Durables Goods 'Hard' Data Crushes Post-Trump 'Soft' Survey Dreams

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With Manufacturing and Services PMIs and ISMs, stock markets, and sentiment data soaring post-Trump, one would imagine that 'everything is awesome' in American business... but the 'soft' survey data appears to be wrong as 'hard' data on durable goods new orders is tumbling.

With analysts' expectations of a 2.5% surge in new orders in December, the preliminary print of -0.4% is a disaster and comes after a downwardly revised November. This pushed the YoY shift to -0.8% - the worst since July.


It appears 'hard' truths are not as appealing as 'soft' hope.

Of course all that really matters is where The Dow is...

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Americans are too poor and broke to consume. Even debt can no long mask this reality.


Arnold's picture

More than 95 million employable Americans are not working, including you evidently.

Labor force expansion would be a tonic for a lot of ills.

1stepcloser's picture

Rate hikes will fix it LOL

NugginFuts's picture

haha yes please and the sooner the better!!! Please give us Americans all a reason to hate and destroy the Fed! (As if there wasn't a mountain of reasons already)

dude duderson's picture

hahaha FUCK YOU, America!

                         -Ben Baernake c/o Janet Yellen

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The problem is the US no longer builds anything durable.  We need to make durable great again.

Arnold's picture

Rocks in the New England corn fields were pretty durable, when I was growing up.


I don't know why your comment ticked that brain cell.

Too much 'Old Farmer's Almanac' before bed I'll wager.

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What? Trump has been President for a week and he couldn't turn around Obama's numbers last quarter?  Watch the media for the "Tump's not so great after all" meme.

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Lets also ignore the fact that last December had worse numbers. Yet the muslum was doing so good for us. What a joke!

allamerican's picture

zh getting all lathered up..again..

good/correct info, treat like a loaded gun.  just dont shoot!

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I have no problem with the info, it's the post Trump bullshit You spew.

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JBTFDYFI, there I said it.

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The Donald has been POTUS less than ten (10) days. Before ZeroHedge, and everyone else, gets their panties in wad let's look at Q3 figures.

Where I live there are many many more smiles than frowns for sure!

James Douglass

Garden City, Kansas

CJgipper's picture

10?  It hasn't even been a full week yet.  It's 6 days and 22 hours including inauguration day and the weekend.

MisterMousePotato's picture

Thank you.

What is it with these people, anyway?

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The "DOW Industrials" no longer includes strictly U.S. Industrials, so durable goods orders aren't as meaningful to the index's valuation as they once were.  "The DOW 30" is more weighted to financial, retail, and services now, and includes many corporations who don't manufacture U.S. durable goods and have thrived during U.S. manufacturing's demise. 

AAPL Apple

AXP American Express

DIS Disney

GS Goldman Sachs

HD Home Depot

JPM JP Morgan Chase

MCD McDonalds

MSFT Microsoft

TRV Travelers

UNH United Health

VZ Verizon

V Visa

WMT Wal-Mart

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Labor force participating and median  wages are all that matter.