What Trump's Wall Says To The World

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Submitted by Patrick Buchanan via Buchanan.org,

“Something there is that doesn’t love a wall,” wrote poet Robert Frost in the opening line of “Mending Walls.”

And on the American left there is something like revulsion at the idea of the “beautiful wall” President Trump intends to build along the 1,900-mile border between the U.S. and Mexico.

The opposition’s arguments are usually rooted in economics or practicality. The wall is unnecessary. It will not stop people from coming illegally. It costs too much.

Yet something deeper is afoot here. The idea of a permanent barrier between our countries goes to the heart of the divide between our two Americas on the most fundamental of questions.

Who are we? What is a nation? What does America stand for?

Those desperate to see the wall built, illegal immigration halted, and those here illegally deported, see the country they grew up in as dying, disappearing, with something strange and foreign taking its place.

It is not only that illegal migrants take jobs from Americans, that they commit crimes, or that so many require subsidized food, welfare, housing, education and health care. It is that they are changing our country. They are changing who we are.

Two decades ago, the Old Right and the neocons engaged in a ferocious debate over what America was and is.

Were we from the beginning a new, unique, separate and identifiable people like the British, French and Germans?

Or was America a new kind of nation, an ideological nation, an invented nation, united by an acceptance of the ideas and ideals of Jefferson, Madison, Lincoln and Dr. King?

The Old Right contended that America existed even before the Revolution, and that this new nation, this new people, wrote its own birth certificate, the Constitution. Before Washington, Madison and Hamilton ever went to Philadelphia, America existed.

What forced the premature birth of the nation — was the Revolution.

We did not become a new nation because we embraced Jefferson’s notion about all men being “created equal.” We became a new people from our familial break with the Mother Country, described in the declaration as a severing of ties with our “brethren” across the sea who no longer deserved our loyalty or love.

The United States came into being in 1789. The Constitution created the government, the state. But the country already existed.

When the Irish came in the mid-19th century to escape the famine and the Germans to escape Bismarck’s Prussia, and the Italians, Jews, Poles, Greeks, Slovaks came to Ellis Island, they were foreigners who became citizens, and then, after a time, Americans.

Not until decades after the Great Migration of 1890-1920, with the common trials of the Depression, World War II and Cold War, were we truly forged again into one united nation and people.

By 1960, almost all of us shared the same heroes and holidays, spoke the same language and cherished the same culture.

What those with memories of that America see happening today is the disintegration of our nation of yesterday. The savagery of our politics, exemplified in the last election, testifies to how Americans are coming to detest one another as much as the Valley Forge generation came to detest the British from whom they broke free.

In 1960, we were a Western Christian country. Ninety percent of our people traced their roots to Europe. Ninety percent bore some connection to the Christian faith. To the tens of millions for whom Trump appeals, what the wall represents is our last chance to preserve that nation and people.

To many on the cosmopolitan left, ethnic or national identity is not only not worth fighting for, it is not even worth preserving. It is a form of atavistic tribalism or racism.

The Trump wall then touches on the great struggle of our age.

Given that 80 percent of all people of color vote Democratic, neither the Trump movement nor the Republican Party can survive the Third Worldization of the United States now written in the cards.

Moreover, with the disintegration of the nation we are seeing, and with talk of the breakup of states like Texas and secession of states like California, how do we survive as one nation and people?

Old Europe never knew mass immigration until the 20th century.

Now, across Europe, center-left and center-right parties are facing massive defections because they are perceived as incapable of coping with the existential threat of the age — the overrunning of the continent from Africa and the Middle East.

President Trump’s wall is a statement to the world: This is our country. We decide who comes here. And we will defend our borders.

The crisis of our time is not that some Americans are saying this, but that so many are too paralyzed to say it, or do not care, or embrace what is happening to their country.

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daveO's picture

It wasn't safe 8 years ago, the last time I was there. I paid $300 to fly home early. The wall is way over due.

nevertheless's picture

What happens when you open borders for 50 years, allow in 80 million Latinos, then declare war on Latinos?

I don't know what to think of Trump, but I do know our Zionist masters are experts at the art of divide and conquer. 

The time for border security has long past, the only way now would be work place enforcement, and closing down avenues to governemnt assistance. 

Walls are for morons who want symbolism and not results: i.e. Americans. 

FireBrander's picture

33% of Men and 26% of Women...OF LATINO DECENT...VOTED FOR TRUMP!

So, I guess, a third of Latino's declared war on themselves?

Or, maybe, a third of Latino's were tired of the "issues" ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS were causing in thier citites?


nevertheless's picture

Are you new to America and the power of the Zionist Media??????????????????????

This is just the beginning of the war, not the end. Do you think feminism was anti male before Zionist bitches took it over?

How about African Americans, you don't think both sides have been conditioned to hate each-other? "Black Lives Matter" and George Soros, nothing out of the ordinary there.

Hollywood loves to stoke the fires of race hate. How many movies about slavery that just make more hate, and don't help put it into context, and move us past it.

The universities, and their war on White Men is a TOP DOWN phenomenon, not a bottom up. Which means this is about rich Zionist donors pushing for it, otherwise it would not happen. 

I can go on and on, so many examples of Zionist activities pushing racial/social disharmony in America. Just look at who is pushing for open borders. The "gang of 8 Senators who were pushing for Amnesty, were ALL TOP Zionist traitors, John McShame, Lindsey Graham, Chuck Schumer... the Zionist media, who don't ever mention Israels racist governemnt, but in America we can't even have a border without them branding the idea racist. 

This is a war, and this is just the next phase. 

NoPension's picture

....I could go on and on.


Where have I heard that before...

  Oh yeah, John King...Just before Trumps smackdown.

stampman's picture

When the US Federal Reserve is finally audited and nationalized, the entire zionist organism will immediately deflate, because the whole entire thing is funded with unlimited counterfeit originating at the US Federal Reserve and other privately held zionist counterfeiting central banks the world over.

The US has suffered under that enormous counterfeiting operation ever since 1913, and in the meantime, the zionists running the counterfeiting have used it to become vastly wealthy and have bought up the whole world with the interest they have stolen from nations on top of the counterfeiting.

It must end now.  Central bank interest belongs to a nation, not to any private individuals.

stampman's picture

You must be a long ways from the border as you have no idea whatsoever what a constant scramble it always is there.

Along with the wall and true border security, all other known methods are necessary incliuding workplace enforcement and cutting off access to freeloading.

Some people might be YOUR "zionist masters", but they sure as hell aren't mine.

No, the time is not long past for anything.  It's a good time for good things to begin.

Falconsixone's picture

Who's ready for pie?

werker's picture

The renaissance of America and it's anglo hx will stop the genocide.

hardmedicine's picture

there are many communist and socialist countries in this world.  Why is it that we cannot have just ONE country in the world where government sucks off the people and hands out welfare to everyone that stumbles across the border.  Let all the socialists go to the many socialist countries and let the world have just one free country.  USA!

skbull44's picture

It's all part of the (d)evolution of nation states/empires...One's perspective on this really depends on when in history one looks. Prior to European colonization? 1776? 1812? 1865? 1960s? 2017?

Alananda's picture

Time once again to listen to Pink Floyd.

bwdiii's picture

Third Worldization of the United States now written in the cards.

But who holds trumps?

It's looking like after 70 years of monotonous play, the game may be changed after all.

Now US and UK can reveal  they once more hold some of the same suits, as in long ago hands, while Europe scrambles to follow...


Alexander Supertramp's picture

Wow, never thought I'd love and appreciate something Pat Buchanan wrote! Thanks for sharing this TD...

cherry picker's picture

There are over 1 million Americans living in Mexico.  Many of them are there illegally.  They also work there illegally, I know as I hired a few of them down there.

This can go two ways and unintended consequences are a bitch, aren't they?

Tactical Joke's picture

The illegal aliens in Mexico are breaking the law. I fully support Mexico deporting them to their country of origin post-haste.

So, no, it's not a bitch for anyone who doesn't suffer cognitive dissonance.

stampman's picture

Until Americans can buy land in Mexico, none of what you say means a thing.

ebear's picture

Why should anyone be allowed to buy land in a country of which they aren't a citizen or resident landed immigrant?  Look at the mess we have in Vancouver for how that bit of "free market" thinking turned out.  Now young families who live here can't afford to buy a home, including the children of legitimate Chinese immigrants.  Bit of irony there I suppose, but in fact it's the offshore speculators and OUR OWN government that enables them who are to blame.

T830's picture

I am thankful we have not reached the level of cuckery that has become Germany - at least from what I can read in the news.

I am thankful there is a leader who has stepped up to defend our country, and maintain a sense of nationalism, in a time where our way of life is at a tipping point - a point of no return.  A leader for the voiceless as described in the article.

Doomer_Marx's picture

I can accept that the country will change it's character. I just feel that if you put garbage in, you'll get garbage out. I have no problem with legal (controlled and selective) immigration. If you use the best ingredients, the final result will be better.

JustPastPeacefield's picture

Unfortunately, we're no longer allowed to be selective. That's a crime in today's America.

So it's all or none. I vote none.

Skiprrrdog's picture

Its about taking a little bit of pride in this country, for a change. I dont think that most reasonable people are against immigration, after all, at some point most all of us here, or at least our ancestors, were from somewhere else. But those people in the past did it LEGALLY, did not swim accross a river or tunnel under a border, like some type of rodent. Mexico is a beautiful country with a lot of resources... at some point you just HAVE to ask yourself, why didnt Mexicans stay and fight for their own country, instead of coming here illegally, in droves? Where will they run when TSHTF here? Canada? Do you REALLY want these people for friends and neighbors, people whose first response to trials in their own lives is to go to another country and break the law?

cashtoash's picture

instead of spending money on a stupid wall, use the money start deporting illegals.  Once you deport 10-20,000 and the word begins to spread that illegals cannot stay, you will not need the wall.  But if you give amnesty, like Regan did in 80's you can build all the walls, more people will show up

stampman's picture

The wall is necessary, as are the deportations as well.

The money is well spent.

Snípéir_Ag_Obair's picture

Look at Malmo to see what Leftists and GloboZionist Jews have wrought - and where thry demand more.

The Breitbart crowd keeps blaming Islams, distracted by the muslim horde itself, like shiny keys dangled from Ben Shapiro's keychain:

But they are merely the weapon being driven into the heart of the West by International Jewry and their Frankfurt School/Cultural Marxist useful idiot confederates.

Indeed, the same is happening here. And at the root is HATE of western values, of Christianity, of white European culture and ethnicity.

Get off your knees. And happily, you dont need to hate anyone.

You merely have to ignore your indoctrination, love yourself and your people (as you define that) - and deem yourself and them DESERVING OF DEFENSE.


BlackPigeonSpeaks youtube vids:

you should watch them.

particularly the ones on Sweden and Germany.

Boxed Merlot's picture

I can remember being taught in the 60s and 70s that it was a point of pride that we in the USA possess some of the longest unsecured borders of any nation on earth.  There may be better ways to assure national differences can be maintained, nurtured and promoted without neighbors having to erect physical barriers to the landscape, but because the percieved inequalities have been so evident for so long, this brutish form of separation may be exactly what the Dr. orders.


There may come a time in the future when based on mutual respect for our differences this physical symbol can be reduced / eliminated, but it doesn't appear to be practicable today.



stampman's picture

I was educated around the same time, and clearly recall the same message, but it specifically referred to the US-Canada border and nothing was ever said about Mexico.  As a result, the presumption I always have had is that the Mexican border is guarded.

ebear's picture

I used to drive across that border frequently.  Only questions asked: citizen of what nation?  Purpose of your visit?  Anything to declare?  Once in a while they'd ask to see your driver's licence.  Not anymore.  Now you need a passport, or a background check for a fast-track card.

Sofa King's picture

Holy, shit with this fucking wall already...

We're not dividing Germany and the fucking needle-dick Mexican Puppet needs to look at his Southern Border before he starts decrying the value and necessity of a wall.

The Mexicans are our Guatemalans. End of Story.

While we're out it, who gives a shit if the price of Tequila goes up, it's a peasant drink. It will provide us the opportunity to grow up and start drinking Gin and Tonic.

cheech_wizard's picture

Upvoted for Gin and Tonic.

Standard Disclaimer: Personally I prefer Tanqueray. Tequila is just plain nasty shit.

stampman's picture

OG Kush, LA Confidential, Green Crack, Sour Hog's Breath, Diesel and many other strains are much better than Tanqueray.

Are we on the same leaf here?  :p

Boxed Merlot's picture

start drinking Gin and Tonic...l

Dude, you started me to think and laugh.  CA has been such a misunderstood part of the Union I fear most others of our brethren think we truly move lockstep with the folks currently placed in Lord's Supper City, (Sacramento).  Believe me when I tell you, the battle is still alive and well beyond Hollywood and the penisula too.

Northern CA has seen crazy growth in Olive, Walnut and Grape plantings during the times y'all have been hearing of drought conditions striking these areas, but which have actually grown exponentially and carried out by many multi-national financed companies.  (I would appreciate any outside verification of this fact as my information is only first hand). (Specifically Germain-Walnut investments)

In addition, as many of the maps of support show, the overall land-possession of support shows, we are very much in accord of the current decisions being made on our behalf in Wash DC this past week.  Colorado River water rights will certqinly alter future decisions as much as Reagan's Hetch Hetchy discussions had drastically altering affects on the Peninsula's leverage on DC's voice.

This naturally may alter the current environment as those currently occupying the hollowed offices in SF realize their precarious positions of balance, but I suspect our current POTUS will use this position of power to its utmost.






Personally, I could care less re: the

charms's picture

Maybe it will serve it's purpose for a while, but history is full of failed walls.

dexter_morgan's picture

China put up a wall centuries ago.....they don't have any illegal mexican problems do they? /s

shovelhead's picture

Nope. Not in the least. Illegal residents in Mexico get deported, no questions asked.

So who cares about illegal Americans in Mexico? Not me.

stampman's picture

If Americans could buy land in Mexico, things would be fair.  Mexico would become like America then.

cherry picker's picture

Another truth is many Americans go to Mexico when they reitre as their pensions or savings are not enough to live like a human on the US side.

For the price of housing in many places in the USA, a retiree can house, feed him or herself and ocaisonally go out for dinner somewhere when they would be otherwise living in some barrio in the US checking out prices on dog food.

shovelhead's picture

You keep banging on these ridiculous scenarios that nobody in their right mind will buy, but you keep hammering away.

Do you enjoy walking around with clown shoes?

dexter_morgan's picture

Why not just put up a couple of fences, and bring all the troops home and use them to guard the borders from illegals?

I see a lot don't object to the illegal Mexicans coming across, but who knows who else is coming across just taking a detour through Mexico. ISIS? Central Americans?

It seems we are missing the point somewhat - Trump isn't talking about banning Mexican immigration is he? Seems he just doesn't want anyone and everyone wandering over that border. 

Also, long term, would this not be beneficial to Mexicans? Their government has been seriously fucked up for decades - wouldn't this force them to get their shit together so millions do not want to cross the border, like is the case with Canada?

stampman's picture

If you check statistical rankings, Mexico is fairly high on the list for quality of life, ahead of Hong Kong and Russia, for example.

Mexico does just fine.  What comes up here to USA is their trash.  And on top of my saying so, Trump said so also in the same words.

I Write Code's picture

Buchanan is cracked, and now he's losing his ability to write, he way overstates things, he used to be more subtle.

stampman's picture

I thought this was a pretty good article and it seems that Patrick has brought himself up to date.

Marketing Consultant's picture

It is not Trump's wall.  It's the peoples's wall.

Snaffew's picture

send your check to Trump Construction Corp----Secaucus, NJ

Ghordius's picture

"Old Europe never knew mass immigration until the 20th century"

there is a lot of Old Europe on ZH, lately

first: Old Europe experienced mass emigration, before. mainly, to the Americas

but we always had lots of migration

second: Europe had no such thing as modern borders until the First World War

before that, you might have needed a "Passe Port", but only if you wanted to use a Port that was involved in a war

in Europe, we had something like at least 30 millions that belonged to no state, and resided in none. they wandered around. Gypsies were only a part of that

in fact, they were before the Napoleonic Wars part of any war. they followed military camps, and provided the logistics for armies

which leads me to wars, again: they were... civilized. Total War as concept was unknown. You could watch a battle as bystander, or go on about your business and ignore it. you could witness how a city would say: "not our war", and declare itself as "Open City", meaning that any war party could access it peacefully, while the war went on outside of the walls

trade... went on. when England, Spain and France started to include embargos to war, the Dutch were horrified, and asked what the heck they were thinking

and both cultures and languages would change... every thirty miles. even now, you can find the Frenchman that other French don't understand when he talks to his wife, in their dialect. the same in Germany, the same in Italy, etc. etc.

yes. You Americans have become something different. That's neither good or bad, it is just the way it is. and you are way richer, something that also is often forgotten, particularly here

and so you understand less and less what Europe is or not. again, it is the way it is

we still love you, btw. a kind of exasperated love, at times, but it is still a point of pride that you can take a bunch of us, throw them on another continent, and good things happen. just keep up on the good things and try to be sparing with the less good ones, please