Oops! CNN Accidentally Airs Press Conference With Detained Iraqi Traveler Who Likes Trump - ABC News Edits Out

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Scores of irate liberals organized in part by CAIR (considered a terrorist organization in the UAE), descended upon airports around the country on Saturday to protest Donald Trump's 120 day ban on refugees from 6 "nations of concern" and a permanent ban on Syrians until further notice. Of note, the countries on the list were originally identified under Obama by the Department of Homeland Security in the "Terrorist Travel Prevention Act of 2015."

As a result of the Executive Order, several travelers from the newly restricted nations found themselves in limbo at airports across the United States, as many were kept off flights or stranded. In response, Democrat congressional representatives Nydia Velazquez and Jerry Nadler showed up to JFK airport with the press to earn a few votes for the next election.

The Puerto Rican born Velazquez (who’s been in US Politics over 35 years and hasn’t bothered to master English), took to the cameras to decry the Executive Order for not offering guidelines. Oh, and it’s unjust.

One of the stranded travelers was Iraqi interpreter Hameed Khalid Darweesh, released from detention after 18 hours. Reps. Velazquez and Nadler were quick to cozy up to Darweesh, hoping to milk the “human element” of this tragic story of injustice.

About an hour later, Darweesh was wheeled in front of network cameras where he was asked what he thought of Donald Trump:


Unsurprisingly, ABC News cut that part out…

Unfortunately for Rep. Velazquez, Hameed Khalid Darweesh didn't fit the bleeding heart narrative. Fortunately for the rest of the stranded travelers, and putting an end to this orchestrated CAIRport protest, a NY Federal judge granted a temporary repreive following an ACLU request for a temporary stay allowing detained travelers to stay in the United States.

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You've already had your 'populist-nationalist uprising' and he's in the White House.

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I would support this so-called Muslim-ban as understandable but caution that it fails to acknowledge the cause of the refugees, which is US intervention in their home countries, in the first place. Above all my problem with this "ban" is the fact it does not include Saudi Arabia for f@cks sake! Are you serious? You want to talk about a ban to protect from terrorism and you ignore the source of most of the 9/11 alleged hijackers (according to Trumps view no less) and the most well known national entity synonymous with terrorism other than "Israel".  There is of course the rub. The list is nothing more than a list of "Israel's" enemies and targets of Zionist driven wars.  Is this what we can expect of the big man after all? A simpering bitch for Rothschildlandia?


Also what the hell?  http://www.presstv.ir/Detail/2017/01/29/508324/Saudi-king-Trump-talk-abo...

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There have been plenty of Muslim supporters of Trump from the start. I have been one. With more circumspection, due to his obvious Israel ties and rhetoric using the current anti-Islam paradigm created by the double talking Dems who went before. The problem has been in being recognised. facing censorship whenever we speak out for Trump, also in heavily propagandised Muslim circles but especially in Western media and also facing sometimes abominable racism and hostility from a certain class of Trump supporters. There are some on this site. Of course the whole thing is riddled with misunderstandings. The haters have no idea of what a real Muslim is and even less idea that the ugly sort they assume for us all, is a minority and owes its existence to the Western intelligence services, an ongoing operation for about 100 years now.

Trump is above all not Hillary Clinton nor Satan himself, and was therefore the obvious choice for any informed person when no other choices were on offer. However much of what he has said and some of what he has done so far, has been promising. I don't expect to change anything much for the USA though, because the same puppet masters are in evidence.  Out of the Brehzinski frying pan into the Kissinger fire I think.  Said another way, so far the only world leader approving wholesale of everything Trump is doing is Nitwityahoo. Now that's NOT a good sign.

fatlibertarian's picture

What the hell, man? It's like a mind-control system and he broke free only to be pulled back in using group pressure. 

Rabbitnexus's picture

He didn't break free.  He simply wasn't inside their paradigm in the first place. These Liberal progressive idiots have been running ahead of the game all along. Muslims and most Eastern cultures are conservative people and we're not idiots. We are nuanced human beings like everyone and many can forgive the reactionary behaviour of the majority of those hurling insults and abuse becuase we can see the misinformation forming their opinions and our own societies are no more free of social pressures and manipulation by media, quite often owned and controlled by the usual suspects too. (see note)

The bottom line is that those progressive social justice warriors are not speaking on behalf of Muslims when they say they are, they created the extremists in the first place and are actually trying to defend their creation. We loathe the extremists as much as the conservative Christian oriented West does. Indeed we hate them more. Despite the rhetoric, it is obvious to us that the main target of Takfiri and their Wahhabi mentor's violence is and has always been Muslims, true Muslims which these scum never were or could be. Even as targets of Trump's ignorant big mouth, (It is ignorant and it is HUGE) we can fully understand the sentiments which drive it and agree in principle. The progressive clowns have given us nothing but chaos and we neither sought their patronage nor accept it now.  Those who do, are either puppets of the Media mill or Takfiri and Salafi extremists who do not speak for anyone but their own meagre numbers. (1-2%)


Note:  Many Pakistani TV channels are owned by Western media, and besides termiting the morals in subtle ways (like in the West in the sixties and seventies TV) they peddle the mirror side of the false paradigms they toss around in the West. The Western lies about them are strengthened by carefully staged reactions among the population to deliberate media driven campaigns intended to create a psyop against the West. The Malala saga is an interesting example. That is NOTHING like it is portrayed and Malala is loathed in Pakistan as a lying western tool. Almost everything about her story was staged and almost everything she has said about her own country and society is false and actually aligns with false propaganda spread in the West in the first place. They didn't get ahead of the killing of the Ghost of Bin Laden story though. Local media reported the true story of what happened there too quickly for them to spin it in Pakistan. You'd be astounded at how little resemblance to the final big number the truth actually is. There's no mention of Bin Laden for one thing. The family living in the house in Abbatobad where the helicopter accident occurred were defnitely not Bin Laden. The differences are so profound, yet they relate to the same event at the same place and same day, you'd be hard pressed to find any similarities except for the presence of US Navy seals. However in the eye witness accounts they all died in the accident. I think they reported the accident as a separate event which happened later in the West. However it was all one and the same. The Chinese got gifted the chopper as a party favor. It was a very fancy model I believe and Uncle Sam was not pleased. Here's the thing though. Many in Pakistan believce the story as the US spins it, because much of Pakistani media DID report the lie on command as it was being spread in the West.  Only problem was the local Media got there first. Those watching it saw the smoke and wreckage of the burning chopper and saw witnesses talking about what happened.

Goatboy's picture

Has anyone mentioned that "Trump's ban" is actually just an extension of Obama's policies from 2015/6?


lennysrv's picture

Fucking hilarious. The look on her face was classic.

Goatboy's picture

She is greedy to get into US and is ready to tell whatever is needed and jump through hoops. She also trained him what to say but it seems he is neither as desperate, greedy or smart.

Kranky's picture

Love the look on her face. One could grate cheese on that face.

Kefeer's picture

The ACLU needs to be dealt a blow; not sure how, but it is a thorn in America's flesh.

Golden Phoenix's picture

'What do you think about Donald Trump?'

'I like him - but my wife just gave me a dirty look so I stfu now'.

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Is it just me or is anyone else wondering if Trump has actions planned against ISIS, or whatever they call themselves these days, and this ban is a preparatory step to keep potential retaliatory actions from being 'imported' through immigrants during that time?

McDuff71's picture

...oh that's GOTTA HURT those snowflakes!!! - priceless ;))

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George Soros is a menace to the free world and stands in the way of making America great again. He is guilty of the following crimes:

1) Financially supports open sedition in major American cities resulting in millions of dollars of property damage as well as loss of life.

2) Attempts to manipulate democratic elections by donating millions of dollars to his preferred candidates.

3) Seeks to curtail American sovereignty. In his own words: “The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States … Changing [the] attitude and policies of the United States remains my top priority.”

4) Is a currency manipulator. Soros initiated a British financial crisis by dumping 10 billion sterling, forcing the devaluation of the currency and gaining a billion-dollar profit.

So far only 592 people have signed this, 100,000 are needed.


twittering as stocktradr's picture

"On a long enough timeline the survival rate for" GEORGE SOROS  " drops to zero."

Farmer Joe in Brooklyn's picture

The jury is out on that...

A steady supply of baby's blood and organs may keep this crypt-keeper alive forever.

BlackHorsewithScales's picture

Ah, the exception that proves the rule....with you on that.

silverer's picture

Allowing in terrorists is not part of American values, except for American and EU mainstream media.

Peter41's picture

Is it just me, or does anyone else consider the looks of this woman defective?

Mareka's picture

Yes, there is something very wrong there.
Too many face lifts?

o r c k's picture

They don't know yet that Obombyou did the exact same thing in 2011 for the same reasons (banned all Iraqi immigrants for 6 or so months) the second they find out this story will die.

Berspankme's picture

Nobody said it would be easy.Stay frosty my friends and we will prevail

silverer's picture

Eight years of conservatives keeping the destruction of America under their hats and not acting like assholes. Do they expect America to roll over for this crap? No way. And to the EU, you need to deal with your own problems. And your biggest problem is you want to run Europe like a bunch of self-appointed dictators. The rest of the world sees. Nobody wants it.

whatamaroon's picture

(D) (((Jerry Nadler))) was one of the traitors who boycotted Trump's inaguration; Imagine that.

Fathead Slim's picture
Fathead Slim (not verified) whatamaroon Jan 29, 2017 9:32 PM

I doubt that he was missed.

Consuelo's picture



Most of these Fuckers don't even know what they hate or why they hate it - they're too stupid.   Led around (near literally) by their nose-rings and brandings (tattoos), like so many easily herded farm animals to a fate they have little cognizance of.    

silverer's picture

It's how they are wired. They just can't help it.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

If POTUS Trump wants to make good on his inauguration address he will make sure that these "detained ones" that allegedly are supporting him??? have a home to return to without the presence of American or NATO forces to be found AGAIN!...

Instead of telling the World more than once that contradicts in every possible way that inaugural address of hope and peace that "we really should have taken all of Iraq's oil (as in stealing it) before we left in 2011" after we killed millions of it's people based on the worst of lies in order to sell a war!

tedstr's picture

She probably speaks the kings english but drags on the spanglish fo the cameras

Nobodys Home's picture

I teens chew right mang.

lennysrv's picture

Q: What is the difference between 'pick' and 'choose'?  A:  'Pick' is to select something from a group of objects, and 'choose' are what someone from Puerto Rico wears on their feet.

Dien Bien Poo's picture


silverer's picture

It that poo in your name? There's some soap and a towel in the bathroom. Fix that, would you?

nationstates's picture

I support Trump, as for stopping in inflow of refugees its a good thing.

Consider the advantages of proper vetting.

1: Medical screening for diseases like TB. They dont have the right to affect the health of others.

2: Having places organized to accept them rather than dumping them in towns that dont want them and there are no services to support them. Creating isolated getto's  just so you can indulge in warm fuzzy feelings is not a good enough reason.

Trump will get some things wrong, but he will get some things right...live with it.

I am a white, I am 'privileged' I am a female    so suck it up snowflake 

Kefeer's picture

No such thing as vetting when you come from a place that has no records or untrustworthy records.  If they are Muslim; they are disqualified since they cannot, repeat cannot assimilate because of Islam regardless of what they claim.  History proves this over and over again and Europe will be Muslim within 2 generations if they don't get rid of the plague.

Tallest Skil's picture

Kill yourself, deport yourself, or you'll be arrested and hanged for treason.

Jerky Miester's picture

Speaking of cunts, Your picture appears next to the definition in the urban dictionary.  Fuck off, CUNT!!

Socratic Dog's picture

Your handle bothers me.  Dien Bien Phu is a sacred place to a lot of people.

Read "Hell in a very small place", Bernard Fall.  You might learn something.


Die in Good Shit. A liberal translation of your screen name into English. 

Not a bit like Joe Smith, that's for sure.

When Orange Jesus is not disgraced, we will remeber you too.

I think remeber means to remember Justin Bieber in shorthand. 

Add that to your fucking dictionary.  

TeethVillage88s's picture

It's a complicated issue. It is going to hurt some people. It helps if you try working in government, as a watchdog, or as a journalist... with an open mind to how hard it is to please everyone... how hard it is to sort through emotions to find the principals that move a nation, a state, a county, a city, a town forward. Obviously there are different relms of concern.

A protestor has normally his own community to think about.

A Journalist may have bosses that confine his writing and he is dominated toward bias... maybe.

"Scores of irate liberals organized in part by CAIR..."

Doesn't the US Politics seem dominated by European Style politics in the last 20 years or so? When did the USA become so focused on Non-Christian Refugees?

I tried to learn something about the Anti-Nuc protests, the Pro-Union Protests, and other progressive issues... turns out many protestors in the USA 20 years ago were professionals, they got paid to protest.

Today no ones cares when Christians in the Middle East get abused or killed and no ones cares about good paying jobs in manufacturing or national security of our soft empire when we can't even make the stuff we need for an army or a war.

I say the Protests we see today aren't anti-war, as much as some European Agenda from the likes of Georgi Soros who sees himself as a king maker and country maker.

heuvosYbacon's picture

You just made me realize that Americans are violently demonstrating for the rights of muslims visiting America, but is silent on the subject of Christians being murdered by the same in the middle east. blows my mind.

I think the whole world has gone a bit crazy. Not just us, but them too.

It is like nobody in the world respects the terrible ferocity of the anglo tribes. Nobody remembers how we do war.

It is like you can say whatever you want to a presbyterian, and there is absolutely no price of admission whatsoever. White christians will just sit back and suck it in.

Lookit, I am too old to fight and dont like fighting anyways, but the ways things are going is all bad. Historically, I would not want to be around white anglo christians if and when they decide that they are under threat from other tribes. Historically speaking, it gets real ugly, real fast.

The faggots are the first to go. The jews are the last. As for the women, the white anglo christain wiomen are the very worst, the most cruel of all.

You know, there was a time when seeing a white man coming meant your ass. It did not mean free stuff and a new place to park your theology.

Kefeer's picture

Christians are the most persecuted people on the planet because people are not afraid of them, which speaks more about the Christians claim as being valid despite the many (false "believers") who give Christ a "black-eye'. 

Doesn't matter, the Christian is reconciled to his/her Creator (Jesus).  If Christ died while we hated him so that we can live, then we, as Christians need to extend the same mercies.  At the same time; we use commonsense when it comes to the enemy - we are called to proclaim the good news, not tolerate the evil that Islam is.  Jesus both warned and condemned the most religious people of his time, the Pharisees and Scribes.

Farmer Joe in Brooklyn's picture

Quite frankly, I don't give two fucks what happens to Christians overseas...

I care about Americans here in America (regardless of race, creed, color, sexual orientation, etc....unless they're liberals, they can eat shit and die). Our foreign policy needs to focus once again on our own country. 

Golden Phoenix's picture

When brown men are pushed too far there's some local damage and perhaps a few casualties.

When white men are pushed too far whole countries burn and governments topple.

Not saying it's right or wrong just pointing out a pattern I've noticed.

Liberals in the US don't realize how fortunate they are Trump was elected and the steam pressure safety valve released for a bit.

People who are branded racists simply for caring what happens to those who look like them don't have much to lose.



Socratic Dog's picture

Looks to me like there's a bit of a world-wide awakening going on in the Anglo tribes.  The jews and their minions are fighting hard to suppress it.  If it continues, world war beckons, but it won't be the world war the jews are working on now, US vs Russia.  Russia and the US will be on the same side, along with Germany and England.  Anyone care to take on that lot?

It won't be a war, it will be an extermination.  Starting from within.  The zionists, in the driver's seat for decades now,  would be well advised to reconsider things a little.

Kefeer's picture

You know not the Lord.  Antisemitism is a tool of the fascist under "Cultural Marxism"; you are playing the harlot for the state. STOP.

yellowsub's picture

It's true, the past 8 years Obama has a pass on droning and bombing the people they're rallying for...  Bubble much?

Nobodys Home's picture

Pfft. Do something useful and make me a couple of those asian street tacos.

DeplorableAndy's picture

Internet Warrior is making the Internet a safe place.