to build a posh hideaway there.  They prefer the South Island.

Treason Season's picture

So who plays for the All Blacks?

Tarzan's picture

They're scared because they know the shenanigans they play are about to be exposed.

When their secrets are revealed, and the fiat cash cow they lord over us with comes crashing down, we will look on them and wonder in amazement, are these the worms who tormented the world?

They know deep down, they have no real power, but delusion, smoke, and mirrors.

The Truth will set us free from these tyrants!  EXPOSE THEM and they will fall! 

effendi's picture

Many Maoris have moved to Australia (better pay). Spoke to one I worked with a few years back and he said most of his mates back in NZ would love to move to Australia but their criminal records from misspent youths bar them from entry. So plenty of the reject dregs in NZ and plenty of gangs that will fuck the lives of expat wealthy yanks once TSHTF.

GreatUncle's picture

You better have material assets to support it because FIAT will be worth nothing.

eishund's picture

seriously? i thought one of the rothschilds should already be the world's first trillionaire...just that it's all hush hush and under the radar u know....

Hooter Shaker's picture

If you grind a camel into little enough pieces, no problem with the needle...

Ms No's picture

Zionist Justice Ruth Ginsburg on the possibility of Trump presidency: "It's time for us to move to New Zealand".  They saved if for themselves, you'll see.  That's the oligarch bug-out plan.



JRobby's picture

She needs to resign. Throw that old bag out the back door of the SCOTUS by the dumper.

brown_hornet's picture

The proverb doesn't imply that it is impossible for a rich man to get to heaven...just extremely difficult.

Merica101's picture

The eye of the needle refers to a small gate that was in the ancient city of Jerusalem.

bruno_the's picture

Matthew 19:25
When the disciples heard this they were greatly astonished and asked, "Who then can be saved?"

Placerville's picture

Matthew 19:26

Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."


The problem for them is that their 'god' cannot make it possible.

eatthebanksters's picture

Why do these fuckers think they'll be safe in NZ?  Jeez, get a false sense of security, fall asleep one night and some pissed off ex special forces guy will find you and slit your throat.  There is no safe place if you're a cocksucker...ask the dicktaster of North Korea.

Ms No's picture

I think it's because it's about as far away from the ME, Europe, the US and Russia, where they have caused an incredible amount of destruction and from these locations people may be hunting them in the future.

Nunya Bidness Gogl's picture

"dicktaster of North Korea"?

Please stop regurgitating Zionist bankster propaganda.

There is one thing that all the so called "Axis of Evil" countries all have in common. And that is they don't play ball with the (((Western))) central banking petrodollar scam. Yes, for having the nerve of refusing to send us resources and other things which have actual value in return for worthless paper, they are villified.

I'm sure you are one of my fellow Americans. The most propagandized people in the history of the world I think.

turnoffthewater's picture

Brazil jail is too nice. One way ticket to India, a couple 1000 rupee notes and no passport.
Met a 17 year practicing criminal attorney while working there. He had never been to a jail

45North1's picture

New Zealand has sheep, lots and lots of sheep.

Some might be good looking to those so inclined.

Abraxas's picture

The Institute for New Economical Thinking sounds too Orwelian to me. It's a Newspeak!

HowdyDoody's picture

New Zealand is a major earthquake zone with subsequent landslides and land liquefaction. Do the 'elites' realize what they are getting into? No? Good. Ship 'em over ASAP.

Creative_Destruct's picture

The elitests lost their cover when Hitlery and the Clinton Foundation took the election hit.

The ass-holes will now bolt to their bolt-holes.

NZ is VERY seismically active.

Hope they are swalowed up by a giant earth-hole.

And that their bolt-holes turn into shit-holes.

espirit's picture

Google Earth airstrips, Bitchez.

Bounty a plenty,what won't load gets pitched.

garcam123's picture

Boy you guys are shootin for the stars of stupid on this one.  I think they are looking for you guys to show them where the faults are that will disrupt the whole island.  There's probably 100,000 Morai islanders jest holdin their breafs waitin for the big earthquake that's gonna get all the rich guys, and them, according to this.

Come on.........again.......skool and scince.


Hey man.......can ya send me over an oz of the shit you guys are smokin.  I can]t get any shit like that here.

sinbad2's picture

California is a major earthquake zone. Do the 'elites' realize what they are getting into? 

ReZn8r's picture

The New Zealand bugout is dis-information. The lying thieving murdering pedophile fucks have never told the truth about anything. Does anyone really believe they would openly say where they are going to for safety?

garcam123's picture

Well, I'm thinkin that there ain't many of em runnin to Africa, cept they be from da hood.  Geeze, I'd be OK in a bunker with a load of German and Norwegin and Swedish girls, I'd do my very best to get humanity up and runnin again again mornin noon and night.....for the furst few days!

buttmint's picture

<<“What does that really tell us about our system? It’s a very odd thing. You’re basically seeing that the people who’ve been the best at reading the tea leaves—the ones with the most resources, because that’s how they made their money—are now the ones most preparing to pull the rip cord and jump out of the plane.”>>

....we all encourage these azzhats to pull the rip cord and jump. We'll be hanging onto their former parachute packs. Their brief flight without wings will give them enough time to get the feeling what living in America has been like.

Give HRC a free one-way plane ride as well!

The new splats!

norecovery's picture

I just heard a DemoSplat.

OverTheHedge's picture

So balding, middle-aged suit-wearing billionaire retires to the top-secret bunker with society wife and spoiled kids, only to be executed by his "head of security", who then takes over in a bloody coup. Pilot & family are useless eaters,and join the billionaire face down in a ditch. The half-dozen security guards (all ex-special-forces, only the best), then use the base as a castle from which to Sally forth and raid the peasants. New Zealanders are going to become serfs very quickly.Better than the rest of the western world, who are going to become lunch for their less picky neighbours.

This is all assuming that the system fails completely. Could go Greek - apparently 50% of households here are living on a state pension , and all youth have either immigrated, or are looking to emigrate as soon as possible. It would seem that Germany needs more guest workers?

Ofelas's picture

Only that the local Maoris, to date fierce warriors and very physical indeed, will not be happy with another bunch of Pakehas (lets say Pale Faces) and will outnumber them 1000:1 and sort the new invaders out



Ofelas's picture

Only that the local Maoris, to date fierce warriors and very physical indeed, will not be happy with another bunch of Pakehas (lets say Pale Faces) will outnumber them 1000:1 and sort the new invaders out



sober_kiwi's picture

Bro, Fierce warriors? Recalibrate whatever image you have of a Maori to the same image you have of an African American dindo. They are most commonly found in between the local WINZ (welfare office), liquor store, dairy/fish n chip shop getting a feed, and the TV in their State housing (welfare subsidised).
Yeah, they beat each other up, but the only time they are anything like fierce warriors is on P induced rampages (meth).

How are they going to sort the invading billionaire out? Sell the same land three times to three different buyers, then spend the next hundred years bitching how the white man stole their land? (Ok, that was just a few shady characters, the true history reflects a lot of Whitey raping and pillaging like in any other conquered country)