Black Lives Matter Activist: ‘White People Give Your Money, Your House, Your Property’ For Social Change

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It's hard to describe the person featured in this leaked periscope video as anything but unhinged. Whether or not she's representative of the majority of anti-Trump, Black Lives Matter activists isn't quantifiable at this time. It is, however, ridiculous to see people supporting this brand of hatred, designed to disrupt the very fabric of western civilization.
That being said, whatever happened to dignity and grace? Are those qualities no longer important to the left?
In this clip, a Black Lives Matter activist demanded that white people hand over their homes, money and property to pay reparations to black and indigenous people.
"The White House must die".

I find it hard to believe any 'normal' democrat wants this sordid brand of activism representing their interests. For the republican party, this is like a gift that keeps on giving. The further entrenched the leftist media and activist organizations become, the more Americans become disgusted by them. Say what you want about the popular vote during the elections, the fact remains -- republicans have been making strident gains over the past 8 years in every facet of government, both national and local -- netting more than 1,000 legislative positions since 2010.
In my estimation, the behavior of the left is the result of decades of social engineering, which taught children that everyone was a winner and to avoid dangerous objects, like see-saws or playing dodgeball. They seem to be unable to deal with adversity; and instead of coping with defeat, like any normal well-adjusted person after an appropriate period of mourning, they become unhinged and resort to primeval animalistic behavior.



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DirkDiggler11's picture

We need to thank these BLM protestors. You could not sit back and dream up a better self-implosion of the Democratic Party if you tried.

Go get 'em BLM, now go riot and burn some shit too ! Oh, and dont forget about blocking interstates and bridges too during rush hour.....

knotjammin2's picture

This bitch needs to go hunting with Dick Chenney.  She suffers from a desease that can only be cured by being beaten with a Louisville Slugger until she summits.  Lazy Bitch!! Get a fucking job!!!

Rakksan's picture

Niggers being Niggers.

lakecity55's picture

The worst thing the media does is to give these whack-jobs coverage.

Some things are best left ignored.

One thing that would scare off these protestors are air-drops of work-boots at each demo.

DirkDiggler11's picture

Reminds me of an old joke...

How do you hide a niggers welfare check ?

Put the check under their work boots...

Stu Elsample's picture

LOL...typical belligerent racist nigger talking loud in front of other racist niggers.

I'm patiently waiting for some BLM thugs to come take stuff of mine that they feel intitled to.

lakecity55's picture

If you observe them, concealed from view, in their natural environment, you'll discover they try to out-do one another with very outrageous actions.

Stu Elsample's picture

So true...When in groups of their own kind they high strut and talk loud......but when alone, they're quiet, and sometimes polite, but will always look over their shoulders.

Regardless...ALWAYS keep a M1A or 12 Ga. handy in the house... just in case congo fever hits and the poo-flingers wanna play rough

shimmy's picture

Yes, white people need to hand over stuff because of something they didn't even take part in. Makes sense.

People like that should be euthanized since they're clearly suffering from some mental disorder. 

torabora's picture

Remember that African dirt floor thatch hut of today juxtaposed with the Roman stone building of 2000 years ago. There is something wrong with these people. I want to help but I'll be damned if I'm going to serve them.

Oatwillie's picture

Until the culture is changed, nothing is possible.

armageddon addahere's picture

Homer Fudd from Biloxi Mississippi says if my great grandpappy owned slaves I want to make it right. You can have my 1977 mobile home, my 1989 Ford pickup truck, the $13 in the cookie jar. Don't forget to pay the note on the MH on Tuesdays and on the truck on Fridays. You are welcome.

Wonder what the SJWs would say to an offer like that.

jharry's picture

Read Solz. Same thing happened in Russia.  A planned war, as in modern US as Jack Ma observed, destroyed the economy. And the Yagodas did the rest -- 12 million murdered, many in the deep freezer -- Siberia. 

SpanishGoop's picture

Only if he takes my wife too.


toocrazy2yoo's picture

Ah yes, building that Democrat Brand. The Feminists, the lawyers, the Blaxx, Muslims, what a merry little brand.

Dr.Carl's picture

Just a bunch of moron s regardless of color

LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD's picture
LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) Dr.Carl Jan 31, 2017 10:33 AM

Not as stupid as ScamWave spammers!

Dr.Carl's picture

Just a bunch of moron s regardless of color

nationstates's picture

OF COURSE black lives matter, who else will there be to pick cotton and watermelons when there are no Mexicans to do the job.

Kina's picture

So if Trump made a law, yes all white people must hand over their homes and money to the BLM I am sure the Snowflakes will be more than willing to do so. LoL

  • The way to change a Snowflake's attitude is to make them feel the consequences of what they support. Give them a taste of what they their reality should be.


  • Trump's next Executive Order - all illegal immigrants in the USA may stay, but only if they reside in California.
    We will allow free immigratioin from the ME to the USA but ONLY if these people reside in and stay in California.

So all the Politicians Hollywood types, legal Mexicans and snowflakes based on their Protests should welcome all these people with no objection. lol

gespiri's picture

I'll give you all the things you're asking but I'm going to have to kill you afterwards.

Conax's picture

They would do ANYTHING to have what the working class whites have.

Except work for it themselves. The answer is always more gibsmedats.

Maybe the leaders of the left want many millions of them liquidated. This is the only result they will achieve.

Whitey is tired of their senseless violence and endless, unrealistic demands.

tuetenueggel's picture

Stupid, lazy, nonintelligent, left uneducated mongols.

bogbeagle's picture



Islamists, aggrieved blacks and SJWs will forge alliance ... I mean, they DO have common cause in their hatred of "us".


I see an insurgency on the near horizon.

Nolde Huruska's picture

Money? Property? Houses?

Molon labe bitchez!

nati's picture

Money? Property?! Houses??!

Those are three things this Whitey does not have.

Hell, I don't even have a megaphone.

tuetenueggel's picture

Should come to my property and try to take it.

booooooooooom and they are gone.

Fathead Slim's picture
Fathead Slim (not verified) Jan 31, 2017 1:17 AM

"I find it hard to believe any 'normal' democrat wants this sordid brand of activism representing their interests. "

Why? This is what they're like. They can keep this kind of "activism" going and the beating they took in the '16 elections will look like kisses from their mothers in the subsequent elections.

Global Douche's picture

In reality, ODrama should have instead said "If you want to keep your activism, you can keep your activism!"

Al Armed's picture

For every lovely on the dole,

Mandatory birth control.

VWAndy's picture

 My wealth is in tools and skills. The tools are not going to do her any good without the skills. If she had the skillis should would prolly already have the tools. At best she would pawn them.

FreshOutaSumfinForNufin's picture

She could sell those tools to a white person, spend the money in a single weekend, and be back to blaming white folks by  the time she woke up on Monday...afternoon

VWAndy's picture

 More pot stirrin of the hot heads. They turning um feral now. Sure hope that person never gets a badge or any one to believe in that crap.


Pitchman's picture

Clash of civilizations:  Muslims against apostate Muslims (Suni against Shia) and when they have the time against Christians.  These are hatreds and war promoted by the Godless, like Soros (remember the Jew who turned in his fellow Jews to the Nazi's) and the corporate controlled media, to create chaos, which they plan to survive.

This is about Psychopathic behavior; the behavior of a few, so far outside social norms it threatens to destroy the most powerful empire the world has ever known. 

This story is about an investigation by George Webb that takes us back to the Dulles Brothers and the birth of the CIA in 1947.  It includes a cast of characters, entities, and events leading up to Snowden; including Booze Allen; the Carlie Group; the Enron scandal; Kosovo; Somalia; Argentina; the Clinton Foundation in Haiti; Hillary's arming of ISIS, and destruction of Libya.  And then there's the FALSE FLAG attack on Syria, using Sarin Gas from Libya, for which Assad was blamed.

Webb began investigating the Clinton Foundation and has descended into a labyrinth of a Rabbit hole. Be assured the prima facie evidence against Hillary in Haiti, Libya and the Foundation, including Bill, is overwhelming.

"DynCorp, Haiti & Me: Will Trump Drain the Swamp? This is How We'll Know

gregga777's picture

I'll give that LGBTQQPedophile-K9HorseDonkeyGoatKat-MonkeyBLMWhatever thing a good kick in its ass for FREE. But, that's all that I'll give for social change. But, when the bullets start flying I'll very happily contribute bullets down range.

FreshOutaSumfinForNufin's picture

Yeah that LGBTQWERTY thing just keeps getting longer.  Can't we just come up with a mathematically infinite symbol for it, like pi or something.  Maybe a triangle for try-sexual (sic) would work or we could just spell it V O M I T

gregga777's picture

I can't wait for the SHTF event when all the African Free Shit Army's taxpayer funded benefits go to ZERO. Three, four and even five generations that have never worked a day in their lives are going to really become totally unhinged when faced with having to do productive work or starve.

zoomie92's picture

I just thank God that lefty school indoctrination programs have not created a generation of illiterate, lazy, stupid and entitled morons..... wait a minute....  This will probably all be fixed when said lazy idiots with 6th grade educations attend college and incur massive debt while experiencing further indoctrination.... wait a minute..... Certainly employment in a Soros funded protest march while being paid to riot, loiter and harrass the population will bring inner peace and personal success to untalented race baiting haters..... Wait a minute.....

jharry's picture

Khan Academy, internet schools can solve the problem.  Eugenics would help too. 

not dead yet's picture

The snowflakes have almost given up on Plan A where they will be given a "safe" high paying job with no work involved. They are going to Plan B where they kill off their parents and take all their possesions and life insurance and laugh their ass off doing it. Just like the Hitler Youth that turned in their parents for not being good Nazi's and didn't bat an eye when the parents ended up in a concentration camp or tortured to death.

runnymede's picture

All parties are being forced to show their hands. Thank you, Donald Trump 

History will testify what a transformative man he is. 

silverer's picture

Funny that she should say 'Give us your money', because they already have been handed billions since 1966, mostly from white people. Not good enough, eh? Understand that most white people don't have much to give. Most don't have $600. in their bank account for an emergency. Many are in debt. So, after you spend the few hundred dollars, which would be in a day or two, then what? What would you do next? You don't have a clue, and that's the honest truth.

The_Real_Fly's picture

Wait, that's a man? I thought it was a butchy woman. 

Kefeer's picture

Begin with George Soros; that is right he is the one providing the funds.  #BlackLivesMatterDoNotMatter or #BlackLivesMatterNot or #BlackLivesMatterUnAmerican


Where are the New Yorker and Californian snowflakes - do they have a "GoFundMe" or #FundBlackLivesRascism?

RafterManFMJ's picture

Silly Negro. 

You've already sucked, tick-like, over a trillion dollars off whitey since The Great Society was started. You're still dumb, in poverty, and fatherless - and the reason is your genetics, not whitey.

I fnd these things so tiresome.

not dead yet's picture

They do have point about getting reparations from the white people and I favor it. Right after we subtract all the money we spent on these ungrateful POS that destroyed and turned into hellholes the projects we built for them to live in free or almost free. Plus every other nickel we spent on them. Add it up and they owe us money. We'll take it in cash from their gang drug money stash.

bcecil's picture

if all th e money in the world was liquidated from all property holdings, banks, etcv and disributed evenly every one on the planet gets $11k and we all start over.

OverTheHedge's picture

But how much debt would we get? And are there any derivative contracts that will need to be shared?

Global Douche's picture

THAT should be The Comment of the Week. I wish I could upvote +1000 or greater for it. 

You actually "get" it by seeing the Jumbo Elephant, shitting all over the place and nobody willing to recoginize it, spare cleaning up it's mess!