ISIS Video Unveils New Weaponized Drone Program

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In new video footage circulating around various social media sites, ISIS supporters have been openly boasting about a weaponized drone program which the terrorist organization has been using to target Iraqi forces in Mosul.  While the video appears to be, in part, CGI-enhanced propaganda, other portions reveal actual IED attacks on armored vehicles and human targets.

Below are highlights from the video:


While Major General Gary Volesky, commander of the 101st Airborne division, described the ISIS drone program as nothing more than "commercial, off-the-shelf kind of things," their unsophisticated aerial IED attacks have nevertheless resulted in numerous injuries including a reporter and cameraman working for a U.S.-funded media outlet last week in eastern Mosul.  Per  PJ Media:

A reporter and a cameraman for U.S.-funded Al-Hurra were injured last week in an ISIS drone attack on eastern Mosul.


Iraq's defense ministry announced that their forces are in control of eastern Mosul -- a city divided by the Tigris River -- and have begun planning operations to retake smaller but more densely populated western Mosul.


In mid-October, just after the Mosul operation began, Maj. Gen. Gary Volesky, commander of Combined Joint Forces' Land Component Command for Operation Inherent Resolve and commander of the 101st Airborne, told reporters that ISIS drones were in use.


The general described them as "really, a lot of commercial, off-the-shelf kind of things we've seen" -- though they're "clearly not the capacity or capability" that the coalition has.

One scene from the video also reveals a coordinated effort between IED drone strikes and suicide bombers on the ground.

The video uses photography from another drone to show a weaponized drone flying toward its target, and cameras on the weaponized drone itself show the impact from dropping an IED on a group of people in a street. When vehicles start to respond to the scene, a suicide bomber in a car drives in and detonates in a follow-up attack.


ISIS continues to show a variety of other explosive drops from a drone's vantage point, mostly targeting individual parked vehicles or small groups of people.


The blasts produced by the explosives are akin to grenades, appearing to inflict some injuries when aimed directly at people but seeming to have little effect when dropped on tanks.

ISIS Drone

ISIS Drone


And while the "ISIS drone program" is unlikely to reach a level of sophistication required to take out armored vehicles anytime in the immediate future, Former US special forces officer, Mitch Utterback, said that the aerial IED attacks can nonetheless be very effective in targeting specific, unprotected high-ranking officers.  Per the Daily Mail:

Former US special forces officer, Mitch Utterback, who discovered the devices, told the Mail: ‘Iraqi forces are very, very concerned about these.


‘My concern is them being used to target specific, high-ranking officers who are leading the ground combat against Islamic State.’


He said the devices’ electronics had been modified to release grenades.


The drones can drop a single 40mm rifle grenade - which could kill or injure within a five meter radius, he added.


‘With the precision guidance of the camera, they can and are used to directly target troops in the open’ he added.

Of course, while this low-level technology may not be incredibly effective on the battlefield just yet, we suspect it's only a matter of time until it's used to target crowded streets in the major metro areas of the U.S. and Western Europe.

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koaj's picture

Weaponized drones seems a bit high tech for tent dwellers...just saying

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Nothing's too good for ISIS (quote CIA)

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So the U.S. Gov't teaches ISIS High Tech knowledge but they won't teach high schoolers Finance?  smh

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"We" can ban hundreds of 'fake news' sites, social media accounts and the like, yet ISIS can post their propaganda with unfettered access to the intertubes? Lol, next you'll tell me the smart guys in government are sending the weapons and supp...oh...wait...

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Start issuing the troops 12 gauge shotguns.  They can practice their duck hunting while they're over there.

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Stainless Steel Rat (not verified) Davy Crockett Jan 25, 2017 8:07 PM

#madeinchina Freshly delivered to the Persian Gulf shores of Saudi Arabia.

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Obama / Hillary gave sarin gas suppoies to terrorists in Syria with assistance of CIA / MI6 - much bigger issue than grenade drones:

HowdyDoody's picture

"Weaponized drones seems a bit high tech for tent dwellers.."

These guys don't live in tents. Here's a video of the largely underground barracks built by the Saudis (logo on the door - oops) for the Soqor al Sham group on the al Zawieh mountain in Aleppo province after it was captured by al Nusra.

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You just don't mess with the CIA. They need their black ops running so the Dems can have $ for their illegal voters

Let's see how long will take Trump to clean the CIA's underbelly

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During WW2 the East Coast (Italian) mafia shut down all the ports, so rather than side with the FBI and clear them out, the Feds employed them and incorporated them into the OSS. AfterI all, Mussolini was cracking down on the families over in Italy so they were only happy to provide Intel to the Allies in return for official protection of their industries.

It should then come as no surprise that the #1 drug smuggler into the US is the CIA. The OSS became the CIA and the mafia networks and connections and tactics became US government networks, connections and tactics.

The CIA will do anything to protect itself, just as the mafia families that became it used to do. Trump is in trouble if he really goes after them.

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I think ZHers must share some psychic sarcasm connection. I had thought "Time to mobilize the elite skeet shooting corps..." while reading

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No, they thought it was more important that our kids study important things like:

- The Holohoax
- Gender Studies
- Sexual Depravity
- Common Core Stupidity

To my thinking, the libtard-biased curriculum that's been forced on America's children constitutes a criminal act.

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you make a good muslim. any holocaust denier is a muslim. denying holocaust is a muslim bedtime story in islamic homes. you fucking idiot.

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@ Rough Trader:

In the not-so-distant future, many Americans will be asking themselves THIS question:

Do you realize how few problems we Americans would have, if Jews all got deported?

Enjoy the ride while it lasts, sport; something tells me you have a bright future as a lampshade.

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What about half Jews? Because I have friends that are half Jewish. One of them is a banker, but he's not good at it.

Just how Jewish do they have to be? Do the standards set by that guy from Austria still count? Or do we need to start measuring noses?

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Nobody would buy the idea of a Fiat Currency if they did teach about finance and financial history.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

To be fair, they did not teach this to ISIS. They taught it some time ago, to Moderate Rebels.

When they were our JV team in Syria.

Pure CIA and State Dept genius.

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Video release managed by Rita Katz Productions?

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don't sell them short. cave dwellers brought down the 3 towers on 9/11.

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Amazon special delivery!

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Mad Dog loves the smell of napalmed drones in the morning.

War Machine's picture

ISIS. I can't believe people are buying that shit. We have two enemies: powerful sociopaths and the abject stupidity of not just the public, but media, pols, think tankers... people, really.

In other news:

Good example of fucktarded reasoning.

Junk the F35, and make more A10s and F22s.

The F35 is worse than you think - as a bird, and as a boondoggle.

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so obama took his drones with him when he left?

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LOL The begining explosions were ground IEDs. 

Later those pops where not much.

They looked like firecrackers.

Maybe less than m80s. Duds.

All staged. Not very impressive at all.  A rag-head production.

Hey ISIS, you promotional film is garbage. 

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that is your money fighting against your interests,

besnook's picture

this is like shooting skeet. you have to buy the targets then use your gun and ammo to shoot them down.

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So, one must ask where they got the technology and the manufacturing facilities. The answer is most likely obvious.

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That music could bring a nation to its knees

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god damn that is faker than gary colman with a 20 inch cock .....gtfo......if you think that shit is real you are fucking retarded........what the fuck is that from Playstation 2...........ROLFMAO

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That red locking icon is the give away, no way that drone carried tracking gear capable of locking on something so small and in motion.  And what was it's purpose, certainly not a steering cue.  It sure as hell wasn't added in post film.  playstation 3.5

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Michael Bay shit.......

wisebastard's picture

Look at the very begening of the video they even added in an explosion for the intro...BBAHAHA HAHAHAHA.......i bet the CIA thinks its real....BWWAHAH AHAHAHA.......its not HOLLYWOOD........... its.....ISISWOOD 

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What will the deep state give them next - stealth bombers?

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He has a hand launch drone dropping fucking CRUZ MISSIELS BBWWWH AHAHAHAHA.....



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they must have edited the drone launches showing the launcher cutting his fingers off on the prop.

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We probably sold them those, too.

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is this part of hillary's "can't we just drone him" program?

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First they have drones with hand grenades next they will have chemical bombs!  Good job team USA in training these idiots.  "moderate rebels"  my ass kinda like a case of slight pregnancy.

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How has Israel managed to avoid ever being attacked by Al Queda, ISIS or the rebels, their sworn enemy?

That's one tough little country.

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The Saudi Apes and the Kike Terrorist State in action with the help of CiA. The Jews are supposed to be the eternal enemies of Muslims yet not a single Jew cunt has been harmed by ISIS.

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G*d, with his hidden hand, works in mysterious ways.

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Too little, too late, your M80's are unimpressive.

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Hobby lobby, $59.96