What Trump's Wall Says To The World

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Submitted by Patrick Buchanan via Buchanan.org,

“Something there is that doesn’t love a wall,” wrote poet Robert Frost in the opening line of “Mending Walls.”

And on the American left there is something like revulsion at the idea of the “beautiful wall” President Trump intends to build along the 1,900-mile border between the U.S. and Mexico.

The opposition’s arguments are usually rooted in economics or practicality. The wall is unnecessary. It will not stop people from coming illegally. It costs too much.

Yet something deeper is afoot here. The idea of a permanent barrier between our countries goes to the heart of the divide between our two Americas on the most fundamental of questions.

Who are we? What is a nation? What does America stand for?

Those desperate to see the wall built, illegal immigration halted, and those here illegally deported, see the country they grew up in as dying, disappearing, with something strange and foreign taking its place.

It is not only that illegal migrants take jobs from Americans, that they commit crimes, or that so many require subsidized food, welfare, housing, education and health care. It is that they are changing our country. They are changing who we are.

Two decades ago, the Old Right and the neocons engaged in a ferocious debate over what America was and is.

Were we from the beginning a new, unique, separate and identifiable people like the British, French and Germans?

Or was America a new kind of nation, an ideological nation, an invented nation, united by an acceptance of the ideas and ideals of Jefferson, Madison, Lincoln and Dr. King?

The Old Right contended that America existed even before the Revolution, and that this new nation, this new people, wrote its own birth certificate, the Constitution. Before Washington, Madison and Hamilton ever went to Philadelphia, America existed.

What forced the premature birth of the nation — was the Revolution.

We did not become a new nation because we embraced Jefferson’s notion about all men being “created equal.” We became a new people from our familial break with the Mother Country, described in the declaration as a severing of ties with our “brethren” across the sea who no longer deserved our loyalty or love.

The United States came into being in 1789. The Constitution created the government, the state. But the country already existed.

When the Irish came in the mid-19th century to escape the famine and the Germans to escape Bismarck’s Prussia, and the Italians, Jews, Poles, Greeks, Slovaks came to Ellis Island, they were foreigners who became citizens, and then, after a time, Americans.

Not until decades after the Great Migration of 1890-1920, with the common trials of the Depression, World War II and Cold War, were we truly forged again into one united nation and people.

By 1960, almost all of us shared the same heroes and holidays, spoke the same language and cherished the same culture.

What those with memories of that America see happening today is the disintegration of our nation of yesterday. The savagery of our politics, exemplified in the last election, testifies to how Americans are coming to detest one another as much as the Valley Forge generation came to detest the British from whom they broke free.

In 1960, we were a Western Christian country. Ninety percent of our people traced their roots to Europe. Ninety percent bore some connection to the Christian faith. To the tens of millions for whom Trump appeals, what the wall represents is our last chance to preserve that nation and people.

To many on the cosmopolitan left, ethnic or national identity is not only not worth fighting for, it is not even worth preserving. It is a form of atavistic tribalism or racism.

The Trump wall then touches on the great struggle of our age.

Given that 80 percent of all people of color vote Democratic, neither the Trump movement nor the Republican Party can survive the Third Worldization of the United States now written in the cards.

Moreover, with the disintegration of the nation we are seeing, and with talk of the breakup of states like Texas and secession of states like California, how do we survive as one nation and people?

Old Europe never knew mass immigration until the 20th century.

Now, across Europe, center-left and center-right parties are facing massive defections because they are perceived as incapable of coping with the existential threat of the age — the overrunning of the continent from Africa and the Middle East.

President Trump’s wall is a statement to the world: This is our country. We decide who comes here. And we will defend our borders.

The crisis of our time is not that some Americans are saying this, but that so many are too paralyzed to say it, or do not care, or embrace what is happening to their country.

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froze25's picture

I agree with you, Military with shoot to kill orders to protect the boarders is the only real solution.

Oldwood's picture

I believe that is how we do it in our US prisons, but it's not politically correct for protected classes of people.

Funny how things go. Those who were in the past on the bottom, now seem to be on top, their rights now superseding all others.

Snípéir_Ag_Obair's picture

'Tunneling deep and long will render it useless.'

That, asshole, is what she said.

TheMeatTrapper's picture

"Tunneling deep and long will render it useless."

Yeah, just like the occaisonal tunnel out of a prison renders the entire prison useless. I see your logic. lol 

ebear's picture

Tunneling creates noise.  Seismic detectors will pick it up.

ipso_facto's picture

'Tunneling deep and long will render it useless.'

Less than 'perfectly' effective perhaps but it will radically slow illegal immigration across the southern border and dramatically increase the cost of doing so.

Chupacabra-322's picture

@ Benny,

Still a Hell of a lot cheaper than those Trillion Dollar Illegal Wars of Aggression being waged around the World.

At least the Wall will serve its purpose.

Han Cholo's picture

The wall itself is not the deterrent, it will be put in place to give our Border Patrol (and possibly other agencies) more to  work with in stopping the illegal invasion. Look at parts of Israel's "wall". same concept and it made a world of difference for them.

Oldwood's picture

The wall is symbolic of our new government's commitment to border security and rejection of illegal immigration. You can bet that the wall will be the symbol but will be augmented with REAL policies in dealing with illegals crossing (or attempting to cross) our borders. 

Most people are for comprehensive immigration reform, understanding that changes need to be made, BUT our principle resistance to this approach is the simple fact that laws designed to prevent illegal immigration and the expulsion of those illegal immigrants, has NEVER been enforced. 

We need this wall to symbolize our governments REAL  intentions to fix this problem. We passed bills in the past to build this wall and it was never done. we have laws on the books that already outlaw illegal immigration and provide means of responding to it...but NOTHING has been done. 

Reagan admitted that he screwed up royal in signing his amnesty agreement, not because the bill was flawed but because the progressives simply never lived up to their commitments to close the border....and never will.

We will CLOSE THE BORDER FIRST and then renovate our immigration's system to better fit our needs.

It's the ONLY WAY.

logicalman's picture

Wouldn't it be cheaper to go after the companies employing illegal immigrants?

There would be a lot less of them if they couldn't get jobs, but then corporate profits would suffer.

Wouldn't have the same optics, though.



azusgm's picture

You'd have to go after the welfare state too. No one has to leave if they are being rewarded to stay.

MalteseFalcon's picture

Yes.  Eisenhower did it in the 1950s.

"Operation Wetback".

Mareka's picture

$10 Trillion Obama debt in 8 years.
$15 Billion wall = 4.5 days of Obama Debt.

Antifaschistische's picture

throughout the history of all mankind, the protection of a culture was accomplished in much part due to the protection of it's membership.  Many times, that "membership" was protected by a wall, be it virtual or physical.  Sometimes the wall was an ocean and people were on an island.  Sometimes the wall....was a wall as the Chinese attempted to master.   The notion, that any nation can exist with a porous membership is absurd,

America was not made great because of the "diversity" of it's immigrants.  America was made great by the commonality among it's immigrants.  It is what unifies us, that makes us great.  NOT what diversifies us.

azusgm's picture

America was made great by the common culture of Christianity and the Protestant work ethic boosted along by private property rights.

Strong families, turf, community, common beliefs. Better than what we have now.

espirit's picture

Over $300US a day in Commiefornia to support A illegal minor?

Fuck me with a baseball bat while you're at it.

Edit: Check their wisdom teeth, it's how we tell the age of all animals.

All is chosen's picture

Hey, come on! Think of the cost if none of those public sector operatives and their army of admin could multi-task, or were allowed to.

All Hail the public sector.


algol_dog's picture

All Mexico has to do is threaten to nationalize all US Companies & US property owners on Mexican soil. Situation Fixed -

Suicyco's picture

While I applaud the americans' choice for president and feel the wall is a small price to pay even if it were to ultimately be paid by the americans, I do have some stock in mexican silver mining that would be a snap to nationalize by their government.

TheMeatTrapper's picture

"I do have some stock in mexican silver mining that would be a snap to nationalize by their government."

Perhaps you should consider selling it. 

Big Corked Boots's picture

I know the company... better off with the physical silver they produce.

daveO's picture

Us property owners? That's news to me. Last I knew, an American could only lease Mexican property for 30 years. OTOH, an illegal can come here, purchase property and mail his paycheck home. Foreign aid by another name. So, Trump better get the wall up BEFORE mass deportations. Once the money dries up there will be a half-dozen more Mexicans heading north for each deported illegal.

algol_dog's picture

50 years and renewable afterwards.

dogismycopilot's picture

Foreign nationals are not allowed to own beachfront land n Mexico. Tried it once. It's fucked up.

NoPension's picture

I'm still trying to make my income stretch to cover expenses.

How can they send half back " home"?

drendebe10's picture

The illegal beaners probably can send half back home cuz the progressive liberal democraps give them a ton of frees shit courtesy US citizen tax payers.  Thats fair

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

Many live 10 to a home to lower housing costs.

VZ58's picture

And that would be the beginning of total economic collapse for Mexico. 

azusgm's picture

Actually, the Mexican government hiking the price of gasoline should go a long way toward invoking total economic collapse for Mexico. Not getting rid of their current administration might seal the deal.

Thought Processor's picture



The world economic situation is in a downward spiral.  Ideology will not prevent what is coming.  A wall may only help to protect those that choose to protect themselves from the implosion of nearby governments.  


Mexico is hanging on by it's finger nails.  Has been for a while now.  If it really heads south you will see an epic rise in violence and with it a mass exodus and they won't be headed into the ocean.  There is only one way for them to go.  North.



daveO's picture

That's already happening. The Mexican drug war deaths are sky high. The wall is the US's acknowledgement that Mexico is ALREADY a failed state.

logicalman's picture

The amount of cash flow from drugs, courtesy of the so-called 'war on drugs' would be hugely diminished by decriminalization - which tends to reduce usage as well, see Portugal - thus reducing the cartels' death tolls and the corruption in government.

The Wall won't make much difference to that.

dogismycopilot's picture

Walls are good. There is a reason the English Channel is called the English Channel.

Kept the barbarians out and we ruled the world. For a while at least.

ebear's picture

Didn't stop the Vikings or the Danes, not to mention the Normans or the bloody Romans.

Archduke's picture

Utter navel gazing poppycock.
everybody else calls it La Manche.

Antifaschistische's picture

that's just one more reason to reinforce border control.   Too bad sniper towers aren't PC...same for the dudes in boats.  It's amazing the trouble the coast guard has to go through because they can't just put a few 50 cal rounds through the hull of escaping boats.   Have I been in Tx too long?  Maybe I should move back to Cali for de-doctrinization.

StychoKiller's picture

They can also go South (they just don't wanna!)

Bush Baby's picture

If by dying empire you mean the NWO Progressive agenda then I agree with you

abyssinian's picture

I am excited to pay more for Mexican goods, excited to pay more in interest, excited that I have no job and Trump is about to cut every entitlement programs.... I can't wait to max out my credit cards.... excited! bigly 

Tactical Joke's picture

What marketable skills do you have?

TheMeatTrapper's picture

"What marketable skills do you have?"

He can whine pretty good.

cheech_wizard's picture

So zero marketable skills, and a degree in liberal arts.

Standard Disclaimer: Beer pong is not considered a marketable skill.


VZ58's picture

Here's an idea for you: Maybe stop sudying gender studies in mommie funded University, get off your whining a** and go and get a job like the rest of your fellow citizens with half a brain have done. No one cares that you consistenlty make the wrong choices.

azusgm's picture

Might want to consider agricultural work.

False_Profit's picture

America is unique.

Without America, the entire world is ripe for the globalists picking.

This is our last chance to fight the onset of skynet.

Fight courageously and pledge your lives, fortunes, and sacred honors!

Fight so that our children don't have to!

Fight so that when you die, you can say "I tried my best for friend and progeny"!

Fight that our founding fathers would be proud!

And never, never, never give up!

nevertheless's picture

Interestingly, America is the center of globalist power...


Sorry, but what does globalism mean to you, and how does Washington/Wall Street/Hollywood/Silicon Valley not exemplify it?