Is Trump Being Sabotaged By The Pentagon?

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Authored by Paul Craig Roberts,

President Trump says he wants the US to have better relations with Russia and to halt military operations against Muslim countries. But he is being undermined by the Pentagon.

The commander of US forces in Europe, General Ben Hodges, has lined up tanks on Poland’s border with Russia and fired salvos that the general says are a message to Russia, not a training exercise.

How is Trump going to normalize relations with Russia when the commander of US forces in Europe is threatening Russia with words and deeds?

The Pentagon has also sent armored vehicles to “moderate rebels” in Syria, according to Penagon spokesman Col. John Dorrian. Unable to prevent Russia and Syria from winning the war against ISIS, the Pentagon is busy at work derailing the peace negotiations.

The military/security complex is using its puppets-on-a-string in the House and Senate to generate renewed conflict with Iran and to continue threats against China.

Clearly, Trump is not in control of the most important part of his agenda—peace with the thermo-nuclear powers and cessation of interference in the affairs of other countries.

Trump cannot simultaneously make peace with Russia and make war on Iran and China. The Russian government is not stupid. It will not sell out China and Iran for a deal with the West. Iran is a buffer against jihadism spilling into Muslim populations in the Russian Federation. China is Russia’s most important military and economic strategic ally against a renewal of US hostility toward Russia by Trump’s successor, assuming Trump succeeds in reducing US/Russian tensions. The neoconservatives with their agenda of US world hegemony and their alliance with the military-security complex will outlast the Trump administration.

Moreover, China is rising, while the corrupt and dehumanized West is failing. A deal with the West is worth nothing. Countries that make deals with the West are exposed to financial and political exploitation. They become vassals. There are no exceptions.

Russia’s desire to be part of the West is perplexing. Russia should build its security on relations with China and Asia, and let the West, desirous of participating in this success, come to Russia to ask for a deal.

Why be a supplicant when you can be the decider?

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wee-weed up's picture

For their sakes... hopefully not!

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

A well thought out and reasoned argument by CPR, based on astute and accurate observations.

I rather suspect that Mad Dog was chosen to intimidate Iran, NK and China, not Russia.

07564111's picture

Any one who thinks that WW3 is still not a plan is not paying attention. Trump or no Trump the jewmanji want a fight with Russia.

DuneCreature's picture

Great, I think they need to step right up and give the bear a great big punch in the nose.

Live Hard, Then We Can All Sit Back And Watch The Bear Eat The Stupid Israelis, It Works For Me, Die Free

~DC v4.0

bfellow's picture

Russia desperately wants peace with the West as long as it starts in Syria. China has to have Russian hydrocarbons, so the likely hood of a conflict there is minimal. But a Qatari nat gas pipeline by force through Syria into Europe combined with sanctions against Russia is asking for war. Putin isn't going to just roll over. He watched Reagan/Bush collapse the ruble, leading to the collapse of the Soviet Union. The chassboard is tilted my friends. Let's see if Trump can right the pieces. He needs to start by purging neocons from the Pentagon. Pull back the tanks, like tanks matter in a thermonuclear war.

Twee Surgeon's picture

I'd say this womans perspective is at least worthy of consideration

Russia has a long history of being a great place to leave.

auricle's picture

What? The pentagram is political? Say it isn't so. 

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Putin should not have recently expanded his Arctic presence.
It sends the message to Trump he will use the resources (military and financial) freed up by the normalisation of relations to secure a larger slice of what the U.S./others also have claim too and is low hanging fruit Trump could use to increase U.S. Wealth.

This expansion of Russian interests is what the Western oligarchs have warned Trump about. Now Trump has seen Putin start to take advantage of him within weeks by aggressively accumulating and securing valuable Arctic real estate believing he (Putin) now has the resources to do so. I don't know whether Putin is infringing on currently disputed Arctic areas but if he is, Trump may start to view Putin with more caution going forward.

jeff montanye's picture

russia has a fair claim to the arctic, given its geography and history.  we got alaska.  trump needs to not renew the sanctions when they expire in march rather than hold them hostage to nuclear negotiations.  threats, which sanctions are, don't encourage negotiation on matters of extreme national security like nuclear weapons.

that commander of u.s. forces in europe needs a new job title, like ex-commander of u.s. forces in europe.  many of these "pentagon problems" can be solved by two words from the commander in chief.  and a little will go a long way once the pentagon sees trump is serious and that the direction has changed.

HowdyDoody's picture

The (((head))) of the air force may have something to do with attempts to sabotage detente.

As far as the sanctions go, Russia is perfectly happy with them. Their view is that the sanctions were unilaterally imposed by the US and met by counter-sanctions by Russia. If the US wants to stop them, fine. If it wants to keep the, fine. It it wants to increase them, then more counter-sanctions will follow.

As far as the nuclear-capable 'missile defense' systems close to Russia's borders go, I expect they are looking into Cuba Missile Crisis II.

BennyBoy's picture


"Countries that make deals with the West are exposed to financial and political exploitation. They become vassals. There are no exceptions."


Now that most everyone is fully exploited the US has turned on itself.

Thanks 0.1 percenters!

FreezeThese's picture
FreezeThese (not verified) BennyBoy Feb 2, 2017 6:21 AM

Trump's not in control of much atm ... guy forgot to study up on relations with Australia ... what's he been doing for the past three months? A victory tour?

SubjectivObject's picture

How did you ever survive the ShrOb's 8 year victory tour?

Notveryamused's picture

I hope Russia and U.S. Get along great. We both have the same enemy, Western central bankers and their minions like George Soros.

Putin just needs to bear in mind that Trump is a competitive, aggressive real estate developer so to aggressively expand his presence into potentially disputed Arctic real estate is a bad first move by Putin imo.

Trump wants a strong Russia, isn't concerned with Crimea or its direct neighbours like Ukraine and wants to work together to combat terrorism. This is all great for Russia but the Arctic move positions Putin as a competitor who will take the extra future resources Trumps position frees up and compete for wealth that could be added to the U.S. Balance sheet.
Fine to look out for their own interests there in the medium term but a bad first move by Putin in first week of Trump presidency who is looking for respect and will be displeased by such moves.

JRobby's picture

The MIC is used to its steady funding of taxpayer $$$$.

These are not people you reason and negotiate with. Their business plan has been based on incentives and coercion that only insane people understand. It is worst case scenario, based in body counts as it's performance benchmark. Satanic.

auricle's picture

Everyone deserves to have a central bank. It is inhumane to not have a central bank to enslave your nation with debt. 

thestarl's picture

Keep that cunt Flynn on the leash to

SoDamnMad's picture

The tanks, the planning and the logistics were set in motion a long time ago, when it was thought Hildabeast would waltz into Obama's shoes. These forces in Poland are mearely speed bumps to the Russians.  In a conventional ground war you are going to fight with what you have. The fuel in your trucks, the ammunition in your vehicles, the men standing next to you when you jump off. There won't be North Atlantic resupply convoys nor wings of 747s and C5s bring fresh supplies.  Any general in Europe has been to the war college and studied the wars with Russia. Generals are stupid and they don't love massacres,especially their own.  Just what is your objective? Do you think you could take Moscow?  You would have to be completely suicidal to think you could make 100 km into Russia unless you had most of our divisions (pulling all from the states). And then air superiority. What, with the few F-22s and the all-glorious F-35. the backbone f-16s and F-15s flying out of where? Come on , be real.

Boondocker's picture

It is unlikely trump will just order the military to stand down all at once.  watch for exercises to end and redeployments at least with Russia.   who knows with Syria.   china, i expect both military and economic action of varying kinds

Boondocker's picture

It is unlikely trump will just order the military to stand down all at once.  watch for exercises to end and redeployments at least with Russia.   who knows with Syria.   china, i expect both military and economic action of varying kinds

ZeroSense's picture

The Plan is to split Iran and China away from Russia for a year or two now, but they wanted to do it with next administration bcoz Obama couldn't do it after the stuff he did against Russia (Putin didnt trust Obama Admin). I think this plan will fail as the article has rightfully guessed, mqanily bcoz Russia have morals unlike the USA - And also Russia dont trust the west, and especially the USA to keep its word in the future after China and Iran has been dealt with, Russia knows its turn will be next.. So these countries will stick together through thick and thin, or until USA collapses... But we all know what's going to happen before the USA or EU collapse (Yup WW3)

amadeus39's picture

Those who would obfuscate the unbelievably complex global conditions and aims of nations are part of the problem and not a part of the solution. Better saying "I don't know", than dabbling in something so unknowable. Unhinged generals are fascinated by such, inevitably,  unproductive speculations. Recommend viewing the film "Dr. Strangelove".


chubbar's picture

Well, if you don't have control of your armed forces you aren't "commander in chief". If Mad Dog is really Sec of Def. he should tell European commander to stand down IF that is what Trump wants. Sending supplies to the terrorists in Syria is fucking crazy policy and needs to be stopped. If Trump can't do it because he doesn't have control of the pentagon, then we can all kiss our asses goodby because these fucktards at the pentagon will start a war, where we all lose, over this type of shit sooner or later, probably sooner.

Canary Paint's picture

To be honest, I don't care for Trump. Unless he has had a "Road to Damascus" moment since, the mere existence of Trump University makes me doubt his intentions.

Having said that, I have been cautiously hopeful about his non-interventionist stance. However, it is exactly here that I suspect he will run into insane amount of resistance if he makes any concrete steps. I suspect that the powers that be don't really care if America swings left, right or populist just so long as it is business as usual abroad.

God help him if he really tries to change foreign policy. 

Hoi Polloi's picture

Children and generals enjoy causing fear.

amadeus39's picture

Most generals are children who enjoy playing war and spreading fear. It's almost impossible to find a general who has a plan to end all war. Such a plan is inherently self-destructive for them.


halcyon's picture

Sillly question. Of course he is.

You are either for perpetual war and oil grabs OR you are expendable.

Dat's how da deep state plays.

Cant wait for the showdown.


ich1baN's picture

"The Pentagon has also sent armored vehicles to “moderate rebels” 

Do your homework next time... the vehicles went to YPG which is definitely fighting ISIS. Trump's corrected "which" moderate rebel groups the equipment go to this time instead of indiscriminately giving it to the FSA which does end up going to ISIS.

oncefired's picture

Which Should Have been Done 5 Years Ago, But it's Going to Piss Turkey off

HowdyDoody's picture

The Kurds are the US 'good cop' to the ISIS 'bad cop'. ISIS major weapon is the VBIED. At Palmyra, they converted tank chassis to carry 10 tons of explosives giving a blast radius of 400 meters. There is no wonder the defenses were punched through. When was the last (or first) time ISIS used that kind of thing to break Kurdish defenses or attacks?

Both are working to carve up Syria, to break the land bridge Iran-Syria-Lebanon. That will allow the Israelis to take on Hezbollah and steal Lebanese resources.

flapdoodle's picture

I kind of hope Israel goes into Lebanon against Hezbullah. The difference between a new Zionist foray and what they tried in 2006 is that the Hezbullah are now battle hardened with years experience against US funded Xi and Academi mercenaries, and will get to face the US funded battle hardened IDF - the latter being battle hardened against those dangerous, evil agressors, the women and children of Gaza.

SoDamnMad's picture

I fear the Kurds will get thrown under the bus like so many before them (going way back to the montagnards in Viet Nam).  They fought hard at our side and Turkey bombed the shit out of them because they refuse to let the Kurds have their own state. 

Venus with Arms's picture

U.S. military officials told Reuters that Trump approved his first covert counterterrorism operation without sufficient intelligence, ground support or adequate backup preparations.

As a result, three officials said, the attacking SEAL team found itself dropping onto a reinforced al Qaeda base defended by landmines, snipers, and a larger than expected contingent of heavily armed Islamist extremists.

benb's picture

Don't believe a fucking thing you hear from Reuters

Elco the Constitutionalist's picture
Elco the Constitutionalist (not verified) benb Feb 2, 2017 12:38 AM

My unit had an embedded Reuters reporter for 2 days before she got tired of the silent treatment. It was obvious she was fishing for quotes to make us look bad. She might also have felt unsafe in that AO.

I think State put her there because we were going to be doing an op for them and they were hoping for a propaganda story.

jomama's picture


Turn to the ZH comments section for REAL NEWS.

benb's picture

"...for REAL NEWS."

Let's not forget the entertainment.

Elco the Constitutionalist's picture
Elco the Constitutionalist (not verified) Venus with Arms Feb 2, 2017 12:35 AM

Fuck off. BI is a CFR pub. This op would have been planned before Trump took office. At least the strategic level of it would have.

Ms No's picture

Until I read your comment and source I wasn't sure what happened.  Now it's looking pretty obvious that they did screw him.

dogismycopilot's picture

Rumor is someone leaked word of raid to AQ. 

Ms No's picture

I imagine the Sauds are going to have to takeover a lot of the terrorist planning to keep the CIA with deniability, so that should get interesting.  Those guys are idiots.  They're all going to get caught somehow.  There is no good way to maintain what they have been doing under Obammy and not get caught.  Trump is at huge risk.  I don't think he should even leave the White House, everybody should come to him.  At least for the first six months. 


flapdoodle's picture

Where "leaking word" to Al Qaeda means sending an email to the appropriate corner office in Langley.

But please, how do you tell the "good" Al Qaeda that wants to topple that evil dictator Assad from the "bad" Al Qaeda that used 19 box cutters and flight lessons in a Cessna 150 to perfectly hijack four US airliners and magically collapse WTC7 and NOT affect the beautiful Pentagon lawn?

vato poco's picture

am *really* hoping Trump and Mad Dog personally sit in on the after-action review, with whoever planned & signed off on this op, as well as all their staff weenies.

lots of sarcastic pointed questions until some of them start to cry, and then..."you are all relieved of duty and hereby ordered to resign your commission. As in right now. Before you leave this room." word will get around quick enough.

flapdoodle's picture

i think Trump's visit to the SEAL's burial speaks volumes. This whole op reeks of a mini bay of pigs, a fiasco meant to embarass the new President. I'll bet he is really pissed and once his pieces are in place and his back is covered, he will go after the MIC agents in the Pentagon (hopefully, this isn't the ENTIRE Pentagon!). Once Sessions is in place and Tillerson are installed, Trump will have a better picture into how to counter this...

ich1baN's picture

That's complete BS... this was a pre-planned op that had been looked at for over a year... if all that you said was true, none of the soldiers would have returned home alive. 


OverTheHedge's picture

The inference being that the President does all the planning, intelligence etc, and the military just leaps in to action afterwards? Complete nonsense.

Volkodav's picture

business insider is ridiculous always

oncefired's picture

It was an OP already planned by Odickhead and Crew, Trump Green-lighted it thinking is was well planned and all Recon had been done and probably now Knows he was dicked by the Black Homo (Mad-Dog probably wasn't in place yet)! We need to Stay clear of Yemen & Libya, make a deal with Russia on Syria and arm the shit out of the Kurds without sending any American near the place - then just yank everybody out of the Mideast! Slowly turn the NATO buildup around and away from the Russian Border. Then tell Vlad to get the Iranians to stand Down and tell China to get the Fat Fuck in North Korea to stand Down! Iraq is already lost to Iran. Afghanistan has redeeming qualities, minerals, gas, etc, but not worth it in such an out of control Country....... Torch the Poppy Fields to ashes and pull out! o more immigration for a while, pull an Ike and let what we have after deportation assimilate, then look at it down the road after 94 million people that fell out of the work force has been greatly reduced - Don't want to hear we need illegals to pick crops - hire Americans or automate, they make a piece of equipment to pick everything, the farmer just don't want to anty up! Time for some Isolationism, which will create untold numbers of small businesses to fill the void after he cuts regulations. The only place I would use the Military is in Mexico, send special forces in and take out the fucking Cartels, then build the wall! infrastructure spending which is sorely needed - get rid of the 10 year engineering bullshit and immediately start fixing everything...........Then the Icing on the Cake, let the FED monetize as much Debt as possible (especially foreign), then end the FED and let the Goldman's, Citi's, etc go belly up, but be ready for the Treasury to print US Currency, not Federal Reserve Currency and pump it all into small local banks & credit Unions! I personally would start aggressively mining on off limit Federal land (USGS knows where it is), then back the new currency with a basket OF ALL THE PM'S!