Trump To Launch "Major Investigation Into Voter Fraud"

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Having stunned the media with his Monday night announcement before members of Congress during a private reception that Trump only lost the popular vote due to vote fraud, the president refused to back down the next day, when on Tuesday the White House said Trump stands by his belief that millions of people voted illegally in the U.S. election.

"The president does believe that," White House spokesman Sean Spicer told reporters. The press secretary said the president had said "3 to 5 million people could have voted illegally, based on the studies that he's seen" although he did not quote the studies.

Fast forward to Wednesday morning when anyone who wondered if Trump would let go of this particularly sensitive issues which attacks the legitimacy of his presidency, got their answer with a series of two tweets by the President, who shortly after 7am said that he will request a probe into US voter fraud to resolve the ongoing back and forth once and for all:

"I will be asking for a major investigation into VOTER FRAUD, including those registered to vote in two states, those who are illegal and even, those registered to vote who are dead (and many for a long time). Depending on results, we will strengthen up voting procedures!"

Trump's proposed investigation will likely be undertaken by the Department of Justice, whose new head, Jeff Sessions, has yet to be confirmed.

As noted above, this "thread" started on Monday night when Trump said he lost the popular vote because of rampant voter fraud by "illegals." "He said 3 to 5 million 'illegals' voted so that's why he lost popular vote," a Democratic aide said. The president made similar claims in tweets he posted after his victory.

"In addition to winning the Electoral College in a landslide, I won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally," he tweeted after Election Day.

Several lawmakers and reporters have since disputed the president's claims about rampant voter fraud, saying there is no evidence to back up his allegations, which explains Trump's insistence to get to the bottom of this.

Since the topic of voter fraud was widely cast by the mainstream press as falling under the "fake news" umbrella during the presidential campaign, Trump has just waved red, dripping meat before the US media which will dutifully focus on this one statement, while putting all the other things to come out from the Trump administration on its third working day, on the back burner especially since on December 1, the Trump legal team, commenting on the Stein recount, said "all available evidence suggests that the 2016 general election was not tainted by fraud/mistake" .

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Chris Dakota (not verified) Jan 25, 2017 7:35 AM


She stole in CA bigley.

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Same goes for those who get bused to vote ...

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Chris Dakota (not verified) Derezzed Jan 25, 2017 7:40 AM

83 absentee ballots found outside elderly womans 1 bedroom apartment, all with different names all her address.

Man in CA goes to vote sees roll with 5 names and his address, all using his last name but unkown hispanic first names.

He and his wife only adults living there.

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Smart. If sufficient evidence captured it will legitimize his mandate and blow the Dems from the political scene

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FreezeThese (not verified) GGuy Jan 25, 2017 7:46 AM

2000 - 2010

-694M Votes Cast

-47K UFO sightings

-441 Americans killed by lightning

-13 Credible voter fraud cases

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All the .gov employees heads must be spinning because they actually have to work now.

GGuy's picture

I can't wait until Unelected Melania institutes her "Healthy Eating" program for EBT recipients....


No sugary drinks, no candy, ice cream....only beans, rice, milk, chicken leg quarters, 80% lean hamburger etc etc etc.....


I'm sure the 'NAZI j00 media will get right behind it like they did with the First Tranny's lunch programs....

MANvsMACHINE's picture

Wasn't just the media. The schools themselves acted as if a law was passed. Fucking libtards.

GGuy's picture

Media, schools, unions, ashkeNAZI J00 RUN FEDREAL RESERVE...Paul Ryan....all on the same team

TeamDepends's picture

This popular vote lie along with the "Russian hacking" myth must be crushed beyond any reasonable doubt in the minds of everybody, especially progressives. They need to understand, in no uncertain terms, that THEY ARE NOT THE MAJORITY. Then voter ID laws must be passed nationally. No ID, no votey.

CuttingEdge's picture

Something a bit easier than HRC for Comey to get his teeth into?

Bastiat's picture

Arrest Scott Foval - he can help them focus the investigation.

balolalo's picture



and all you trump dick suckers are going to fall for it.

it's worse, they NEED TO FALL FOR IT.  this is a dangerous slippery slope.

#maga suckers

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The Saint (not verified) balolalo Jan 25, 2017 10:38 AM

The BEST start to a U.S. Presidency EVAAA!!

Anasteus's picture

Yes man, this guy is fucking fast, 5 Mach.

Mr. Universe's picture

They are sticking hard and fast to their narrative of "False claims of voter fraud" . Nothing about investigating to find out the truth, just that it has already been debunked and that this is the administrations Waterloo. The media is in full frenzy on this and I'm hearing it #1 on the Fake Stream Press constantly. This of course means there must be MASSIVE voter fraud waiting to be found.

BabaLooey's picture

Your sheer stupidity is only outdone by your immense qualities of douchebaggery.

The question truly is; how MANY times were dropped on your head as a child....

Only your mom knows. Once she sobers up - ask her. Fair warning; She might rig that "vote"

Meat Hammer's picture

I think I'll call Webster's dictionary and request that "libtard" shall be an official word.

Libtard - (n) - One who believes he or she is compassionate, intelligent, and has revolutionary ideas to help his or her fellow citizen, but who is actually mentally deranged.

Example: "Sally marches for equality while wearing a pussy hat. Sally is a libtard."

TeamDepends's picture

Yes indeed and, similarly, we need the AMA to recognize TARD (Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder) as the serious debilitating disease that it is.

Trogdor's picture

TD, that's awesome  - now we can create a fund to help TARD sufferers ... although I think the funds should go to those who tolerate those who suffer from TARD.... lol

techpriest's picture

Leftard - they aren't liberal, and don't deserve the term. Proglodyte is pretty good too - Basically these people love Marx so much they want to send the word back to the 1800s.

Krungle's picture

They don't even know Marx. They aren't left, they aren't liberal. They're just tards. As far as I can tell the only things they care about are non-male gender(s), non-white ethnicities, non-legal "citizens", pro-ISIS, pro-Sharia law, pro-endless wars for Israeli/Saudi interests, pro-child trafficking, pro-big business (except for fossil fuels), pro-WWIII w/Russia, pro-Ukrainian Nazis...did I miss anything? Nothing about wealth redistribution, nothing about the proleterait (especially since white males don't count apparently), nothing about equal rights (just special rights for special snowflakes), etc. I am really sick of seeing this mental illness called leftist/Marxist/liberal. It should be called what it is--a mental illness with no true ideological cause except furthering mental illness. You cannot be simultaneously pro-women's rights and pro-Sharia law. You cannot be anti-grab-them-by-the-pussy, but pro-Saudi Arabian headchoppers and women enslavers. You cannot be pro-technology, but anti-getting the energy to power technology. It's mental illness. Maybe it started as a leftist plot, but it has clearly mutated into complete crazy, with no core beliefs. The sooner we realize that we are fighting mental illness and not an ideology, the sooner it can be defeated. They must be reminded at every step of the way that they are crazy. We don't indulge them by giving them an ideological platform. Their opinions and beliefs are as meaningful as the ramblings of a homeless person. Stop giving them that ideological shield that they can hide behind--"we believe this because we're liberal!" No, you are an insane person. Shut up. Get help. Use their own tactics. Seriously, every writer and commentator needs to always refer to them as crazy/insane, period. It should never be "left-leaning Senator so-and-so", it should be "mentally insane Senator so and so..." Each and every time they open their mouths or write something, they need to be called crazy.

techpriest's picture

IMO there is still a flavor of Marxism in there, but I do get what you are saying - these folks are a huge ball of contradictions and it's hard to tease out any sort of sense from what they are saying.

Where I see the Marxism/leftism angle is in the cultural aspect. It begins with a super-idealized notion of how the world ought to work, namely that everyone is statistically the same. Since that isn't possible, the next assumption is that an "oppressor" class must be out fighting against an "oppressed" class. In this mindset, literally anything that looks to be opposed to the "oppressor" class is good, even if this childish worldview puts entirely opposite people into the same camp. This is called "cultural Marxism," as the economic variety has been repeatedly shown to be a total failure. This variant is also a total failure as we are seeing in Europe right now.

Maybe we could just use the terms "Social Justice Warrior," "Special Snowflake," and of course "Delicate Flower."

BabaLooey's picture

Pictures of Smashley Judd, MADonna, Lady Ka Ka, Amy Choomer, Leakin Lena Dungham should be included.

Zero_Ledge's picture

Maybe Trump should also launch an investigation into the definition of the word "landslide".  His victory in the electoral college was ranked 46th out of 58 contests, i.e. the bottom quartile.


NumberNone's picture

The last refuge of the loser, smarmy comments and petty attacks.  Don't you have a pussyhat to knit?

Zero_Ledge's picture

How is that a smarmy comment?  I stated a fact about the electoral college numbers, and asked if the bottom quartile should be considered a "landslide".  Why are so many snowflakes here afraid to admit that Trump has a serious ego problem?

techpriest's picture

Coming from someone neutral toward Trump, I think that he won, albeit not in a spectacular way, and he's providing a much-needed shakeup that will let the country re-evaluate what the government is supposed to be doing. His inaugural turnout was not spectacular, but better than represented, but these are non-issues compared to what will happen over the next 4 years.

JID's picture

No disagreeing with you in any way, just want to comment on the inaugural turnout.  If Trump's inaugural turnout was fewer than hoped for, I think we can just look at the type of people who support him verssu those who support Obama and Clinton.  Trump supporters are generally working-class people who are either too poor or too busy with their job to travel to DC.  O! and Clinton have many supporters who are wealthy liberals, plus many supporters such as college students who do not mind cramming into a cargo van with 20 others to travel to the inauguration.

Mr. Universe's picture

Great Beanie and Cecil reference Baba Boy, and doooon't you forget it!

Zero_Ledge's picture

I truly hope you are right about the positives of shaking things up. But I thought by now, the ridiculous narcissism would have faded at least a little.


BabaLooey's picture

Correction fucktard:

The ONLY snowflakes here are the cabal of trolls who get all pissy (look in mom's mirror to see one).

Trump IS an egomaniac pudley. Don't you think we don't know that?

Trump IS a blowhard at times.

Got it. Knew it. Understand it.




So the FUCK what if he has an inflated ego? That is one of his qualities, IMO.

YOU are just afraid of an ALPHA male running the show. 

Sit back and let the adults run things. REAL SOLID PEOPLE want a LEADER - not some asshole that "works", lies through his teeth, and takes vacations.

Fuck me - Soetero would need a MONTH at a butt-spa if he did the work Trump has done in the past 5 days.


Zero_Ledge's picture

With all that boldface and caps, you sure do sound triggered, snowflake.

Oh and also, you are the fucktard.  So there.  Nyah.


Jim in MN's picture

Does 30-20 sound better to you?  That would be a pretty solid Super Bowl win.  That's the states won.

How about 2,626-487?  More landslidey yet.  That's the county result.

Maybe you should weight each voter by IQ.  Then you couldn't even see the Clinton bloc, except perhaps with an electron microscope.

green888's picture

Weigh each voter- sorry, my bad

BabaLooey's picture

Smotely smacked down Jim.....<bartender....a drink for Jimbo here>

Jesus Christ's picture

ZeroLedge: It WOULD have been a landslide without all the voter fraud. Schmuck.

Zero_Ledge's picture

You're right.  There was massive voter fraud, just look at this site with all the evidence set up by the Trump team:



Mr. Universe's picture

That's such a breath of fresh air compared to Obama " I have a pen and a phone" garbage. It made me wonder if was looking around the oval office looking for something bigger to shove up his ass. The MLK bust worked just fine I imagine. No I can't imagine all the debauchery that went on during his admin, infact I think I just threw up in my own mouth a little...

Oh voter fraud? Come to California and I'll show you a whole State of voter fraud. Trump is such a departure from the Cesspool of DC, they have no idea how to deal with him, this is the sound of the dying media beast.

wren's picture

I hope he does. This will point out which districts that Dem Congress members are filling illegally. Would be nice to see Cali be not so Dem.

shivura's picture

except people who believe in non criminal pot, gay marriage, corporate taxation, healthcare for at least all children, the fucking epa, gun control, are the majority...

downvote if you agree you dumbasses

DaddyO's picture

In my county in Florida, you have to show ID to vote. If you don't have ID, you can cast a provisional ballot, no voter is ever denied.

How come all the race baiters are not here in FLA raising a stink?

We have other issues, but ID is not one of them.


Save_America1st's picture

lets put some teeth into this investigation though.   Anyone found guilty of committing or aiding others to commit voting fraud in any way regardless off affiliation shall be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. 

lets start with the easy low hanging fruit such as the scumbags that James O'Keefe with Project Veritas caught on video prior to the election who admitted to conspire to rig elections all over the country. 

Scott Foval and Bob Creamer.... that means you guys first  you fucking scumbags.


SWRichmond's picture

Scott Foval and Bob Creamer.... that means you guys first  you fucking scumbags.

Build public credibility in the investigation by going after, as you say, the low hanging fruit.  The proceed up.  This announcement by Trump is much-appreciated. 

RINOs: this is how you actually oppose the Democrats' plans to steal the country.

tenpanhandle's picture

Deport all illegals who voted - no exception.  Will stop this travesty in its tracks.

Helix6's picture

lets put some teeth into this investigation though.   Anyone found guilty of committing or aiding others to commit voting fraud in any way regardless off affiliation shall be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. 

Uhhh... Gee, I thought we already do that.

Also, I watched that video.  Dirty tricks yes, but I didn't see anything at all about voter fraud.

Save_America1st's picture

I can't recall ever hearing of anyone substantial being taken down for massive voter fraud.  Maybe here or there just to keep up appearances some small timer might get popped just to be put on the fake news to make the sheeple think it happens infrequently, but when it does, well then don't you worry, the cops are on it right away.

that's all bullshit.  If Mr. T. is serious, and I believe he is, then we should end up with 100's if not 1000's of arrests.  And I don't just mean small timer nobodys either.  Like I said above...those fucks on the Project Veritas videos should be easy to cuff and stuff.

Bob Creamer is already an ex-con felon for fraud.

He's a fucking scumbag and those videos prove it.  So let's key on him first and make an example out of him to start with.  Everyone else will be on notice that this isn't a joke to be taken lightly. 

Put enough heat on these guys and just maybe they'll start talking and open the flood-gates on all the other fraudsters and what they do and how they do it to commit the fraud all over the country. 

All these Soros funded groups are in on it.  There's definitely a connection.  And it shouldn't be very hard to track them all down given the time and resources.

I'd rather spend tax payer money on this investigation than on all the other bullshit the government actually does waste our money on. 

undercover brother's picture

@gguy, you're an asshole.  go peddle your bigoted bullshit elsewhere.