The Trap Is Set: "Both Sides Are Utterly Unprepared For What's Coming"

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If there’s one thing that should be absolutely clear in the current political environment in America, it’s that  there exists a deep division between the people of this nation. Both of sides of the aisle argue vehemently about what’s best going forward, sometimes to the point of physical violence. And though the election of President Donald Trump speaks volumes about the sentiment of Americans, the following video report from Storm Clouds Gathering warns that both sides are utterly unprepared for what’s coming.

Is Trump going to usher in a new era of prosperity and innovation?


Or is he going to be the one standing in the center ring when the circus tent comes down?



Some voted for Trump as a political Molotov cocktail… Trump is a business man, you say… He’s going to make things happen… cut taxes…cut regulation… invest a trillion dollar in infrastructure… punish companies that move factories overseas… rebuild the military… restore relations with Russia… start a trade war with China… and a new arms race would create jobs… there’s a lot to unpack there… and those debates are worth having.


However, much of this hinges on a variable that Trump doesn’t control… The Federal Reserve.


…Word is, the Fed is leaning towards increasing interest rates aggressively in 2017 and may engage in anti-inflationary measures to offset Trump’s infrastructure plans… that means the flow of money and credit is about to be tightened…


It also means the Fed is setting itself up for a showdown.

Watch the full video:

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are we doomed yet?

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everyday grasshopper, every fvkin day

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Fear is the mind killer

Think of the benefits to America in the future. 

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It depends on who you are.

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Lite the fuse...bitchez!


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if the shit dont hit the fan by then end of next month, i am afraid i am just going to lose interest and come out from the bunker.

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HRH Feant (not verified) Jan 28, 2017 9:51 PM

I think Trump should order an audit of Fort Knox. The best evidence I have is the last audit took place in 1953. Before I was born. Time to put some light onto Fort Knox.

For the record, I have no problem with Trump shutting down the Federal Reserve. They are nothing but globalist hacks. I hope Trump dumps over the entire fucking boat! Good. Bring it on, baby, bring it on!

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The only thing in there are bottles of Tide.

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If only Canute had thought of bottling tide.

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He'd have needed a fuck of a lot of bottles!

It seems the real story is different from the cliché.

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" Trump shutting down the Federal Reserve. "

No, no, no. That would spoil all the fun. Simply allow private specie backed notes to freely compete along side their dog-eared FRN. Lock the Primary Stealers into their cozy monopoly marketing of the FRN AND NOTHING ELSE, and let the fun begin! Stand by idly and let competitive nature take its course while it, and them, die a slow, writhing, painful death.

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Exactly, allow crypto currencies to be used as legal tender.


LibertarianMenace's picture

Gresham tends to operate only where there are legal tender laws, and therefore so conveniently, the sovereign uses it as an excuse to either institute, or as in our case, maintain said tender laws. Think of it as a kind of ad campaign to excuse the forced exclusive acceptance of the government's shitty money. It provided the impetus for Lincoln (issue greenbacks/enforce legal tender) to do the Civil War on the cheap, and The Fed to hold out the promise of stability, but only at the cost of accepting the exorbitantly privileged FRN and no other.


Now was there a point to referencing Gresham or did monetary historians just hallucinate the competitive note issue?

Gresham doesn't apply in competitive issue absent legal tender laws, hence MY point.


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The concept of a central bank is not corrupt.

It is the ownership, management and oversight that are COMPLETELY WRONG AND THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT IT SHOULD BE.


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Centralization of anything, particularly the political and/or monetary is inferior to its alternative. That's a conclusion from history, but math can also be enlisted to prove it as well if common sense needs some help. It shouldn't.


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Your point about centralization is true.  There are ways to make money lawful and not centralize.

For example, a monetary authority that is comprised of representatives of each state.  Therefore, the power is distributed and does not come to a pyramidal point.

The plain fact that everybody needs to get into their head, is that money is a legal device.  It belongs to the commons.

When you pay Sally, and Sally pays Jeff, and Jeff pays John ... and so on, the money is jumping from transaction to transaction.  

No amount of mental gymnastics or waving of the hands, will wish this fact away.  Anybody that does try to ingore this fact, is not being serious... and should be dismissed.

To ask a third party, like a banker . to create credit for an individual; And then that credit is on-spent into the commons, where it then spreads or channels who knows how, is monetary retardation.

Money is law, and it is used by the commons.  There are different kinds of money with different behaviors in the same way that your blood is made up of different components.

Credit as money has properties, it cycles in an accounting periodicity and most importantly it disappears.  Its mirror, the debt instrument always wants back more than the credit issued.  And of course, this is fraud.

Some credit systems in the past were non usurious, for example Ben Franklins system, where the interest on the money was made available by bank spending (debt free) into the commons.  Also, the debt instrument was divided into 8 years and didn't go exponential in claims.  They also didn't grab land if there was a default.

So, money is law and it fluxes within a system.  The system itself gives properties to money, and the system should be designed to meet moral and legal goals.

People that keep shilling for bank credit are on thin ice.  The history of bank credit is very tenuous.  It can be made to work, but it has to be constrained.

Floating money (debt free money) is generally beneficial, but it too can be abused.    For example, monopoly can grab floating money and hoard it, then jacking up rates and taking usury.  Debt free money requires good fiscal policy (taxation).  

Both Fiscal and Monetary Policy are flip sides of the same coin.  It always comes back to the law. 

(By the way this is why I harp on dangers of 17'th ammendment.  Senators will always be populist and subordinate to money power unless this ammendment is revoked.)

LibertarianMenace's picture

Repeal of the 17th would be a good place to start. Reading and understanding the monetary consequences of Section 4 of the 14th would be another. While I sympathize with the criticism of credit banking, I don't hold credit banking as intrinsically evil. The problem as always is the degradation of competition via consolidation. That's why the scale has to be severely restricted. Nothing justifies the existence of something like The Squid or JPM.

The supply in circulation of certificates or other proxies for specie has to be dynamic. Debt's innocuous when it can be productive. Now, the decisions taken about what that supply should be can be reduced to local choices that are purely procedural, and not political. The function performed by the clearing houses in free banking systems provided immediate feedback to specie reserves for over and under issued notes. Hence the stability.

The problem was and remains government interference. That most often manifests as competitive restrictions, or "legal" tender laws. Yeah, it's legal, but only if .guv and its favorite bankers say so. That's not honest money, but pure and unadulterated scheisse.


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Trump and Mad Dog Mattis should go to Fort Knox personally and make an inspection in the next few weeks.

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In addition to auditing the Nation's Gold Reserves, he needs to Firewall 'The People' from the follies, vices and crimes of the Banksters...

To prepare for the Banksters hitting the Reset button on their financial fiat Ponzi, which would take down the entire economy if we don't go along with their post-Reset game, Trump needs to...

  - Nationalize the USD, with Money issued by the Treasury as debt-free Money.

   - Order printing plates, paper or polymer, ink, holograms, etc.

   - Suggest they issue large Notes: $500, $1000, $5000, even  $10,000 Notes.  

If the Banksters want to collapse their Ponzi and the FX speculation and Derivatives gambling, then have at it.  They will burn, they will collapse, but The People will have Money. Real Money. Hard Currency.  

Watch the Fed crash & burn into a pile of ashes. Then sweep them up and throw them out.

Whoever it was who said "Sooner or later it comes down to The People vs. The Bankers", was right. That time is approaching.  Let's get ready, Mr. President.

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Just when I thought I was free of Muck Slob-o, like toe fungus he reappears, yet again...

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in the immortal words of Jackie mutherfvking Gleason. "and away we go,"

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Thank you.  I never knew Gleason's middle name

flaminratzazz's picture

wow, i thought everybody knew that..

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OfAllElaboratePlans (not verified) flaminratzazz Jan 28, 2017 10:10 PM

in the immortal words of Trevor Denman. "and away THEY go,"

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He just Kramden an expletive between Jackie and Gleason.

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At your request the bottle's been canned.

The Wizard's picture

Yes, indeed the money changers control the game. If his plan is to quash them, hell and fury will break loose.

Auditing the FED is not the answer. Trump needs people like Vieira on his team. One of the best experts on the concept of "money".

PART 1 of 2

By: Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr., Ph.D., J.D.
January 10, 2017

Recently, various analysts and commentators in the alternative media have darkly speculated that, rather than presenting a real opportunity to “make America great again”, Donald Trump’s ascendency to the Oval Office actually provides the Globalist International with the perfect opportunity to take a giant stride in the direction of a “new world order” in which America will be reduced to a mere satrapy in a grandiose scheme of totalitarian “global governance”. Their negative appreciations of the situation and prognostications generally follow these lines:

LetThemEatRand's picture

As disappointed as I am to say this, don't hold your breath that Trump plans to go to war with the Fed.  His chosen Treasury Secretary has already said he doesn't see the need even for an audit, and that the Fed must remain "independent."  Throw in that Trump picked a former Squid guy for this role and you can't tell me he plans to go to war.  

Billy the Poet's picture
If Hyman Roth sees that I interceded with you in the Rosato Brothers' favor, he'll think his relationship with me is still sound. I'm going somewhere to meet him tomorrow. We have friends in some very important business that we're making. Do this for me; you make the peace with the Rosato Brothers on their terms. Let the word out that I forced you; you're not happy with it, but acquiesced, just because of me. It will get back to Hyman Roth. Do this, Frankie. You can trust me.
PhilofOz's picture

....there's gonna be no war agaist the Fed when the same group that control that are the same people "helping" Trump now.....


The list from A to Z is a very long one......

TRUMP IS THE SWAMP: Trump's Jewish Elite MAFIA and The 5 Dancing Israelis (2017)

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

what we need is a new Amish Fed Chairman..seems they only come in one color: hebrew.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

What we need is a Homebrew Fed 

What we keep getting is a Hebrew Fed.

Damn Rothschild Legacy of evil.

Herdee's picture

Treasury Notes, no problem. Special orders passed to suspend Fed's power can easily be done and very quickly. Nobody would be sad that the Fed can be replaced by Treasury.

The Wizard's picture

Yeah, right. Replace the FED with the Treasury with all of the Goldman boys in there. A road that will lead to nowhere. And, it may be worse.

Illegitimi-Non-Carborundum's picture

The flow of money will never be allowed to stop. Once that happens the proverbial wheels come off the bus for all of us whether you are in the .001% or the 99.999%. Granted the current system is unsustainable and eventually they will come off no matter what unless we do away with our fiat system but the Fed is still controlled by the political class and the oligarchs have to think about their futures. No one is going to make any decision that rocks the boat unless their hands are forced.

Posa's picture

All true... but they'll hang the carnage around Trump's neck... how may people will figure out what really happened?

Of course, Trump could take the lead, audit the Fed, then close the Fed and bring legitimate Fed operations under Treasury... and effectively start the Third Bank of the US..

man of Wool's picture

Having private banks set interest rates is not a good idea for people but very popular amongst neo-liberal regimes such as America, EU, India etc.. Cheap credit fucks over the proletariat.

If interest rates rise it will just increase the US national debt.


Duc888's picture



Oh, the tent ($$$$$) is coming down and it's not Trumps fault.  Blame every elected official in the last thirty years + the fed.  Trump did not engineer the crash.  Obama had a chance to peel the band aid off quickly and it would have stung like a fukker.  Had he done that early on USA would have recovered in his first term and he might just have gone down as "Bestest Glimpy POTUS EVAAAAAAAA"..


He chose to suck bankster cock "I'm the only thing standing between you and the pitchforks" and that's how he rolled.  He just narrowly escaped with only the label of "worst President ever"... and now it's Trumps Shit Sandwhich.

jcdenton's picture

Trump, you wish to nip this in the bud?


#1 LISTEN to Amb. Lee Wanta!


#2 LISTEN to Amb. Lee Wanta!


#3 LISTEN to Amb. Lee Wanta!


#4 LISTEN to Amb. Lee Wanta!


#5 LISTEN to Amb. Lee Wanta!


#6 LISTEN to Amb. Lee Wanta!


#7 LISTEN to Amb. Lee Wanta!

#8 LISTEN to Amb. Lee Wanta!


The Wizard's picture

Have you done further research into Wanta and how it ties in the Global Collateral Accounts and the Green Hilton Agreement, etc.? The number of tentacles tied into the Wanta story is mind blowing. 

Duc888's picture



I have (not that you asked me...LOL), yes, more tentacles than squid soup.

cat2005's picture

It is a crock of shit. Wanta is full of it.

shovelhead's picture

Take a break Lee or we'll toss you back in the can.

buzzsaw99's picture

ain't nobody selling jack shit. trump could take a dump on the swiss national bank and they would still be buying fag stocks like there's no tomorrow.