Dakota Access Pipeline Set For Completion After Army Approval

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With environmentalists already furious at Donald Trump for his recent executive orders to reincarnate the Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipelines, their anger is set to overflow following news that the completion of the latter may be just a matter of months, if not weeks.

As Reuters reports, while the 1,172-mile Dakota Access Pipeline is nearly complete, just one "hotly contested" section under North Dakota's Lake Oahe that's been the topic of massive protests, remains unbuilt. The tribe has been concerned that digging the pipeline under a section of the Missouri River would affect the area's drinking water as well as the supply for 17 million Americans living downstream. A final easement is required for Dakota Access to cross beneath Lake Oahe.

But on Tuesday evening, the Army has allowed the final section to also be completed. 

Acting Secretary of the Army Robert Speer "has directed the Army Corps of Engineers to proceed with the easement needed to complete the Dakota Access Pipeline," Sen. John Hoeven said in a statement Tuesday cited by CNN. The North Dakota Republican said he spoke with VP Mike Pense and Robert Speer on Tuesday. “The secretary said it will be approved in days, not weeks,” Hoeven spokesman Don Canton said in a separate e- mail.

While the official easement from the Army Corps has not been released, Hoeven and Rep. Kevin Cramer praised Speer's decision, which will pave the way for the final phase of the controversial $3.7 billion project. Then, moments ago Bloomberg reported that the Army said it has begun steps to review the Dakota Pipeline request.

The Standing Rock Sioux tribe, which has vocally opposed the project, responded that Hoeven's announcement is premature and maintains that further environmental review is needed for the pipeline. Cramer, also a North Dakota Republican, said he received word that the US Army Corps will grant final approval and that congressional notification of the decision was "imminent." Cramer praised President Donald Trump as a "man of action" after Trump signed executive actions last week to advance approval of the Dakota Access and Keystone XL pipelines. The Obama administration blocked both projects amid vociferous opposition.

As reported here on various occasions in late 2016, the Standing Rock tribe and its various environmental allies protested in North Dakota for months, standing in the path of the pipeline during peaceful demonstrations and clashes that turned violent. In December, protesters celebrated a temporary victory when the Army said it would not -- for the time being -- allow the pipeline to cross under the lake, calling for an official environmental impact statement, a months-long process that would allow the public to weigh in.

The tribe vowed to "vigorously pursue legal action" if the Trump administration cuts off the environmental review and grants the easement.

"To abandon the (environmental impact statement) would amount to a wholly unexplained and arbitrary change based on the President's personal views and, potentially, personal investments," the tribe said in a statement Tuesday.

The Indigenous Environmental Network, a leading tribal organization dedicated to blocking further construction of the project, said Tuesday: "Make no mistake: we are prepared to mobilize and resist this brazen power grab."

Meanwhile, as the climax over DAPL approaches, there is also the fate of the "other" controversial pipeline. Like Dakota Access, the Keystone XL Pipeline had been the subject of environmental concern from activists, residents and indigenous tribes who worried that the pipeline would pollute as many as 2,500 aquifers. But pipeline supporters touted the jobs it would create and other economic benefits.

The $8 billion Keystone XL Pipeline was proposed to stretch nearly 1,200 miles across six states, shuttling carbon-heavy petroleum from Canada to the Gulf Coast. In November 2015, Obama nixed the proposed pipeline, virtually ending the fight over the project that had gone on for much of his presidency. But Trump's executive actions on both pipelines signal how his administration will take a drastically different approach to energy and environmental issues.

The environmental push back to both pipeline is expected to be furious. As we reported last week, "greens" have already threatened Trump with substantial pushback: “Donald Trump has been in office for four days, and he’s already proving to be the dangerous threat to our climate we feared he would be,” said Michael Brune, the executive director of the Sierra Club. He added that "President Trump will live to regret his actions this morning," said Michael Brune of the Sierra Club, promising "a wall of resistance the likes of which he never imagined."

The standoff between Trump and his environmental critics will likely soon become one of the major challenges in the early days of his presidency.

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UndergroundPost's picture

Jobs, jobs, jobs - the 3 words ex Radical-In-Chief Obama & his Leftists hate

BorisTheBlade's picture

Trump certainly aims to restructure global oil market: DAP is just a piece of the puzzle.

VinceFostersGhost's picture



Set For Completion After Army Approval


Don't we own the Army?

Kina's picture

I think Obama sold the army to Saudi Arabia, so they now lease them back to the US.

Life of Illusion's picture

Michael Brune


Dr. Engali's picture

"Don't we own the Army?"


Lol..., you owe me a new screen for making me spew coffee I laughed so hard.

American Psycho's picture

 l love the hypocrisy of those environmentalists.  And I love watching them lose even more. 

Canary Paint's picture

Hey now... The heart of the protests are the Standing Rock Reservation Lakotas. If there ever was a truly marginalized demographic, then the tribal people are it.

They should neither be ignored nor painted with the same brush as the environmentalists.

Rather they are right or wrong in their concerns about the pipeline, the first people's could really use the support of the nation, but since they are largely unseen, it is easy to forget about them.

NoPension's picture

ATTENTION!!! All Snowflakes!!!

Redirect. Head to North Dakota.

This is not a drill. Phase 1 alert. Condition RED!

brianshell's picture

Snowflakes will know what snow is all about. Leave your Left coast tower condos and camp out in the Dakota in February. Nuf said.

If the environmentalists really want to solve this problem long term they should protest for fast track development of TMSR Thorium power.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

And "Free Stuff" are the three* words they love.

* No one said that they were math wizzards.


silverer's picture

Environmentalists prefer more frequent spills and accidents moving oil on Warren's trains. That section of pipeline under the lake can be run though another pipe, or conduit, so if a failure or leak occurs, it simply won't go into the lake. The conduit can extend well beyond the lake, and be directed to "catch" areas where the oil would do no harm. The alternative is to continue to buy middle eastern oil until they buy the entire US with their wealth, and turn it into a caliphate.

urhotdogs's picture

Environmentalist would rather fight and lose than sit down and come up with alternatives such as you mentioned.  It's all or nothing with them.  But, I understand their concern being that pipelines are a new concept.

City_Of_Champyinz's picture

I am pretty sure that there are all kinds of pipelines in that area already that were never protested by this tribe.

Golden Phoenix's picture

Correct. Diagrams I've seen show the new pipeline overlaying one that's already there, has caused no problems, no one has complained about, and which produces revenue for local tribes despite only touching a corner of their lands.

jmpntx's picture

I think there are already 6 pipelines under that same section.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

But aren't their tears toxic and a Bio-hazard?

Just like Schumer's toxic tears.

Queue "Tears for Fears".

Ram Man's picture

"Carbon heavy petroleum."  Gotta like that.

Kina's picture

So Obama's owners were hell bent on wiping out Syria to build a pipeline for the Saudis, but couldn't lift a finger to get one built in their backyard.

Not hard to know Obama was an owned house boy.

swmnguy's picture

To be fair, the Syria deal isn't only about building the pipeline from Qatar to the Mediterranean.  It's also about preventing Iran from building a pipeline to the Mediterranean.  Assad trusts Iran and doesn't trust Saudi/Qatar/Israel/US.  So that's an additional factor.

DownWithYogaPants's picture

Not to mention the fact it appears if what I read is correct Syria had a government controlled central bank.  Now it appears to have a privete one although the source on the web made me feel I need to confirm.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

If the Iranians were "deviously smart", something that Kirk condones, Iran would offer lots of very cheap gas and oil to Israel also. Via Syria. 

Then watch them squirm... "Did anyone say 'dirt cheap oil and gas'?"

Iran's natural enemy is not Israel, but Saudi Arabia (with its oil an Salafists / Wahhabists that it's exporting).

Russia and US could broker that Iranian-Israeli (or Israeli-Iranian) deal.

The Palestinians can be traded for the Saudis.  All is fair in Love, War and Religion. I heard.

Dr. Engali's picture

Eveyrbody knows it's much safer and cleaner to shuttle oil via the rails. Just ask uncle Warren, he'll tell you. He has no reason to lie.

charlie303's picture
charlie303 (not verified) Feb 1, 2017 11:02 AM

Should have sent the pipe around the Sioux.

Not smart.

NoWayJose's picture

It is not on the Rez now. The tribal leaders wanted it to cross the Rez so they could collect the bribes!

Ben Tornilloed's picture

Pipelines are the safest way to transport crude.  If there is a leak, it is found rapidly.  

The envirowackos said the Deepwater Horizon accident would have oil on the gulf coast forever.  What happened?

ConnectingTheDots's picture

The oil was sunk to the bottom using millions of gallons of Corexit (a poison) so that no one would see it.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

IOW... Toxic Gulf Shrimp.


Anopheles's picture

When Deepwater Horizon blew out, 1 or 2 of the largest skimmer ships in the world, from Netherlands/Norway were on site in 4 days.  

HOWEVER, it was the EPA and Obama that WOULDN'T let them operate, so they went home.  

Those ships could process tens of thousands of times the volume of water as the entire US fleet combined.   Why?  Because the EPA requires 99.995% removal.   And the only way that could be done is by taking all the collected water (95% water, 5% oil) back to shore for processing, using tiny skimmer/tankers.

The big skimmers clean to 99.5% to 99.9% of the oil and dump the clean water back in immediately, but they didn't meet EPA criteria, plus they didn't have US crews....  

So, the US fleet collected less than 1% of the released oil.  The big skimmers could have collected 50% or more...  

Obama FINALLY relented after THREE MONTHS.  But the equipment also had to be installed on US ships with US crews...    Reality is that Obama didn't give a shit about the environment.  

Falconsixone's picture

Be sure and spec. the good valves Army guys not what ever works for a few months but you saved $4.  

swmnguy's picture

That doesn't matter.  With this Pruitt dude who thinks the world is infinite, this Gorsuch dude whose mother was a criminal and destroyed the EPA 35 years ago, and the new political litmus tests in place, all costs of pollution are going to be socialized onto the taxpayer's tab, while all profits will be privatized to political contributors.  Like always.  And the cleanup costs aren't really going to be used to clean up spills anyway; the money will just be diverted into the pockets of the same political contributors.

So what the hell, might as well get the cheapest Chinese-made garbage valves.

SmilinJoeFizzion's picture

Isn't unrefined oil organic?

LyLo's picture

As a real environmentalist, the fucking wall is a faaaaar bigger environmental catastrophe than the pipeline could ever be, but I guess their benefactors don't give a shit about that particular issue.  Unfortunately, illegal immigration has become worse for the SE desert than a wall could possibly be, so we'll just have to build the wall and deal with the consequences to migratory species.

Maybe the Sierra Club can find time to issue a statement about one of the innumberable pipelines running underneath the major river just north of me, even though they don't directly compete with Buffet's monopoly on transportation of oil out of Canada.  But I guess they don't care about environments that already have people, huh?

Build the fucking pipeline, build the fucking wall. 

Boris Badenov's picture

PRESIDENT Trump. Just awesome.

NoWayJose's picture

Long Lemonade stands during the 100 degree summer days at the pipeline protest site!

orangegeek's picture

"... The standoff between Trump and his environmental critics will likely soon become one of the major challenges in the early days of his presidency. "


Not really.  The Army  and Law Enforcement will be allowed to do their jobs - nigga's gone now.

flaminratzazz's picture

another ZH poster alerted us to this right b/4 the holidays. He/she went to a demonstration in NYC and said this is coming online in 2017..


If this is not a farce, and it looks legit to me, then make one note of things..

it runs on silver..

NoPension's picture

I went to DC.

It uses molten silver as regenerating electrodes to create a reaction with hydrogen, whereby massive amounts of energy are released.

I'm watching closely for new developments.

If...if this pans out...all bets are off...it changes everything we know.

flaminratzazz's picture

I have one question, does it destroy silver to make it operate?

NoPension's picture

The problem was, tungsten electrodes were vaporized in moments.

The silver is melted with induction heaters, magnetic pumps ( no moving parts) are used to pump the molten silver through opposing nozzles, and the arc initiates. Some silver does vaporize, but the chamber is sealed, so it condenses and runs back down to be recirculated.
Injected in with the silver, is hydrogen and a proprietary catylist. The hydrogen is the "fuel". The catylist assists in the reaction. It is not " burned".

That is where the disagreements in science start.

You will find as many people saying Dr.Mills is the next Einstein....as you will PT Barnum/ Bernie Madoff.

For you to research and decide.

For me..I'm not a physicist or a mathematician. But, the things Dr.Mills theories predicted, well before big science did, make me pay attention.

For example...Dr.Mills theory predicted the universe was expanding AND accelerating in the 90's. Not until Hubble photos showed evidence, was this accepted by science, I believe within the last ten years.

If Dr.Mills is proven correct ( I believe) it crashes quantum physics. Lots of careers and money at stake to keep quantum alive.

Anopheles's picture

Sorry, but all he developed was a fancy arc lamp.  Nothing magical about it.  It doesn't do what he claims (hydrino)  and with no practical use other than sucking power and making light. 

That Dr. Randall Mills has been lurking around for decades.   Another free energy quack.  His company was previously called Blacklight Power. 

He wants to claim that he will somehow get more light out than energy put in.  So then that "free" energy (light) can power solar panels to make electricity for (almost) free.  

New World Chaos's picture

Silver is a great investment, but not because of this.

It won't be destroying silver- they say it is a catalyst.

It won't be using any silver at all because it is a hoax.  They say they can throw out quantum mechanics and reinterpret atomic physics, and get this thing to make dark matter as a waste product. 

Quantum mechanics and atomic physics have almost 100 years of experiments to back them up.  It is true that quantum mechanics is not understood (and atomic physics depends on quantum mechanics) but I find it hard to believe that physics could be so completely wrong without the experimenters knowing something was fishy.

Dark matter is probably real and if so, most of it would have to be some exotic particle.  These guys say it formed from ordinary matter that dropped off the grid.  But we have a good idea how much ordinary matter there was in the early universe and it was not enough to make the dark matter (long story).

flaminratzazz's picture

thanks for both of you guy's perspectives.. I appreciate it..

@ nopension

New World Chaos's picture

Cheers.  I thought of something else.  These guys say the hydrogen emits light when it transforms into dark matter.  The silver catalyst speeds up the reaction but since the end product is at a lower energy state, Nature should sometimes find roundabout ways to get there, although at a much slower rate.  Thus explaining the accumulated dark matter in the universe.  There are already a bunch of physics experiments looking for bursts of light in places where there shouldn't be any.  They are looking for proton decay, dark matter, neutrinos, and cosmic rays.  The "detector" is usually a large tank of something deep underground.  The stuff often contains hydrogen.  See, for example, Super Kamiokande or IceCube.  Bursts of light here would have attracted the attention of physicists salivating over a Nobel Prize.

By the same logic, dark matter should slowly accumulate in the cores of stars.  Probably enough to affect their evolution.  But the evolution of sun-like stars is understood well enough that there are no elephants in the room anymore.

Anopheles's picture

There are alternate theories emerging that doesn't requrie the universe to have all that dark matter to spped up expansion.... 

So, dark matter might not even exist at all...  

Osmium's picture

Some of the same people from BlackLight Power.  They never had a viable product.  Maybe this time they do, maybe they don't.