Which Countries Host (And Send) The Most Migrants?

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As President Trump's executive orders ripple through the spin and propaganda strata of social- and mainstream-media channels, we thought a look at who the biggest 'givers' and 'receivers' of immigrants are in the world...

Infographic: Which countries host and send the most migrants? | Statista
You will find more statistics at Statista

According to United Nations data, there are 243 million international migrants scattered across the world, accounting for 3.4 percent of the global population.

The United States hosts the most of the them as of 2015 - some 46.6 million people. Germany comes second with 12 million while Russia rounds off the top three with 11.6 million. In terms of sending countries, India is in first place with 15.6 million.

Perhaps ironically, The United Kingdom, which is set to adopt stricter immigration controls, is one of the top-10 countries worldwide for sending migrants. In 2015, approximately 4.9 million British citizens lived in other countries.

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FreezeThese (not verified) Déjà view Jan 29, 2017 1:37 PM

Look at the protests ... that's no minority position folks

max2205's picture

Gee I wonder why soc sec medicare and other freebie programs are broke to real citizens? 

To Hell In A Handbasket's picture

No, forcing the rest of the world to swallow that Dollar like a cheap whore and by plundering the vulnerable and weak 3rd & developing of their resources. That's how you pay for it in part. So stop with the crocodile tears, like the USSA carries the burden of the world on its shoulders. The USSA is a parasite. Yes, they should not accept anymore refugees. Yes, I agree with Trumps stance and yes, it could have been better thought through and implemented, but make no mistake, the abuse is 2 way and we get the better end of the deal. There is a correlation between western meddling and refugees. Too many of the anti-Muzzie retards on ZH are blind to it.

wangshui's picture

Thanks for being a voice of reason, it gets wacky around here. We'll have to see how much of the damage we've done in the past ,idk, 60 years can be mitigated by 1 president

11b40's picture

If you have been paying attention, you should know that many here have been opposed to the 'meddling' you describe.

Creative_Destruct's picture

Hear, hear. Many here consistently oppose the meddling and Neocon (among other types, historically) interventionism that has led to this hellish situation in the Middle East and the refugee crisis. I'm among them and continue to be.

We wouldn't have this situation if if wasn't for this Neocon interventionist philosophy that has infested Washington and BOTH sides of the political isle ( Bush, Hillary, Obama , et al).

Snípéir_Ag_Obair's picture

its definitely a minority position: the majority simply arent out in the streets.

By the way: ARREST SOROS.

Xena fobe's picture

The majority does not have to protest.  Our vote is our protest. 

lincolnsteffens's picture

Curious how rapidly these protests break out the day after an "event". I marched agains the Viet Nam war and for civil rights in the 60's and it took a long time for these to develop, like months and years. Now it happens overnight!?!?

I know we have rapid internet communications now but we did have telephones and radios in the 60's.

Who funds the rapid response protests???

Tallest Skil's picture

Keep it up and we'll ban all immigrants from everywhere, you stupid piece of shit. You have no right to enter our country.

Joe Sichs Pach's picture

Fuck just seven countries, take Luke's advice:

"Shut em down! Shut em all down!"

logicalman's picture

You break it, you baught it.

How many countries has the US broken in the last couple of decades??

US caused folks to be refugees, along with UK, France, Germany.

Seems only right they should take the most.

If where you lived was being bombed and fucked up, you might want to relocate too.



ZD1's picture

Globalists are the ones breaking up countries and destroying nations--which includes the US, the UK, and Europe.

Citizens of the US, UK, and Europe don't deserve to have rapefugees dumped on them.

ali_baba's picture

Saudi is 4th on the hosting list. Contrary to the bullshit that often gets spouted out 

Bunghole's picture

You cant expect Saudi citizens to wipe the King's ass, now can you?

WTFUD's picture

Yeah numb-wit, hosting and training Jihadi's on short-term visas.

Billy the Poet's picture

They're swimming in oil money and hire workers from overseas. Who has bullshitted you on that point?

The central planners's picture

And the wages to the terrorist its always on time but the poor indian slaves has long months without seen their money.

canisdirus's picture

Yeah, mostly Indians and Indonesians. Males do all the manual labor and women do all domestic work. You can live like royalty there on an income that would be abject poverty in the US. Labor is dirt cheap there, akin to legalized slavery.

NumberNone's picture

It's called slave labor. Do some fucking homework.

kellys_eye's picture

Saudi 4th eh?

Accepting people of which beliefs?  Christians?  Jews?

"Never mind the quality, feel the width" (ancient Brit comedic humour - look it up).

canisdirus's picture

Muslims. Indians and Indonesians.

Amicus Curiae's picture

i remember watching that show ;-)

1st time ive  read anyone else quoting it.

thanks, i feel less alone now ;-)

Libertarian777's picture

what bullshit?

Saudi Arabia doesn't let immigrants become citizens. Those millions of immigrants are poor laborers from Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan working in adverse conditions to build the Saudi Arabian infrastructure, and perform menial tasks. I'd hardly put that as a positive to say Saudi has a lot of immigrants.


The USA's immigrant population tends to be more integrated than most other countries immigrants.

canisdirus's picture

What about the legions of Indonesian house servants?

Snípéir_Ag_Obair's picture

I love the attitude, these people were against Arizona having what was a reasonable law to check, if there were articulable reasons to suspect illegal presence **following arrest for a separate crime** - merely assisting the Feds.. 'because immigration law and policy is federal'

NOW, they seem to think that federal law doesnt matter.

That aside: most Americans want immigration law enforced.

And what other laws may be ignored, or is only the Bomb The World/ Invite the World red/blue team consensus they seek to uphold.

McCain and Graham are saying they are opposed to the exec orders...

teary eyed people on cnn, the media and deep state and Leftists are going to fight every effort against ending illegal immigration.

But *this* executive order was a bad move


Are you shitting me?

Bring the troops home, put them on the southern border, arrest Soros and arrest McCain for supporting terrorists


And they nevertheless support government force to make YOU pay for it.

chubbar's picture

The Arizona law was worded to be exactly the same as the Federal gov'ts immigration language. Then Obama took them to court over it without a fucking word from the press about how the law was already on the books federally. Fuck the press and fuck the dems, they don't give a shit about this country.

chubbar's picture

Let's face it, there is no consequences for any of these people who refuse to follow the law or do their job. Case in point, the recent dust up over that Secret Service agent of 23 years who said she wouldn't take a bullet for Trump. Anyone want to guess what happened to her? Yeah, she is getting a paid vacation for a few weeks until the whole mess dies down. What a bunch of fucking pussies that run these organizations is all I can say. Wouldn't it be nice if every time any of us screwed up we got a paid vacation complements of the taxpayer? I can't figure out if she didn't get canned because she's a puss or because the organization in general is so pussified that they just can't bring themselves to fire some cunt who is incompetent?

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Everyone wants to go where the fiat printing machines are.

38BWD22's picture



How interesting that Russia is number three in both hosting and sending migrants.


Déjà view's picture

What goes around...comes around...

BabaLooey's picture


Japan: ZERO

Korea: ZERO

China: ZERO intake - only outflows


Déjà view's picture

Migrants don't go for grubs...

kellys_eye's picture

Also not shown: the religious beliefs of the immigrants.

It's where they are at odds with the accepting country majority faith that problems seem (ha!) to arise.

Muslims to Mecca isn't the same as Christians to the Lions.

bugs_'s picture

nice points

Antarctica - only inflows

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

They don't turn the other cheek, or bless those who curse them.

Stupid, pacifist hippie is as stupid, pacifist hippie does.

Krungle's picture

I would imagine that much of that is between Russia and the the 'Stans and Eastern Europe. Then they have quite a bit of back and forth of their Jewish population to Israel and the US, as you might expect (even though they actually have been granted an entire province in the eastern part of Russia--they don't much fancy hard living).

Dead Indiana Sky's picture

The most interesting of all would be when the US hits the top 10 in sending people out.

any_mouse's picture

Russia has found a balance. IN == OUT.

Zero Population Growth.


datura's picture

Russia has found a balance. IN == OUT.

well, you actually got the situation in Russia quite correctly:-) Most immigrants in Russia are migrant workers, who have families in their own countries and who keep going back and forth. They do not settle down in Russia (they are mostly not allowed to), they just earn money and then go back to their home countries. This is why the statistics about migrant inflow and outflow with regard to Russia may seem confusing. (i.e. they are mostly the same people who keep going back and forth between Russia and former Soviet countries).

You can see more correct data when looking at money flows - immigrants work in Russia, but they are sending money to their families, who stay in their home countries. In some cases this literally keeps afloat entire economies of these poor countries next to Russia. 

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The commenters on ZH are a warning sign of what inbreeding can do to a nation.

Triggered? Fuck your feelings.

gojam's picture

You've just commented on ZH - So, you'd certainly be able to be able to evaluate the geneology of at least one ZH commenter.

As for everybody else? I doubt it.

silverer's picture

Liberals have evolved to the ultimate creatures. If you disagree, they get right to the point and either fuck you or kill you. And they approve of immigrants who do the same. I guess that's how they demonstrate "tolerance". It exists until the other person speaks.

JohnG's picture

You have begun to see the lie.  Good Job.

orangegeek's picture

another shitbag snowflake line:  strength through diversity - doesn't that just warm your insides???


LMFAO!!!  fucking snowflakes - awkward geeks and fat chicks have finally found their purpose - stupid fucking snowflakes.  LMFAO!!!