Transcanada Applies For Keystone XL Pipeline Presidential Permit

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Two days after Trump signed an executive order meant to streamline the approval of the mothballed Keystone XL pipeline, which the company said would add more than $3 billion to US GDP and create thousands of construction jobs, moments ago TransCanada announced it has submitted a Presidential Permit application to the U.S. Department of State for approval of the Keystone XL Pipeline, which as Trump vowed, will likely be approved by a fast-tracked procedure, setting off the first big conflict between Trump and the environmental lobby which has vowed to protest Trump's Keystone and Dakota Access pipeline proposals.

From the press release:

TransCanada Applies for Keystone XL Presidential Permit


TransCanada Corporation (TSX: TRP) (NYSE: TRP) (TransCanada) announced today it has submitted a Presidential Permit application to the U.S. Department of State for approval of the Keystone XL (KXL) Pipeline. 


"This privately funded infrastructure project will help meet America's growing energy needs as well as create tens of thousands of well-paying jobs and generate substantial economic benefit throughout the U.S. and Canada," said Russ Girling, TransCanada's president and chief executive officer.


"KXL will strengthen the United States' energy security and remains in the national interest. The project is an important new piece of modern U.S. infrastructure that secures access to an abundant energy resource produced by a neighbor that shares a commitment to a clean and healthy environment. Numerous studies have shown that pipelines are a safer and more environmentally sound way to transport oil to market than trains and KXL raises the bar on both fronts," concluded Girling.


Enhanced standards and the utilization of the most advanced technology will help ensure KXL will be built and operated to uphold our fundamental commitment to safety and the communities we serve.


Independent forecasts by the U.S. Department of State estimate that KXL will support tens of thousands of direct and indirect jobs and associated income during construction and contribute approximately $3.4 Billion to U.S. GDP.


TransCanada employees live in 38 states where the company operates in across the U.S. The company is committed to working productively with all stakeholders and tribal leaders as this project moves forward. KXL will benefit American workers, their families and the communities they live in as well as the U.S. economy. During construction, in Nebraska, South Dakota and Montana alone, KXL will generate hundreds of millions of dollars in employee earnings as well as tens of millions of dollars annually in local tax revenues providing much needed funds for community schools, hospitals, first responders and roads.

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I bought in 2 weeks ago, big time.

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Are we going to cut the subsidies to canada?

We should....most canadians i talk to hate america.



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Can't say I like this too much...

The snowflakes are just dumb enough to monkeywrench it, and cause an environmental disaster...just so they can bitch about Trump.

The DAPL thing...we gave the Indians a big chunk of land, until resources were found on it, now we want it back...I wonder if the Pine Ridge residents call it "White Man Giving".

thebigunit's picture

I can't verify this, but I heard a talking head claim recently that Indians do NOT own "Indian" land.  It is owned by the Federal government and held in trust for the Indians.

The DAPL thing...we gave the Indians a big chunk of land, until resources were found on it, now we want it back...I wonder if the Pine Ridge residents call it "White Man Giving".

If Indians REALLY owned their land, they wouldn't have to jump through hoops to build a casino, AND they could sell their land or mineral rights and retire to Martha's Vineyard or Newport Beach.

johngaltfla's picture

I'm sure the Injuns will claim they own all the land in North America and that this is raciss that it's being built.

This from a group of "enviornmentalist" Native Americans who trash their own reservations with thousands of empty beer cans and liquor bottles instead of recycleing.

just the tip's picture

who is this "we" you speak of?

you got google where you live?

you got a computer?

google TAP.

that stands for Three Affiliated Tribes.

just in case you don't have a computer and can't get to google, this is the link you may want to check out:

the white man owns the construction company, and wants to get in there, build the pipeline and get out.  TAP gets the oil revenue.  standing rock sioux don't get shit.  connect the fucking dots.

Croesus's picture

@ just the tip:

Thanks for the info!

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Royal Bank of Canada

Enemy property—Bearer share warrants—Owned by a citizen of France—Deposited with a bank situated in Holland—Sent to Canada in 1939 prior to war—Held by a bank in Montreal—Holland, when invaded by Germans, declared to be proscribed territory—Custodian of Enemy Property vested with the securities—Owners asking to get possession—Custodian asserting right to investigate before releasing control—Upon evidence, release allowed by Custodian subject to payment of commission on total value of assets—Whether Dutch bank an "enemy"—Whether Custodian entitled to commission—Consolidated Regulations Respecting Trading with the Enemy (1939), s.s. 28 (1) and 44 (1).

The respondents' action was brought for a declaration as to whether bearer share warrants, most of them owned by the respondent Baron de Rothschild, a citizen of France, have been at any time on or since the 2nd day of September 1939 subject to the Consolidated Regulations Respecting Trading with the Enemy (1939). These shares, being of the Royal Dutch Company, had been deposited with a bank named N. V. Commissie-en-Handelsbank, incorporated under the laws of Holland at Amsterdam; and they had been sent by that bank early in 1939 to Canada to be held for it by the Royal Bank of Canada.

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Last I heard there's no benefit to the US consumer, as all of this tar shit gets exported.

Or are we suddenly building refineries again?

Bopper09's picture

Correction, most Canadians out east, more specifically south ontario and quebec.  Not representative of Canada.

GoldMiser's picture

How many Canadians do you talk to?

I live here and every single person I know loves Americans... the previous gov... not so much but America and the people 100%

As for our gov? Pffft! It's a joke (not really though), I for one hate them

Albertarocks's picture

The foreign policies of the USA, the oppression they are foisting on their own American people... that's what we hate about America.  Going to jail for collecting rainwater off your own roof.  Going to jail for growing your own carrots.  Are you fuken kidding me?  We've hated every administration since and including GHW Bush.  We hate the needless wars they instigate.  But that shouldn't be mistaken as "hating America".  And we certainly don't "hate Americans", except maybe Rosie O'Donnell and Madonna and that war mongering bitch John McCain.  In fact, Americans are pretty damned friendly when you sit down and have a beer with 'em.

GoldMiser's picture

Albertarocks just completely described the average Canadian... and we don't live in igloos, ride moose or drink beer like there's no tomorrow... well we don't live in igloos anyway, nothin' like a moose ride when yer hammered lol

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HRH Feant (not verified) Jan 26, 2017 5:10 PM

Welcome Trans-Canada pipeline! Welcome to the new, revitalized US!

Lumberjack's picture

Only if they get out of the wind business.

peddling-fiction's picture

The hot air as wind business?

Bill of Rights's picture

The fuck you gonna do key board commando F5 him to death ... fuck off akready.

Bill of Rights's picture

WINNING!! environmental whacko"s get in the way ... shoot them right out the gate. Send a clear message we're not fucken around and have no time for drama , there's work to do.

flaminratzazz's picture

open season on Indians..again.. when those stupid fvkers ever going to learn? they crossed with dindus or something?

Mazzy's picture

Most people who actually LIVE near Native reservations have a hard time tolerating them.  It's the same concept behind why Southerners are stereotypically racist.

Behave like a drunken stupored, domestic violence loving idiot and get treated like one.  It really is that simple.



flaminratzazz's picture

Preaching to the choir my friend.. drive through this nation's reservations and see how well they care about the ecology.. fvkin hypocrites everyone of them..

earlyberd's picture

You must be a big fan of eating shit, it's spilling out of your mouth onto the keyboard.

When was the last time that natives came over to seize your land under eminent domain?

Learn some fucking manners, cuck. The government isn't going to hold your hand.

flaminratzazz's picture

The state of Idaho seized our businesses on 2 pieces of property to build bridges on. fvked us good too. my parents died in a fvkin fifth wheel without a dime to their names. BOTH pieces were river frontage with homes and businesses on them and my drunken father's lawyer sold him out.

Dont think it is only Indians the state will fuck..

this is fight club so take your manners and shove them up your snowflake ass.

ne14truth's picture

We get most of our imported oil FROM Canada

Canada—0.96 MMb/d—20%
Mexico—0.69 MMb/d—15%
Netherlands—0.23 MMb/d—5%
China—0.19 MMb/d —4%
Brazil—0.19 MMb/d —4%




Soph's picture

Canada sends roughly 4 mb/d of oil and equivalents to the US. It is far and away it's biggest supplier, accounting for over 1/3 of US imports.

dlfield's picture

Viva Transcanadia!!