Trump Strikes Deal With Lockheed, Asks "Where Was The Outrage When Jobs Were Fleeing"

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President Trump is not done with his morning tweet-storm...

Additionally, Trump is dropping headline bombs during a discussion with a press pool at a small business leaders' meeting:







Cutting Costs:






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Globalists only express outrage when their policies are in jeopardy!

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This guy trolls on a massive scale. It's unprecedented and awesome.

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Forget about Kek, the 4chan guys found their true lord and master.

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We are in the midst of a COUNTER REVOLUTION to the Globalists' revolution to socialize the planet. Whether Central Banksters, Criminal UN Cleptocrats or Marxist Revolutionaries of all stripes & colors, Globalists have placed their hope in an International Socialist Order, ruled by unelected elites. These are Trump's targets. These INTERNATIONAL marauders, manipulators and meddlers will not go quietly as their empire is being smashed.

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FreezeThese (not verified) UndergroundPost Jan 30, 2017 9:55 AM

Bannon letting him Tweet this morning ... cute

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The guy talked about trade more than any other topic, while Obama kept trying to shove the TPP down our throats, and Clinton waxed ad nauseum about identity crap. These DLC "democrats" are having their faces rubbed in Trump for a while, and it's pretty gratifying. They must like it, too, because they helped him win.

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hahaha.   very cute.  

WHERE WAS THE OUTRAGE FROM THE GOP, including Reince, Ryan, the Billionaire Cabinet, et al for the last 4 decades of job loss?

oh yeah, supporting big businesses moves out of the country while labor fought them. 

now all of a sudden trumpsters get hard ons for LABOR, DEFICIT SPENDING, GOVERNMENT SUBSIDIZED JOBS, and more give aways to the military industrial genocidal economy.

token jobs and crumbs. - woo hoo!!! 

hmmmm..... distractions, while the oligarchs take more. 


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I still blame the Money Changers.

Money Changes seem to have at least 3 problems which they developed strategies like propaganda to deal with:

- Being whipped, having to close down for a short time
- Debt Jubilee declared by the Ruler, or traditional debt jubilee when new ruler took over
- Being chased out of countries, becoming unpopular, needing to find new lands or countries to operate in
- Education, learning to Read could be #4
- Populist Leaders could be #5
- People in control of their own Currency #6, like Colonial Script
- Taxes becoming unpopular #7
- Independence Movements, Magna Carte, people demanding property reform, Constitutions, Bill of Rights,
Declarations of Independence, belief in Christian God as highest Authority in the Land #8
- Loss of control over religion of the day, people praying to God by themselves, reversion to pagan religions,
science taking over that which the Church used to control as 'Truth' #9

William Jennings Bryan was at the head of the first US Populist Rebellion in Texas and ran for US President as Populist and now no one knows who he was.

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Yes. The term "goldbug" was created back then for the McKinley supporters who were with the banksters of the day. It is not a flattering term as most believe. Silver was, and always has been, the real problem for the money changers and their power in creating and printing currency at the expense of real money. A US dollar is still defined in the US Constitution as being consisted of 371 fine parts of pure silver.

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awesome link!!  thank you!

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Cross of Gold Speech.


If they dare to come out in the open field and defend the gold standard as a good thing, we shall fight them to the uttermost, having behind us the producing masses of the nation and the world. Having behind us the commercial interests and the laboring interests and all the toiling masses, we shall answer their demands for a gold standard by saying to them, you shall not press down upon the brow of labor this crown of thorns. You shall not crucify mankind upon a cross of gold.


(In the Wizard of Oz book, Dorothy's slippers were made of silver - the answer to the financial storm.)

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I remember when Soweeto Barrack bin Bama sent the first 25,000 GE jobs to China....


..not a peep out of the media.


Shameful. Fake news cnn and npr ...crickets....

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Your kind of right about that...But then came Trump, who was really  left representing himself in that election, because the GOP had not experienced their ball's dropping down at that point. Faggots most of them. Now there is President Trump charging from the front and showing all politicians exaactly how it needs to be done. How it WILL be done. Hopefully the GOP will start to grow up and develop a decent set of bollocking and act like men

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Like when michelle let barry diddle reggie?

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FreezeThese, yea, because so many people, including Bannon, have been able to control what Trump says. Wow, that's the funniest thing I've heard all day.

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Why have statements to The People edited by Fake News producing MSM? Tweet, baby, TWEET!

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ivanka said that growing up, he always said "if you're gonna think, think BIG"

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note to the boys at ZH: the MSM disappeared this tweet, for obvious reasons. suggest y'all put this story at top of p1 - Trump's point is valid as hell. it's a question that needs to be asked, and then shouted from the rooftops

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Uh man, I too am with Trump. But every article I have looked at this morning you have posted the same comment on. Is this an automated response? Your record stuck? You have any other thoughts then this single line?  Just saying...

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Appearantly he needs the positive reinforcement really bad. Its like a participation trophy for him.

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I'm with THUMP ! 

You can thump them. Thump 'em good! Crack that whip ! 

Are we not men?

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I am going to pop an Advil now try to prevent getting so sore today from WINNING!

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<<<<<    I'm good with that

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We are DEVO !

Had to log in for this one +100.

Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! is the debut studio album by the American new wave band Devo.



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GOOG, FB, UBER, LYFT...all about the $$$$$$$

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IM done with SBUX too- Good fucking riddance

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already stopped.  told my wife to stop buying their stuff at the store.  cancelled my NYT subscription, too.  even she - who is NOT political despite being blue state & democrat far more pro trump than me.    The democrats want to politicize commerce, so be it.

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Same here. Was actually going to stop in there this morning but I've decided to go elsewhere for what will likely be a better product for no more money, maybe less.

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SBUX = Starbucks = BOYCOTT!

Starbucks Jewish CEO Howard Schultz has sent an open letter to staff pledging to hire 10,000 refugees over the next five years in response to Donald Trump's immigration ban.

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Folgers tastes better then Starbucks and I don't have Libtard spitting in my Folgers.

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McDonald's make a far better cup of coffee, far cheaper.  Is it American to prefer refugees over real americans for employment?  Is it even legal. Isn't this discrimination?

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It's all emotional LIES.  He CANNOT hire 10k refugees.  He will have to justify NOT HIRING AMERICAN workers to do these jobs.

The Black and Hispanic community should be up in arms about this.  How about hiring 10K Americans on public assistance, you fucking lying cock sucker?  How about veterans who need the income?  You fuck, I hope you get ass cancer.

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All those companies you list are a bunch of useless cunts.

The press calls Goldman Sachs the Vampire Squid...these douche nozzles are worse than a squid..they're the Succubus that drinks our man-juice.

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I actually like the idea of a hot succubus drinking my man juice. You could do worse ;-)

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Of course - a business exists to make a profit - it's when these shitbags spin like they are something more than a profit generator that makes them a bigger joke than they are.


Goog - ad broker

FB - ad broker

Uber - shared ride broker

lyft - shared ride broker


A network, some software, some code and a management team.

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Go Donald!  

I love to see LEFTISTS lose their freakin' minds.  

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Sorry to differ but how can they lose something they never had in the first place?!

Forgive me my language but they are so full of shit, if you give them an enema before they die you can bury them in a matchbox.

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"I love to see LEFTISTS lose their freakin' minds."

Man, so do I, Nunya. After their behavior over the last 8 years, they deserve all of this and more! Much more. And I have a feeling their misery is far from over. Good!

"Schadenfreude: You're soaking in it." <---- My new catch phrase.

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Take this perspective from it. Perhaps, Loss is exactly what this Snow Flake generation needed to experience mentally. Think about it for a second. This generation never has experienced Loss. They've received trophies for last place for Fucks Sake.

This Loss is perhaps what balances out the future from the Sociological, Political, Economic & Religious upheaval the World finds itself in today.


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Unfortunatley, this will all benefit even the snowflakes, although the petty, childish side of me would rather see them suffer forever because, well, they're assholes.

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I'm dizzy from all of this winning

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you aint seen nuthin' yet.  Wait til the SC pick is announced....heads will explode....and then, when/if numbers start picking up...and success becomes more real....sadly, janet will do her best trim any green shoots.

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I hope he is relentless. The do-nothing-talk-about-its will be spinning so much their heads will explode.

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Trump can order the treasury to start minting money.

Hell he could likely create an executive order that requires all federal taxes to be paid in cash.

Not sure if he has the legal authority to require the payment to be limited only to money coined by the treasury/ US Mint. 

...but he could really fuck up the banking mafia if he decided to.

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I like the way you think.


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More jobs for ISIS. AWESOME!