Pena Nieto Tells Trump Mexico "Will Not Pay For Any Wall", Demands Respect

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Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto reiterated Wednesday in a pre-taped address that his country "will not pay for any wall," but expressed willingness to work with the Trump administration.

Peña Nieto also said he had ordered government agencies to step up protection for immigrants, demanding respect as an autonomous nation, while admitting Mexico is negotiating new trade rules with US.

"I have ordered the Foreign Ministry re-enforce measures of protection for our nationals (inside the US).  The 50 Mexican consulates in the United States will become authentic places of defense for the rights of the migrants.  Our communities are not alone.  The Mexican government will offer them the legal counsel which will guarantee them the protection they need.  I call on the legislators and civil society organisations to join their efforts so as to back them and support them (migrants). Wherever there is a Mexican migrant at risk that needs our support there we must be.  That is where there country should be."


"I am saddened and am against the decision by the United States to continue with the construction of a wall that for years, far from joining us has divided us.  Mexico does not believe in walls.   I have said time and time again: Mexico will not pay for any wall."


"These Executive orders also occur at a moment in which our country is initiating talks to negotiate new rules of cooperation, commerce, investment, security, immigration in the North American region.  This negotiation is very important for strength, certainty, and future of of our economy and our society.  As President of the Republic, I assume, squarely, the responsibility of defending and guarding the interests of Mexico and Mexicans.  It is my duty to deal with the problems and confront the challenges.  Based on the final report of the Mexican officials that at this moment are in Washington and the prior consultation of the Senate chamber and the National Conference of Governors (Mexican), I will make a decision about the next steps to be taken. "


"Mexico offers and demands respect. "

Finally, the Mexican president didn't say whether he will carry out planned visit to Washington on Jan. 31.

While the costs of "building the wall" are largely unknown, estimates have been made by both political parties...

Infographic: The Economics of Trump's Mexico Wall | Statista
You will find more statistics at Statista

In a Monday speech, Peña Nieto said his government is prepared to negotiate with the US if Mexico's national sovereignty is respected. He laid out economic integration and respect for the rights of migrants and the money they send home as his nation's key negotiating points.

Trump has suggested some of the $25 billion in annual remittances that migrants return home would be retained to pay for the border wall.

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Davidduke2000's picture

mexican leaders hate their country and people because they get terribly upset if their people cannot move to the US. it is normal that there is a border between 2 countries otherwise many more countries will experience the israel syndrome where a country steel the land of another country by taking it inch by inch. 

Déjà view's picture

"Badges? We don't need no stinkinbadges!" 

Keyser's picture

Funny, I thought repsect was something you earned... Something Mexico is about to learn, the hard way... 

847328_3527's picture

How about feeding your own people so they don't all want to leave, amigo.

GGuy's picture


Bumpo's picture

Yet Mexico has its own wall on the Guatamalen Border. No worries, remittances will cover it. Oh, and trade is over between US and Mexico. Enjoy your Siesta.

nmewn's picture

I was thinkin the same thing, if one has not BRIBED the border guards/local Mexican officials/shown proper creditentials one will be...SHOT...DEAD...trying to enter Mexico from the south. 

And his language on the 50 Mexican consulates here was as diplomatically infantile as it was physically amusing. He's not really thinking about cramming 5-8 million ILLEGAL...errr, ummm, "migrant Mexican nationals" into them is he? 

BeansMcGreens's picture

Don't forget the toilet paper, you're going to need it.

nmewn's picture

Apparently Mr.Nieto believes Mexico can have a border, with armed guards stationed at checkpoints and America cannot.

Its one of the most ridiculous things I've ever read by a president of any country.

FreezeThese's picture
FreezeThese (not verified) nmewn Jan 26, 2017 7:31 AM

Not to spoil the Kool-Aid ... but we've already got a wall on 70% of the border - this, like healthcare, will not workout for the betterment of the American people.

They've got tunnels now ... nobody's scaling walls Draft Dodging Don

nmewn's picture

Not to piss in your particular brand of Hope-n-Change was the progs that emasculated one portion of federal governance and weaponizing other parts of it by making illegals "legal" (selective enforcement of immigration laws) and actual law abiding citizens "criminals" (ObamaCare fines/penalties) and declaring an exhale a poisonous gas (EPA/manmade globull warming) so don't come bitching to me when this is turned back on you.

This is about revenge & retribution more than trying to get along with your sorry asses.

You better get used to it, we've already packed two years worth into 4 days ;-)

VinceFostersGhost's picture



We just stop our aid.....BOOM....paid in full bitch!



N2OJoe's picture

Aw you purposely export your trash to us in violation of our laws and demand respect? Fuck you wetback!

He's right though that we don't need a wall. Some border guards and drones with orders to "Hold the line" would do just fine. How about we make it simple and just adopt Mexico's border policies?

Also, i don't understand why people say it would be soooo difficult to round up the aliens and deport them? We already bus them from the border to all over the interior of the country so just turn the fucking buses around.

Rabbi Chaim Cohen's picture

Having Mexico pay for the wall is a shakedown. A sizable chunk of Mexico's GDP comes from remittances from their citizens working illegally inside the US and from US "aid". The problem is that if Nieto calls Trump's bluff and Trump builds the wall on our dime, the loss of America's hidden underclass and it's cheap illegal immigrant labor will cause a sizeable drag on an economy that can't afford to take a punch right now. We'll see what happens..

nmewn's picture

Apparently the progs actually believed that Trump wouldn't use the now fully functional operational Death Star against them that their Emperor...The Won (lol)...built to use on us.

They were never the brightest  ;-)

ThunderbirdXXI's picture

"Paid in Full... Bitch!" Now that, with a picture of Trump swatting a Mexico shaped piñata, is a bumper sticker if I have ever seen one...

J S Bach's picture

"Mexico does not believe in walls".

No.  But, they do believe in sewer pipes that flow one way - North.

GGuy's picture
GGuy (not verified) Bumpo Jan 26, 2017 7:00 AM

Just another greasy lying piece of shit beaner.....


Doesn't believe in walls huh?

Yog Soggoth's picture

Soros pay check for a speech.

Twee Surgeon's picture

It's a bit strange that most of the Mexican Political class look very European, the Spanish are Caucasians mostly. The immigrants I have worked with, met, known, are Mestizos ( I think I got that word right ?) The brown skinned Aboriginals, Native race or whatever the P.C. words are.

The 'Mexicans" running Mexico do not like Central Americans and the feeling is mutual apparently. My Vague point is that a sort of Caste system seems to exist in Latin America. i briefly worked with some Brazilian people that would hide from the Sunshine under big hats, they did not want anything to do with a Sun-Tan like the Gringos who were all about Catching some Rays.

There is a kind of Gringo Blanco envy, south of the border and people seem to desire to appear as Pale faced as possible. Same thing in China and India.

See you on the beach...Surfs up !

otschelnik's picture

It's called caudillismo, hombre....

lowspeed101's picture

Exactly, Sir. You're correct!


And, by this typical politician's comment, apparently Mexicans don't believe in walls, huh? I've spent a fair amount of time in Mexico in the past, and anyone with any means, especially the rich, have walls all around their homes! Not to mention, armed security!


To hell with this worthless person, and to hell with liars like him.

Jeffersonian Liberal's picture

What Trump means is that they will pay for it one way or another...either directly or indirectly through tariffs and massive fees on US companies that sent manufacturing and manufacturing jobs to Mexico.

If Mexico wants those factories and those jobs, they'll be happy to pay the pittance for the wall.

Pena doesn't understand that he is making a fool of himself.

Ghordius's picture

"it is normal that there is a border between 2 countries"

wait a moment

the unprecedented part of all this is by whom this wall is supposed to be paid for

philipat's picture

That is true. The EU countries that built walls and fences to keep immigrants out (Hungary etc.) at least paid for them themselves?

Is that what you meant?

Ghordius's picture

it is a way better example then what you think. yes, Hungary pays for it's own fences. Slovenia does the same, btw

in fact, what is keeping further miliions in Turkey to walk up to Hungary is Turkey

and who is paying Turkey... is us, in Europe

including for not having those millions in that usual "powder keg" that is the Balkans

whereas part of that plan of having millions exit Turkey was to find a way to get them trapped in the Balkans, further destabilizing the whole region

so no. "normal" is something different

philipat's picture

Maybe the US should pay for all of those problems also? It is after all a result of all the illegal US wars in the ME? Unfortunately, of course, The EU and NATO were "Allies" in those illegal wars so I guess that what goes around comes around? As the Americans would say.

Ghordius's picture

yeah, go on. because we were so damn happy when Bush came with those wars, eh?

"Freedom Fries" to go with that? a bit of "Fuck the EU" on top?

philipat's picture

Those who live by the sword die by the sword?

And you could have told Bush and Obuttboy to Fuck Off also, just like our dear departed Victoria said to the EU? And the same goes for the sanctions on Russia which hurt only Europe. But that isn't what allies are for is it? And Trump is now rewarding the EU/NATO for its loyalty?

PS. I always preferred the Belgian fries with mayo?

Ghordius's picture

that's a bit rich. Bush called on Art. 5 of the NATO Charter for Afghanistan. whereas Russia helped, there

we said - diplomatically - "fuck off" in regard to Iraq. Freedom Fries followed

Vicky Nuland said Fuck to us, remember? the gist was that we had nothing to even suggest in Ukraine

meanwhile, Trump is supposed to be something different from Bush, isn't he? I don't know why you bring Trump in this. it's a completely different discussion, isn't it?

philipat's picture

So stand up? The EU is the largest market block in the world and it doesn't need to piss away Trillions on military budgets because there IS NO THREAT, except in the dreams of the US Military Surveillance Industrial Complex. Maybe now, as a result of the Trump Administration's approach towards the UN, The EU and NATO, the EU might finally start to grow a pair? But it still needs LEADERSHIP. And that isn't going to be provided by (compromised) Merkel and/or (drunken AND compromised) Juncker. Trump is only a different discussion if you want to live in the past whilst the rest of the world moves forward?

As for Ukraine, it is now understood by all (as a result of the "fake" news websites) that there was a coup organised by the CIA to overthrow a democratically elected Government, organised by Nuland. And don't even get me started on MH017. The EU could have stayed independent but chose not to. And is now receiving its just rewards from Trump. Common sense and integrity DOES sometimes prevail?

Ghordius's picture

so we need "leadership". I know that refrain. intimately. I know who loves that refrain

well, to be frank, I would prefer less "leadership"

most of the current problems were caused by too much "leadership", imho

behind every and each of them I see an excess of "leadership"

but there you have it: if a thing is good, there can't be an excess of that good thing, eh?

philipat's picture

I would actually prefer less EU (Not that that provides or represents any leadership). As would most of the peoples of Europe. As will become clear shortly?

And, as usual, you are not responding to the substance. OK, so for the sake of arguement, let's assume that the problem is NOT the lack of leadership. So now respond to the real issues?

Ghordius's picture

I was not responding to where I was agreeing with you

you want more "leadership", I would prefer less "leadership"

the real issues are imo warsmost of them, I see as "acts of leadership"

your "I would prefer less EU" is neither here nor there, the UK is leaving the EU. which is not about leadership, on this we completely agree

philipat's picture

Let's be more precise about that. The UK leaving the EU has a LOT to do with leadership in The UK but, I agree, little to do with leadership in the EU. If there had been better leadership of BOTH, I agree that a compromise COULD have been reached which would have precluded Brexit. But such is the ignornace and arrogance of politicians. Especially those with secret Bank Accounts who need a bottle of Cognac with breakfast to get htrough the day?

rondellio's picture

EU is in a trade war with Russia, is intent on one with the UK.  Hot war by other means.  And a prelude, historically. 

Within in the EU there is financial repression of millions, whilst the elite live opulent lives, having, as in the USSR, exclusive shopping areas for spending their taxpayer money.

And now they want an army.  You told us, O Ghordius, there was a "kernel of truth" in this-after previously boasting about the impotence of  Junker to achieve this.

Where will this kernel lead the EU?   An empire of 500 million with an army?  Never in 2000 years has a European empire failed to create tidal waves of blood.


Ghordius's picture

tell me about that trade war. is Russian oil or natgas flowing or not? if yes, why?

yes, "that army" is coming. looks so. national units supported by EU logistics. a result of US disengagement

not exactly the same as one giant million army under the blue and gold stars

perhaps we are an empire, yes. what I really care for is if we have exit doors, though. do the other empires have any?

philipat's picture

So conversely, if Europe really wants to support its (former?) American friends fully, why not also cut off supplies of Russian energy? That would really teach those Russkies wouldn't it?

As it is, it looks more like hypocrisy to me...

Ghordius's picture

because we do not want to support our American friends and allies fully when they go mad about Russia?

at a certain point, I really don't know what some here are arguing for or against. I just know that it's always "to the hilt", completely and without any moderation

what is so difficult to understand in: yes, it is a Bear. no, don't poke the Bear?

no, the Bear is not a Teddy Bear. yes, it is possible to find a solution with the Bear?

Russians are People, too. European People, actually

philipat's picture

Inconsistent garbage. Europe THOUGHT it could have it BOTH ways. And now finishes up with neither. Payback can be a Bitch, especially when coming from BOTH sides?

By the way, that is also known as "failed diplomacy".

----_-'s picture
----_- (not verified) Ghordius Jan 26, 2017 6:54 AM

""Fuck the EU""


new game's picture

for some odd reason i get a fuk off feeling when ever i read/think about eu. gordy, plez explain why?

is it because you and many europeans exhibit a form a superiority and entitlement. yes entitlement, the key word of resentment, i feel.

if i was prez, you and your entitled partners would feel the sever as in cuts, as in zero dolla. military withdrawl 100 percent. have a nice day, we still luv ya, though. kisses and tough luv hug...

Ghordius's picture

why don't you explain your feelings?

superiority? entitlement? I see a lot of Americans here that show those feelings

your Democrats have a thing about us Europeans. your Republicans... the same and opposite thing

a generalization, yes. but we are the object of this "discussion", not the involved discussion partners

yes, highly visible in your feeling there

Ghordius's picture

fine for me, but do you have a... reason for that?

or is it just a feeling down the belly, unsupported by anything else then further feelings?

(this, btw, without going into if it's your Affair or Other People's Affair)

philipat's picture

Anyway GhordEUs, we do agree that countries who wish to maintain their sovereign integrity by having proper border controls should pay for the borders themselves. In the case of the US, Mexico WILL pay one way or the other. In the case of the EU, Schengen should have done the same but instead it was a total failure, largely as a result of weak political leadership.

Still, at least in the case of the UK, as an island, it doesn't need to build walls. And the new border controls can be paid for by PART of the savings from not having to piss away EUR 50 Billion per year into the black hole that is the EU?

rondellio's picture

More disinformation from the EU nationalist Ghordius.

 Spain and Italy sent troops, if France did not it was only bc Chiraque thought it politically expedient.  Elsewhere he was ready for violence.

And of course the Brits under the leadership of the winner of the Charlemagne prize, Blair.  One mass murderer wearing a medal commemorating another mass murderer.  Europeans really can't get enough of this stuff can they?

From memory the Poles also joined in.

As for the Germans, well they had to stay out didn't they?


Ghordius's picture

funny, you claimed recently that you read my comments. now this... gives me a different impression

fine for me

markpower49's picture

Any soldier who fought for Obama deserves his legs blown off. And we don't need Mexicans. They have to go back.

Twee Surgeon's picture

Ask not who pays for the wall, ask who pays if no wall is built.

In the history books of the future, Euroscumtillectuals will be found under the heading of 'Grotesque abortions of logic.'

In 10 years there will be a bounty on douchebags.