Chicago Police Suicides Soar As Impact Of City's "War Zone" Takes Its Toll

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A couple of weeks ago we noted that with one week left in office, Obama's Department of Justice released a report effectively labeling the Chicago police department as nothing more than a bunch of racist, hate-mongering bullies who routinely resort to the use of "deadly force" in violation of the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution.  Here is the tweet posted by the DOJ:


And while Attorney General Loretta Lynch was all too happy to note a "pattern of civil rights violations by the Chicago Police Department," one thing the Department of Justice's report didn't highlight was the soaring number of homicides among Chicago's police which experts attribute to having to work every single day in the city's "war zone."  Per the Chicago Sun Times:

Buried among the facts and figures in the Justice Department’s recent book-length report on the failings of the Chicago Police Department was a telling statistic: The rate of suicide among CPD officers is 60 percent higher than other departments across the U.S.


Ron Rufo was a peer support counselor for most of his 21 years as a patrolman in the 9th District, volunteering to talk to his fellow officers at any scene where an officer was killed or injured. Rufo, who retired a little more than a year ago, estimates the number of his former peers who kill themselves each year could be double the FOP figure.


“There is a problem, and nobody’s doing anything about it,” Rufo said. “Supervisors don’t talk about it. The rank-and-file don’t talk about it. And it’s like the administration does not want to admit it’s a problem.”


“When you have 760 homicides in the city in a year, that’s a war zone — and that’s where [police] are working every day,” said James, who noted the total number of murders in Chicago last year was larger than the tally in Los Angeles and New York, combined.


“It is a hard, hard job, and police officers get very little support,” she said.


Meanwhile, the DOJ report also failed to highlight the deficiencies in the Chicago PD's counseling services with 3 full-time counselors providing care for 13,500 police men and women.

The CPD’s Employee Assistance Program, which provides mental health services to 13,500 police officers and staff, has only three full-time counselors. The Los Angeles PD, the next-largest department in the U.S., has a staff of 11 clinicians for less than 10,000 sworn officers.


The small number of counselors leads to a “triage” approach to counseling services, the DOJ report states, with those three staffers offering about 7,500 consultations in 2015 alone. The combination of a potential backlog for appointments and the typical cop’s reluctance to seek help for mental issues hasn’t made EAP popular.


“You can go there whenever you want and make appointments,” said a veteran officer in a West Side district. “I believe there’s only two therapists there, so what’s their availability?”


“Do people do it? I don’t know. If they do, they don’t talk about it. I’ve never, in 14 years on the job, ever heard more than one or two guys talk about going to EAP.”

To add insult to injury, the Chicago Sun Times points out that, because of Chicago's onerous gun laws that permanently prohibit anyone who has been involuntarily committed for in-patient mental health treatment from carrying a gun, a requirement for cops, the folks working for the Chicago PD generally refuse mental health services out of fear of losing their job. 

Illinois is one of a handful of states that permanently prohibits anyone who has been involuntarily committed to in-patient mental health treatment from getting a Firearm Owner’s Identification Card. A permit to carry a gun is a job requirement for police officers, and many officers believe — wrongly — that they could lose their FOID card just for seeing a therapist, going on psychiatric medication or getting outpatient treatment, Friedman said.


“This is a real problem,” Friedman said. “Police officers are the only class of citizen in the U.S. who is going to lose their job for seeking mental health care.”


Officers need support to deal with trauma, not just when they’ve been involved in a shooting.


“We don’t put a notch on our gun when we shoot someone. It’s traumatic for the officer, but not everyone needs 30 days to deal with it,” Angelo said. “What about the guy that went to a domestic and saw a baby covered in roaches? Or who just buried his own kid.


“It’s a crazy-ass job,” he said. “You’re dealing with the crazy. You can’t be crazy.”

But, something tells us the new administration is going to take a slightly different approach toward dealing with Chicago's cops and crime than the past administration.

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TalkToLind's picture

Do people still live in the State Of Illinois?

Crash Overide's picture

The people that live in Illinois are leaving in record numbers.

mofreedom's picture

Why try die? Live by Portillos. No wonder they are expanding more so outstate.

God Bless Our Cops.

yogibear's picture

Illinois Crook County imposing a 1.5 cents per ounce tax on soft drinks/juice cocktails/ teas, etc  on July 1st.

The state is pushing through a 1 cent tax on top of that. Tax on top of tax.  

The Chicago area  has some of the highest property taxes in the nation.

Illinois has plans on making more roads tollways.

And they keep raising taxes and fees thanks to Michael Madigan and John Cullerton.

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boo fucking hoo, pull yourself up by your pig bootstraps 

wren's picture

So 7,500 consultations by 3 counselors in one year. That's over 9 each per day per counselor assuming 272 working days without anyone taking vacation. These counselors probably go to scenes with shootings as well as provide counseling for officers families who are wounded or killed in the line of duty. So counselors without having vacation time and having to drive all over the city having 9 per day? Also, PTSD is real, especially when facing some of the shit they see. Tack on the catch and release policy as even when they arrest these pieces of shit, they are out the next day. How's that for morale? Man beats his child to a flat bruised pancake, officer makes arrest, and the guy is back out walking the streets the next day. Fuck that! I'm sorry, this is bullshit! I don't like cops, but they have a shit job and they're not there to be my friend. Leave it to Chicago to regulate their officers into mass suicide!

Sanity Bear's picture

Nobody is putting a gun to their heads to make them take the money.

As long as the Homan Square black site continues to operate, and all those cops keep their mouths shut about what goes on there, I have exactly zero sympathy for them.

The place is a war zone because those cops follow illegal orders blindly and enforce the unconstitutional laws that made it so.

besnook's picture

well, we need to triple that number.

Vinividivinci's picture

Um, I think, you think you're on HuffPo, mofo.
You sound like a leftist snowflake. Decimating the police force is an extreme leftist game...part of destabilizing society (order out of chaos).
As long as you keep supporting this agenda in your comments, you're not a true Trumpist.

junction's picture

Just suck it up, coppers!

So It Goes's picture

Just put (sarc) after your good comment.  Otherwise dummies won't get it.

Andre's picture

No sarc.

Homan Square.

pachanguero's picture

Dirty job that must be done....

besnook's picture

people don't commit suicide unless their minds are scrambled. the stress of the job didn't scramble their minds. their conscience in light of all the dirty shit they do scrambled their minds. unless you are cold blooded psycopath your mind is your best friend or your worst enemy and that arrangement is mostly up to you.

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I agree. Fight the man you hate, or be the man you hate...


GoldenDonuts's picture

Easy for you to say.  Walk a mile in their shoes and then tell us how messed up these people are.

besnook's picture

i spent 5 yrs in the cab business in south florida. i know what they do and cab drivers had it a lot worse as far as job danger. fuck these whiny cops, buck it up or get out. they are only victims of themselves. i have more than 10 buddies who were killed. no cop can say that.

besnook's picture

and i get a downvote from an asshole cop probably.

peippe's picture

up vote for you...

pretty sure these are all cleaning accidents.

happens. : )

Vinividivinci's picture

One of those downvotes wasn't from a cop...
I could fall into all kinds of cliches about shitty cab drivers...
So get real, stop painting everyone with the same brush or else
take your lumps and don't complain.

besnook's picture

the difference between you and me is i have probably had more contact with cops in the course of business than most people. i have a pretty good sized sample to draw from. just like hacks don't pick up black people on the dtreet because black people were more than 90% of the robberies and murders cops are almost all assholes. that's what is behind the blue line. it is the culture they create themselves. cops who don't go along get kicked out. that is from cops turned cab drivers(one of whom was murdered by a sucker punch) besides what i saw every night.

zippedydoodah's picture

It was so fucking dangerous that you did it for FIVE years?

Did you love the danger, the reward, or the drugs?

alexcojones's picture

Black Lives Matter?

'Cept in Chicago BY BLACKS vs BLACKS.

Dear Don: Build that Starter Wall in Chicago

MexInvest's picture

IT is sad.  The blacks who are in this protest are making it worse for the regular blacks.  I see that here in Mexico City too, but I think the crazies here may not be as crazy as yours.

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Bubbly Lips Matter, but not to them, only to the giant [quickly emptying] stage of the liberal show.

thevekja's picture

Hard to imagine anyone still living in Chicago voluntarily...

King Tut's picture
King Tut (not verified) thevekja Jan 30, 2017 10:02 PM

Chicago real estate is fairly strong

krampus.'s picture

Just let them kill each other and the problem will take care of itself. Just think birth rates. 

Shyysiryxius's picture

ChIraq IS a war zone.

Curfews, Martial law, and some serious street patrol is what needs to happen. 

Hell, send in some of those NYC Hercules's units to train up the local force and get this shit under control.'s picture

Why waste the resources?  Fuck-it, let these assholes kill each other.  Who really cares?  Really, who the fuck cares?

ToSoft4Truth's picture

Jesus took their foods, white people created UNICEF.  Jesus took their water...  White people dug them wells...  Jesus took their health... (HIV/flesh eaters), fool whites are over their vaccinating right now.  Jesus takes theirs mind and sets them to kill one another.  White people will never learn will they? 

Arrow4Truth's picture

Kinda blows the "love your neighbour as you lover yourself" meme. No?

kochevnik's picture

"Love thy neighbor" came from Rome.  It referred to refugees relocated from cities sacked by Cesar.  The meaning was more "Do not kill your refugee neighbor."  In no way was the refugee an equal's picture

Planet of The (Pavement) Apes.  Need I say more...?

SgtShaftoe's picture

How is that militarized policing working out for y'all????  Fucked up right?!?!  Well, enjoy fuckers.  Better yet, end the drug war and stop throwing flashbangs into kids cribs. 

Arrow4Truth's picture

PTSD... otherwise referred to as cognitive dissonance. They feel guilty for their "sins" and can no longer live with the torment.

Toxicosis's picture

You're an idiot.  If you have ever suffered from PTSD, you would at least have developed a sense of common sense and empathy for a fellow human being.  So I guess all these vets committing suicide also have cognitive dissonance.  Please grow up, because if you survive what's coming you'll need to be far more humane than what you are at this point.

Vinividivinci's picture

First sentence shows YOU're an idiot, for calling the previous commentor an idiot. The rest of your comment was calm and are therefore a schizo.
See how easy it is to label people?

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Shitcago is the liberal capital of the US. 

Shitcago cops should just quit and find a job where they're wanted.

Let Shitcago go to hell.

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How much further can it go?

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bout time the order takers figured out they're being used & quit protecting the evil doers.

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Dirty dual-citizen (((mayor))) who sides with the savages.

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King Tut (not verified) Jan 30, 2017 10:01 PM


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HRH Feant (not verified) Jan 30, 2017 10:03 PM

I remember reading about a double-bind being an impossible psychological situation that was blamed on the parents of schizophrenic children.

The end result of a psychological double-bind is either insanity or suicide. Very sad. My heart goes out to the families. Tragic situation.

Bill of Rights's picture

Good Place for the majority Of Californiaians and New Yorkers to relocate to... these are your kind of people, you Know violent.

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Obama should be deported back to Chicago under house arrest! 

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 There's was a city called Chicago in Kenya

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I wonder how much debt the guy carried. 

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 Some kind of joke/