Martin Armstrong Warns "We Are Getting Generationally Dumber!"

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Submitted by Martin Armstrong via,

Recent studies are discovering that each generation is becoming increasingly stupid.

A study from Iceland has highlighted a downward spiral in human intelligence. The genetics firm in Reykjavik found that groups of genes that predispose people to spend more years in education became a little rarer in the country from 1910 to 1975. The sample size was more than 100,000 Icelanders. They found a slight decline over the 65-year period...

"The cumulative effect over time means this is going to have a dramatic effect on the genetic predisposition to educational attainment, and unless something comes along to counteract that, it could have a profound effect on educational attainment in our society,"

Average educational attainment polygenic score and year of birth..

There may be another explanation for this trend.

The more affluent a society becomes, several factors unleash.

The birthrate declines sharply, for as people become wealthier, women prefer not to have children. The poorest cultures have the greatest number of births because children take care of their parents. In our new age of socialism, government has replaced the family unit. Ask a girl under thirty in the United States if she wants to have children today and you are likely to get the answer, “No.” According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey, in 2014, 47.6% of women between age 15 and 44 had never had children, up from 46.5% in 2012.

The more affluent a society becomes, the lower the birthrate.

The next side effect is intelligence.

As a society becomes more affluent, the need to do many tasks vanish. We lose skill sets whereas most people in less affluent countries would starve to death if the food supply suddenly came to a halt. Most people would not know how to fend for themselves, no less hunt.

The wealthier a society becomes, the more we are relieved of basic skills. The less we do with our hands, the less coordination we develop, and intelligence diminishes which contributes to the fall of empires, nations, and city-states.

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GGuy (not verified) Thoresen Jan 27, 2017 5:32 AM

This article is dumb....unless dumb and unintelligent are synonyms.

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"Recent studies are discovering that each generation is becoming increasingly stupid."


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Don't click MDB's idiotic accredited times link...

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It's what plants crave! What time does "Ow! My Balls!" come on?

USisCorrupt's picture

It also relates to BitCoin in a way.

For there are so many that DON'T UNDERSTAND Bitcoin.

IE: Bitcoin will hit $1400 USD in February.

But it makes it REAL EASY for those who DO !

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Chris Dakota (not verified) USisCorrupt Jan 27, 2017 7:49 AM

This is why the Muslim migrants. To lower the IQ of the white population.

Muslim migrants are zero threat to Jewish elites, they are only a threat to the white population

on every level.

The white Christian male is the only threat the Jews face hence "evil white male" meme.

The answer came out of Russia, Christian Nationalism and it will spread all over the West very quickly in the next 5 yrs. like spilt perfume.

You are going to see Trump attend church regularly. He has progressed Sun in Virgo (labor, self sacrfice, service to others...think working class) for the next 30 yrs. Saturn is in Sagittarius now, church and state ready to blend. Why Christian Pence is his VP.

Right when his Sun progressed into Virgo he went to church as a campaign thing in New Hampshire and said the sermon was about humility (Virgo) and said after "Maybe it was for me because they didn't know I was coming."


Rep. Jason Chafftetz came out against Trump after the Access Hollywood tape. I was reading  the twitter reaction and everyone was bashing him, then I read this Mormon woman who said to him "He did not take the covenant we did, maybe you can help him not judge him."

Later he got back on the Trump train and now his biggest supporter.


Glasnost's picture

Why would anyone care about doing this at this time?


Humans will likely be modified genetically on a mass scale by 2050.  It's already being done now in Chinese labs.


This is the century where humans effectively eliminate the bad parts of natural selection.  Even if the implications are obviously scary, I can't imagine people not being pressured (from multiple forces) into modifying their offspring and/or their own genome if it becomes possible with viral genome injection.

Escrava Isaura's picture

First, there is only evidence that humans cognitive abilities and intelligence is increasing over time. There is no evidence that it is decreasing. 

Second, humans cognitive abilities and intelligence are less than 50 thousand years. We’re recent phenomenon of evolution, meaning, scientists don’t know, and might never find all these answers.

Maybe there’s a gene that foresee the dangers ahead, its death by a societal collapse, so keeping the population less educated is a way that they can’t foresee their own demise.

On the other hand, there might be a smarter gene that also foresee the vanity and stupidity of the intelligent class and refrain them of having too many of them thus creating more complexities.

The most accurate description on this subject, in my opinion, comes from the grand old man of American biology, Ernest Mayr, ”Intelligence is a lethal mutation.”


Mustafa Kemal's picture

"First, there is only evidence that humans cognitive abilities and intelligence is increasing over time. There is no evidence that it is decreasing. "

There is plenty of evidence to show that the ablity of service people to do basic computations, such as "make change" is completely lacking.

Moreover, at the National Labs they can hardly find americans able to be of use, so they are hiring foreigners. The Americans cant cut it.

Finally, currently, there is No Mathematics performed at the National Labs.  None. Those days are over. Today, we dont need no stinking math. Expect this trend to increase under the current administration.

This statement of yours is nonsensical.

Escrava Isaura's picture

completely lacking. 

Completely is an unnecessary word. And lacking doesn’t mean it’s decreasing, because they never had to begin with. Old age is a different matter.

The Americans can’t cut it.

Well, this is not an American phenomenon. If you go to Brazil you’ll find many Cuban doctors, because most people there are too stupid to learn science.

No Mathematics performed at the National Labs.

What kind of laboratory are you talking about? Because labs are run by scientists.


Sparkey's picture

 ”Intelligence is a lethal mutation.”

You prove your case!

in4mayshun's picture

Evolution is a made-up fairy tale from a quack scientist eager to escape moral responsibility. In order for life to start by accident, the first successful organism would have had to evolve:
1) a protective membrane
2) a way to absorb food and metabolize energy
3) a way to reproduce asexually

It would have had to evolve all these capabilities in one life cycle or it would have died and the life form would not have continued. Considering that the chances of this happening are less than 1 in zillions-squared, Its not like it kept getting repeated tries.

Evolution is a story scientists and academia teach because not having a set of explanations, even if they're complete crap, is not an option. Any half intelligent person can see obvious signs of intelligent design and engineering throughout nature, and the human mind is the greatest example.

Escrava Isaura's picture

Evolution is a made-up fairy tale from a quack scientist eager to escape moral responsibility. 

Wrong. Science is all we have if we want to learn how the world works. Does science have all the answers? Of course not, neither does any anyone. But scientist have the decency to say when they don’t know. Can’t say the same of Folk-Science (intelligent design, religious dogmas, and so on).


Stuck on Zero's picture

Ask a dog breeder if reproducing the dumbest of each litter results in a smarter breed?

Multi's picture

"The more affluent a society becomes, the lower the birthrate."

Really? I would say most people refrain from having children because they can't afford them.

"The next side effect is intelligence"

Wow, it's going to be that after all, too much wealth is a bad thing. Regulate and tax the living hell out of people and make them poorer for their own good. 

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) Glasnost Jan 27, 2017 8:45 AM

Humans will likely be modified genetically on a mass scale by 2050.

Won't happen, won't be allowed to happen.

Glasnost's picture

I thought Trump wouldn't be allowed to win?

gaoptimize's picture

...and with a second generation of nootropics (Brain Force , for example) many who care and can afford them are boosting their intelligence (I do for coding days and important meetings or training).  I still think we are likely headed to Alvin Toffler's "Gods and Clods" scenario.

Billy the Poet's picture

"I like my species the way it is."  -- Lt. Worf to the Borg Collective

TheReplacement's picture

The bad parts of natural selection?  If that happens then humans won't be in a position to cope with the world around them - nature.  What I'm trying to say is, that's fucking retarded.

Glasnost's picture

We've hardly dealt with nature since the invention of agriculture.


Bad parts of natural selection means, bad mutations which are of no benefit.

I.e. Lower intelligence, weaker immune system, unable to handle feelings of weightlessness in space.....etc.


There's obviously the problem that we will probably majorly fuck up parts of it since we still don't know hardly anything about genetics.  But we know enough to modify (CRISPR cas9), and make guesses based on regression.  So people will do it and we get to find out the consequences later.

New World Chaos's picture

The puppetmasters spend hundreds of billions to encourage the bad parts of natural selection via the welfare state and mass immigration- a toxic drug cocktail if there ever was one.  The reasons are as Chris Dakota stated above.  Smart, honorable, white, Christian men are most likely to rebel against a satanic world government.  They are to be chained up and consumed by maggots.

If human genetic engineering ever becomes big, we might be pressured (by multiple forces) to dumb our children down in the name of "equality".

kareninca's picture

I upvoted you for making a good general point.  However, I'd adjust this part:

This is the century where humans effectively [try to] eliminate the bad parts of natural selection.

Really what is happening in Chinese labs may end our species.  We're flying blind.


BennyBoy's picture


Marty, Marty, Marty,

The more affluent a society becomes, the lower the birthrate.

The next side effect is unintelligent blog posts.

flapdoodle's picture

Astrology is tripe. None of us Leo's believe in it...

MisterMousePotato's picture

That's pretty funny.

Actually, on a serious note, Isaac Asimov, of all people, wrote a dispositive dismissal of the subject as anything to be accorded any credence whatsoever.

Read it, and you will never, ever again be tempted to look at 'The Daily Horoscope' in the paper, even 'for recreational purposes only'.

Utter tripe.

I'd have more respect for someone who believes in global warming.

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) fattail Jan 27, 2017 10:48 PM

There are only so many hours in a day, pray I never set my laser on you.

AGuy's picture

"This is why the Muslim migrants. To lower the IQ of the white population."

I doubt it:

1. Since the West is importing terrorists, it naturally going to increase domestic terriorism. Thus providing the path to remove liberties from citizens (in the name of security) and provide a path to a totalitarian gov't.

2. Provide the means to increase the number of liberal voters so that the middle\working class is neutered from the policial system. The more liberal voters, the hard it is for conservative parties to win seats. Thus the path to a single party state.

Urban Redneck's picture

You write that as though natural selection was necessarily synonymous with positive evolution... (i.e. progress)

Of course we are getting dumber with successive generations, how many people even read the actual works of Darwin and Spencer any more?

The more interesting rhetorical argument is actually whether the degeneration is the result of natural or artificial selection.

Unless it's being dumbed down for the masses by the likes of Alex Jones (or Mike Judge) as a giant NWO oligarch world domination scheme...

Then it's just trite tripe.


rbg81's picture

In today's society, "Intelligent" people pay the taxes.  They have to work harder & have less free time.  As a result, they have fewer kids.  It also doesn't help that they are indoctrinated in college that White people are evil and should not reproduce (the women buy this lie hook, line, and sinker).  In contrast, poor people are literally showered with benefits to reproduce--especially if you are a minority.  The more kids, the more bennies.  The movie "Idiotocracy" brilliantly summed up this trend.  The Elites are okay with this, as they will keep their gene pool pure.  With AI and widescale automation, fewer and fewer intelligent people will be needed to make Society hum anyway.

LyLo's picture

My sister-in-law has 4 kids by different men and is divorcing her second husband.  A few weeks ago she bought a bag of groceries with cash for the first time.  She is able to live in a fairly large house thanks to HUD.  She's 30 and cannot read a map.

My husband and I own our home and vehicles.  (Actually own, no loans.)  We are pretty poor, but we work hard and somehow always make ends meet.  We've never gotten any form of assistance beyond the EIC and FAFSA, even when we qualified.  (I don't generally ask for help.  I have this bad habit called "dignity" that I just can't seem to shake.)  We are just over the past year starting to be able to afford children.  It was never a big issue for us, but we'd kind of like to give it a whirl.  We're about 30, and both pretty darn smart.

But see, we waited and now we're 30 too, so we're having no luck.  Everyone forgot to mention this part when they kept telling us to "wait until we're ready."

His sister got to spend her fertile years not worrying about anything and popping out kids, so she's surrounded by them.  I guess if we wanted kids we should have just let the government pay our rent and buy our food instead of working so we could own our home and afford decent food.

This alone has made me far more conservative than I ever thought I'd be.  

ducksinarow's picture

I have been on the actual physical end of finding care for the kids that get popped out and are left to fend for themselves while the parents move on to greener territory. In the ancient days natural selection of the fittest applied and the ones who were too handicapped to take care of themselves, died. We now have regained enough scientific knowledge so that we can put lives on physical and social life support, where the brain works but not much else and every one is socially, morally and economically not willing to pull the plug. No judgements here just statement of  fact through scientific method of standing back and watching this for 55 years or so trying to be more of a solution than a problem to the situation. There is no kind, gentle solution that solves the problem.

Sparkey's picture

It is best that you have no children, your writings indicate that you do not have the intelligence to raise a family, Parade your Dignity, be happy with that, let that comfort you in your elder years, proudly state to the world "I have no children, I chose Dignity".

LyLo's picture

lol  "My elder years."  I'm going to use that from now on; thanks. 

in4mayshun's picture

There's babies being born everyday that need a good home. Just cause they didn't come from you wife's vjj doesn't mean you can't love them as your own.

Billy the Poet's picture

Adoption is great but I wonder what LyLo's husband would think about her having a wife.

New World Chaos's picture

Doesn't change the idiocracy

People like LyLo prefer quality over quantity and to give their kids the best start, they want to wait until conditions are right- which never happens, because they are bludged into the ground to feed people who pump out kids regardless of their ability to care for them.  A few generations of this, and everyone is a fuckwit.  It's called r/K selection theory.  r's are dumb breeders who invest little in their offspring.  K's are smart and responsible and try to save up to invest in their few children, only to be ripped off by a system which favors r's at every turn.

Read this and discover why it's all so fucked

The puppetmasters are K's but they created the system which favors r's.  It's almost like they are trying to create two separate species, themselves and the dumbed-down masses, with an insurmountable gulf between them (i.e. no middle class)

gaoptimize's picture

Your comment gives me the opportunity to bash yesterday's Supreme Court ruling against the "Sister Wives" family.  I'm blessed with 5 awesome kids (I could go on forever but won't), but they are such a joy that it has become a hobby, and I'll admit an addiction.  There have been a couple handful of superior women who would like to join our family and help fill up our house with little gods, but the unsettled legal state of such relationships make it an uncontrolable risk if you have any assetts.  Of course destitute "babby daddies" crank out morons with any number of women with the state (taxpayers such as me) paying for it.  This is complete crap, and it has driven me to look into the Seasteading Institute as a fantasy way of breaking out of this insane asylum.  The good news is that I fully expect to reach Ray Kurzweil's "Bridge Two" in the mid-2020's and at that point it will just be a waiting game until I can have ~20 kids every century in batches of 3 to 7 for as long as I want.

rbg81's picture

I would think you'd still be pretty fertile at 30.  After 35 is when fertility typically starts to decline, but I guess everyone is different.  I know several women who had kids well into their 40s.  Anyway, best of luck to you and your husband.

AGuy's picture

rbg81:"In today's society, "Intelligent" people pay the taxes. They have to work harder & have less free time. As a result, they have fewer kids. "

Intelligent people don't want their kids to have to grow up in a degenerate society. Also white males are getting turned off by leftist feminists, who really are just looking to take them for every penny they can. As a married man in the USA, you basically lose all your rights, since if your wife files for divorce, you forfeit your wealth (assets & paycheck). No intelligent white male would consider marriage (at least with a western women).

rbg81:"The Elites are okay with this, as they will keep their gene pool pure."

No they don't care about there gene pool. Look at the lot of them, more than half are hideous, choose sleezy partners, un-faithful, gay, etc. Most are the elite aren't very intelligent, but they are extremely ruthless and know how to manipulate people. Smart people are addicted to power and control. Its dumb people that need to rely on others to provide then prosperity.

froze25's picture

The people that are promoted in TV "entertainment" and are show as models for behavior  (mind control, brainwashing) promote narcissism, vanity and sloth. Is it a wonder we are being dumbed down?

no ice's picture

Combine that "entertainment" (mind control) with fluoride and fluoridated water, which calcifies your pineal gland; GMOs, which kill your "second brain" also know as your gut flora; vaccines loaded up with heavy metals, which also kill your gut flora; the plethora of fake sugar on the market like aspartame and splenda, which are toxic chemicals; and all those prescription drugs, and it is clear to see there is a definite dumbing-down agenda out there.    

sodbuster's picture

In the 1980s, A&W tried to compete with the McDonald's Quarter Pounder by selling a 1/3 pound burger at a lower cost. The product failed, because most customers thought 1/4 pound was bigger.

The New Feudalism's picture

At least there's the benefit of Natural Selection in all this stupidity: 14-Year-Old Girl Broadcasts Suicide on Facebook Live from Foster Home

But maybe she couldn't stand being around stupid people and had no expectation of ever finding intelligent life on this planet.