Bannon Declares War On The Media: "You Are The Opposition; Keep Your Mouth Shut"

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Not one to mince words, Steve Bannon, Trump's Chief White House strategist, eviscerated the mainstream media during an interview last night.  Commenting on their coverage of the Trump campaign, Bannon lambasted the disconnect of the media from everyday Americans saying, "They don't understand this country. They still do not understand why Donald Trump is the president of the United States."  Per Axios:

"The media should be embarrassed and humiliated and keep its mouth shut and just listen for awhile," Mr. Bannon said during a telephone call. "I want you to quote this," Mr. Bannon added. "The media here is the opposition party. They don't understand this country. They still do not understand why Donald Trump is the president of the United States."

"The elite media got it dead wrong, 100 percent dead wrong," Mr. Bannon said of the election, calling it "a humiliating defeat that they will never wash away, that will always be there."



But that attacks didn't end there as Bannon went on describe the media as "the opposition party."

"The mainstream media has not fired or terminated anyone associated with following our campaign," Mr. Bannon said. "Look at the Twitter feeds of those people: they were outright activists of the Clinton campaign." (He did not name specific reporters or editors.) "That's why you have no power," Mr. Bannon added. "You were humiliated."


"You're the opposition party," Mr. Bannon said. "Not the Democratic Party. You're the opposition party. The media's the opposition party."

Finally, asked whether he was concerned that Sean Spicer had lost credibility with the press after his debate over crowd sizes, Bannon had a similarly pointed answer:

“Are you kidding me?” he said. “We think that’s a badge of honor. ‘Questioning his integrity’ — are you kidding me? The media has zero integrity, zero intelligence, and no hard work.”

Any remaining questions on what Steve Bannon thinks of the mainstream media?

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nyse's picture

LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO 4 years (at least) of comedy on deck, folks! This is so great 

GGuy's picture
GGuy (not verified) nyse Jan 26, 2017 3:59 PM

The NAZI J00s are indeed the enemy of Goys and Schvartzes alike

AllTimeWhys's picture

1000% rekt. MSM on suicide watch

nope-1004's picture

The media and its owners got too close to .gov, the CEO's being "economic advisors" and the like.  So if you're disgusted with .gov policy, it would naturally follow that anything the media disseminates is also disliked.

The MSM got it wrong because they've become a .gov agency, dependent on bailouts so long as they tow the party line.

Birds of a feather....

Billy the Poet's picture

Are you channeling George C. Scott?

yrad's picture

This is so awesome. I have been waiting for the MSM to get their's since the Ron Paul blackouts. This is seriously too good to be true. 

pot_and_kettle's picture

an excellent consigliere

Save_America1st's picture

You smell that, bitchez???


Trump and his new admin cleaning out the Disctrict of Criminals week 1



MisterMousePotato's picture

Is it just me, or does Steve Bannon look exactly like Robert Redford?

Escrava Isaura's picture

War on the Media. The dog and pony show.

The media is “part of” power. Power has no problem with Trump. Trump will be giving them a tax-break, even that most don’t need it.

Power doesn’t care about the fraudulent Trump University, that Trump hired illegal workers and then not paying them, and stiffing contractors for money he owed them. Power could care less that Trump Trump’s infidelity that lead to Trump’s divorce.

What power doesn’t like about Trump is that he’s not remotely qualified to be President. That his narcissism makes him unstable. Then, that Trump won’t be able to control his horde (followers) once he doesn’t deliver, thus blaming everyone else, but not them, a key feature of narcissists.

Also, power doesn’t like to stir its most dangerous enemy, the indigenous population. And Trump does that, especially with this dog and pony show.


heuvosYbacon's picture

"What power doesn’t like about Trump is that he’s not remotely qualified to be President. "

You are projecting some really European values here. Firstly, the people elected Trump. Therefore THEY, the people, are "the power". You don't get that idea, because you are European. Europeans (outside Switzerland) don't understand liberty and democracy, in the same way folks from the rural congo don't understand the interwebs. They don't have it, so they don't get it. they are always trying their best to deascribe the modern world in terms they do understand. "look him big man fly far far in iron bird. Him magic man."

This explains why you make the weird statement about being "qualified" to be president. The only "qualification" a person needs, in a democracy, is to be elected. They don't have to please any special cabal of aristocractic families. They don't have to meet the requirements of the priesthood. The qualification is being elected. Anyone who doesn't understand that fundamental concept doesn't understand democracy.

It is not that such folks disagree with democracy. They just don't "get" it. they can't fathom the concept. Folks who understand democracy, and who disagree with it, would logically accept that Trump is qualified, and then lament the democratic system itself, for putting power in the hands of the "dangerous" lower classes. Who happens to be a billionaire from inherited wealth.

Trump is such an amazing president. He has used his wealth and class to win the presidency, but his entire platform has been that he stands against the orchestrated privilege of wealth and class.

What the "power" don't like about trump...... Well, whatever they don't like about him, they ought to know. They shop at the same places and eat at the same places, and sponsor the same folks.


jeff montanye's picture

so up vote for the invocation of european(ess): authoritarian, decadent, anti-meritocracy, (of course racist and sexist but who isnt'?).

i reread your comment and was taken by its eloquence and truth.  

but sometimes dropping the last paragraph is helpful.


bamawatson's picture

"we will destroy you from within"

Escrava Isaura's picture

Power: Corporations, Wall Street, and Deep-State. Massmedia is part of the Corporations.

People that elected Trump: Domestic population. These people are supposed to be spectators and not participants. Trump changed this rule. Also, I don’t need to remind you, but power doesn’t like democracy. And I don’t think Trump’s followers like democracy either.

Anyway, power thinks/rules locally and internationally. They like control and obedience. However, here comes Trump making all kind of noises, even that Trump business is locally and international. And he’s a control frick. Hillary was a narcissist but not to this level of disorder and rhetoric.

Then, if you look at Trump’s cabinet, he has, not perfectly, but close to half power and half that comes from other sectors.

But why?

Because Trump’s rhetoric are targeting both. To his base, that their lifestyle is collapsing, Trump promised 25 million jobs, 4% growth, and equality in the next 10 years. However, the US population will grow by about 35 million people on the next 10 years. So, his plan will fail even if it succeeds. And, on the other hand, Trumps rhetoric might hurt power here and offshore as well.

Ok, Trump is unpredictable “amazing” and that sounds good.

But, if Trump fails, it won’t be like Obama, Bush, or any other previous President that failed, because now we “America and the world” will be facing instability, resentment, because of all the rhetoric that was said and that can’t be taken back.

And Trump, and his follower will feed this dangerous loop.


jeff montanye's picture

i take extreme exception to your statement: And I don’t think Trump’s followers like democracy either.

why would you say that?  he was self funded and funded by many tiny contributions from the commoners.

the nobles and nobels were with madam president.

our only hope, our only one, is that democracy/vaguely fair elections will last long enough to win.

Escrava Isaura's picture

Sorry, your information is not quite correct.

Donald Trump, promising to drain the swamp, picked former Goldman Sachs executive and Hollywood financier Steven Mnuchin to be his Treasury secretary, fitting because Mnuchin helped fatten Trump’s campaign treasury as his campaign finance chairman. Mnuchin donated $592,600 to Republicans in 2016, including $430,000 to Trump, Federal Election Commission records show. A onetime Hillary Clinton donor, Mnuchin gave one donation this year to a Democrat, $2,000 to help elect Attorney General Kamala Harris to the U.S. Senate.

Now, on Democracy:

"The leading student of business propaganda, Australian social scientist Alex Carey, argues persuasively that the 20th century has been characterized by three developments of great political importance: the growth of democracy, the growth of corporate power, and the growth of corporate propaganda as a means of protecting corporate power against democracy." World Orders Old and New, page 89.


OverTheHedge's picture

"The growth of corporate propaganda as a means of protecting corporate power against democracy".

I fully agree with that, but did you not see the last 18 months of media.coverage? Were you somewhere else, like Mars? In case you hadn't noticed, it was the other lot who had the full media support. What I like about Trump is that he absolutely doesn't comply with the carefully evolved system of government that has spent the last 200 years creating a buffer between people and government. We all know how it is supposed to work: the minister or Secretary or whoever makes a bland, vague statement, that doesn't actually mean much of anything, and then his underlings explain the detail; I.e. the power hides behind bland newspeak jargon. Trump absolutely doesn't play this Swiftian game, and the entire establishment is turning cartwheels trying to decipher what he said, because according to their rules, what he said is NOT WHAT HE SAID, and needs interpretation. Turns out, what he said is exactly what he said. Just weird.

For those who don't know Gulliver:


GreatUncle's picture

By suggesting the people should have no say in their lives you are saying that all black or white must be slaves to those deemed by their own rules to be better at ruling? Slave ideology and your right to call so many people only fit to be slaves was given to you by?

Learned this scrutinising BREXIT and the Trump election, if democracy has failed as I believe since the adoption of a FIAT global reserve currency then democracy morphed into a tool for power to control populations. You just buy democracy and if you control the money presses it is free for them to do this so we are now all slaves with no say.



Bubba Rum Das's picture

"These people are supposed to be spectators and not participants"

Go Fuck Yourself.

East Indian's picture

+100. Unfortunately the ingrained serf mentality makes people think that those that are extra tall, smooth talking and crush the common man under their boots should be the leaders. 

Memedada's picture

Your charade presupposes one central thing: USA is a democracy. It is not. The first very central prerequisite for a democracy is a well-informed, active/engaged and voting population. US has the opposite. In US elections are not won by arguments but by TV-exposure. The candidate with the most airtime wins. Every time. Trumps is the candidate in US history that have gotten most free airtime. And – big surprise – he won. Airtime can be bought or given. The first demands you have sponsors with big bucks (to buy airtime enough to beat your candidate) and/or the MSM gives the airtime to you (like Trump). A second central prerequisite for “a democracy” is alternatives to choose from – in US the only “electable” candidates are deep state-candidates (or dead/unreported candidates).

And  you’re  also wrong concerning what “qualifies” power. The election (if free and fair = not like in USA) is legitimizing power, but not qualifying it. Qualifications are independent of legitimization – an unqualified elected (again, presupposing a fair and free election) official is legitimate power but not qualified power. Qualification is connected with experience, competences, knowledge/wisdom, skills etc. That is not determined by an election.

The debates/discussions (that would take place in a democracy) are about convincing others that you’re qualified (have a plan, strong morals/ethics, good ideas, personal skills/competences or something else that should make you vote for him/her) to take a position of power. I know that was not the focus of the “debates” in the theatre passing as an election in US.

PS. I’m an European too (and not from Switzerland/that bankster hell-hole!).


FIAT CON's picture

Trump is by far more qualified than any politician. He is not a carrear politician that is OWNED by some Big Business!

GoingBig's picture

No, I agree. He is owned by his ego and popularity a deadly combination

Escrava Isaura's picture

You last statement He is not a carrear politician that is OWNED by some Big Business! is absolutely correct. However, on the other hand, US is not like a real estate business. US is a very complicated nation to run, because it’s an empire, meaning, it has to go outside of its borders to take care its people; all the while most Americans take it for granted and many think it’s normal.


Banjopicker's picture

By that logic, only technocrats should be elected or assigned.  Would you argue that a two year senator in Obama was more qualified to run the country than a businessman with years of executive leadership?

TruthHunter's picture

Trump has  energy and purpose. 1st day he signed executive orders. Did Obama think of anything but the party?

He'll do more in the first 100 days than BO did in 8 years.

That being said, while not controlled by big business, he is controlled by habits, education, self interest.

Will he be able to correct inevitable mistakes? That will determine if he is a great prez.

Memedada's picture

He doesn’t need to be. He is big business. You’ve elected one of their own. Seems fitting/more honest. 

As a “fiat-billionaire” he is deeply dependent on the status quo. He’ll make sure the Ponzi continues as long as possible (he’s close to the top of the scheme – but still a small fish = he has owners too).


PrintemDano's picture

You're stupidity is palpable, and it tastes like  Wookie scat.

BarkingCat's picture

One sentance in which you call someone stupid while yourself are unable not to make a basic grammatical error.


Playtime's Over's picture

So you speak for "power" do yA.   Mr. ? Ms  Excrement Isaura.  A couple of Clinton talking points?  Is that all you got?

shovelhead's picture

Nice to hear from the CPUSA.

fencejumper's picture

All of the down-voters evidently approve of Trump's history of stiffing contractors/workers and his totally BS Trump University.

I think Olbermann got it right:

Tactical Joke's picture

Ok, you insufferable twat, show me where he's unqualified to be President of the United States according to US law?

Because you are clearly ignorant of US law, I'll give you a hint regarding the qualifications required to assume the office of the presidency: article two, section 1 of the United States Constitution. I'd give you the clause, but I can't recall it.

I won't hold my breath waiting for you to acknowledge your error, since my experience lends me to believe leftists just don't that.

Arrow4Truth's picture

Damn shame isn't it? The Kenyan not only was the king of narcissism, but managed to murder millions. Reckon he should be held accountable for his crimes?

monk27's picture

Considering how little you do understand, me thinks you speak waay too much...

Madcow Kaczynski's picture

I'm sorry ma'am I can't hear you with your foot in your mouth.

Global Hunter's picture

The small pic on the main page I thought was Robert Redford until I looked closer.

Aloysius Snuffleupagus's picture

I suppose if Mr Redford put on 40 pounds, didn't bother shaving for a few days and developed a heavy drinking habit, sure.

ColonelCooper's picture

Robert Redford on a prolonged course of prednisone maybe.

MayIMommaDogFace2theBananaPatch's picture

Yes, but Redford is only 3 and half feet tall.

creeko's picture

I hope you haven't forgotten that ALL major media outlets lied about and covered up the events of 911.  Or is that "so long ago" that it has become irrelevant?  No, there are no 'especiallys' around here.  Keep that in mind.

Young Buckethead's picture

Speaking of cleaning out the criminals, how about you, Bannon, getting Trump to turn the Satanic stars on the GOP logo turned right side up?


They were changed, oh, back in 2000, under President G Dubya. Now why would he do a thing like that? Unless...


Drain that swamp. All of it.

sarz's picture

Many official icons have been done over with Satanic and Judaic symbolism. It needs to be identified and cleaned up.